Shannon Elizabeth Report: Week 2

Shannon Elizabeth
Shannon Elizabeth dances through first elimination on Dancing with the Stars. will keep an eye on Shannon Elizabeth as she steps away from the card table and onto the dance floor for the sixth season of Dancing with the Stars. Stay tuned each Wednesday to see how she fares in the competition against fellow celebrities.

The first round of eliminations came and went Tuesday night on Dancing with the Stars after the celebrities had two chances to strut their stuff on the dance floor. Poker fans can breathe a sigh of relief as Shannon Elizabeth was not the first woman to get the boot in the competition.

In fact, during Tuesday night's show, Shannon Elizabeth was the first woman declared safe. It didn't come as too big a surprise after her performance on Monday night.

During the first week of competition, she performed a passable cha-cha but at times didn't seem to have full control of her long limbs. She knew how to work the sex appeal of the dance, though, and received a trio of sevens from the judges for a score of 21.

This week, Elizabeth took on the quickstep as both the men and the women got the opportunity to perform a second dance before Tuesday night's elimination show. She was the sixth performer for the night, and the judges were primed and ready to hand out some good scores after mediocre at best and frankensteinish at worst performances before her.

While her quickstep wasn't perfect, she had much better control over her limbs this time and both her steps and her performance were right on. The worst criticism she received from the judges was that she was a bit too clingy on her partner at times, looking like she might have been hanging on for dear life as they sped across the dance floor.

The improvement showed in her scores as the judges awarded her eights this time for 24 points. With a total score of 45 out of 60, Elizabeth was looking pretty safe from elimination during the first round, but she still had to wait through half of Tuesday night's show to find out she was secure, as the men were put on the chopping block first.

Unfortunately it was one of the show's biggest contestants ever who didn't make it through for the men. Penn Jillette had enough personality to match his size, but not enough dance ability in him to get the scores and votes to stay in.

Here's how the men fared in Week 2:

Steve Guttenberg

Guttenberg was the first performer on Monday night. He netted an 18 from the judges after Week 1 with his foxtrot, but the judges weren't as pleased with his mambo. He looks like he's having a great time, and the crowd really gets into his performance, but his footwork was a mess and the '70s polyester leisure suit look probably didn't do him any favors.

Score: 16 Two-week total: 34

Cristian de la Fuente

The Chilean matched Elizabeth's score the first week with his cha-cha, and worked hard to improve his posture for Week 2 after the judges criticized him for his hunched-over appearance. For the quickstep this week, he was straight as a rail, and did a pretty good job of mastering the footwork, but he looked like he was really trying hard rather than just enjoying the dancing. The best compliment he got from the judges had to do with his improved posture and the speed of the dance, which didn't bode well for his scores.

Score: 20 Two-week total: 41

Penn Jillette

Despite looking like bigfoot trying to cha-cha in week one, Jillette managed to not have the worst score out of the men. This week his quickstep did look less like stomping and at times he almost looked light on his feet, but it's his personality in the performance that the judges like. However, personality doesn't win a whole lot of points in a dance competition.

Score: 17 Two-week total: 33

Jason Taylor

He may be worried about losing his macho image in the eyes of his fellow NFL players, but Taylor is showing a lot of promise on the dance floor. In Week 1, his foxtrot was technically very well done, but he was lacking personality and performance on the dance floor. He changed all that with the mambo this week. One judge event went so far as to call him the mambo king, and he's been declared a top contender for this season.

Score: 27 Two-week total: 49

Adam Carolla

Carolla came into the second week as the low man on the totem pole. His awkward foxtrot earned him a 15 and he looked like he was afraid to even look at his 19-year-old dance partner. This week, he loosened up and his mambo had an air of silliness about it, but at least he looked like he was enjoying dancing with his partner and his dance moves were improved.

Score: 19 Two-week total: 34


The final man to perform on Monday night, Mario showed the most promise of the men in Week 1. His R&B flair went well with the cha-cha, earning him a 24. The quickstep has more structure and less opportunity to show off his sex appeal, but Mario didn't need all that to wow the judges. Once again, his footwork was nearly flawless and he and his partner have a lot of charisma on the dance floor. Plus he just brings a hotness to the dance floor with him, according to judge Carrie Ann Inaba.

Score: 26 Two-week total: 50

For the women, it was fairly obvious who would be going home after two weeks of dancing. Monica Seles may be amazing on the tennis court, but she seemed to have two left feet on the dance floor. The viewers' votes weren't enough to save her after two weeks of low scores.

Here's how the women stacked up after Week 2:

Monica Seles

After being the lowest-scoring woman in Week 1 for her fox-trot, Seles was the first woman to perform on Monday night's show. While she attacked the mambo this week in hopes of improving a score of 15 from the week before, she managed to attack it off-beat and pretty much murder the routine. She did, however, add a lot more expression to her face this time around, but not enough to improve her scores.

Score: 15 Two-week total: 30

Priscilla Presley

In Week 1, Presley wowed the judges with a traditional and very well-performed fox-trot. A score of 24 put her in the top ranks of the women, but the mambo this week proved a little tougher for the former wife of Elvis. This week her age showed a bit as her mambo was a little stiff and reserved (except for a slightly creepy crawl toward the camera at the end), but perhaps her performance was completely appropriate for a woman of her maturity.

Score: 21 Two-week total: 45

Shannon Elizabeth

Elizabeth showed much improvement from Week 1 as she even earned a "best so far in the night" with her quickstep following Guttenberg, de la Fuente, Seles, Jillette and Presley.

Score: 24 Two-week total: 45

Marissa Jaret Winokur

In Week 1 Winokur's cha-cha didn't exactly win over the judges. Her overexuberance didn't work well for the dance and while her excitement was infectious, rivaling Guttenberg's enthusiasm for the show, her missteps hurt her scores in the first week. This week her bubbliness was more controlled, but it also worked well with the quickstep. She performed the dance well, and her improved scores reflected it.

Score: 21 Two-week total: 39

Marlee Matlin

Yes, she's deaf, and yes, she can dance. After scoring a 22 for her cha-cha last week, Matlin did even better with the quickstep this week. "I think you've got great potential to go a long way in this competition," judge Len Goodman said after her performance. Their only criticism was that her quick step seemed to have a little Latin flavor to it.

Score: 24 Two-week total: 46

Kristi Yamaguchi

A nearly flawless foxtrot in Week 1 earned Yamaguchi the highest score ever given in the first week of performance. The pressure was on for Week 2 and her mambo, but she had no trouble meeting the challenge. Her dance didn't have the same wow factor as the week before, but she had mastered the footwork and gave a great performance nonetheless.

Score: 27 Two-week total: 54

The remaining celebrities will be back on the dance floor Monday on Dancing with the Stars and the next elimination will take place on Tuesday. Come back Wednesday, April 2, to see if Shannon Elizabeth continues in the competition or if she'll be sent back to the poker tables.

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