Sailing, Diving, Cruising: Battle of Malta Makes Perfect Poker Holiday

Published On: 21 October 2014 / Modified: 19 June 2018
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The Battle of Malta is much more than just a poker tournament.

Even though the main purpose of your stay is to play poker you’ll soon find out that there are many more things to do on the island.

That’s why we actually dare to say that the Battle of Malta is the perfect poker holiday. So before you board your flight make sure to bring your positive attitude, your poker skills, a pair of sunglasses and swimwear.

Malta is already a famous destination and, as you probably know by now, there are many remarkable activities too.

Shopping, partying, hiking and riding are just a few of them. In this post we’re focusing on the most popular sea and water activities on the island.

Are you ready? Let’s hope so!

Best Sea & Water Activities on Malta


Not far from the Portomaso casino complex you can try sailing with Fair Wind Sailing – a great opportunity for those who stay a little longer.

Sail around Malta and/or explore the neighboring island Gozo and the crystal clear Blue Lagoon. Classes where you learn the basics of sailing and windsurfing are available at fair prices.

Find more information at:

Phone: +356 7955 2222

Address: S. Privitera, San Ġiljan


Sail boat close to St. Julian's, Malta.


Malta is considered Europe’s prime diving destination and is ranked as number three in the world.

There are lots of diving clubs available and you will definitely be able to find a suitable one.

Scuba Diving Malta is located quite far from Portomaso Casino but is one of the most popular diving clubs on the island. You will get a world-class diving experience and get to see caves, fish and other sea creatures, rocks and ship wrecks.

Find more information on their homepage:

Phone: +356 7906 3462

Address: Aquatica, Toni Bajada Street, St. Paul’s Bay


Diving – a popular activity with Malta tourists. Photo: Atlantis Gozo


Yellow Fun Water Sport is one of the biggest water sport activity companies in Malta. They’re located next to the casino but can also be found at Dolmen Resort in Qarwa.

If you haven’t tried windsurfing before, it’s an activity we can definitely recommend.

Home page:
Phone: +356 9942 3162


Boat Rental

Renting a boat in Malta is easier than you might think. You can choose between smaller boats, yachts and large sailboats.

You can’t, however, rent a large boat and take it out on your own; normally a “captain” will be included in the price. Otherwise it’s a fun and exciting experience which lets you explore Malta and its surrounding islands.

There are lots of boat rental possibilities in St. Julian’s but if you have larger boats in mind we recommend Happy Charter.


Portomaso Marina is located next to the casino and the Hilton hotel.

Small-Ship Cruises

If you haven’t visited Malta before and want to familiarize yourself with the three groups of islands the nation consists of - Gozo, Comino and Malta – we can recommend the ferries and small-ship cruises that take you out to the islands.

These trips usually take a full day and with some tickets food and drinks are included.

We advise against buying tickets online. Instead you should take the bus to the stop “Sliema Ferries” in Sliema. There you can take a look at the different ships and decide which one you want to go on.

Make sure to pick one that makes a stop at the Blue Lagoon because that is something you probably don’t want to miss.


Sliema Ferries is in the heart of Sliema.

To get to Sliema Ferries from St. Julian’s you can take the following bus lines: 12, 13, 15 and X2. The same busses will take you back to Portomaso.

Popular Destinations

If you decide to explore the water activities in Malta we can recommend some of the most popular destinations.

Below you can find photos of destinations and a short description to go with each one.


Blue Grotto can be found on the south coast and consists of a number of caves. The closest village is called Qrendi and has 2,725 inhabitants.


The Blue Lagoon is the most popular spot for bathing in Malta, and it attracts thousands of tourists every year. Photo:


Gozo is Malta’s second largest Island and is located to the north west of Malta. Daily departures to Gozo are available from Sliema Ferries. If you go by car you need to get to Mellieha to take the regular ferry to Gozo. Photo:


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