Poker Video of the Week: Tom Dwan, Master of the 7-2 Bluff

Published On: 18 June 2016 / Modified: 14 December 2016
Created By: Rainer Vollmar
tom dwan moves all in

For some reason, the worst possible starting hand in Texas Hold’em always seems to inspire poker players to get involved in spectacular hands.

In this hand Tom Dwan, master of the elaborate bluff, takes 72o and pushes Sammy “Any Two” George out of the way in particularly spectacular fashion.

Who, When, Why

This is the Full Tilt Million Dollar Challenge from late 2009 at the Les Ambassadeurs Club in London.

Three heads-up matches were on the slate: Dwan vs. George, Marcello Marigliano and Ilari Sahamies for 500 hands of cash-game action each.

The challengers were allowed to choose the game but George, despite the advantage, had a terrible day. He lost over $700,000.

For Dwan, That Thought Doesn't Exist

George is nicknamed “Any Two” for a reason, which made it even more audacious for Dwan to plan to push him around.

And that doesn’t mean him trying to steal the blinds with 7-2o in position. That’s still OK, and many players have done it -- especially when “the 7-2 game” is on.

But then Dwan c-bets the flop and gets a raise. And he has nothing.

As a spectator you might think “alright, nice try, Tom, but that’s it." If you’re Tom Dwan, that thought doesn’t exist.

What Happens Next is Hard to Grasp

What happens next is actually kind of difficult to grasp. And it certainly belongs in the category of “craziest bluffs ever."

Dwan tries to bluff his opponent again on the turn -- unsuccessfully -- but finds an even bigger weapon in his arsenal on the river.

George takes four minutes to think about calling $400,000. They might have been four of the longest minutes in Tom Dwan’s life.

Eventually Dwan emerges on the right side of the hand. And he doesn’t miss the chance to show his opponents his cards.

Sammy George2

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