Privateinternetaccess VPN for Online Betting & Poker

Going live in 2010, Privateinternetaccess VPN (PIA) isn’t only one of the best but one of the longest-serving virtual private networks.

It includes top security features like 256-bit AES encryption, WireGuard protocols, multi-gateway functionality and dedicated IP addresses. Basically this app is sufficient to stay safe while betting and playing online. These features are important because safety and privacy is paramount when real money games are involved. Yes, a poker, casino and betting site will have its own set of security features. But factors like private WIFI connections are the responsibility of the player. 

Similarly, if Apple equips iPhones with security features and you leave your phone unlocked on a desk, you still compromise yourself. In other words, if your bankroll is on the line, you should be using a VPN for protection and anonymity. In short, the Privateinternetaccess VPN helps with this. It basically masks your IP address, encrypts your data and allows you to browse, play and bet undetected. It will also unlock restricted websites and provide another layer of protection to your online gambling experience. Scroll down our Privateinternetaccess VPN review and we’ll explain all this and ensure you use it effectively.


Customizable Kill Switch

10 simultaneous connections

No Logs Recorded

Solid Encryption

Affordable Price ($2.69/M)

Block ads, trackers, and malware

Unlimited Bandwidth

Instant Setup


Dedicated IP costs extra

Lower speeds than competitors

Fewer Features than other options

How Privateinternetaccess VPN Works

Devices:Android, iOS, Mac, PC Windows, Linux
Locations:77+ and 25,000+ servers
Key Features:Unlimited bandwidth, 10 devices, 256-Bit AES, 77+ server locations
Unlimited Bandwidth:Y
P2P Traffic:Y
Includes Kill-switch?Y
Trial Period?30 days (Money-back Guarantee)
Price:From $2.95 per month

PIA provides a fantastic overview of how VPNs work. In its two-part flowchart, the company breaks down the process using three images:

  1. Your PC = An IP address that pinpoints your location.
  2. Your Data = A string of letters and numbers (code) that can be read by anyone with the right software and skills.
  3. Sites you visit. These sites can see your IP address and data.

Steps #2 and #3 are encrypted and cloaked. In simple terms, the software encrypts your data at step #2 by scrambling it. This makes it virtually impossible for someone else to read. Finally, your IP address is cloaked and turned into something different. To put it another way, your IP won’t be visible to the world. Instead, you’ll be using an IP that comes from a VPN server.

When you use the Privateinternetaccess app, you’re basically making yourself anonymous. That means criminals will find it almost impossible to track and steal your data. It also means you can unblock websites and circumvent the type of geolocations restrictions you see in online poker, casino gaming and sports betting. Now, we’re not saying you should use this software for these purposes, as we’ll explain later in this Privateinternetaccess review. However, because of how the program works, it is possible.

Kill Switch

As one of the best VPNs online, this company has a sophisticated way of preventing DNS leakage (i.e. your real IP being visible). What’s neat about the Privateinternetaccess Kill Switch is that you can customise it. By default, it’s set to “auto”. This means it starts when you turn on the VPN and stops when you turn it off. If you prefer to take control of your own connection, you can kill the kill switch (i.e. turn it off). Finally, you can select “always”. This setting prevents you from connecting to the internet at all until your VPN is working again.

Dedicated IP

The dedicated IP option only came about in December 2020. This update not only made the product better but elevated this VPN to the upper-echelons of the industry. A dedicated IP gives you your own IP as opposed to one that’s used by other users. To ensure complete privacy, this service won’t link your dedicated IP to your account. It uses a token system that allows you to get this add-on without anyone knowing. That means the purchase is 100% anonymous just like your time online.

The only slight downside to the Privateinternetaccess dedicated IP is the fact it costs extra. It’s optional, so you don’t have to pay. Moreover, other VPNs charge for this feature. However, it would be nice to see it included in your monthly subscription.

Privateinternetaccess Speed Test

While testing from several locations at various points in the day, the average speed was 93 Mbps. Looking at the stats, you’ll experience, on average, a 7% loss in download speed than if you were using your standard connection. Compared to competitors with losses greater than 10%. If you don’t believe the numbers, PIA will even show you how to test it yourself. That, for us, is a sign of strength and one of the best reasons to use this option.

Security, Privacy and Logs

  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • 2,048-bit RSA keys
  • SHA256 authentication

256-bit AES encryption is now a standard in this business and something we’d expect from a top-tier VPN. However, there are many added extras like ad blockers, unlimited bandwidth (great for connection speeds) and multi-device capabilities. But you can also benefit from:

  • Complete AnonymityYou can be completely anonymous with this VPN. Your IP will be cloaked and your data is always encrypted. As a testament to its commitment to security, this provider doesn’t even link purchases to your account.
  • Secure AccountYour account is always secure. You’ll need to enter your Privateinternetaccess login to use the app. From there, you can encrypt your WI-FI, connect up to ten devices and a lot more.
  • Multiple VPN GatewaysThis feature lets you connect to multiple Privateinternetaccess locations at one time. When you do this, your IP is hidden and you’ll be able to bounce from location to location. This makes it look as though you’re never connecting from the same place which, in turn, makes you more anonymous and, therefore, more secure.
  • Secure VPN Protocols – If you’re a general user, you will have standard connection protection via SOCKS5 proxy technology. If you’re more experienced, you can adjust settings and activate protocols, including WireGuard, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and OpenVPN.

Privateinternetaccess vs ExpressVPN vs NordVPN

In comparison, this provider comes out strong on the security front. It does lack certain features that other VPNs offer. For example, Surfshark’s MultiHop allows you to skip between VPN servers instantly. However, that doesn’t mean PIA isn’t safe or easy to use. There are various protocols you can use to enhance security. You can also use multiple gateways - which isn’t as slick as MultiHop but still powerful.

Private Internet AccessExpressVPNNordVPN
Average Speed Test*93 Mbps106 Mbps115 Mbps
Unlimited Bandwith
30-day Free Trial
Kill Switch (desktop)
AES-256 Encryption
Records Identifying Logs
Monthly Cost (lowest)$2.69$6.67$3.71

*considering several global locations multiple times a day

How to Use Privateinternetaccess

To get this app and secure your online connection, follow these simple steps:

1. Unlock 30-day free trial and create your account.

2. Enter your personal details, select a Privateinternetaccess pricing plan and input payment details.

3. You can play online via MasterCard, Visa, AMEX, Discover, PayPal, Bitcoin, Amazon.

4. Hit the Privateinternetaccess download button and install on your device.

5. Software will configure itself so that you get max protection instantly.

6. Log in, turn on the VPN and enjoy a secure online experience.

For VPN newbies, there’s an instant setup function. Ads, trackers, cookies and malware are blocked automatically so you don’t have to adjust any settings yourself. You’ll also get unlimited bandwidth and the ability to connect up to ten devices simultaneously. This is handy if you want to stream on one device and play on another, while staying safe on both. 

This VPN does allow you to unblock websites and overcome geolocation restrictions. However, we don’t recommend this as it’s illegal in some states and can cause you to lose your bankroll or worse.

Privateinternetaccess Alternatives

If this VPN isn’t for you, we’d suggest taking a look at these top-rated ones instead:

ExpressVPN: No other compares when it comes to locations and connections - this VPN has thousands of servers in 94 countries.

NordVPN: 45-day free trial to test The Onion Router (TOR) - a secure browser that’s 100% anonymous and that you can connect to directly.

Cyberghost: Military-grade encryption and special add-ons such as ID Guard and excellent reputation for anonymity.

Surfshark: Low-cost VPN with unlimited connections and plenty of unique features like MultiHop and Camouflage mode. Powerful, yet affordable.

AtlasVPN: Cheaper security option (just $1.39 per month) and comes without any frills and thrills - but great for streaming (particularly 4K content).

Privateinternetaccess FAQs

  • Is Privateinternetaccess safe?

    Yes. This is one of the safest VPNs on the market. Not only does it use 256-bit AES encryption and a host of other security protocols, your identity is always hidden. All you need to log in to use the software and everything, including your purchases, are never linked to your account.
  • Does Privateinternetaccess keep logs?

    No it never keeps logs. That means your login history, browsing activity and connection data will always be anonymous.
  • Is Privateinternetaccess a good VPN?

    Yes, it is. As well as being packed with top-quality security features, it’s easy to use, allows you to connect ten devices simultaneously and it costs as little as £2.19/$2.95 a month.
  • How many devices can use Privateinternetaccess simultaneously?

    The answer is 10 simultaneous connections. That means you play poker or bet on sports using a VPN via one device, watch movies on another and so on. True, some providers provide unlimited connections. If that's what you require check our top-rated VPN list for a comparison.
  • Is Privateinternetaccess free?

    Yes, you can get a 30-day free Privateinternetaccess trial. To unlock it, click GET NOW on this page to create your account.
  • What is Privateinternetaccess used for?

    If you’re like us, you value your privacy and want max protection. You can use it to disguise yourself and become anonymous online. So this is useful to access an online casino, poker or sportsbook and keep your session private. This provider protects your data and masks your IP. Thus making it difficult for someone to track you and find a way to steal your bankroll.

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