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Surprisingly Solid Start for the Main Event of The Festival in Bratislava

Chipleader after Day 1A Pavol Melichar
Chipleader after Day 1A Pavol Melichar

After a rather quiet first day of The Festival Series, the second day saw a lot more commotion and action inside the Banco Casino with the first side events coming to a conclusion and the Main Event getting underway.

The Main Event started with day 1A at 1pm. A total number of 80 players registered and 28 of those used the re-entry option after busting out. Thus, the total number of entries was 108 and that was decisively more than anticipated for the first day which is usually by far the quietest of the starting days. It is virtually certain that the total number of entries after all 4 starting flights will exceed 600 and the guarantee of $300,000 will be met easily.

38 players bagged chips after 10 levels and made it to day 2 which will begin on Friday.

Those are the full chipcounts:

Pavol Melichar         223,000
Kristian Roeysland         158,800
Viktor Tobias Aakerlund         153,500
Jon Kristian Kyte         150,600
Robert Gustav Svediv         148,800
Patrik Ciklamini         148,500
Erik Steffer         133,000
Jozef Krajan         124,200
Daniel Koloszar         115,100
Jeraint James Hazan         112,500
Gerald Karlic         107,700
Joni Juhani Salo         106,100
Julian Herold         105,900
Yaron Zeev Nisim Malki         104,100
Dimitri Thierry Przybyl           94,200
Dominik Znasik           93,800
Panagiotis Chantzaras           92,500
Mark Joa           84,400
Jiri Noga           81,900
Ville Jyrki Santeri Pohjalainen           75,500
Szerhij Danasevskij           75,200
Rasmus Joakim Aadjers           69,100
Samuel Stranak           63,600
Erich Schleich           61,300
Tibor Tamas Bartha           60,900
Peter Behr           60,200
Giuseppe Davide Saitta           59,600
Tor Anton Myvold Welo           51,200
Thomas Schoonjana           46,400
Tamas Gyori           42,200
Shane Demsey           40,000
Karl Erik Drakenberg           33,400
Martin Bartos           32,800
Pavel Chalupka           30,300
Tamas Grabics           30,200
Stanislas Kolento           28,000
Andries Jacob Swart           22,400
Jacub Krzystof Ojzynski           20,200

Day 1B will start on Wednesday at noon and we expect 200+ entries for that day.

Video Summary of Day 1A

Some impressions from the Main Event:

British Victory at the Sviten Special

The first events concluded today. Among them was the Sviten Special. The event was scheduled to run for 3 days, but with 37 entries the turnout was a bit lower than expected and the players finished mid afternoon on the 2nd day.

The Norwegian Rolf Galaasen had a healthy chip lead for most of the 2nd day but lost several crucial hands in the end. George Sandford eventually scooped the last pot and was crowned the first winner at the Festival Series.

George Sandford winning the Sviten Special
First winner at The Festival: George Sandford

The Charity Blew Up

The first live streamed event of The Festival also happened this Tuesday. It was the Acroud Charity tournament in which multiple poker industry personalities faced off against each other in front of the TV cameras. 8,000 Euros (for a charity of the winner’s choosing) and plenty of honour were at stake. Among the players were the head of The Festival Series, Martin “Franke” von Zweigbergk, head of PokerListings, Kresten Hougaard and Bengt Sonert from the Gambling Cabin. Unfortunately in the middle of the stream one of the computers almost literally blew up and cut the stream short.

The tournament concluded nevertheless and eventually Ylva Thorsrud from Norway won against Kresten Hougaard. The split the prize money 60% / 40% and hHer share (€4,800) will go to SOS Children’s Villages while Kresten's (and thus to extend Pokeristing's) share (€3,200) will be donated towards the Shelter for Abandoned Animals in Malta.

Ylva Thorsrud
Ylva Thorsrud wins the Charity Event

Blackjack and Roulette

Besides poker The Festival Series also runs several casino tournaments and two of those, the Blackjack and Roulette tournament, had their second starting flights. Those events have a total of 3 starting flights and will conclude on Thursday and Friday.

Coming up

Apart from the second starting flight of the Poker Main Event tomorrow there will be another highlight event, the €1k PLO highroller. This event will have a brief re-entry period and is scheduled to run for only two days. The final table will be live streamed on Thursday.

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