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About OlyBet

Olympic Group

OlyBet is the online arm of the Olympic Entertainment Group, the largest casino and betting providers in the Baltics with more than 90 casino and betting points in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Since 2020 OlyBet Poker is part of the GGNetwork and thus part of the biggest online poker player pool.

OlyBet was founded in 2010 and initially offered casino and online poker in the Microgaming Poker Network. After OlyBet Poker switched to the GGNetwork the number of players increased noticeably and the operator now has a very strong international player base.

Olybet Promotions & Loyalty Program 

  • Welcome Offer up to $2000 
  • 30 days Honeymoon (extra benefits) 
  • $100 Tournament Package 
  • Up to 100% Cashback 

Olybet has created multiple promotions that are very tempting and not only give extra bang for your buck but also make playing poker on this poker room more exciting. Here, new poker players are greeted with open arms and showered with all kinds of bonuses and goodies to boost your game sessions. The Olybet Welcome Offer gives a bonus up to $2000 and includes 30 days of Honeymoon promotion full of extra benefits. In addition, new players are gifted with a Tournament Package worth $100 that can be used straight from the get-go in some of the big money tournaments at Olybet. And as if that's not enough, you also get up to 100% Cashback on top of all the above. That’s a really good deal if you ask me.

OlyBet Poker Welcome Bonus

OlyBet Bonus

OlyBet offers new players a welcome bonus worth $2,000 which is not tied to the amount you deposit. While most other poker operators offer a so called match bonus which cannot exceed the amount of your first deposit, OlyBet players receive an enormous $2,000 bonus right away.

Of course, the bonus is not just credited to your account, you will have to play to unlock it. The OlyBet bonus unlocks in $5 chunks for every $25 rake you generate. This means, while this bonus is running you receive 20% cashback on top. You have 90 days to clear the bonus und unreleased bonus expires.

When releasing the bonus the tournament fees and cash games rake are taken into account. Released bonus money is without any wagering requirements and you can use it as you want.

This is one of the best poker bonuses available online these days as it is not tied to the amount you deposit, gives you ample time to clear as much as you can and has a decent clearing rate of 20%.

OlyBet Honeymoon Promotion

OlyBet Honeymoon

New players at OlyBet automatically take part in the 30 days newcomers honeymoon program which gives away up to $300 rewards for active new players. To receive rewards you have to fulfil missions which start out rather simple but become increasingly difficult.

Those are the Honeymon Mission at OlyBet:

  • Play 50 hands in Hold'em
  • Play 50 hands in Omaha
  • Play 70 hands at AOF tables
  • Participate in 10 Spin&Gold tournaments
  • Play 50 hands of short deck poker
  • Place a straddle at a table in Hold'em
  • Play 100 hands of Rush&Cash
  • Participate in a Spin&Gold tournament with a 5x multiplier
  • Play in a Spin&Gold tournament with 3x multiplier
  • Get pocket aces at the AOF table
  • Go all-in blind
  • Participate in 30 Spin&Gold tournaments
  • Play in any Daily MTT (the name will include the word "Daily")
  • Win a hand with a full house
  • Play 100 hands in ShortDeck
  • Spend 200 hands at a table in Rush&Cash
  • Win with a flush at AOF
  • Get pocket aces in Hold'em
  • Play 300 hands at AOF tables
  • Spend a 500-hand session at the Rush&Cash tables
  • Play 300 hands in Hold'em
  • Participate in 50 Spin&Gold tournaments
  • Win cash games at PLO tables
  • Play 300 hands in Omaha
  • Spend a session of 500 hands at All-in or Fold tables
  • Win a Bounty Hunter tournament
  • Hold a 500-hand session at the Rush & Cash tables
  • Participate in the Spin&Gold tournament with a 10x multiplier
  • Play 700 hands at Rush&Cash tables
  • Win the All-in or Fold jackpot

Honeymoon Rewards

Successful MissionsRewards
34x Spin and Gold $0.25 ticket
5$2.50 in Cash
75x Spin and Gold $1 ticket
20$20 in Cash
30$150 in Cash

Realistically active players can fulfil 25 missions and will receive $150 in rewards. Especially the last mission - win the AOF jackpot - is very difficult. But the added value through the missions in definitely noticeable during the first 30 days and also offers low stakes players something to look forward to.

OlyBet Fish Buffet VIP program

Fish Buffet

Since Olybet is part of the GGNetwork it also offers the Fish Buffet rewards program. All players who sign up at Olybet are automatically registered for this VIP program which offers cash in exchange for tournament fees or cash game rake. For every cent of rake or tournament fee paid, you will receive one Fish Buffet Point (short: FP). There are 25 different loyalty levels.

The lowest level is called Plankton. If you earn 750 FPs (i.e., pay $7.50 in rake) you will be paid back between $0.75 and $2. The exact amount is randomly determined using a wheel of fortune. With higher VIP levels you are eligible to more rewards. The highest level is called GG Platinum. To reach this level, you have to earn 5,000,000 FPs in 365 days (meaning: $50k rake in one year). The reward here is a flat cashback of 60% each week.

OlyBet Poker Tournaments

As part of the GGNetwork Olybet offers a tremendous number of online tournaments, including the biggest series and weekly tournaments.

The most important regular tournaments these days at GGPoker are the MILLION$ events:

  • $50 Global Millions with $1,000,000 gtd.: Start Flights throughout the week, final on Sunday
  • $10,300 Super Millions with $1,500,000 gtd.: 3-day-event - start on Sunday, final table on Tuesday
  • $52.50 Omaholic Bounty Quarter Millions with $250.000 gtd.: Start Flights throughout the week, final on Sunday

The GG Network also offers multiple pure freezeout events without re-entries with huge guarantees each Sunday. Those are called GGMasters:

  • GGMasters: $150 with $500,000 gtd.
  • GGMasters High Rollers: $1,050 with $1,000,000 gtd.
  • GGMaster Bounty: $300 with $500,000 gtd.

Live Satellites on OlyBet

Online Satellites

OlyBet offers multiple satellite to live events - mostly smaller European tournaments. OlyBet Live Events allow players to participate in any major events taking place in Olympic Park Casino or Casino Malta, such as Kings of Tallinn, Summer Showdown, The Festival, Battle of Malta or the Patrik Antonius Poker Challenge.

Players can start their journey towards the OlyBet Live Package for free in their daily freebuy tournaments.

As part of the GGNetwork OlyBet also offers satellites to the World Series of Poker and other big international live events.

Poker Software & User Experience

OlyBet Poker runs with Software developed by NSUS Ltd. The software is popular with among online poker players worldwide and is used by all skins on the GGNetwork. It takes just a few minutes to download the software, and there are many ways to customize it to your liking. The OlyBet Poker lobby is divided into different areas. You can easily access them at the top of the screen.

  • Home: All current promotions, tournaments and special features are displayed here. You'll also find the daily tournaments schedule in the Tournaments tab.
  • All-in or Fold: cash games in Omaha and Hold'em, with a daily leader board race. Buy-ins range from $1 to $160 with some high roller feature tables of $1K buy-ins.
  • Spin & Gold: The Gold Challenge can offer up to 80% cashback and the Spin & Gold games range from low stakes $0.25-$3, to medium stakes $5-$20 to high stakes $50-$200. All Spin & Gold games are offered with or without insurance before each spin of the multiplier wheel that determines winnings you're playing for.
  • Rush & Cash: This is the fast fold version of Hold'em poker at OlyBet. The game is similar to normal cash game, but you do not have to wait after you fold a hand, but are seated at a new table with a new hand immediately.
  • Hold'em: The Hold'em area offers numerous Texas Hold'm tables. There is no buy-in limit, which means the games can be played at very high stakes. OlyBet offers 6-max and 9-max tables. You won’t have any problem finding tables at the low and medium stakes.
  • PLO: OlyBet is ramping up their Omaha offering, even featuring an Omaha series and Omaha champions as featured pros. You can find microstakes as low as $0.01/$0.02 up to $10/$20 with $2,000 buy-in.
  • Short Deck: OlyBet offers 6+ Hold'em (also called Short Deck). In this game variant all cards below sixes are removed from the deck which leads to noticeably more action. You can read more about Short Deck in our Guide: » How to play Short Deck Hold'em.
  • Flip & Go: You choose your stakes and number of stacks (up to 10), then flip to get in the money. Once there, play actually begins, so you skip the boring grind if you're not up to that. (» How Flip & Go tournaments work)

OlyBet Poker Network and Traffic


OlyBet is part of the GGNetwork. This is the largest poker network online ahead of PokerStars and the Asia exclusive IDN Poker Network.

On average more than 5,000 real money players are online every time in the GGNetwork. At peak times (evening hours and weekends) this number can be much higher. The largest tournaments at OlyBet regularly attract thousands of players worldwide.

OlyBet Unique Features


OlyBet offers plenty of special features that are not available at most other sites. Some of the features are:

  • PokerCraft: With PokerCraft you can look at your game history, check your winnings, losses, statistics and much more. You can filter and analyse your game as you replay it. You can also keep notes and stats of other players. On the flip side OlyBet doesn't allow HUDs or tracking software and their hand histories are anonymized, so you cannot collect data of other players.
  • Smart HUD: In the Smart HUD you can see opponents' stats such as the percentage of hands played, whether they're running hot or cold and their recent winnings. You can see a graph with percentages of how many final tables that player has reached, how often they cashed and so on. Whilst at the table, you will see a number next to each player's avatar. The lower that number, the less hands that player has played. If a player has a fire or ice-cold image surrounding the number, you can tell if they've been running hot or cold.
  • Integrated staking: OlyBet also offers an integrated staking platform with which you can buy or sell poker shares in any tournament. All transactions are processed automatically at the end of a tournament. This way you can play tournaments for which the buy-in would be too high otherwise. Just choose the percentage of action you're selling and the markup. You can also back a player who you really believe in and cash in some profits if they go deep.
  • Card Squeeze: You can squeeze your hole cards when you're dealt a hand and peel them up slowly as you would at a live table. However, you need to act fast because you may time out and be forced to fold if you don't squeeze in time. You can also squeeze board cards - usually the river card hat can give you immense pleasure - or maximum tilt.
  • All-in Insurance at cash games: All-in insurance comes in handy during cash games when a flip isn't going your way. In other words, you get paid even when you lose. It comes into play if you are the favourite to win the hand versus just one player. You also you need to have 10x the big blind at stake and the chance of your hand losing is less than 50 percent. Meaning, your loss would technically be a bad beat. You get the choice to buy the all-in insurance for the chips you put into the pot when you went all-in.
  • Bubble Protection at tournaments: If you sign up for a tournament before it begins, you qualify for Bubble Protection. This means that if you bust out directly on the bubble, you get your buy-in returned to you in Tournament Dollars right away. You'll see an early bird symbol on the register page when the bubble protection is available. You'll qualify for this even if you happen to re-enter that tournament.

OlyBet Mobile App

There is also an advanced mobile app for OlyBet Poker. The app has a simple interface and the handling is easy and comfortable. Thanks to a well implemented multi-table feature, players can play at up to four tables simultaneously. The OlyBet Mobile App is available for the most common operating systems and mobile devices such as iOS and Android.

OlyBet Registration Process

Players from the Baltic countries can play at OlyBet Poker. Right now, OlyBet accepts players from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland.

As with any online poker room, OlyBet has an age limit for all players who want to sign up. Players must be at least 18 years old. When registering, you must provide your name, address and date of birth. If you want to play for real money, you have to upload a photo or a copy of your ID or driver's license to confirm your details. This procedure is common and is also used by other providers.

To register just click on "Join Now" on the top right of the OlyBet homepage.

Payment Options

Many common payment options are supported by OlyBet. The Cashier of the software is easy and walks you through every deposit and withdrawal step. You can also increase or decrease your deposit and withdrawal limits by confirming your account and email adress, then sending a support inquiry.

Deposit Options

OlyBet Deposit Options

Credit cards - Visa, Mastercard and Skrill are available for deposits anywhere. OlyBet also accepts deposits via bank transfer, Paysera and cash deposits in any Olympic Casino.

The operator doesn't charge any deposit fees and processes all deposits immediately.


OlyBet Withdrawals

To withdraw winnings via any online method, players must have a confirmed bank account or a verified e-wallet. The minimum withdrawal amount is 2 Euro and no fees are charged by OlyBet. It is also possible to withdraw funds at the cashier of any Olympic Casino. To do so contact OlyBet Customer Support and specify the requested amount along with the preferred casino location to collect the winnings.

Important: Withdrawals are always processed via the same method that was used for depositing funds.

OlyBet License

OlyBet is operated by OB Holding 1 OÜ, part of the Olympic Entertainment Group which is the leading provider of gaming services in the Baltic States and also operates many live casinos in Italy, Malta and Slovakia. The group has more than 2,000 employees and is listed on the Nasdaq Tallinn.

OlyBet is licensed and regulated to offer sports betting, online casino and poker gaming services under the jurisdiction of Estonia in the European Union. OB Holding 1 OÜ has the following gambling licenses issued by the Estonian Tax and Customs Board: HKL000339, HKL000340, HKT000050, HKT000049.

OlyBet Poker FAQ

  • Is OlyBet Poker poker legit?

    OlyBet is legal as it holds an Estonian license. All games use a Random Number Generator and are tested by BMM. Furthermore, OlyBet has secure payment options, using only the best, verified payment methods and data encryption. Their credibility is further enhanced because of their strict house rules and the fact that they are listed on Nasdaq Tallinn.
  • Does OlyBet Poker have a mobile app?

    OlyBet offers a mobile app which can be downloaded via AppStore or PlayStore. The App is simple to use and easy to understand. You can play up to four tables simultaneously on the OlyBet Poker app.
  • What is the OlyBet Poker poker welcome bonus?

    OlyBes offers a substantial $2,000 welcome bonus. Every new player has access to this bonus (no bonus code needed) and it is independent of the deposit amount. Players have 90 days to clear the bonus and it clears at a rate of $5 per $25 rake paid in cash games or tournaments.
  • Is OlyBet Poker rigged?

    OlyBet Poker is part of a regulated and licenced live and online casino. The games are regularly tested and audited by independent authorities. No indication of any irregularities at OlyBet have ever been made public.
  • How do I withdraw money from OlyBet Poker?

    You can withdraw winnings via credit cards, bank transfer and Skrill. Players must have a confirmed bank account or a verified e-wallet to withdraw funds from OlyBet. The minimum withdrawal amount is 2 Euro and no fees are charged. It is also possible to withdraw funds at the cashier of any Olympic Casino.
  • In which countries is OlyBet Poker legal?

    Currently OlyBet is legal in four countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. The operator holds an Estonian licence which allows legal operation in those four countries. As of now, players outside of those four countries cannot register an account at OlyBet.

Our OlyBet Poker Rating

OlyBet is definitely the best operator if you live in one of the Baltic countries. There are so many different formats, features and options that you will discover new game aspects for a long time. If you play poker primarily for fun and crave huge poker tournaments you will be very satisfied with OlyBet. The games are comparatively easy to beat, the tournaments offer substantial guarantees and the promotions are worthwhile.

All in all, we can fully recommend OlyBet Poker.