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Pokerrrr2 Established: 2020
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Search for Pokerrrr 2 Google Play or Pokerrrr iOS and you’ll find a ton of mixed reviews. We’re here to present the facts. Players often ask for Pokerrrr 2 vs PPPoker comparisons because they’re both social gaming platforms. PPPoker is just better-known. On both apps, you don’t make cash bets. Instead, you purchase an onsite currency known as Gold Coins. These coins can be won/lost and traded for cash payments. So that’s how the app gets around the poker regulations. 

However, this doesn’t make it a legal real money poker site. So there’s no way you can do a Pokerrrr 2 vs PokerStars comparison because they operate in totally different ways. Yes, they both offer online poker, however, PokerStars has online gaming licenses that allow real money games and has universal playerpools. In contrast, Pokerrrr2 isn’t licensed and it has the club model used by many mobile apps

Not having a real money gaming licence means it’s available around the world - from the USA to the UK. However, that’s not always a good thing. Online gambling laws are there to protect you and your bankroll. So by not adhering to any regulatory requirements for real money gaming, this app is opening itself up to many issues - which we explore below.

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In Our Pokerrrr2 Review:

  1. About the club / host model
  2. Legality Loopholes (& USA availability) 
  3. Exploitative fees and high rake 
  4. No fund protection or withdrawal guarantees
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Pokerrrr2 is blacklisted by PokerListings - we strongly advise against playing on this app.

Mostly recreational players

Heads up, NLHE, PLO and OFC games

High stakes action too

Not licensed by any recognized legal body.

Ponzi scheme layout with no rules nor player safety

High rake and fees charged to players

Scams and cheating allegations denied or ignored

Withdrawals are not guaranteed

No control of cheaters and hackers

Players use HUDs for unfair advantage

About the Pokerrrr 2 App

The app went live in 2014 and is available for iOS and Android devices but there are some workarounds. Although it’s not technically possible to use Pokerrrr 2 on Mac and PC devices, there is an emulator that solves this issue. So you can figure out how to have Pokerrrr 2 for PC or Mac. Pokerrrr 2 PC games were never meant to be which shows how developers have no control over this - and other things. 

Pokerrrr review

If we stick with the software itself, there are reports that it doesn’t offer any IP/GPS safeguards. This means there are weaknesses in the system which make it theoretically possible for a single user to create multiple accounts. Thus allowing them to cheat. Some Pokerrrr 2 reviews by players go against the official company line, with some suggesting it’s a scam. 

Gold Coins Hack is Worrying

Another potential problem with the Pokerrrr online app is a glitch in the coin system. Everyone that wants to play real money poker games has to buy gold coins. These coins cost money and are used as the onsite currency. A “Pokerrrr 2 hack” reveals that it’s possible to get extra gold coins. We’ve not tried them and we don’t suggest you do. However, if there’s a hack for gold coins, that’s a problem. 
This operator claims that its RNG is tested and certified as fair by Gaming Labs International. We’re not disputing that fact, but some players believe there’s an issue with the Pokerrrr 2 algorithm. If that’s true, it may be a ploy to generate more action and get people to buy more gold coins. We can’t verify these claims. However, this Pokerrrr app review is designed to be fair. Therefore, we have to point out that the company claims its RNG is fair but some players think the algorithm is unfair.

How Pokerrrr 2 Works

The app looks a lot like our recommended legal mobile app Pokio, but it’s not, because it uses the poker club model. You can play poker with friends in your own home games. So, once you’ve downloaded Pokerrrr 2 for Android or IOS, you’ll either have to create a club or join one. 

Creating one gives you control over the games on offer and the people that can enter. Joining a club requires you to have a special invite/invite code. Whatever side of the fence you’re on, Pokerrrr 2 clubs can offer cash games, tournaments, and SNGs. Hosts set the playing conditions by adjusting the following:

  • Pokerrrr 2 Game Types: Cash games (Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, Round of Each, Short Deck (aka 6+ Hold’em), Open Face Chinese) + MTTs and SNGs (Hold’em or Omaha)
  • Number of players per table (2, 6, 8 or 9)
  • Entry Fee
  • Blinds/Antes (from 20bb to 500bb)
  • Rebuy or freezeout (for MTTs)
  • Blind levels (MTTs and SNGs)
  • Format: No Limit, Pot Limit, Limit
  • Decision/Action time
  • Time Bank off or on
  • Tip box (aka rake)
  • Viewer comments off or on
  • Record privacy (so outsiders can’t see in)
  • Run it twice off or on
  • Hosts Have All Control - But No Responsibility

Each club can have up to five managers and an unlimited number of players. But ultimately, the host has control over rake and other variables, so you have to trust someone you may not know. Among other things, they control:

  1. Rake and fees 
  2. Payments and withdrawals
  3. Entry to games / permissions 

You basically have to ask the host for status updates on payments, top ups or account balances. Moreover, the host controls who can/can’t enter Pokerrrr 2 real money games. They check that someone has made a payment (in gold coins) and grant them permission to play. When they leave a game, it’s up to the host to credit any winnings to the player’s balance. 

As you can see, this system is open to exploitation. And, more significantly, the app doesn’t take responsibility for what goes on inside a club. Basically, the developers take the position that they’re the suppliers of the platform - the Pokerrrr app. But it is the hosts who are in charge of their clubs and players enter at their own risk. 

So unlike PokerStars and 888poker apps, no one can help you if you fall victim to Pokerrrr 2 app cheats. So, a host can take your money or create ridiculous playing conditions, like high rake, and there’s not much you can do. There are multiple reports of Pokerrrr 2 cheats and frauds taking advantage of players, even outside this Pokerrrr 2 review.

  • Real Money Loopholes

This is supposed to be a social poker app where people can play for virtual chips. Meaning no money should be changing hands. It does though through the gold coins mechanism but this is a legally grey area.  There are Pokerrrr 2 free gold promos. However, these are created and controlled by hosts. It’s the same with rakeback and any other bonuses. Hosts have the power to distribute free gold coins as they wish. You can’t count on these as a way of getting credits, so you need to understand how payments work. 

There are play money tables, but the main focus is gold - This is a loophole. The platform isn’t licensed and regulated for real money poker. Meaning it can’t offer games where you buy in for cash. However, you can purchase packs of gold coins. These coins can then be used to play poker. In turn, you can win gold coins and withdraw them. 

Withdrawing coins means converting them to real money via the club host. They basically buy the coins from you. Again, as we’ve said multiple times, this puts you at their mercy. You don’t have any legal payment options, so there are no controls in place to protect your bankroll.

  • Agents Profit with Rake and Fees 

Agents create clubs and they have to pay between six and nine gold coins per hour to host cash games and similar amounts for tournaments. Because hosts need to cover their costs and make money for themselves. But there’s nothing stopping hosts from getting greedy such as a Pokerrrr rake policy. 

They do this through the “tip box” feature. Some social poker apps put limits on the amount of rake hosts can charge. That’s not the case here. Someone could, in theory, charge 50% rake or more if they wanted. Granted, not many people would join their club, but it’s possible. Another huge flaw in the Pokerrrr with friends system is that hosts can change their fees at will. So you may start off playing with a decent rake, but it can become exploitative later. 

Hosts in Charge of Withdrawals

As noted in our Pokerrrr review, hosts control withdrawals. They authorize buy-ins and verify in-game winnings. From there, they set the terms of your withdrawals because the money is coming out their pocket. They’ll take your gold coins in exchange for cash (obviously they reap the benefits at a later date). 

If your club host is honourable, there probably won’t be any issues. The only thing you won’t like is the fact the process is slow. However, if the club host isn’t honourable, the problems will be a lot worse. If they don’t honour a withdrawal, you’re stuck. The platform support can’t help and you can’t transfer coins to someone else in exchange for cash. That, again, is another reason NOT to hit the Pokerrrr download button. 

No Financial Liability:

If the app shuts down, every player’s money disappears and you can’t cash out. There’s no proper licensing nor regulations, so no financial security. The app can turn a blind eye to external transactions.

The Legit Poker App Checklist

The main purpose of PokerListings is to serve as a complete guide for poker players. So we can only in good conscience give you info about this poker room while pointing you towards other more safe, reputable online poker sites. Our team has decades of online poker experience to be able to spot the bad eggs from the good ones. So when we suggest a poker room, you can rest assured that it has the following: 

  • License/s: Official licensing seals, made public as proof 
  • Audits: External auditors, like eCOGRA, testing them 
  • Security: Up-to-date security measures and protection policies
  • Value Offers: Some of the best poker bonuses and promotions
  • Reliable Payments: Fast, trusted deposit / withdrawal methods
  • Segregated Accounts: Player funds kept separate for payout reasons
  • Support: Responsive, helpful customer support team on-hand

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Pokerrrr2 FAQs

  • Is Pokerrrr 2 rigged?

    The FAQ states that its RNG is certified by Gaming Labs International (GLI). The company behind this app, PT Farm Entertainment, does have a GLI certificate. But we should also point out that players have reported inconsistencies in the way hands play out. This could be sour grapes and people having selective memories. However, it doesn’t take away from the fact that we’ve seen multiple players claim that it is rigged.
  • Is Pokerrrr 2 legit or a scam?

    It’s a legit app in the sense that it offers social poker games for mobile devices. It’s not recognized by any official regulatory agency, but it doesn’t (technically) offer real money games, so that’s not a problem. The main issue some players have with this app is accountability. The platform is simply a medium through which people can create and/or play cash games and tournaments. Therefore, a lot of control is given to hosts. If a host is going to scam someone, the developers won’t do much about it. This is one of the main reasons people call it a scam.
  • Is Pokerrrr a safe real money app?

    In our opinion, no. It’s not designed to be a real money poker app, nor is it authorized to be one. Purchasing gold coins isn’t an issue because you’ll use reputable payment processors such as Neteller. However, it’s what happens afterwards that’s a problem. Hosts essentially have control over your gold coins. They control the buy-ins, rake, and they authorize withdrawals. All of these things are problematic because a rogue operator could scam club members. Based on this, we’d say that it isn’t 100% safe.