SWC Poker Honest Review 2023

SWC Poker Established: 2015
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SWC Poker is among the first BTC poker sites in the industry. Previously known as SealWithClubs, SWC Poker has made their way up ever since taking over the business back in 2015. As they are only offering Bitcoin to deposit and withdraw players funds, they are allowed to offer their games all over the world. Currently most of the players are American, which results in high traffic on the peak hours during the night of the Eastern Time zone.

SWC Poker currently has one of the world's best rake back bonuses, which more than makes up for missing a welcome bonus. With rake back of up to 50%, it has broad intent on its competition. The site is very popular with Bitcoin players who want to try to expand their bitcoin capital in a 'easy' way.

The uniqueness of SWC Poker lies in the range of different poker games. By far the biggest players can be found in the past period, much to the disappointment of the players. Mixed games are also plentiful such as Badugi, Badacey and Badeucy.

As mentioned, the busiest period is during the night in the Eastern Time zone, which is equivalent to the morning in the Central Eastern Time zone. However, this means that at the other times of the day, there are no ten tournaments and cash game tables running 24/7.

About SWC Poker

SWC Poker started their business by taking over former poker operator ‘SealWithClub’ in 2015. In 2018, they released their Bitcoin 3.0 update which has taken their software to another level, for example the lobby which had a huge improvement. Bitcoin has been around for a long time, however the use of bitcoin in combination with poker is quite new on the market still. SWC Poker can call itself one of the founders of this era. Because they only accept bitcoin as a means of payment, they say they are allowed to offer their games anywhere in the world, without any license. Which is the downside of the brand as well in regards of player’s comfort.

Register an Account

Checking out an account goes smoothly. All you must do is enter a username and email address. Afterwards you are directly logged in and able to make full use of the site, including making deposits and withdrawals.

Deposit And Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals can only be made with Bitcoin. To realize this, the player must have an Exchange Wallet. This is an account with which one can buy and store bitcoins. When doing a deposit, you will be provided with a QR code or exchange wallet address. You can send your Bitcoin here from your own wallet, the funds will be credited to your poker account. Please note that every deposit you make will be transferred to a different bitcoin wallet from SWC Poker. This is due to security reasons. Withdrawals are made using the same method. Choose the preferred amount or number of bitcoins you want to cash out and it will be credited to your account. Deposits are completed within 10 minutes, withdrawals within 24 hours. It is important to know that there are no extra fees for deposits or withdrawals.

There are also options to either transfer your funds to another player, or to sell your funds to another player via P2P Exchange.

SWC Poker uses chips as buy-ins on their site, both for tournaments and cash games. The formula is as follows:

1chip = 1 uBTC

1.000.000 chips = 1 BTC

How Do You Get the SWC Bonus?

Unfortunately, there is no welcome bonus or reload bonus available. SWC Poker uses a great rake back system and has a Bad-Beat Jackpot on top this. Which at the time of writing amounts to 3.6 Bitcoin. When a player gets at least a AAAKK full house, they have a chance to win this jackpot. Both hole cards must be used for this.

There are also leaderboards for gathering loyalty points. Every week, about 700 points are handed out for free.

SWC Poker VIP Program

The Loyalty Program consists of a rake back system. The more a player accumulates in rake (krill points), the more he or she can get a rake back. The maximum rake back percentage that can be achieved is nowhere higher than at SWC Poker. The so-called 'not dealt' is used, which means that players who do not play in the pot cannot save points for the rake back.

A selection of the different statuses that men can play together:

Krill Pointsà Reward
50/100 Daily Freerolls
500Choice of Avatar & Chat Color
2.5001% rake back
10.0005% rake back
100.00027% rake back
1.000.00042% rake back
10.000.000 50% rake back

Number Of Players In The SWC Poker Network

Many of the players who use SWC Poker come from America, as bitcoin poker is simply very popular there. This results in the busiest period during the evening/night in their Eastern-Time zone. Between 80 and 200 players are continuously playing on the site. As they are more focusing on other markets now, these numbers will increase in no time.

SWC Poker Software

SWC Poker's software may look a bit simple at first glance, but it leaves nothing to be desired. The software is clear, well-arranged, and very user-friendly. After the update in 2018, they have made huge progress in this area and the result is impressive. The mobile version is excellent and easy to control.

Poker Games By SWC Poker

SWC Poker has got mainly cash game players. In a way this is fairly logical, as bitcoins go up and down in worth quite rapidly, people are not really patient enough to play for couple hours straight, before getting a return on their investment.


Regular Sit&Go games offer only 25 to 1,000 buy-in levels and are all available in a 5-max format, Heads-Up Sit&Go are also available in 25,000 and 50,000 buy-in levels. Satellites run from 25 to 2,000 buy-in levels.

At the time of writing, there is also a crazy poker series coming up. The 'BC series' consists out of 38 events with a GTD total prize pool of 2 to 3 Bitcoins, which is equivalent to 40k-60k Dollars. This kind of series is organized every three months.

Home Games are also an option on request. SWC Poker will then create a tournament which equals your wishes and opens it up for any player you provide.

For example, the regular schedule includes the list below:

  • Daily Crumb – 1K GTD
  • Daily Crust – 2K GTD
  • Mini Deep – 6K GTD
  • Nightly 11-game – 6K GTD
  • Late night Smooth – 16K GTD
  • Turbo Progressive KO – 6K GTD
  • Daily Deep – 20K GTD

Cash Games

Cash games can be offered 24/7 and can be found in many different variants. You have Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Stud, Chinese, Draw, Pineapple, Short Deck and Mixed. The limits range from 0.02/0.04 all the way up to 3,000/6,000. With some exceptions there. Cash games are ideal for collecting loyalty points, which here is no different, and are, as mentioned before, very popular by the bitcoin poker player.

Unique SWC Poker Features And Offers

A player who opens a cash game table receives a ''Table Starter Rake back'', good for 50% rake back. This becomes available to the player when a minimum of two out of three players are seated at the table, and if there are more than six seats at the table.

Customer Support & Service

SWC Poker has got a customer support which runs from 9 AM up to 9 PM every single day. They are either reachable via their website, or via e-mail:

Website: https://swcpoker.eu/

E-mail : [email protected]

Responsible Gaming Features

Response gaming features are hard to find on SWC poker. However, when having issues with gambling, you will find needed information on their website. But as players can create as many accounts as they would like, it doesn’t seem to make much sense to be self-excluded for example. After all, this is about the well-being of the player, in which SWC could improve.

SWC Poker Mobile Application

The mobile application is a real pleasure to use. It moves quickly between tables, and the maximum number of open tables is set to 4. The lobby is very user-friendly, and all options are the same as the desktop version, as well as the web version.

How To Install

Go to the website www.swcpoker.club  and download the version for Android or iPhone. It is also possible to consult the web version via smartphone or tablet.

Our SWC Poker Review

Usually, small operators have their negative points in regards of software or customer support, but SWC Poker is in our opinion no different as any big poker client. The software operates smooth, and the mobile version is very decent. Cash games are very popular, as well as heads-up games. Where the bigger poker clients are less focusing on these subjects, SWC Poker is doing the opposite. A big plus in our opinion, when you add to this that they are offering big event series and have mixed games high on the menu.