Possible cheater caught at Full Tilt Poker

Empire Casino, London

In yet another online poker world scandal, the winner of one of the bigger monthly tournaments has been stripped of his championship title and winnings. And, it's rumored, a top online pro has been banned due to his association with the rescinded victory.

Approximately a month ago, "BluffMagCV," an alias allegedly used by a Bluff Magazine employee named Chris Vaughn, made a rare double win by taking down the Full Tilt Poker $1 Million Guaranteed tournament and, the next weekend, the PokerStars' Sunday $1 Million Guaranteed event.

The first victory, however, has engendered the most discussion.

After he received an e-mail from Full Tilt, European poker pro Soren Kongsgaard, who was the runner-up in the tournament in question, stated that he had been elevated to the first-place money because BluffMagCV had passed off the play of his account to another person.

The player who took over the BluffMagCV account is allegedly Sorel "Imper1um" Mizzi, who routinely terrorizes the online tournament world and has also enjoyed great success as a live tournament player in 2007 with approximately $500,000 in winnings.

Word on 2+2 and other online forums has it that both BluffMagCV and Mizzi have both been banned from further play at Full Tilt while security staff there conduct an investigation. There have also been some rumblings in the forums about the win at PokerStars, but no action has been taken with regard to that outcome.

Playing in these large-field, high-dollar tournaments is grueling. On most occasions, a tournament can start in the afternoon East Coast time and in the early evening in Europe. Because of the size of the field, it can stretch well into the wee hours of the next day. This means players focused on a healthy win have no alternative but to remain chained to their computers for the better part of half a day.

To reduce the temptation for players to resort to tag-teaming in order to last into the late goings, online rooms could take the route of splitting these types of tournaments into two-day events. Nowhere in the live poker world are players subjected to playing in such an important tournament without the benefit of rest at some point.

Most of the time, events as important as these are scheduled as two-day tournaments at the minimum. Not only players but also the online rooms themselves would benefit from switching to such an arrangement.

That said, however, poker players are learning the hard way that the online poker rooms are now being extremely vigilant in enforcing the one-user, one-account principle. As "BluffMagCV" and Mizzi are now allegedly aware, trying to put one over on the online poker rooms has just become a lot harder.

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E Elliott 2009-10-27 05:12:00

Beautiful said, aadel01,

This kind of information should be posted on other boards. Let the public know.

aadel01 2009-10-27 03:39:00

To make things clear, i nor any doing the research, have caused any loss to any individuals on fulltilt or otherwise, all work that has been performed, has been done and maintained within the boundaries of the free tables, and on the behalf and concerns of legit players and individuals looking for and into the security and safety of a fair game within online poker sites.

aadel01 2009-10-27 03:10:00

ok, i am posting this comment, keeping it short and simple however, i have been working on fulltilt as well as others at the request of unnamed individuals, i am a poker player, and i am only one of several people inwhich have worked on the sites to determine problems if any, after an extensive review, fulltilt as well as others, has been shown to be non legit in the fairness of the game, with much research and documented evidence,we have indeed found problems integrated in different areas of which have to do with having a flawed program. cheating within the flawed program does exist on a large scale. Within findings we ourselves have found the ability to take advantage of the flawed program to our benefit and control the rigging of the cards and therefore also finding the ability to control who will win, as one aspect of the research done, proving infact that the cards are not random, as well as the capabilities inwhich the intended rigging of hands can infact be broken into, causing a change in the intended outcome of a hacker. With this being only in part, of the findings within extensive detailed documents , one should not buy into online sites in general, unless you are prepared to spend for enjoyment purposes. The best advise is , to play in the free tournaments and or free tables that multiple sites offer including fulltilt.

whistleblower 2009-10-25 09:38:00

Thanks Elliott,

I agree, if there are no laws and regulations protecting players who play online with real money, the players are at the mercy of the site/software program.

Your funds/accounts can be frozen if by chance you beat an opponent who used a fraudulent credit card or stolen identify.

Your funds can be fleeced by the software to encourage 3 way all ins or by bots/super users who let you win a few hands to make you feel good, but by the time your session is done your bankroll is wiped out. Hoping that you feel you just lost to bad luck and to keep depositing until you have lost everything.

Fulltilt advertises that it is not gambling and that it is a game of skill, why is it that so many skilled players have gone broke on their site?

Answer: The game is a form of gambling and skill and the players are getting tricked into losing their money to sucker hands/setup hands.

In theory we all can sue Fulltilt for our money back if we can make a case we are skilled players and we have lost our money due to "luck" ie. gambling. Their claim would then be null and void and they must admit poker is a form of gambling with chance involved as well.

E Elliott 2009-10-25 08:36:00

Forgot to mention. I emailed this web site, regarding the disappearance of posting. Will see what the answer will be.

whistleblower 2009-10-25 06:40:00

My game consists of mixing up starting hands based on position/chip stacks/opponents/table.

Understanding opponents miss the flop 70% of the time, so a 75%-100% bet pot will take down the pot post flop.

Understanding expected values (pot odds > outs ratio) would be good calls.

Understanding implied odds, where if you hit your card, the opponents stack will be yours.

Looking for bluff cards to identify weakness in your opponent and sell them their fear, on the turn or river. Also knowing you cannot bluff, "donkeys" players that do not have a high level of understanding of the game and they story you are trying to sell them.

Understanding you do not need cards to win a pot/game. Playing the opponent and chip stack/fear is very effective.

Going all in as reverse psychology occasional with the nuts will pay out more times than not.

Understanding when to slow play with the nuts off the flop to induce bets/bluffs to maximize value of hands.

Understanding the game that is not rigged is a game of patience and timed aggression. Maximizing your winning hands and minimizing your losing hands over time will make you a winning player.

Whereas if you are losing with the best hand pre flop/post flop and losing to runner runner and miracle cards, you will be a losing player. This happens to the majority of players online. Players get their money in when they are, "good" and lose their bankroll to suckout after suckout and cooler after cooler to real players that will be fleeced later by another newer player or bot/super user.

I will never play another $ of mine online, knowing they are immune to US laws and they are offshore in corrupt places like Costa Rica and 3rd party tested and authorized by some gaming tribe in Canada tied to the scandal of UB/AP. I hope these cheaters get what they deserve.

whistleblower 2009-10-25 06:10:00

In the other post that was deleted.

I was telling Rye, I do not need his help to improve and be a winning player.

As I have facts/spreadsheets showing my winning sessions and showing I am a winning player over time. The only time I have lost money was online.

I replayed a AA vs KK hand in my unlucky day and how the K spiked on the river.

I replayed a 3 way all in KK, QQ, JJ where
I held QQ with $421 behind
opponent KK $26 behind
and opponent JJ $126 behind where the JJ won with a J on the river.

I compared my graph to the one other online player posted above and the graph appeared identical.

45 degree increase, following by a sharp next day decline.

The win to loss ratio was identical

+97K to -450K
comparing to my +$150 to -$600

The losses posted above remind me so much on how I lost my $600 bankroll.

I was telling Rye, I was offended that he offered to improve my game, when I have played for over 10 years and have spreadsheets and data to show I am good at the game and win.

I have been ranked the following also;
You are 2% looser than optimal. Good Work! A+
You are 10% less aggressive than optimal. Be a little more aggressive. B+
You are 17% more aggressive than optimal. Be a little less aggressive. B
You are 0% more aggressive than optimal. Good Work! A+
You are 4% less aggressive than optimal. Good Work! A+
You showdown 0% more often than optimal. Good Work! A+

Overall A

I concluded that online poker was a scam due to my findings/research.

Online you have sites/players cheating electronically. You are potentially playing with a rigged deck, corrupt players on the inside and outside.

whistleblower 2009-10-25 05:54:00

The post that was deleted, included the one I just reposted. Hopefully this is not deleted.

whistleblower 2009-10-25 05:50:00

I was able to show Rye the multiple bad beats/monster vs monster setups and compared the pattern to another player that felt the same rush of incredible bad luck. I had links to the replay of hands/setups and even showed his graph pattern was very identical.

Win one day, lose big the next, anyways, here is the other person who I found. Feel free to study his graph and hands.








HILARIOUS INTERNET POKER SETUP WORKING AT IT'S FINEST, notice turn card, if the hands was played out, same outcome all in.

They have deleted 2 of my finest posts, I was able to clearly/factually show my bad beats and compared it to another player online. The patterns were identical. This is proof online poker is rigged/corrupt.

whistleblower 2009-10-25 05:39:00

Yes, my detailed analysis of hands has been deleted. I will repost at the earliest.

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