How Not to Suck at Poker: Stop Talking So Much

Texas Hold'em is an information game. 

The more information you have (and the better you are at acquiring it), the better you'll do.

One of the biggest edges you can get over your opponents is having more information than them about the hand in play.

So why on earth would you offer up that information to them when they need it most?

The More You Talk in Poker, The More You Give Away

The more you talk during a hand the greater the chance of you inadvertently giving away information about your hand or your possible actions.

For this reason many poker players will fish for information simply by getting you to talk to them.

poker tells talking
Part poker player, part fisherman.

Some of the most common - and more blatant - angles are:

  • Do you want me to call?
  • My bet didn't scare you at all, hey?
  • Will you show if I fold?

Some questions are even disguised to seem unrelated:

  • How many chips do you have left?

This question is asked just as often to goad you into talking as it's asked to actually find out how many chips you have.

A strong poker player knows exactly how many chips you have in front of you; they only asked to hear you talk.

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It's Not Just What You Say

Typically, it's not what you say at the table that gives away information. It's how you say it.

A human under stress does odd things. When you make a move that inspires someone to try and fish for information, you're very likely already under some stress - or about to be.

If you're not under stress - or show no signs of it at least - that's even as much of a tell as if you are.

Observant players who are great at reading people can gauge almost exactly how strong you think your hand is by how you interact with them. Pauses, inflection, breathing, your eye line ... all of these come together as information for your opponent.

verbal tells poker
Learn to shut it.

The important thing to remember is that in general they’re looking for deviations from your regular behavior. If you’re usually very talkative and suddenly clam up, it might mean you’re nervous about holding a marginal hand, for example.

At the end of the day it’s helpful to develop a routine and stick to it in high-pressure situations.

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The Right to Remain Silent in Poker

You're also under no obligation to answer a person's questions at the poker table.

If you're not acutely aware of your image or you don't have strict control over your own emotions, actions and reactions at the table, chances are you want to stay silent.

Just like everything else in poker, if you don't do it the same way every time then everything can be a tell. If you only answer questions when you have the nuts, people will catch on to that.

Keep your mouth shut and you can guarantee that you don't give away any information.

At the same time, no need to be a jerk. If someone asks you a non-poker question (not during a hand), obviously reply and converse in any way you see fit.

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Thera Hoytes
2009-12-04 15:17:13

Well I guess what the author means is that focusing more on the game and also strategical to win that round! 🙂 in online poker williamhillpoker game, it’s kinda a little bit different cause you can never really get to talk cause you do chat, hmm you can distract or bluff but for me it doesn’t work. Maybe to really win here, strategize and focus. 🙂

Sean Lind
2009-10-09 03:24:00


It depends on the situation for me. If I feel the person is asking simply because they want to know, especially at a cash game, then I have no problem giving them an estimate.

But if I think they’re just trying to coffee house me, I’ll just let them count it.

In a tournament tilting an opponent is far more valuable than in a cash game, and angling is much more prevalent. I love angling, and if I think someone’s trying to angle shoot me, I have no problem digging them right back.

2009-10-08 08:23:00

Hey Sean nice article. So if someone asks you how much you have left you don’t have to answer them? Because on tv they always answer.

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