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PPC Malta 2022 Side Events Live Blog

PPC Malta 2022 Side Events Live Blog

Portomaso Cup Begins 03.04.2022 16:00

The one-day Portomaso Cup, featuring a €340 buy-in has already kicked off and had 42 entries on Level 2 with 40 players remaining.

Win the Button Begins 02.04.2022 20:27

There was a delayed start to the PPC Malta €225 Win the Button with all the action of the two opening flights of the Main Event.

The event has just kicked off and it will be a high-octane affair with 15-minute blind levels. The tournament is unique as the button doesn’t move clockwise but heads to the player that won the previous hand. The tournament kicked off with 13 entries but this figure should increase significantly until late registration is closed.

Antonio Bounanno Wins PPC Malta €2,200 High Roller (€34,000) 02.04.2022 15:28
Antonio Bounanno
Antonio Bounanno

Antonio Bounanno outlasted a field of 40 entries including defeating Stephen Kehoe heads-up to win the two-day PPC Malta €2,200 High Roller for €34,000 at Portomaso Casino on Friday evening.

The event was live-streamed at Twitch on partypokerTV, where Day 2 and Day 3 of the €500,000 guaranteed PPC Malta €550 Main Event will be streamed on Sunday and Monday.

2022 PPC Malta €2,200 High Roller Results

1Antonio Bounanno€34,000
2Stephen Kehoe€21,000
3Gabriele Re€11,000
4Nicolas Valyssieres€7,000
5Giovanni Salvatore€4,600
Jordan Dumas Wins the PPC Malta €250 Turbo Bounty (€2,445 & Bounties) 02.04.2022 14:23
Jordan Dumas
Jordan Dumas wins the PPC Malta Turbo Bounty

On Friday evening, Jordan Dumas defeated Emanuel Antonacci heads-up to win the 2022 PPC Malta €250 Turbo Bounty for €2,445. Here is a look at all of the payouts of the event.

1Jordan Dumas€2,445
2Emanuel Antonacci€1,620
3Mark Vella€1,215
4Yaron Salinger€810
5James Mercieca€610
6Gerlando Salamone€445
7Hugo Menant€355
8Shane Dempsey€325
9Renato Messina€285

*Prizes do not include bounties

High Roller Final Table Begins 01.04.2022 19:46
PPC Malta  Malta High Roller Final Table
PPC Malta Malta High Roller Final Table

The High Roller attracted 40 entries to generate a €77,600 prize pool. The nine-player final table has been reached with five players making the money for at least a €4,600 payout. Tonight’s winner will go home with a tasty €34,000 top prize. You can follow along with the action by hitting the Stream tab in our coverage.

Nicolas Valyssieres kicked off the final table as the table captain with Antonio Buonanno, Joseph Grech, Raoul Van Wersch, Giovanni Salvatore, Antonio Asaro, Stephen Kehoe, Lukasz Winski, and Gabriele Re all in contention.

Here is a look at all of the payouts:

1€ 34,000
2€ 21,000
3€ 11,000
4€ 7,000
5€ 4,600
Final Table of Bounty Event Begins 01.04.2022 18:57
PPC Malta Turbo Bounty Final Table
PPC Malta Turbo Bounty Final Table

The €250 Turbo Bounty Event has just kicked off with all players in the money. The field attracted 76 entries to generate an €8,110 prize pool in addition to the bounties. The top prize will be awarded €2,445 this could balloon to around €5,000 when bounties are taken into account. The final nine are each guaranteed at least €285.

Emanuel Antonacci will kick things off with the chip lead with Shane Dempsey, Hugo Menant, Jordan Dumas, James Mercieca, Renato Messina, Gerlando Salamone, Yaron Salinger, and Mark Vella all in the mix.

Turbo Bounty Underway 01.04.2022 14:03

The partypoker Championship (PPC) Malta is full of action today at Portomaso Casino. One event that has already kicked off is the PPC Malta €250 Turbo Bounty.

There were 56 entries at the start of Level 6 with 48 players remaining. Kat Arnsby, Ivonne Montealegre, Niklas Nyman, Mark Vella, and Jordi Ruiz, who bagged up a stack in the Main Event during yesterday’s Day 1a, are among the notable players after a first glance at the field.

This obviously isn’t the only event running today as the PPC Malta will be a hotbed of activity at Portomaso Casino with the €2,200 High Roller scheduled to crown a champion and the Main Event kicking off Day 1b at 4 p.m. The casino will also be hosting four €60 satellites to the Main Event today for those looking to get into the €500,000 guaranteed tournament for a fraction of the €550 buy-in.

2022 PPC Malta Live Schedule

March 1720:05Main Event Online Day 1: €500K Gtd€ 550
March 2020:05Main Event Online Day 1: €500K Gtd€ 550
March 2420:05Main Event Online Day 1: €500K Gtd€ 550
March 2720:05Main Event Online Day 1: €500K Gtd€ 550
March 3112:00Live Main Event Satellite€ 60
 14:00Live High Roller Satellite€ 220
 16:00Main Event Live Day 1: €500K Gtd€ 550
 18:00Live High Roller Satellite€ 220
 20:00Live High Roller Day 1€ 2,200
 21:00Live Main Event Satellite€ 60
April 112:00Live Turbo Bounty Day 1€ 250
 13:00Live Main Event Satellite€ 60
 13:00Live High Roller Day 2€ 2,200
 15:00Live Main Event Satellite€ 60
 16:00Main Event Live Day 1: €500K Gtd€ 550
 18:00Live Main Event Satellite€ 60
 21:00Live Main Event Satellite€ 60
April 212:00Live Main Event Day 1: €500K Gtd€ 550
 17:00Live Main Event Day 1: €500K Gtd€ 550
 20:00Win the Button Day 1: €225K Gtd€ 550
April 310:00Live Main Event Day 1: €500K Gtd€ 550
 14:30Live Main Event Day 2: €500K Gtd 
 15:00Portomaso Cup Day 1€ 340
 20:00Win the Button Day 1€ 225
April 412:00Deepstack Day 1€ 250
 13:00Live Main Event Day 3: €500K Gtd 
 17:00Live Turbo Finale Day 1€ 165
Raoul Van Wersch Kicks Off Day 2 of the High Roller with the Chip Lead 01.04.2022 13:01
PPC Malta High Roller

In addition to the Main Event, yesterday also featured Day 1 of the two-day PPC Malta €2,200 High Roller. A total of 28 players got into the action with at least two more players in Cristiano Blanco and Dario Quattrucci getting into the mix before late registration closes at the start of Day 2 at 1 p.m. A total of 13 of those entries hit the rail on Day 1.

Raoul Van Wersch bagged the overnight chip lead with a massive 255 big blind stack of 152,800. Also bagging top five chip stacks were Stefano Mazzaferro (119,800), Giovanni Salvatore (98,200), Joseph Grech (91,600), and Antonio Buonanno (72,000).

The final prize pool and payouts will be announced shortly after the action begins. Blinds will be 300/600 with a big blind ante to start and increase slowly at every 40 minutes.

The partypokerTV Twitch channel will be streaming a feature table and eventually the final table from beginning to end on Day 2.

PPC Malta High Roller End of Day 1 Chip Counts

Player Chips Big Blinds
Raoul Van Wersch      152,800 255
Stefano Mazzaferro      119,800 200
Giovanni Salvatore        98,200 164
Joseph Grech        91,600 153
Antonio Buonanno        72,000 120
Antonio Asaro        57,600 96
Nicolas Valyssieres        53,900 90
Stephen Kehoe        45,500 76
Alessandro Pichierri        34,600 58
Davide Testori        32,700 55
Tom Delaine        25,500 43
Euan Mcnicholas        24,200 40
Jack Oliver        12,000 20
Eros Nastasi        11,600 19
Jonathan Pastore          7,600 13
High Roller Begins 31.03.2022 20:51
High Roller Feature Tablei

The two-day €2,200 High Roller has begun with 11 entries. The field is up to 12 entries with 11 players remaining after Humberto Jorge Lopes Galindo hit the rail early on. 2021 WSOP Main Event final tablist Jack Oliver, David Lappin, and Manuel Lopes are among the players entering on time.

Late registration is open not only for the entire day but also overnight with the last call to get into the action coming right before the start of tomorrow’s Day 2 at 1 p.m.

PokerListings won’t be officially covering this event but there will be some updates as the day progresses. Meanwhile, partypoker will be live streaming Day 1 of the High Roller where you can watch along with the action.

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