Shannon Elizabeth Report: Week 6

Shannon Elizabeth

If anyone questioned whether Shannon Elizabeth would have a big enough fan base to survive long on Dancing with the Stars, she proved this week that she does.

Her scores took a dip last week as the judges criticized her lack of hip movement during an awkward-looking samba. The dancing gods didn't do Shannon Elizabeth any favors this week either as she ended up with another Latin dance, the rumba.

The rumba was Priscilla Presley's downfall last week as the slower dance made it hard to hide any missteps or other mistakes. Elizabeth didn't have the same problem with it as Presley did, however.

Her footwork was good, the poses she and her partner struck were strong and the overall feel of the dance was spot-on.

However, the judges still harped on Elizabeth about her lack of hip movement during the dance. There was definite improvement from the previous week in that area, and she performed the rumba better than many of the dancers who had to perform it the week before, but the judges didn't seem to think she had fared that much better.

The best comment she got was from Len Goodman, who said, "I thought you did a very good job, and I was very pleased with your performance."

Otherwise, Bruno Tonioli and Carrie Ann Inaba both criticized her technique, though they both also admired her tenacity in trying to improve.

Elizabeth seemed as tired of hearing about her great attitude and tenacity despite her lack of natural dance skills as Marlee Matlin probably was of hearing how good a dancer she is for a deaf woman. Elizabeth ended up in tears over the judges' comments, and wasn't all that excited about her score of 24.

The score was an improvement, if only a small, one-point increase, from the previous week, but it still left her near the back of the pack when all the dancers were done on Monday night.

The producers of the show may have taken some pity on Elizabeth on Tuesday night, however. She could have easily been in the bottom two if her voters hadn't come through for her, but instead she was the first person declared safe for the night.

Instead, it was Marlee Matlin, the lowest scorer this week, and Mario who ended up in the red lights, and it was Matlin who took her final bow.

Here's how Matlin and the others fared during performance night as well:

Marlee Matlin

Matlin was certainly not the mambo queen on Monday night. Her performance looked a bit awkward and stilted, and it's never a good sign when the judges start out talking about how good the performer looks rather than about the actual dance. Inaba pointed out that it looked like Matllin and her partner were forcing and struggling with the dance.

Score: 21

Jason Taylor

After a few weeks right on the heels of Kristi Yamaguchi and achieving his best scores so far last week, Taylor fell in the standings this week. The judges weren't as impressed with his cha-cha. There was plenty of content in the performance and they captured the flavor of the dance according to Goodman, but Taylor messed up the timing a little and it was obvious he was counting out the steps.

Score: 24

Marissa Jaret Winoker

Winoker continued her climb into the judges' good graces with a Viennese waltz this week. Tonioli pointed out all the technical moves she was able to perform in the dance. During the first few weeks Winoker seemed shaky and unsure of herself on the dance floor, but Goodman commented that she seems to have found her confidence now. Even her harshest critic is now on the "Winoker wave." Inaba loved Winoker's dance this week, saying it had all the right elements.

Score: 26

Cristian de la Fuente

Decked out in a charcoal suit with pink accents, de la Fuente was the picture of a gentleman on Monday night and his fox-trot suited him just as well. It was his best dance yet, with excellent footwork, and he finally found that middle ground where his arms aren't too robotic or too loose. "If you're in the bottom two tomorrow, I'll show my bum in the supermarket," Goodman told him. Tonioli called the performance an "unexpected treat," and Inaba said he passed from being rigid into refined this week.

Score: 27


Mario has been sizzling hot in pretty much every dance he's been giving, so the rumba was a perfect dance to harness that. Inaba's reaction to the performance was "that was better than good sex." However, she was going to have to dock them for a lift. Tonioli agreed that the performance was supremely hot, but Goodman thought it went a little over the top. The rumba is the story of a developing romance, "not of a strumpet and a gigolo," Goodman commented.

Score: 28

Kristi Yamaguchi

Before this dance was over, it was obvious Yamaguchi was going to get the first perfect score of the season for it. It was full of energy and precision footwork. There was a high degree of difficulty, plus it was a great performance to watch. Inaba called it her favorite dance so far this season. Not only did Yamaguchi nail it technically, she gave her best emotional performance as well. "It was absolutely great. It was a smorgasbord of dance - I loved it," Goodman said.

Score: 30

The remaining six celebrities will be back on the dance floor Monday on Dancing with the Stars and the next elimination will take place on Tuesday. Come back Wednesday, April 30, to see if Shannon Elizabeth continues in the competition or if she'll be sent back to the poker tables.

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