Sunday Scoop: Boeree Goes Deep, ‘Mafews’ Victory

Liv Boeree
Liv Boeree

Liv Boeree and Scottish pro Rory “Mafews” Mathews made significant scores in the biggest online tournaments this weekend.

Boeree fell just shy of a Sunday Million final table while Mathews claimed outright victory in the biggest tournament on Full Tilt Poker. 

It was a busy weekend for online poker as the Sunday Million, Full Tilt $350k GTD and iPoker $200k all smashed their respective guarantees.

Check below to see highlights from some of the bigger events over the weekend.

PokerStars Sunday Million

Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree put on an inspired performance in this week’s Sunday Million outlasting nearly 8,000 players to make the final three tables of the tournament.

Boeree wasn’t the only Team PokerStars Pro to play the event as Jodden Lodden, Eugene Katchalov and Marcel Luske all made the money. Boeree ultimately got last-player standing bragging rights over her teammates, however.

A total of 8,024 players in the tournament created a rather sizable $1.6 million prizepool, easily smashing the $1 million guarantee.

Apparently Boeree had some Internet problems while playing the Sunday Million from Cork but that didn't hold her back.

Boeree finally hit the rail in 27th place when she made her final play by shoving all-in with A T. She was up against K Q and looked primed for a double up but her opponent spiked a straight on the turn.

She still received a good return on her $215 investment by picking up $3,530 for her efforts.

The Czech Republic’s Zábry would go on to win the tournament for $151,644 after a six-way deal.

Here’s a complete look at the final-table results:

  • 1. Zábry - $151,644
  • 2. t6dur - $103,062
  • 3. whitey714 - $71,436
  • 4. timmybwee - $115,710
  • 5. Carsandi - $195,810
  • 6. BabyGrand - $93,166
  • 7. DieselBossen - $32,096
  • 8. amtheboss12 - $18,455
  • 9. saken75 - $12,437

Full Tilt Poker $350,000 Guaranteed

Kevin Iacafano
Kevin "kice32" Iocofan finished fourth.

Scottish pro Rory “Mafews” Mathews vanquished a field of 1,955 players to win the $350k GTD for $74,290 on Full Tilt Poker this week.

Mathews, a former PokerStars Sunday Million winner, is one of the top 10 biggest winners all-time in Scottish poker. He also beat up Phil Ivey in the $200/$400 PLO games on Full Tilt back in 2006.

The Scot beat online player Dezar heads-up to claim the title in Full Tilt’s biggest weekly tournament.

Meanwhile Kevin "kice32" Icofano, who has a couple of EPT final tables and a WSOP final table on his record, finished fourth in the event to cash in for $27,370.

Matt Frankland, Bryan “enterthewu19” Piciolli, jochee, Joey Weissman, Kevin “GetPWN3D” Saul, Sorel “Imper1um” Mizzi and Jeff “YoungSupremacy” Hakim were also among the notable pros who made the money.

Since dropping down to $350k GTD instead of $500k, Full Tilt’s big weekly tournament has consistently been beating its guarantee and this week there was $391,000 up for grabs.

Here are the complete final-table results:

  • 1. Rory “Mafews” Mathews - $74,290
  • 2. Dezar - $51,494
  • 3. asforr - $36,363
  • 4. kice32 - $27,370
  • 5. Muckemagain - $20,332
  • 6. katelin - $14,858
  • 7. Obvamentz_IMO - $10,557
  • 8. Olafos - $7,429
  • 9. gnadud - $5,083

iPoker $200,000 Guaranteed

Skilled Belarusian Aleh “oleg12345” Plauski went on a rampage in iPoker’s biggest tournament this week. Plauski outlasted over 1,000 players before falling just short of the final table, finishing in 13th place for $1,452.

Fra220623 went on to beat 24Caliber heads-up to pick up a $36,312 first-place score.

Rayan “rkchipmeup” Nathan, Brenden “Brendooor” Rubie and Jeff “YoungSupremacy” Hakim were also among the notables to make the money.

The $200k GTD is available on most iPoker network sites including Titan Poker, Poker and William Hill Poker.

Here’s a complete look at the final-table results:

  • 1. Fra220623 - $36,312
  • 2. 24Caliber - $26,700
  • 3. Brightside81 - $20,270
  • 4. sponspob - $14,524
  • 5. Frosty7777 - $10,573
  • 6. exodusbg - $8,437
  • 7. UsAgainsTeWorl - $6,301
  • 8. Denisqa2910 - $4,165
  • 9. JohnTabby - $2,306

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bub 2013-02-18 19:12:14

Congrats to Rory. good to see a UK player doing well.


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