Seven Card Stud Strategy

Before Texas Hold'em came along Stud poker was the go-to game in most card rooms. With 5-7 cards and a completely different structure than Holdem, Stud Poker strategy is a whole new (or old) ballgame. Learn the most important Stud strategy basics below.

Stu Rutter

Poker Tips from Pros: Stuart Rutter Sees Dead Cards in Stud Hi-Lo

Want to know the secret to playing Stud Hi-Lo well? Steal often and know your...

6 August 2014
Phil Ivey

How to Bluff Effectively in Stud Poker

Perhaps more than in any other poker variation, bluffing is the keystone of successful Stud...

25 September 2008 4

John Hennigan

Beginner's Guide to Seven-Card Stud | Play 7-Card Stud

Over the entire history of poker, Limit Seven-Card Stud may be the most-played version of...

1 September 2008 1
Erick Lindgren

More to Poker than Holdem Pt. 3: Stud Hi-Lo & 5-Card Triple Draw

Now that you're familiar with Omaha, O8, Stud and Razz we can move on to...

28 April 2008 2
Bryan Hastings 10KStud 1 4

More to Poker than Hold'em Part 2: Stud and Razz

Part one introduced you to Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo; this second instalment will focus on...

27 April 2008
Eli Elezra

Limit Seven-Card Stud

Limit Seven-Card Stud may be the most-played version of poker in the world.

5 December 2005 6


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