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RebelBetting Established: 2008
4.4 Full star Full star Full star Full star Half star.
What we love
  • 2 week free trial
  • Community to communicate with other users and RebelBetting
  • Auto navigation to bookies (redirection)
What we don't love

Many of us claim to be winners in sportsbetting, but let me be the first to admit that is not always the case, sometimes emotions take over or you just don't have the time to check for the very best odds available.
Rebelbetting will help you find the highest odds or even find you the ones that guarantees profit!

Turn your sports betting into investing. ”Sure bets” and ”Value betting” are two terms that someone that has been into sports betting for a while probably has heard of or might even have come across and tried. RebelBetting has taken these two great ways to turn your sports betting more into investing and to a new level. This review shows how RebelBetting works.

Rebelbetting has been on the market since 2008 and is constantly developing, but let's start by explaining what their business model is all about:

RebelBetting Sure Bets

A sure bet (also called arbitrage betting) means that you make profit no matter the turnout of the object you have bet on. The service of RebelBetting scans through 80+ bookmakers and finds odds that will guarantee profit.

A quick example we found when testing RebelBetting, in the game of Toronto Maple Leafs vs Tampa Bay Lightning in the NHL: Bookmaker A offers 2,30 on ”over 6,5 goals incl overtime” whilst Bookmaker B has 1,81 for the ”under 6,5 goals incl overtime”
If you - and this is where RebelBetting helps you find the odds and calculate the stakes - place for example 22 euros at Bookie A and 28 Euros at Bookie B, you are guaranteed a profit of 1,9% no matter the outcome of the game.

A typical Sure bet like this one gives around 1,5-3% guaranteed profit but there are cases where the guaranteed profit might go as high as 10-15% or more!

RebelBetting Value Bets

The other part of RebelBetting offerings is the Value Bets which means that the scanner will help you find odds that are mis-priced. If a betting object is available at nearly all the 80+ bookmakers that are scanned, there will often be one or two odds that stick out from the crowd, either it is a mistake from a certain bookie or they have just chosen another pricing than the rest of the market.

An example here while testing the service was a match in the English U23-division between Aston Villa and Newcastle, where the odds of Bookie A was 2,05 for ”Newcastle Asian handicap +0,75”. The average odds for this particular outcome was 1,84 and the value of the 2,05 is then around 10%

This of course does not automatically mean that you will win since the outcome of the game is uncertain, but by always betting these value bets you will have an edge towards the market and profit in the long run.

It is however very important to say that no matter if you use the Sure bets, Value bets or both parts, money management and only sticking to the suggested odds/bets is the only way to gain full use of the service. For the sure bet-part you will have to be in it for the long run since the profit per bet might not be more than a few %, but if you follow the suggestions to a full, the profit is guaranteed.

The RebelBetting Service

It is easy to use the website both on mobile and in browser so you can always do a quick check to see the latest sure bets and/or value bets available.

RebelBetting's business model is to offer you a subscription to gain access to their service, which besides this scanner that helps you find these odds also includes a tracker where you can save all your bets and have all the statistics available. There are a few different options but since there is a 2 week free trial you can easily try the service, the two different betting types and all the great features before deciding what would be the best deal for you. Below are the four different subscription options and they are explained more in detail on the webpage, or simply just check the community FAQ or ask the friendly support for more information.

Subscription Models

These different subscription packages available:

Sure Betting Starter

89€ – 1 month – great for beginners, works with a smaller bankroll, steady profit every month

Sure Betting Pro

179€ – 1 month – maximize your profits, unlimited sure bets, access to non-limiting brokers

Value Betting Starter

89€ – 1 month – great for beginners, average ROI 30% per month

Value Betting Pro

179€ – 1 month – maximize your profits, unlimited sure bets, exchanges, sharp bookies, brokers

As mentioned, the scanner will check for the very best or overpriced odds from 80+ different European bookmakers. This does not mean you need to have an account with all of them before starting, but if you decide to take advantage of any odds provided by the RebelBetting scanner, the auto direction tool will take you to that bookmaker and the specific odds immediately, and if you do not have an account previously the sign up process will only take a few moments on most of the sites.

Bookmakers that work with RebelBetting

  • Rebelbetting work with a lot of bookmakers. You can find the full list here.


RebelBetting provides a service that will help you turn your normal betting into profit giving investing. By scanning 80+ bookmakers they can provide you with both sure bets and value bets and you can gain access to both heavily overpriced odds and arbitrage bets that guarantees a profit no matter the outcome of the games.

The 14-day free trial is a great way to learn the service, ask questions in their community and contact with support if needed, to choose the best subscription.

I would recommend everyone who wants to take their sports betting more serious and also learn a lot about how to think and act to gain the best possible outcome from your betting to try RebelBetting, the free trial period gives you plenty of time to explore and see what suits You the best.

RebelBetting FAQ

  • Is RebelBetting legit?

    Yes, the company (Clarobet AB) is registrered and controlled in Sweden, they have been in business since 2008 and consists of sports betting experts and service developers. CEO and Co-founder is Björn Leyonberg, former professional poker player who now runs the company together with the two other co-founders.
  • Does RebelBetting guarantee best odds?

    Yes, the scanner will always give you the best possible odds and shows you exactly how to use the service to gain the highest profit. The tutorial gives a great explanation and the service is easy to use.
  • How do I open an account with RebelBetting?

    The website will help you sign up in a very easy way and start your 14 days free trial.
  • What deposit and withdrawal methods are available at RebelBetting?

    Since all betting is done via bookmakers, you don't need to deposit or withdraw any funds through RebelBetting, you just use your normal account at the specific bookmaker used.
  • Are there any RebelBetting bonuses available?

    RebelBetting does not offer any bonuses but when placing a bet through bookmaker where you don't already have an account previously, the chance that there is a bonus available are good.

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