Poker Psychology Strategy

Do you enjoy the mental game of poker just as much as the mathematical side? Learn more about manipulating your table image, reading other players’ behaviours for tells, how to stay strong when you suffer a bad beat and more.

How to Open Up Your Poker Brain and Play Better, Now

Jared Tendler was conspicuous by his absence at the 46th Annual World Series of Poker (WSOP). Where was the renowned…

12 min
Replace Your Straw with Muscle | The Success Principles of Poker

People who go with the flow end up in the middle of the sea eaten by sharks. I "flowed" for…

9 min
How to Reach 'Optimal Flow' in Your Poker Game

When you're playing poker, does time whiz past? Do you have a feeling of control? Do you find the game…

9 min
Player with cap
How to Trick Your Brain (and Body) Into Playing Better Poker

Everyone likes to talk about how much poker relies on psychology and how the cards are only secondary. While there…

10 min
The Success Principles of Poker: Ask The Goonies

I want to be a multi-millionaire. I’m not interested in yachts, supercars and fine dining. I want to be able…

7 min
The Success Principles of Poker: Find Your Bob | Poker Strategy

Make a Poker Mind Map I have done two things for you in those first few sentences. I have (a)…

7 min
How to Get Off Poker Tilt When It Rears Its Ugly Head

Every poker player is familiar with it. But almost no poker player can avoid it. We know it as "Tilt."…

28 min
The Success Principles of Poker: The Power of D.U.M.B. Goals

The light came on for me after I had quit alcohol. If I was so effective and aggressive at working…

8 min
The Success Principles of Poker: Optimism Begets Optimism

When I stopped drinking alcohol I became an optimist, which is quite a feat for me because I was raised…

7 min
The Art of Poker Table Talk: Roberto Romanello Deploys His Chirping Chips

It’s the €2,770 World Poker Tour (WPT) Main Event in the Golden Vegas hotel in Bratislava. We are approaching the…

7 min
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