Seasoned Pros and 3 Re-Entries Win PokerStars Winter Series

Seasoned Pros and 3 Re-Entries Win PokerStars Winter Series

The main events of the Winter Series were decided on PokerStars this night. Two well-known pros, Ognjan Dimov and Gleb Tremzin, prevailed in the two expensive variants. In the low variant, skol555 from Lithuania managed to convert his third re-entry into a win.

Ognjan Dimov wins the Main Event (High)

Ognjan Dimov
Ognjan Dimov
  • Buy-in: $5,200
  • Entries: 296 + 133 re-entries
  • Prize pool: $2,145,000
  • Winner: Ognjan Dimov ($384,477.90)

The final table of the Winter Series High Main Event with a buy-in of $5,200 was filled with very strong contenders. Among the players were several seasoned pros and a former Winter Series champion, ArtHouse2011 from Ireland, who was aiming for an unprecedented double victory in this series.

However, the victory went to a different player this year: Ognjan "cocojamb0" Dimov from Bulgaria. Dimov's achievements at the poker tables are plenty. He is a former EPT Main Event champion who won in Deauville in 2015, a few years later he made the final table at the EPT another time and online he won the Sunday Warm-Up and a tournament at the WCOOP.

He entered the final of the Winter Series Main Event with a massive lead. He started the final table with 42 million chips, while all other players had less than 10 million chips. The victory was hardly in danger in the end. In the heads-up, Dimov defeated Argentine KKruchitAAs and collected $384,478.

German online and highstakes specialist Jens Lakemeier aka Fresh_oO_D finished in sixth place and won just over $87,000.

Final result

#PlayerCountryPrize Money
1 Ognjan “cocojamb0” DimovBulgaria$384,477.90
2 KKruchitAAsArgentina$285,771.27
3 ArtHouse2011Ireland$212,405.40
4 twirlproHungary$157,874.78
5 Futti18Russia$117,343.72
6 Jens “Fresh_oO_D” LakemeierAustria$87,218.05
7 Guillaume “Nolet20” NoletCanada$64,826.61
8 Pedro “gusmaa” GusmaaBrazil$48,183.77
9 FeriBoBulgaria$38,929.17

Deal between two poker greats in the Main Event (Mid)

Gleb Tremzin
Gleb Tremzin
  • Buy-In: $530
  • Entries: 2,614 + 1,295 re-entries
  • Prize pool: $1,968,000
  • Winner: Gleb Tremzin ($248,479.21)

Gleb Tremzin added another major online title to his WCOOP titles with a triumph in the Winter Series mid-event. The mid Main Event attracted a lot of established online tournament players with a $530 buy-in.

The heads-up final consequently featured two grandees of the online poker business. The Briton Jamie "Ship It 2010" O'Connor, who has already won more than 4 million dollars, sat opposite Gleb "Ti0373" Tremzin. Tremzin is considered one of Russia's best tournament players with a haul of four WCOOP titles and more than $6 million in winnings. The two settled for a chop, both securing $233,479 and leaving $15,000 on the table to be played for. Tremzin prevailed in the heads-up duel, collected the slightly higher prize money and he can add the title to his considerable collection.

Final result

#PlayerCountryPrize Money
1 Gleb “Ti0373” TremzinRussia$248,479.21 (Deal)
2 Jamie “Ship It 2010” O’ConnorUnited Kingdom$233,479.22 (Deal)
3 JMananaMalta$142,978.15
4 AlavirienMalta$101,919.76
5 mau5trapp1Moldova$72,652.06
6 kobyyAustria$51,788.90
7 Ivan “zufo16” ZuficMexico$36,917.12
8 Scott “stpauli111” HallMexico$26,315.89
9 HappyBustDayMorocco$18,758.77

Skol555 uses three re-entries to win the Main Event (Low)

  • Buy-In: $55
  • Entries: 16,723 + 8,418 re-entries
  • Prize pool: $1,270,000
  • Winner: skol555 ($129,067.61)

With over 25,000 entries, the low version of the Winter Series Main Event was the best attended tournament of the finals. A total of over $1.2 million was at stake and the final was a very international affair. There were eight different nationalities among the final nine players. Ukraine was the only country with two representatives: tim_pro_405! and FeaNoR4eG. They were eliminated in sixth and third place.

In the heads-up, Norwegian FrankieFishGab faced off against and skol555 from Lithuania. There was a prize money difference of almost $40,000 at stake and they decided not to make a deal. In the end, skol555 emerged victorious and won $129,068, whereas FrankieFishGab went home with $91,992. Skol555, had 4 entries in the tournament, but with a total win of almost $130,000, his re-entries in the early stages of the tournament definitely paid off.

Final result

#PlayerCounryPrize Money
1 skol555Lithuania$129,067.61
2 FrankieFishGabNorway$91,992.07
3 FeaNoR4eGUkraine$65, 575.10
4 ivan limeiraBrazil$46,744.09
5 tsuligoSlovenia$33, 320.67
6 tim_pro_405!Ukraine$23,752.05
7 SjroojePoland$16,931.18
8 Daniel StatagerDenmark$12,068.98
9 VatalGreece$8,603.02

Today the Winter Series on PokerStars comes to an end with the last events. At the weekend, the next tournament series will start on 888poker with the XL Winter Series, whereby this one will have smaller buy-ins and guarantees.


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