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Over $22,000 to Be Won Every Day in PokerStars Cash Races

Over $22,000 to Be Won Every Day in PokerStars Cash Races

Despite being universally known in real money online poker as one of the original veterans of the industry, PokerStars certainly doesn’t lazily rely on it’s albeit excellent reputation as a go-to place for poker fans of all types to spend their time. Constantly striving to stay ahead of the game, PokerStars should be commended not only for keeping their offering innovative and in tune with the latest trends and player favourites, but also for tweaking existing features and promotions and - impressively - generally allowing players to make the most of their poker sessions.

$22,000 in Daily Prizes – Don’t Miss Out!

The latest PokerStars promo to get the proverbial juices flowing while also helping players boost their bankroll revolves around Cash Races which, over the years, have proven to be a guaranteed success among those who like to battle away at Texas Hold'em and Omaha cash tables.

Such players are already in their element, with literally every hand bringing with it the potential to win money, and offering additional incentive with cash prizes via race Leaderboards is even better. And in this case, all the way until 16 July, there’s a tasty $22,000 to be won every single day!   

It couldn’t be simpler, as by playing either No Limit Hold’em or Pot Limit Omaha cash games during the offer period is all you need to be in contention for your share of the daily loot. There are multiple PokerStars Cash Race Leaderboards to dive into, depending on the stakes, so just remember to opt in to whichever Leaderboard/stake you wish to take part in, and you’re good to go!

PokerStars Cash Races: How It Works

It’s easy. Once you’ve opted in to a Leaderboard, you’ll be sorted for the duration of the promotion, so you can get on with business as usual and see how you do at the race(s) from day to day. Rack up Leaderboard points based on the cards you’re dealt (see below), and once you’ve played 60 hands you’ve completed a lap of the race, which consists of up to five laps each day at each Leaderboard stake. Hitting a boost means taking the fast lane, which will earn a bonus to your score.

The PokerStars Cash Racetrack

The PokerStars Cash Racetrack features three chicanes, with a points boost for hitting the bonus card for that chicane. Your position on the track overall is based on how many hands you’ve played that day.

ChicaneHandsBonus CardBonus Points
Jacks1-10Any Jack30
Queens11-30Any Queen40
Kings31-60Any King20

During play, an overview of the chicane you’re negotiating shows the bonus card for that sector, while you can find a map of the PokerStars Cash Racetrack in your Challenges Window.

PokerStars Cash Race Scoring

Earn points based on the value of your hole cards, with points being awarded on the completion of the actual hand (i.e., not just when your turn ends).

Here’s how cards are scored:

Card (any suit)Points Score

Note that, in the case of Omaha cash games, all four hole cards will count towards your progress.

Each day, when the dust has settled, those players who have accumulated the most points and head the Leaderboards will pocket the prizes, which will be distributed as follows:

No Limit Hold’em PokerStars Cash Race Prizes

6th to 10th$10$15$25$15$30$45$100$100
11th to 20th$6$9$15$10$20$30$40$50
21st to 50th$3$6$10 $10$20$25 
51st to 100th$1.50$2.50$5 $6$8  
101st to 200th$0.75$1.50$3 $4$6  
201st to 300th$0.60$1.20$2 $3$4  
301st to 400th$0.45$1$1.50     
401st to 500th$0.30       

Pot Limit Omaha PokerStars Cash Race Prizes

6th to 10th$4$10$16$25$40$50 
11th to 20th$2$4$8$15$20  
21st to 50th$1$2$4    

All prizes will be paid into the winners’ accounts within 48 hours of the end of each Leaderboard day, with no restrictions or earning requirements.

Finally, you can never have too many quality poker rooms at your disposal, so check out the best online poker bonuses and offers available right now in our packed info section.

Good luck at the tables, and have fun!

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