Possible cheater caught at Full Tilt Poker

Empire Casino, London

In yet another online poker world scandal, the winner of one of the bigger monthly tournaments has been stripped of his championship title and winnings. And, it's rumored, a top online pro has been banned due to his association with the rescinded victory.

Approximately a month ago, "BluffMagCV," an alias allegedly used by a Bluff Magazine employee named Chris Vaughn, made a rare double win by taking down the Full Tilt Poker $1 Million Guaranteed tournament and, the next weekend, the PokerStars' Sunday $1 Million Guaranteed event.

The first victory, however, has engendered the most discussion.

After he received an e-mail from Full Tilt, European poker pro Soren Kongsgaard, who was the runner-up in the tournament in question, stated that he had been elevated to the first-place money because BluffMagCV had passed off the play of his account to another person.

The player who took over the BluffMagCV account is allegedly Sorel "Imper1um" Mizzi, who routinely terrorizes the online tournament world and has also enjoyed great success as a live tournament player in 2007 with approximately $500,000 in winnings.

Word on 2+2 and other online forums has it that both BluffMagCV and Mizzi have both been banned from further play at Full Tilt while security staff there conduct an investigation. There have also been some rumblings in the forums about the win at PokerStars, but no action has been taken with regard to that outcome.

Playing in these large-field, high-dollar tournaments is grueling. On most occasions, a tournament can start in the afternoon East Coast time and in the early evening in Europe. Because of the size of the field, it can stretch well into the wee hours of the next day. This means players focused on a healthy win have no alternative but to remain chained to their computers for the better part of half a day.

To reduce the temptation for players to resort to tag-teaming in order to last into the late goings, online rooms could take the route of splitting these types of tournaments into two-day events. Nowhere in the live poker world are players subjected to playing in such an important tournament without the benefit of rest at some point.

Most of the time, events as important as these are scheduled as two-day tournaments at the minimum. Not only players but also the online rooms themselves would benefit from switching to such an arrangement.

That said, however, poker players are learning the hard way that the online poker rooms are now being extremely vigilant in enforcing the one-user, one-account principle. As "BluffMagCV" and Mizzi are now allegedly aware, trying to put one over on the online poker rooms has just become a lot harder.

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thetruthisthis 2009-11-07 14:54:00

the truth is only 1 out of every 20 regular poker players ever turn a profit.

i know it does suck when you lose on the river playing online but that the fire you play with.

its so much easier to call with a bad hand online then say a 40/100 live NL game.

also ive played higher stakes vs. lower stake games online and it seems if you are playing for $100 or less people will be more willing to call with crap.

if you play the higher stakes games people are much more likely to throw away Q J then a $11 tournament.

just my 2 cents but if they were really cheating people out of millions or billions of dollars i think the government would step in as thats a ton of potential tax money that country is losing.

anyhow hope im right lol!

Denis 2009-11-06 21:14:00

I played 50 FTP tournament with player mob_killer. on FullTilt

He was suspicious lucky and when I said he is too lucky, he answered that he has program for freerolls and FTP tournaments.
I entered with him with top pair All-in, he had draw and he got his hand on turn.
That happened about 15 times. I saw it myself. I continued to watch this game and he won first place.

Its not about only him - its about may be a lot of such players.

And may be he had a lot of luck, but

1) He always was winning
2) He said itself that he has program

May be I too suspicious but may be it worth checking.

whistleblower 2009-11-05 08:37:00

Yea sounds like a pyramid scheme, the money that goes in, does not match the value/money that comes out.

In theory they can issue everyone $100 credit, as long as nobody decides to withdraw, their rake/rigged RNG can slowly/quickly fleece from their lamb.

easywalt 2009-11-05 05:55:00

That's my guess exactly. Although it's a tiny amount, as long as you're playing they're receiving a rake and they're betting that you'll eventually lose it all. And if you multiply that insignificant amount by several million...

whistleblower 2009-11-04 21:49:00

Oh Gosh,

That is alarming that a check would bounce in that small amount. Makes you wonder, if the, "house/sponsored pros" plays with their money in the bank. I mean how does a online site, not afford to be able to pay $110.

I fear, the money in peoples account on fulltilt does not match the money they have available to pay out if everyone decided to withdraw at once. The same problem happens with crooked banks.

Please let us know the outcome, I am guessing they hope you gamble away the rest before you have a chance to withdraw again.

easywalt 2009-11-04 10:16:00

When I decided to drop out of FT, I was down to playing $2-$4 games with a bankroll of about $40. (Yeah, sad...) I discovered that you can't withdraw less than $100. I returned to the small games and built the bankroll to $110. and withdrew the money. The check bounced. They added $50 to my account and apologized. I built that to $250 and withdrew that amount. I'm still waiting to see what happens. How many people drop out with small bankrolls and never get their money? It has to amount to a lot of money.

whistleblower 2009-10-30 07:09:00

Thanks Sean,

Keep up the excellent work!


whistleblower 2009-10-29 04:47:00

Sean with so many stories about cheaters and online corruption/insiders, do you feel online poker game is safe?

Seems every other month there is a site with some story about cheating/scandal.

Most of these sites are created/operated by people who are trained at lying and stealing money from people lol

Sean Lind 2009-10-29 04:16:00

E Elliot:

The reason you can't use your CC to get money onto an off-shore poker account is the UIGEA.

Thanks to the american government It's illegal for a bank to assist in sending money to an off-shore poker or gambling site.

It had nothing to do with the sites integrity or fraud, it was imply an attempt to "protect" American family values by keeping the sin of gambling out of their homes.

Is it just me who thinks that decisions which will affect an entire country should not be allowed to be made on any religious ideal?

Maybe I'm crazy, but in my mind people should be allowed to choose their own religion, and not have the morals and ideals from someone else's forced down their throat.

E Elliot 2009-10-28 04:19:00

For anybody who wants to venture out and play poker online for money. Better read this first.
To play for money you have to deposit money, some sites your credit card will work, others it may not. Why I don't know for sure, but its like the banks are trying to control money going to poker sites. Because I guess there is a high percentages of fraud. Beside, once you use the credit card, the banks are letting you make a loan. So I guess they sure would want to know for sure, you are making the loan.

If you successful in using your credit card, which in some sites is swift and fast. Now with money in your poker site's account, you can start playing. Now if you do make money against these rigged poker sites. You face another huge problem.

Getting your money out of these poker sites. There are steady complaints, (Note; read up on this by using other boards, such as 2plus2 and others) regarding making a withdraw. Some people has to wait for weeks. There was some time ago, checks received from Full Tilt, did not clear the bank. Full Tilt made some kind of statement, and gave each one a $100 bonus for the mistake. If your account is with some poker site like Pitbull, who just collapsed last week. There is some debate now as to whether the members will get their money.

The biggest advice, check on the Internet about these three topics, before deciding to play online for money.

The topics are,
1) Get money into your online poker site account.
2) Is the site crooked and has rigged software etc.
3 Get your money out of a online site.

With these constant problems, who would want to play online?

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