PokerStars MicroMillions Starts July 17 (Over $4 Million Guaranteed)

PokerStars MicroMillions Starts July 17 (Over $4 Million Guaranteed)

The next edition of the popular MicroMillions tournament series starts this Sunday on PokerStars. From July 17 to 31, the series will guarantee over $4 million in prize money, with buy-ins aimed primarily at micro-stakes players. Read all the details about the MicroMillions on PokerStars here.

PokerStars is playing a total of 208 tournaments during the MicroMillions series over two weeks. The buy-ins of over 99 percent of the tournaments are $11 or less. In fact, most tournaments cost $5.50 or less.

Of course, a vast amount of cheap tournaments is running on PokerStars every day even outside this tournament series. But as part of the MicroMillions, the tournaments come with some hefty guarantees, and the MicroMillions offers numerous tournaments in slightly off-the-beaten-path poker variants - variants that are rarely played in tournament format elsewhere. There are MicroMillions tournaments in Stud, Single-Draw, Triple-Draw, 5-Card-Omaha or Badugi variants - all with very affordable buy-ins.

Highlights of the MicroMillions 2022

Every day there are at least 12 tournaments and every day there are non-Hold'em tournaments on the schedule as well. The smaller tournaments have guarantees ranging from $5,000 to $25,000.

Six larger highlight tournaments with moderately higher buy-ins have also been scheduled by PokerStars:

  • July 17: $11 Sunday Special with $100,000 guaranteed
  • July 23: $11 Saturday Special with $100,000 guaranteed
  • July 24: $11 Sunday Special with $100,000 guaranteed
  • July 30: $11 Saturday Special with $100,000 guaranteed
  • July 31: $22 Main Event with $500,000 guaranteed
  • July 31: $55 High Roller with $200,000 guaranteed

The Main Event in particular will attract a lot of players, guaranteeing a significant amount for a still very moderate buy-in of only $22 - with up to four re-entries allowed.

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Knock-Out Edition of the MicroMillions

The majority of the tournaments running during the MicroMillions are in the progressive knockout format. In this format half of the buy-in is used as a knockout bonus, and players have increasingly higher bounty bonuses with each player they knock out.

The knockout format enjoys great popularity on PokerStars. Recently, the provider converted its most important and best-known tournament, the PokerStars Sunday Million to the progressive knockout format. The Main Event and the other major Saturday and Sunday MicroMillions tournaments are also held in this format.

To find the complete PokerStars MicroMillions tournament schedule, visit the "MicroMillions" tab in the lobby of the PokerStars client.

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