Omaha Hi: Basic Starting Hands


The basic starting hands for Omaha Hi are listed below. Please note that the abbreviation DS refers to a hand that is double-suited.

All hands in the list are better if they are suited or double-suited. Where you see "x," read: any card.

Best Starting Hands Omaha High

A-A-9-9 DS
J-T-9-8 DS

All of the above-mentioned hands are very strong starting hands in Omaha.

Other good hands are double-suited hands with four cards in a row, six and higher - for example, K-Q-J-T DS and 9-8-7-6 DS.

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Amir 2014-11-25 20:29:10

Razz, That hand would be in my playing range AQ 77 , That's not a bad call. Be weary of low Sets in Omaha though. I just felted a guy last weekend with Quad KK over Quad 3s in Omaha.

Omaha 2013-05-11 11:37:01

Thank you for this, i've managed to play some Omaha, with this article! It's also a big suprise that people join with the tournament, and don't know what to do, although they play Holdem what is only with two whole cards, and five community. the same thing, but in Omaha, you can use two cards from your 4pocket cards and three from the flop? right? And if you play premium and playable starting hands then it would be a success/correct play?

Razz 2011-11-04 18:14:58

I had AQ of spades and 77, I called a preflop raise which was 3x the blind. Flop came 10 10 7. He bets, I shove, he calls. He rolls over a pair of aces and some trash. But he tells me I'm a donkey and my hand should of been folded preflop, what do u think

Sean Lind 2010-05-10 20:51:05


Any trips in your hand is a very bad thing.

In Omaha you want to avoid any hand with a dangler. A dangler is a card that doesn't hook up with the other cards in your hand, basically rendering your Omaha hand to a three card hand.

For example:

8-8-9-2 The 2 here really does nothing for your hand, you're playing 8-8-9 against your opponents four cards.

If you have trips, your third ace is a dangler which can NEVER help your hand, and you eat up one of your outs to hit a set on the board.

AAAX is a throw away, unless you're heads up or have some other good reason to play it.

Steve 2010-05-10 02:19:08

I'm assuming AAAA is not too strong a hand and wouldn't be included in the A-A-x-x, but what about A-A-A-x?

Sean Lind 2009-11-07 04:20:00


Although Omaha is really a turn and river game, a great starting hand will still have an edge over a marginal or poor starting hand pre-flop.

The general idea in poker is to put as much money into the pot when you're ahead, and as little into the pot when you're behind.

This is true for a draw heavy game such as Omaha as well. When you have the best hand pre-flop, it makes sense to be raising.

Victor 2009-11-06 18:30:00

Is there any good reason to raise before the flop with a good starting hand? Any good hand needs improvement on the flop?

sodapopkid 2009-10-12 21:00:00

well smog .the list is for the top 30 hands and akqj double suited isnt that far behind inpercentage points for being a winning hand at all.
they are just listing the top hands ... but akqj will catch alot lesst straights than j1098 ....notice your pushing out alot of the strts by being so high up...but the nut high ace flush gives you an advantage in the game ... hell ill play akqj double suited against an alliner anyday !!! (well against the bad plrs i will) just hope hes not playing a top 30 hand (oops) but against the really good ones they have a top 30 hand and you need to pay atantion to who your playing PAY ATENTION TO WHO YOU ARE PLAYING !!!! and the flop more than the starting cards... the top 30 hands OUT OF 6,4974,00 are just easier to make profitable.. AND LESS EASY TO SCREW UP ..but youll see that as time goes by .. AA OVER KK IN OMAHA IS A FAR LOWER %AGE WINNER THAN IN HOLDEM WHERE KK IS LITERALLY DOMINATED

Sean Lind 2009-09-10 21:56:00


There's nothing wrong with AKQJ DS, it's just not a premium hand. It's like AQ or AJ in holdem, a good hand, but by no means the nuts.

smog 2009-09-10 11:42:00

Whats wrong with AKQJ DS?

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