PokerStars VR Launches on Playstation VR2

PokerStars VR Launches on Playstation VR2

There’s more to real money online poker than grinding away for hours at the Texas Hold'em and/or Omaha cash tables for a few Big Blinds per hour profit (which, of course, can be very satisfying on more than one level!), or battling it out in Sit & Go games and online poker tournaments ...  

Not only have PokerStars recognized this, but they’ve also taken into account that some poker fans (especially the younger generation) often turn to gaming to seek entertainment in their downtime - particularly virtual reality (VR) games.    

Their proverbial finger placed firmly on the pulse, the global leaders are taking their excellent VR offering to the next level, with PokerStars VR now going live on Sony’s next generation virtual reality hardware, PlayStation®VR2.  

As well as cementing the PokerStars brand still further by joining the ranks of blockbuster titles on Sony’s celebrated virtual reality platforms, this latest venture means that poker players (and a brand-new audience of VR players yet to discover the delights of the game) can now experience the wonders of VR poker - and the casino floor - in a variety of amazing environments. Play cash games and Spin & Go games, for example, and interact with all sorts of props and accessories. 

The magic of PokerStars VR on PlayStation®VR2 

The experience needs to be seen to be believed, suffice to say that you can handle your chips and cards just like in live games, for instance. It’s also possible, thanks to a real-time face and eye tracking facility, to study opponents’ tells(!), chatting live further adding to the community experience. Live headset haptic feedback, meanwhile, brings a whole new VR dimension to going all-in. To paraphrase Star Trek: It’s poker, Jim, but not as we know it...  

James O’Reilly, PokerStars Director of VR & Innovation, had this to say about the latest PokerStars milestone: “Our Sony debut introduces PokerStars VR to a brand-new audience … the PlayStation VR2 hardware is astonishing” … “I’m looking forward to welcoming PlayStation VR2 fans to our community over a few hands of poker, and to unveiling more to come from our game.” 

You can download PokerStars VR free from the PlayStation Store, and it’s free to play, with free chips awarded every eight hours and free creds used to buy interactive accessories and apparel in-game. 

PokerStars 2023 SCOOP.

Finally, however you like your poker, don’t forget to take advantage of the special selection of online poker bonuses and offers that we’ve put together in our info section.  

Good luck at the tables, and have fun!

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