The Ultimate Overlay – The $10M GGMasters Overlay Edition at GGPoker

The Ultimate Overlay – The $10M GGMasters Overlay Edition at GGPoker

‘The best value tournament of all time’ might be a bold statement even when it comes to the marketing jungle that is real money online poker but, to be fair to the operator making such a claim, it’s certainly not an unjustified one!

There’s arguably only a handful of online poker operators that can host a tournament worthy of these ambitious accolades, and the forward-thinking and innovative GGPoker is one of them.

The event in question is the massive 2023 GGMasters Overlay Edition which, celebrating its third anniversary, will guarantee a prize pool of a cool $10 million … The ‘Overlay’ element is an interesting one. An overlay occurs when a planned prize pool exceeds the amount generated by total buy-ins, in which case a tournament operator must make up the difference, effectively ‘overlaying’ their own money into the prize pool. This, of course, gives the players more value as they have the extra ‘house’ money to play for, too.

The novelty Overlay aspect in this event, then, is actually a very worthy one – and it also comes with a personal twist! Should the prize pool exceed $9 million or reach the advertised $10 million guarantee, GGPoker Global Ambassador Daniel Negreanu will personally provide the aforementioned guaranteed overlay of $1 million! Here’s what the Poker Hall of Fame legend had to say: “This year blows 2022 out of the water. I’m confident that the overlay will be over $1,000,000. If I’m wrong, I will use my own money to increase the final overlay to $1,000,000”.

GGMasters overlay edition.

GGMasters Overlay Edition: How It Works

This $10M Freezeout is a 2-day event that features 9 Day 1 Flights from which players will qualify for Day 2, when play continues to a conclusion. Note that the final payouts will be determined once the Day 2 starting field is finalised.

As we can expect from GGPoker, however enormous this event, the aim is to make it accessible to all and, to this end, there will be a comprehensive qualifying set-up including a range of Satellites, Step Satellites and Freerolls – and all with a bankroll-friendly choice of buy-ins.

GGMasters Overlay Edition Schedule.

N.B. The names of the Day 1 events are indicative of peak time zones and not restricted to those players from the named regions, so it’s possible to have as many as 9 Day 1 entries (each Day 1 event is a Freezeout).

So, there you have it. You don’t need to be an online poker tournament specialist, nor need a big bankroll, to get involved!

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