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Sunday Scoop: Russia Takes Two out of Three

This weekend in online poker Russian players dominated, winning the Sunday Million and the Sunday Warm-Up.

By the end of the day Russia had locked up wins in two of the day's three biggest events.

PokerStars boasted two $1 million guarantees yesterday, as tens of thousands of online poker players logged on from around the world for a chance at the cash.

We’ve got full details on the MicroMillions main event, the Sunday Million and the Sunday Warm-Up in this week’s edition of the Sunday Scoop.

Koka77 Wins Sunday Million, VyruAlus Takes Biggest Prize

As is often the case in online events where the difference between first and second is roughly equal to a luxury sedan, this week’s Sunday Million was decided by a chop.

When the 7,194-player field had been reduced to the final four, a deal was agreed upon whereby everyone would receive a six-figure payday, while $20,000 would be left on the table for the eventual winner.

Ultimately Koka77 of Russia defeated kaltrapuf from Spain heads-up. They took $124,244 and $123,572, respectively.

Out in third and fourth, but taking the event’s two biggest prizes, were VyruAlus from Lithuania and leroy112 of the Netherlands.

UK player thewattsy continued his hot streak, finishing 12th for almost $8,000. Last weekend he scored a second-place finish in the Sunday 500 worth $49,408.

Here are the full final table results for this week’s Sunday Million:

  • 1st - koka77 (Russia) - $124,244.87*
  • 2nd - kaltrapuf (Spain) - $123,571.54*
  • 3rd - VyruAlus (Lithuania) - $166,282.56*
  • 4th - leroy112 (Netherlands) - $151,886.70*
  • 5th - Franky054 (Canada) - $58,990.80
  • 6th - nicknick2233 (Belarus) - $44,602.80
  • 7th - robinho (Sweden) - $30,934.20
  • 8th - MammaPoker (Sweden) - $17,265.60
  • 9th - DWAAYNE (United Kingdom) - $11,150.70

Zabaleta1 Wins MicroMillions Main Event

The inaugural MicroMillions series concluded yesterday on PokerStars as an astounding 54,065 players took to the felt to contend the over $1 million prize pool.

Jude Ainsworth

Jude Ainsworth

After almost 14 hours of play only Zabaleta1 from the Czech Republic was left standing and he had $140,000 to show for his initial $22 buy-in.

Over a third of the total prize pool was distributed to the top 3 players, and it was decided by a deal agreed upon when scanonerest of the Netherlands went out in fourth place.

Zabaleta1 locked up the biggest share of the money, and went on to win the event and claim the $20k that the chop left on the table.

The low buy-in and enormous player pool made for some entertaining poker.

With seven players left zhenjkoTy3 was in the big blind with about ten big blinds left in his stack. Anton Marcus open-shoved from the small blind and zhenkjkoTy3 folded K-K face-up.

"i want 6th place", zhenjkoTy3 offered in the chat box as explanation.

The deepest run by a member of Team PokerStars Pro came in the way of a 451st place finish by Jude “j.thaddeus” Ainsworth, worth just $205.

Here are the full final table results for the 2012 MicroMillions main event, adjusted to reflect the three-way deal:

  • 1st -  Zabaleta1 (Czech Republic) - $140,000.00*
  • 2nd - dannyboi1987 (United Kingdom) - $90,781.72*
  • 3rd - sebastion86 (Canada) - $111,183.84*
  • 4th - scanonerest (Netherlands) - $51,048.17
  • 5th - zhenjkoTy3 (Latvia) - $33,174.28
  • 6th - DashkaShkoda (Ukraine) - $20,414.94
  • 7th - Anton Marcus (Russia) - $12,759.34
  • 8th - Gleb Zheglov (Russia) - $7,655.60
  • 9th - Maggüs (Germany) - $5,103.73

Russian Xading Takes Sunday Warm-Up Title

Russia notched another win last night with Xading beating out a field of 3,272 to win the Sunday Warm-Up on PokerStars.

Just like the Sunday Million and the MicroMillions main event, this week’s warm-up was decided by a deal.

Xading took the biggest share, and the only six-figure sum, while Turkey’s DALO013 pocketed $60,000 for second and akport from Russia took $74,962 for third.

Spanish pro Jonathan "jonyctt" Concepción finished 13th, adding to his more than $750,000 in earnings on PokerStars. Just last month Concepción won the Sunday Warm-Up for $114,516.

Here are the full final table results for this week’s Sunday Million, adjusted to reflect the three-way deal:

  • 1st -  Xading (Russia) - $98,331*
  • 2nd – DALO013 (Turkey) - $60,000*
  • 3rd – akport (Russia) - $74,962*
  • 4th – Sharker_PL (United Kingdom) - $37,628
  • 5th – tollgate (Australia) - $27,812
  • 6th – Jason jiang (Canada) -$21,268
  • 7th – Madcandle (Finland) -$14,724
  • 8th – EspBju (Norway) - $8,180
  • 9th – swissman29 (Luxembourg) - $5,235

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