The History of Micro Millions

The History of Micro Millions

Not every poker player has the bankroll to play hundred-dollar poker tournaments online, let alone tournaments with a four or five digit buy-in, so while they are limited to play satellites and the smallest events during series like WCOOP and SCOOP, micro grinders got their own online series on PokerStars called MicroMillions.


Ten years after launching the hugely successful WCOOP series, PokerStars introduced MicroMillions in March of 2012.  Designed to appeal to poker players with small bankrolls, the series focused on tournaments with buy-ins from mere pennies to the $22 main event.  The series handed out over $5 million in the first year, including a $1 million prize pool in the main event that drew 54,065 players.  The player of the series, PokerStars pro Marcin Horecki cashed in 34 of 89 events he played, winning a 2013 PCA package in the process.

Four months later PokerStars was at it again with a second MicroMillions.  Again, awarding over $5 million dollars, the series attracted over 65 thousand players to the $22 main event, won by Argentina’s SoyDelGlobo for $157,218.68.  Brazilian Fabio_bruxo won the player of the series and another 2013 PCA package.  MicroMillions 3 was held in November in the same year, this time upping the overall prize pool to over $8 million over 100 events, drawing over 61 thousand to the $22 main event.  Pro Marcin Horecki grinded the series hard again, winning his second player of the series and another 2013 PCA package.

Over the years PokerStars has tinkered with the timing and the number of events that are held, holding the series multiple times a year.  Currently the last MicroMillions event sees 122 events held but the series is now a yearly event typically scheduled in July after the WSOP wraps up.


Unlike the WCOOP and SCOOP series, the MicroMillions series are individual tournaments with one level of buy-ins but covers all poker variants and styles.  Most series the cheapest event buy-in has been $1.10 with the main event being the most expensive to enter at just $22.  The series typically lasts one week and two weekends averaging 10 tournaments a day all spread out, giving players from around the world an opportunity to chase after a title.

MicroMillions Main Event Winners

1March 201254,065$1,081,300Zabaleta1$140,000.00
2July 201265,053$1,320,260SoyDelGlobo$157,218.68
3November 201261,072$1,221,440Axel397$140,062.92
4March 201368,081$1,361,620Ges26$140,468.56*
5July 201359,213$1,184,260stygher$160,726.00
6November 201365,397$1,307,940TheManM$126,000.00
7March 201463,237$1,264,740RainmanRJA$78,802.23*
8July 201457,886$1,157,72069FABIAN69$100,668.00*
9November 201458,032$1,160,640Makarios007$92,899.00*
10March 201559,648$1,192,960BgsaPnaples$110,743.00
11July 201555,524$1,110,480Nolet20$89,854.00*
12July 201665,232$1,304,640JiiJay$82,173.00*
13July 201785,090$1,701,800ElCheikhh$95,829.86*
14July 201863,817$1,276,340Marlin5555$120,951.00
15July 201958,126$1,162,520Lxxz$100,058.16
16November 201959,699$1,195,580.00Dougiedan678$100,060.85
17April 2020128,753$1,261,779.40TTPlayer18$71,000.00
18November 202033,751$1,000,000.00ibotown$95,120.74
19July 202152,696$1,059,380.00Badbomen$87,466.00
20July 202227,544$550,880.00Mathews085$36,295.00

*MM4 had a five-way deal; MM6 had a three-way deal; MM7 & MM8 had a two-way deal; MM9 had a three-way deal; MM11 had a five-way deal; MM12 had a four-way deal; MM13 had a five-way deal; MM17 ME was an $11 buy-in & a five-way deal MM20 ME was a $22 PKO.

A True Poker Marathon

While MicroMillions may not be the most prestigious series for online poker players, it is certainly the most grueling.  Over the years main event champions have had to endure battling thousands of hopefuls to reach the final table with only the most recent events being played out over multiple days – meaning that past champions would have to navigate fields with more than 50,000 players in one shot with the end only coming when all of the chips were amassed by one player.

Player profiles in the Micro Millions

Marcin "Goral" Horecki

The initial year of the MicroMillions could easily have been named after PokerStars Team Pro Marcin “Goral” Horecki, who amassed the most points over the 200 events in MM1 and MM3, winning the Player of the Series both times and two 2013 PCA packages.

Streaming from the Micro Millions

Georgina 'GJ Reggie' James streaming from PokerStars

While PokerStars focuses on daily streaming schedules for the bigger buy-in series like WCOOP and SCOOP, MicroMillions tends to not be a focal point for Stars’ main streaming channel.  Instead, poker enthusiasts looking to catch the action must turn to individual streamers’ channels to watch the tournaments play out.  Poker streamers like GJ Reggie, Mason Pye, Tom Hayward, Fintan Hand and Ben “Spraggy” Spragg have streamed events like the main on their channels in the past and most likely will continue to do so the next time the series comes around.

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