Pokio App Review 2024

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About Pokio Poker

Going live in 2017 and bringing a fresh perspective to social poker, Pokio is the place to play if you love home games with a twist. This free mobile app is all about joining Clubs and taking on players in cash games and tournaments. However, unlike its peers, Pokio offers direct deposits and real-money action.

Then you have special features such as all-in insurance combined with exclusive Club-based promotions and rakeback deals. To ensure you get max value and enjoyment every time you ante up. Last but certainly not least, this app is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). This is important because it ensures players get protection and avoid dodgy activity from players and club owners. So, if you’re looking for an innovative, unique and safe social poker app, Pokio is perfect.

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How to Use Pokio

Pokio is a known in the business as a social poker app. The term “social” refers to the fact you can play poker against your friends. In this regard, Pokio is similar to other social gaming platforms. However, this iOS and Android app differs from its counterparts because it:

  1. Holds a Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) license.
  2. Accepts in-app real-money deposits and withdrawals.

These two things mean you can play ring games or tournaments and win cash prizes. Moreover, you’ll be able to make deposits and withdrawals using familiar payment methods such as Skrill, Visa, MuchBetter and EcoPayz. In contrast, other social poker apps utilise a free-play model that involves onsite tokens and non-standard payment methods such as Bitcoin. From there, you can exchange tokens for cash prizes at a later date.

Pokio allows deposits, withdrawals and playing for cash prizes within the app. But this is the kicker, games are offered in a different way. Clubs are the defining feature of Pokio because that’s where the games are. Instead of universal games, everything takes place inside Clubs. This means you only play against other members of a Club. But doesn’t this limit your options? In some respects, yes. However, there’s no limit to the number of Clubs you can join. Additionally, Club owners can form a union (known as a Circle). These unions are similar to liquidity sharing pacts between US states and European countries.

In other words, Circles allow Clubs to share players and games. The best way to think about Clubs is that they’re mini-poker sites within a poker site. Owners set up their home games and define their own rules and promotions. A great analogy for Pokio is Russian dolls. You start with one large doll (the app) and, inside it, there are lots of little dolls (poker Clubs).

When you download the app through our special link, you’ll join FOUR Clubs in different Circles - including one led by online poker legend Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom.

To play Pokio poker games, follow these steps (from mobile):

  1. Click PLAY HERE below for our special affiliate link from your mobile for an exclusive offer and entry to Isildur's club.
  2. Keep note of the six-letter code (Club ID: 100248) and click JOIN.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions (you can bypass Apple Store restrictions by first downloading TestFlight).
  4. Then download Pokio and create your account (remember to fill in the Club ID code on registration)
  5. Open the app and you’ll find your €250 freeroll ticket – click for details to see when the next freeroll takes place.
  6. Go to Me > Deposit and make a deposit of €15 through your preferred method.
  7. Browse around the lobby and start playing real-money cash games and tournaments.

Pokio Bonus Offers and Promos

Let’s get the negatives out there before we continue. There is no such thing as a Pokio online poker bonus. When you join 888poker, GGPoker or any other real-money poker site, you’ll be offered a welcome bonus and a host of ongoing promotions. These rewards are universal. In other words, they’re open to every real-money customer. Pokio doesn’t have any such deals in place.

Freebies at Pokio are Club-based, in fact if you register through PokerListings, you get a €250 freeroll ticket. Each Club owner can create their own welcome bonuses, loyalty rewards, freerolls and more. There are also ways to get extra credits at opportune moments. Through PokerListings, you’ll be able to join three clubs in three different circles.  

Pokio Poker Software and Features

  • Club games added by player
  • Stats & in-app HUD: VPIP, PFR, Win Rate
  • Cash Games, MTT and S&G tabs
  • Wallet for deposits & withdrawals
  • Personalization: Themes & Animations
  • Diamond Purchases (access Rabbit Hunting & All-in Insurance)
  • Filtering Options by Stakes and more
  • Country flags for players

The Pokio mobile app is pretty slick. Is it better than PokerStars? Possibly not. However, for a mobile-only platform that’s available for iOS and Android devices, it’s pretty good. You can swipe up, down, left and right to find your ideal table. Once you’re ready to ante up, the table is orientated so you’re sitting at the bottom of the screen. This gives you a clear look at everything that’s happening around you. One thing to note is that the Pokio is always orientated in portrait mode. That may not suit some people but we actually like the layout because it allows you to play one-handed.

Everyone has a cartoon-style avatar and it’s possible to play one tournament table and one cash game table at the same time (two total). But you can observe an additional cash game and tournament table (so up to four tables in view). You can also reserve a seat at a cash game table and have it in view.

Finally, you can review your stats using the in-built tracker. The graph button in the bottom left corner of each table allows you to see the number of hands you’ve played, the average hand time (for the table) and your hand history. Away from the tables, you can tap the “stats” button to get an overview of the following:

  • VPIP %: voluntary put in the pot – that is, the percentage of the time you call, bet or raise.
  • PFR %: pre-flop raise – so, the percentage of the time you raise before the flop.
  • Win Rate %: percentage of pots you win based on the number of hands you play.
  • Game History: your overall results from each game you’ve played
  • Favourite Hands: the hands you play the most.

All the above will be tracked automatically. What’s more, you can get these insights for cash games, MTTs and SNGs. Onsite trackers like this aren’t something you’ll find inside other poker apps. Therefore, in this regard, Pokio really is up there with the best in the business.

Pokio iOS and Android App Extras

We can’t write a Pokio app review and not talk about its three main features: rakeback, insurance and run it more than once. These added extras not only make it better than other social poker apps but a credible alternative to traditional offerings from the likes of Partypoker and Unibet.

Rakeback Structure

The Pokio rakeback system is like everything else on this app. That means the cashback schemes are linked to individual Clubs. Therefore, the amount you receive on a weekly/monthly basis will not only be determined by how many hands you play but the system your Club/s have in place.


Something you won’t find inside other mobile poker apps but that’s popular at Pokio is insurance. You can purchase credits known as diamonds. These credits unlock special powers, including the ability to change your nickname and rabbit hunting (you get to see the undealt cards when you fold for relief or tilt – your choice).

You can also pay extra to insure your hand against bad beats. Basically, once you’re all-in (in cash games), a pop-up will ask if you want to buy insurance. The price will depend on the size of the pot and the equity of your hand. If you exercise this option, you’ll receive an instant cash payment, regardless of how the hand plays out.

Run More Times

For the cost of one small blind per player in the pot, you can run a hand twice or three times to spread your risk. Naturally, you have to weigh up the risk, the cost and the rewards. However, running it more than once is something high stakes pros do on a regular basis, so it’s great to see it inside the Pokio app.

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Pokio Poker Games

Pokio covers all the main basis with regards to cash games, MTTs and SNGs. It also goes the extra mile by offering exotic variants, like OFC, which you’ll struggle to find elsewhere. Again, it’s important to point out that everything is Club-based. Meaning cash games and tournaments are available inside a Club that you have to join. One thing that is a constant is rake. The Pokio rake structure covers the platform in general, which means the amount taken per pot/tournament is standard across all Clubs. In comparative terms, 5% rake is above the industry standard. However, it is capped at €3.50, so it doesn’t become overly prohibitive at the highest stakes.

StakesRake Cap with 2 Players in the HandRake Cap with 3-4 Players in the HandRake Cap with 5+ Players in the Hand
€20 NL€0.50€0.75€1.25
€50 NL€0.80€1.50€3
€100 NL€1.50€1.50€3
€200 NL€1.50€3€3
€500 NL€1.50€3€3
€1,000 NL€1.75€3.50€3.50
€2,000 NL€1.75€3.50€3.50

Cash Games

Even though games are Club-based, we found action starting at €0.10/€0.20 and going up as high as €10/€20. We’d like to see the lowest stakes be a little lower but €20 NL isn’t so far off the mark that it’s going to exclude too many players. What’s also worth noting is that you can find some high stakes games but, again, this will depend on the Club.

Pokio Poker Tournaments

  • Freezeout & Rebuy
  • Satellites
  • Freerolls
  • Pokio Super Seasonfest Series

There are plenty of MTTs to choose from. Each Club will have its own schedule in place but there will always be freerolls, low, medium and high stakes MTTs. All the main tournament variants are available and Pokio has the ability to run universal events.

These open-for-all tournaments are rake free – and they offer weekly GTD events for a low buy-in (€10/€3K) besides the bigger festivals. For example, during our Pokio poker review, there was a week-long festival being run in conjunction with Grand Casino AS. The Czech casino sponsored GCA Series and put up a €66,500 guarantee. It’s essentially an open Club that anyone can join and take part in both the satellites and main events.

Sit & Gos

Most SNGs at Pokio are No Limit Hold’em and you can find plenty of heads-up, six-max and full-ring games. Buy-ins start at €5 and scale up to €30. If we’re being honest, we’d like to see some smaller stakes games and a few higher buy-in options. However, it’s worth remembering that this is a social poker app. Therefore, it’s not designed to be a place where pros play. Therefore, if we look at it from this perspective, the limits are more than acceptable.

Heads Up Tables

Pokio is perfect for heads-up players. There are one-on-one options for cash games and tournaments. If there’s one feature that’s worth noting it’s the fact you can play against some famous pros. Andreas Hoivold, Viktor Blom and other elite players have their own Clubs. Join one of these and you might be able to test yourself against them in a heads-up match.

Pokio Private Home Games

All games at Pokio could be considered home games because you have to join a Club. That means the player pool is limited to members of said Club. However, the app also gives users the option to make things even more exclusive and create Clubs within Clubs. These are only open to certain members and designed for those that want to play poker with friends or select opponents.

Play with Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom

Viktor Blom - Photo credit: wikiwand.com

Viktor took the online poker world by storm about a decade ago when he started playing nosebleed games on Full Tilt seemingly out of nowhere. He has won many big tournaments ($2.9 million in live earnings to date) and is one of the most feared names even in cash games across multiple variants. Now is your chance to play him at affordable stakes in his very own club on the Pokio app. He makes daily appearances at peak traffic hours so be on the look out if you want to challenge him at the tables. Just download the app through our link to be eligible for entry and use Club ID 1002487 (Finding Nemo).

Download and Join Our Exclusive Clubs:

Texas Hold’em and Omaha Tables

Hold’em and Omaha form the foundations of Pokio. That means you can play Pokio Hold’em and Omaha cash games, MTTs and SNGs. What’s also nice to see is that Pokio offers mixed games and PLO5 (a five-card version of Omaha).

Drawmaha | Sviten Special

In an effort to go a few steps further than its peers, Pokio offers Drawmaha poker games. Also known as Sviten Special, this variant is cross between 5-card Draw and PLO. The blinds move around the table in the same way as Hold’em but everyone starts with five cards face-down. An initial betting round is followed by a three-card flop.

After that, players can choose to stand pat or swap up to five of their hole cards. A series of rules are in place with regards to drawing cards. However, once everyone has completed their move, the post-flop betting rounds commence. At this point, the game plays out like a hand of Omaha until everyone folds or a showdown occurs.

Open-face Chinese Poker

Open-Face Chinese Poker (OFC) is a favourite of poker pros around the world. The basic premise of OFC is that players are dealt 13 cards each and have to arrange them into three hands. The hands have to be arranged in ascending order, meaning the middle has to be as strong or stronger than the bottom hand and so on. Players earn points for each winning hand they make and the winner is the person with the most points after a certain number of deals.

Player Competition and Traffic

The beauty of Pokio’s Club structure is that you can find games and players to suit your preferences. In general, the Pokio traffic levels are solid but the app isn’t available everywhere. For example, Pokio UK is still in beta mode, as are other local apps. That means there isn’t as many players as other top-rated online poker sites.

However, of the players that are there, the level of competition is fairly soft. In fact, you can actually find Clubs for casual players, Clubs for those that play for fun and Clubs for serious grinders.  This allows you to get in and play in a way that suits you.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Having simple and secure payment options isn’t something social poker apps are known for. However, because Pokio has an MGA license, it’s able to offer the same sort of payment processing as partypoker and others. This means you get to play for real cash, specifically Euros, instead of onsite credits.

The minimum deposit at Pokio is €15 and it’s the same on the way out. Third-party security company Qufan carries out verification checks on all payment requests. Additionally, all player funds at held in protected accounts from Sata Bank. Thus, ensuring your bankroll is always safe at Pokio.

How to Make Deposits

  1. Enter your Pokio login details and open the app.
  2. Click the wallet icon.
  3. Select a valid deposit option.
  4. Input an amount that’s equal to or greater than €15.

Pokio Withdrawals

  1. Make sure you complete the verification process (see “How to play” above)
  2. To initiate a Pokio withdrawal, simply go to Me > Wallets
  3. Select your Withdraw and your amount (€15+)  
  4. Wait at least 24 hours for your request to be processed.
  5. You should receive your winnings within a week.

Pokio Download

If you’re eager to ante up on this social poker app, complete the following steps from mobile:

  1. Click PLAY HERE below to start your iOS or Pokio Android download.
  2. You’ll be directed to a screen with a six-letter code – keep note of it.
  3. Click JOIN and follow the on-screen instructions to register.
  4. Enter all your details including where you live.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions (you can bypass Apple Store restrictions by first downloading TestFlight).
  6. Then download Pokio and create your account (remember to fill in the exclusive Club ID: 100248 code on registration)
  7. Open the app and you’ll find your €250 freeroll ticket – click for details to see when the next freeroll takes place.
  8. Go to your wallet and make a deposit of at least €15.

Start playing and watch out for any Pokio update announcements because these can include new features, Clubs and added extras.

Why Get Verified?

You will need to complete a verification process (which is normal for all real-money, legit poker apps). This will allow you to be able to receive rewards from your club and withdraw any winnings from your Pokio account. It also removes the €2,000 deposit limit from your account.

You do this by submitting a few documents that are proof of identity and address. First a photo ID, like ID card, driver’s license, or passport. And second, proof of address, like utility bill, bank statement or credit card bill, or tax letter. You will see your verification status pending after submission while your documents are being reviewed and you’ll be informed when verification is complete.  

Support and Safety

The Pokio support system could better. There is a comprehensive FAQ and you can message Club owners if you need help. Additionally, you can send complaints to the support team via the Pokio email address ([email protected]). Unfortunately, there isn’t a phone number or live chat option, which is a bit of a negative and something that should be improve as the app continues to grow, in our humble opinion.

Our Pokio Poker Rating

If you’re a newbie or someone who likes to play poker for fun, this app is perfect. We’d be pressed to say it’s the best poker platform in the world in terms of software. But rest assured, it’s above average standard, especially with neat features such as insurance and running it more than once. It’s also potentially one of the best and safest home game apps available. The Club setup isn’t only innovative but impressive because it allows you to enjoy different experiences within a single app. All in all, we think Pokio is a great option for casual poker players more than your average grinder. But truly, anyone out to have a good time can download and enjoy Pokio.

Pokio Poker App FAQs

  • Is Pokio Safe?

    Yes. This app is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) and uses all the latest security software, including SSL encryption. What’s more, all player funds are held in secure Sata Bank accounts.
  • What is Pokio?

    Pokio is a social poker app that hosts real-money cash games and tournaments via a unique Club structure.
  • How do I download Pokio?

    You can download Pokio and enjoy freerolls and rakeback by clicking the special registration link on this page. You then just create an account using our special ID code, get verified, top up your account, and play from your iOS or Android device.
  • Can I get Pokio rakeback?

    Yes. Each Club has its own rakeback system and if you join through our PokerListings link, you can join a club with 30% rakeback.
  • Is Pokio rigged?

    No. This site is licensed by one of the top regulators in the world and one of the main conditions of receiving a license is having games certified as 100% fair.
  • Does Pokio take US players?

    No, at this stage Pokio isn’t available in the US. However, this operator has grand plans to become one of the biggest brands in the business. So, make sure you keep an eye on our Pokio updates to find out when it will become available there.
  • Can I use a HUD with the Pokio app?

    No but there is an in-app tracking tool you can use. Allowing you to keep tabs on your own stats without the need for any third-party software. Click our review link for more info on this.