Phil Hellmuth Wins Record-Setting 14th WSOP Bracelet in $10K Razz

Hellmuth 10KRazz
Phil Hellmuth and his beloved #14

Phil Hellmuth has won his fourteenth WSOP bracelet.

This is Hellmuth’s second non-Hold’em bracelet and it’s in the same game as his other one: Razz.

“I think I figured something out about Razz,” Hellmuth said.

“It was in 2012 and something about the game just clicked.”

That year, Hellmuth went on to win $2,500 Razz event for $182,793 and then almost won another WSOP Razz event in 2014.

In that event, Hellmuth finished 2nd to Ted Forrest, a player he thinks is pretty good at Razz.

“In my book Play Poker Like the Pros, I say [Ted Forrest] is the best Razz player in the world,” Hellmuth said.

“Then I had to play this guy heads up.

“I think the experience helped me, I changed my strategy just a little bit and I feel like I’m more clear-minded this year.”

A Calmer Poker Brat

Hellmuth was indeed noticeably less Hellmuth during the final table.

DSC 0066
Hellmuth and Mike Gorodinsky after the match.

“This was the quietest heads-up I’ve ever had before,” Hellmuth said.

“Too often in the past when I’m down here I’m like, I need to win the bracelet, I need to win the bracelet.

“This year I thought, you know what, I’m going to keep my head down and play great until it’s over and then I can look up and celebrate and talk and whatever.”

Part of Hellmuth’s new-found calmness and modesty was influenced by the recent passing of Dave Goldberg.

Goldberg was an entrepreneur and Silicon Valley executive who frequented Hellmuth’s home game.

“Considering what he achieved,” Hellmuth said. “[Dave Goldberg] was the most modest guy ever.”

During his bracelet speech --only Phil Hellmuth gives bracelet speeches-- Hellmuth said he tried to send out two arrogant tweets today but they both failed to send.

Hellmuth took this as a sign from Goldberg and switched his tone.

“Dave was just an amazing human being,” Hellmuth said.

“I’m donating this bracelet to his wife and kids.”

Planning on 24

DSC 0093 001
Hellmuth celebrating with fans after his win.

Hellmuth can part with one bracelet, he has thirteen more and plans on winning another ten.

“I’ve always thought I was going to win 24 bracelets,” Hellmuth said.

“I don’t know why, that number just stuck in my mind.

“From the minute I won three in 1993 I said I’m going to win 24 bracelets”.

Hellmuth hopes he'll win one of them by the end of the week.

“In an ideal world, I win the 7 Card Stud tournament on Saturday night,” Hellmuth said.

“I had the best stud run of my life last year, it just clicked, like Razz clicked.

“So I think I really have good chance at the $10K stud.”

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Hank 2015-06-09 12:25:41

Good god is there any more room for his ego in Las Vegas? God forbid if he ever does hit 24 bracelets.

Razzjusclickd 2015-06-09 10:40:48

The man is unstoppable.

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