Other Odd Poker Rules and Exceptions

Plenty of players across poker forums, comment boards and in the real world are always looking for answers as to these odd situations, so the goal of this article is to create a definitive list of rules to resolve these conundrums. Without further ado here is my list of odd situations and Texas Hold'em poker rules.

Rules for Poker All-In Situations

Two players all-in for different amounts: In this scenario, you take the amount of the smaller stack from the big stack into the pot, returning the difference to the big-stack player.

Short stack all-in against two players: When a short stack is all-in against two larger stacks, the blinds, short stack, plus the amount of the short stack from each larger stack is placed in the main pot. All players are eligible to win this pot. The two players on the side are now free to play and bet as usual into a side pot, which only they are eligible to win. (This means there can be two winners in the hand - a side pot and a main pot winner.)

Multiple players all-in: When multiple players are all-in, you must make multiple side pots. Make a main pot as described above. After you've done that, repeat the process with the next-smallest stack. Continue to do this until all stacks are accounted for. Make sure to keep track of who is eligible for what pots.

Balancing Poker Tables in a Tournament

If you're running a tournament with two tables, and table 1 loses two players while table 2 is still full, you're going to have to move one player from table 2 to keep the tables balanced. How to choose who moves is done by moving the player who is in (or closest to) the same position relative to the button. So if the open seat is in the cut-off on table 1, you want to move the player from the cut-off on table 2. This keeps players from having to pay blinds twice, or not at all.

Breaking a Poker Table in a Tournament

If you lose enough players to be able to merge one table with another (or multiple others), it's time to break the table. How to choose who sits where is done by drawing for the open seats. If you're moving everyone onto one final table, typically all players, including those already seated at the table, draw for their seat. If you don't have seat cards, just use the deck counting lowest from highest, starting left of the dealer.

Can a Player Cash Out Half of Their Chips?

A player in a cash game has to play with all of their chips, or none. Cashing out part of your stack (also known as going south) is against the rules, and considered very poor etiquette. If you would like to cash out only part of your chips, you must cash out your entire stack, and wait the set amount of time before taking your seat again. This is known as recycling. The amount of time to wait changes depending on where you're playing, but I've never seen it lower than 30 minutes (the default online recycle timeframe).

Can a Player Purchase More Chips Off Another Player?

This is never a good idea. It's essentially the same concept as going south. The table loses the amount of chips the new player would be buying in for. Always buy your chips from the dealer or the house. In a home game, one person should be in charge of all financial transactions.

How to Deal With a Boxed Card

If a boxed card (a card face up in the stub) is encountered at any time during a hand, the card is removed from the deck and shown to every player. The deal continues as if nothing went wrong. If multiple cards are boxed, the dealer continues to remove the boxed cards until he reaches a facedown card to continue the deal. If the stub runs short of nonboxed cards, the hand is declared dead, with all chips being returned to their original stacks as accurately as possible.

How to Deal with Cards Dealt Out of Turn

If the dealer burns and turns fourth street while a player has yet to make their flop decision, the play is temporarily halted. The dealer takes the turn card and puts it back into the stub, shuffling the entire stub sufficiently. Once the deck is shuffled, and the player has made his final flop action, the top card is turned over as the new turn (there has already been a card burned for this street).

What to Do If a Card is Exposed While Dealing

When dealing hole cards, if the first or second card you deal is exposed (the face value was seen by someone at the table), the hand is a misdeal. Meaning the cards are reshuffled and the deal starts over (the dealer button stays in the same place).

If a card other than the first or second is exposed, the dealer continues to deal as if nothing had gone wrong. When the deal finishes, he give the top card on the deck to the player with the flashed card, and takes back the exposed card. That card is then turned face up and shown to everyone at the table, and put on the top of the deck to be used as the first burn card.

If two cards are exposed while dealing, the hand is considered a misdeal.

What to Do with a Marked Card

When noticing a single badly marked card in play, first play out the hand normally. When the hand is complete you'll want to replace that marked card with a new one of the same value, or just grab a new deck. If you don't have a new deck and are stuck with the one you have, your best bet is to remove the card from the game, making sure everyone is aware that the card is no longer in play. It's better for everyone to know that no one has the card than for everyone to know when someone does have the card.

Dealer Deals an Extra Hand or a Hand to a Seat with No Player

In this scenario, as long as no one looks at the extra hand, it's folded as a dead hand, and play continues as usual.

How Long Can a Player Wait Before Choosing to Rebuy?

After a player loses all of their chips, they must choose whether or not to rebuy before the next hand is dealt. In a home game there is room for lenience on this issue, just as long as the player isn't doing it on purpose to gain some sort of advantage.

Is a Single Chip Considered a Raise or a Call?

By putting in one over-value chip without saying anything, it is always considered a call. For example, if the big blind is $25 and you're first to act, putting in a $100 chip without actually saying "raise" is considered a call. The more lenient atmosphere of a home game means the dealer will typically ask the player what they actually wanted to do.

What If a Player Misses a Blind (Cash Games)

A player can never come into the game between the blinds, or between the button and the blinds (unless they buy the button, see rule below). This applies when moving a player in tournaments as well. If a player misses his or her blind in a cash game, they're not allowed to be dealt into a hand until the button has passed by them to the player on their left (it's treated as if there is no player sitting there). When the button has passed, they must post the amount equal to the blinds they missed.

For example, with blinds of $1/$2, a player who misses the big blind (therefore forcing them to also miss the small blind), they must post $3 to be dealt into the hand.

A small-blind post is always considered dead, meaning it goes into the pot and does not count toward any action in the hand, while the big-blind portion of the post is live, meaning it does count. A player with a live post still receives option to check or raise when it's their turn to act in the hand.

What is Buying the Button?

Buying the button is allowed in some locations during a cash game. This means that when a player sits down between the small blind and the button, or on the seat where the button would be next, they have the option to pay both the small and big blind in place of the players with whom the responsibility lies. This allows the player to play on the button, rather than having to wait for it to pass them the next hand.

What to Do If a Player Misses a Blind in Tournaments

In a tournament, every stack gets dealt a hand regardless of a player being in the seat or not. When the last card is dealt to a player for the hand, the hands without players are mucked. Players not present during their blinds have the blinds posted for them from their stacks, referred to as blinding out.

What Happens When a Player's Stack Size is Less Than the Blind

When a player's stack is less than the amount of the small blind, they are automatically considered all-in in the next hand they play, regardless of position. If the player's stack is larger than the small blind but smaller than the big blind, they will be considered all-in in any position other than the small blind, assuming they fold for their option.

When all-in, the player can only win the amount of their stack, plus that same amount from all of the callers and blinds. If the person has less than the big blind, they can only win the portion of the blind equal to that of their stack.

When Do You Remove Smaller Chips from Play in Poker?

When the blinds increase in a tournament, eventually the smaller-value chips will become obsolete. Once the chips are no longer needed, they are chipped up to the next denomination. First, make sure the chips are no longer needed (don't forget to check for antes in the future blind levels). If the blinds are $500/$1,000 doubling, you have no need for any chips smaller than $500 on the table. Change as many low-value chips as you can into higher values and hold on to the remainder. For example, if you have ten $25 chips, you will receive two $100 chips and have two $25 chips left over.

How Do You Do a Chip Race?

The standard way to remove the odd low-value chips is a chip race (this is how it's done in all major tournaments such as the WSOP). First the dealer adds up the total amount of odd chips on the table to determine the amount of larger-value chips up for grabs. For example, if there are 13 $25 chips on the table, they bring four $100 chips to take their place.

The dealer starts at the player to their left, dealing them as many cards as they have odd chips face up (if they have three $25 chips, they get three cards), until everyone with $25 chips has a card to represent each of them. Each available chip is given to the players with the highest-valued show card, with each player being allowed to win only one chip. In a case of a tie in rank, suits are used to determine a winner.

Rounding up: To save time, some tournaments will round up all leftover chips to the higher value. Regardless of having one $25 chip or three $25 chips, you will receive one $100 chip in their place.

How Are Suits Ranked in Poker?

In poker, the official suit ranking goes with the official Bridge ranking system, which is alphabetical. From worst to best:

Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, Spades

How to Deal with Turn-Dealing Mistakes

Turn is dealt without burning: When the dealer deals the turn card without burning, that card is simply treated as a flash card. The dealer makes sure all players see the card before turning it face down as the burn card, dealing the real turn as normal.

Two burn cards dealt when dealing the turn: In the case of a dealer burning two cards, and turning over a third as the turn, that third card is treated as a flashed card, and is returned to the top of the deck as the burn for the river. The second burn card is turned face up, since it is the valid turn card.

Two cards are burnt and two cards are shown when dealing the turn: The proper way to resolve this rare scenario is as follows. The second burn card (the official, should be turn) is placed face down on the top of the deck. The first up card (the would-be river burn card) is treated as a flash card and turned face down.

The second show card is the official river. It is now played as it lies on the turn instead. When action completes on the turn, the top card is turned over without burning for the river. By doing it in this fashion, all cards put in play are the original cards that would have fallen if no mistake had occurred. There is no change to the results, and only one card gets exposed.

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All Poker News
Gary Sechrist
2022-02-12 19:02:13

The Two remaining players show their hands prior to the river card being turned. (They thought all cards had been delt). I assume that the best hand wins but is the river card still turned and will it count toward determining the wining hand?
Thank you!

Arved Klöhn
2022-02-13 08:11:23

@Gary: A player who exposes his cards can still participate in the hand, but is not allowed to take aggressive action anymore (i.e. he can only check, call or fold, but not bet or raise). If both remaining players prematurely expose their hand, they automatically check until the river is dealt and both see a showdown.

Barbara Stahlecker
2021-11-22 06:46:49

Is it correct that two players that are heads-up can talk to each other about the hand – Saying things like “Do you have Aces?” or “I bet you have K-Q suited”?. I have been told that if they are the only two in the hand, the chat is acceptable. But I have also been chastised by a WSOP dealer for talking to my opponent – so which is correct?

Thank you in advance.

Arved Klöhn
2021-11-22 08:21:21

@Barbara: This always depends on house rules. But in general it’s frowned upon or at even not allowed to talk about your hand in the way you described in any tournament situation or when in a cash game with more than 2 players in the hand.

Kresten Hougaard
2021-10-04 09:24:29

@Sylvie M

The dealer made a mistake and it happens whether it’s at a home game or at a casino/poker club. In this case I believe that the card that was exposed will go back into the deck, which is then re-shuffled. I am unsure if the burn card does too, but that is less important as it has not been flashed.

If a player accidentally flashes a card when folding his hand nothing else happens than the card will get mucked. In the above scenario, though, the card exposed needs to stay in play in order for the guy making his decision not being able to take advantage of the situation.

sylvie m
2021-09-29 15:47:34


2 cards were distributed to each 3 players left. Player one bet minimum, player 2 (small blind) added needed amount to follow and just as big blind was making a call to raise or more precisely to go all in the dealer ignored it or did not pay attention and burned and turned the first card of the flop. What was the move to make with this mistake ? Please we need to know to stop arguing about it LOL.

Allen wagner
2021-09-12 19:55:10

is a player other than the dealer allowed to touch the flop, turn, or river cards. is there a penalty.
answer should be for casino (with paid dealer) and games where the players deal. thank you in advance.

Arved Klöhn
2021-09-14 07:25:00

It is bad etiquette for a player to touch the cards or other player’s chips unless specifically asked to so by the dealer (e.g. to post a blind for a player that is away from the table).

In most casinos (repeated) offenders are given a warning, have to sit our for one orbit or in severe cases are removed from the game & casino entirely.

2021-04-05 07:00:09

Question running a 5 card high only game with 8 players. the dealer is new and doesnt realize you cant do double board with 8 players you get to the river and after burning realizes he only has one card left in the deck and needs 2 for the rivers. how do you correct this?

Arved Klöhn
2021-05-21 09:03:18

@nick: Easiest way is to take all the burn cards, shuffle them and use them to deal the river(s). But in general you shouldn’t run it twice with 8 players in the hand.

Wallace Andrews
2021-03-19 12:42:51

And the community cards on the board 6 6 of diamonds 6 of hearts 8 of spades 4 of Spades when player one shows two of hearts 2 of diamonds King of Clubs three of hearts in player 2 shows ace of diamonds 4 of hearts 9 of diamonds 5 of Clubs. I know the answer but I need this for verification to prove to someone. Who wins the hand player one or player two

Debbie from PokerListings
2021-03-26 11:17:27

Hey Wallace,

If I understand correctly, there are three 6’s on the board, so Player one wins with a full house.
Was that what you thought?

Robert M
2021-02-11 02:11:17

complicated situation…
home cash game
cash game 1 – 3 blinds
min buy in 300 max 1000
seat 9 on the button raises 65
seat 1 calls
seat 2 calls
seat 3 calls
seat 4 re-rasies 600
seat 9 all in for 400
seat 1 calls
seat 2 calls
seat 3 calls
main pot 2325
side pot 700
flop 8c 9s 3c
checked around
turn Ks
seat 4 bets 300
seat 1 calls
seat 2 calls
seat 3 doesnt act and actually holds his cards and top of the rail covered up in his hands
dealer procedes to burn and turn the river..
seat 4 opens his hand Ah 8d
seat 9 opens his hand 7c 4c
seat 1 opens his hand 10d Jc
seat 2 realizes seat 3 did not call the turn bet
we made the ruling river comes back into the deck, shuffle, put the river again 8h
which of course seat 9 blows a gasket!!
seat 9 claims 3 actions occurred (players opened their hand)
if that considered an action??
Did we rule correctly? any other way??
would love to hear from anyone

2021-01-07 15:33:38

Hello! Have a Question… Wanna know Answer then Playing with Friends Cash Game or Tournament.
A Player – Dealer
B Player – Small Blind
C Player – Big Blind
D, E Player and so On.

After 1 End Game A Player and B Player Lost All Chips.
B Player Must be Dealer?(But He Lost All Chips) And C Player must be Small Blind?
If B Dealling Card He must Deal for Self Card and Auto Fold?

Other situation C Player Lost everything.
B Delaer Now, C must be Small Blind, and D Big Blind, but button Small Blind On C Player Dealing Cards?

Arved Klöhn
2021-01-12 14:27:48

@Daniel: Situation 1 – Player C is small blind, Player D is big blind. The dealer button remains in front of player B, but he doesn’t receive any cards.

Situation 2 – Player D is big blind, player B is dealer. There is no small blind in this hand. This happens always after the big blind loses all chips.

Dave B
2020-10-06 20:06:08

In a poker tournament (in person or online), can a player who has a large number of chips sit out the rest of the tournament. Obviously, the blinds would continue to be taken from his/her stack but, if they had enough, it could pretty much guarantee that they would finish in the top 3 or 4. In a game I just finished, a player began to sit out with seven players left on the final table. She ended up finishing second.

I guess it is the same as sitting there and folding every hand so maybe it is within the rules but it certainly seems like a “chicken sh&$” way to win.

PokerListings Team
2020-12-16 15:26:34

Hey Dave. That’s interesting.
In 1989 Stu Ungar had to be taken to the hospital after finishing the the 3rd day of the WSOP main event as chip leader.
He never returned to the table that tourney and still finished 9th.

Bottom line, it’s well within the rules and fine to do. However, this depends on various factors.
You’re not going to build a stack or double up, and you will more often than not get exploited when in the blinds.
But it may help you make a money jump or survive a bubble if there are players with smaller stacks. Your call.

2020-08-20 06:34:13

Hi! In a situation where Player A goes all-in and Player B and Player C call and are still betting, when does Player A show his cards? Right away when he goes all-in or after all betting is done? Thank you!

Debbie from Pokerlistings
2020-08-24 07:45:01

Hey Tomas – the all-in player in this case would reveal their cards after betting has finished on the river.

2020-08-12 15:57:47

If you are playing Texas Holden with timed blinds and the timer goes off during the hand , is the timer started right away for the next blind or do you wait for the hand to finish before You start the clock clock for the next blind?

Debbie from PokerListings
2020-08-13 08:20:04

Hey Rusty,

No the clock doesn’t stop when you’re in the middle of a hand.
It will still run, you’ll just have to complete the hand then play the next one at the new level.

2020-07-04 08:33:23

If 2 players are left in the hand… And if Player 1 goes all in.. Player 2 calls him.. Player 1 flips his cards over, since he is all in… Does player 2 have the right to not flip his cards or show his hand, all the way to the end of the river?? Or if he losses for that matter, can he just muck them at the end, without showing anyone???

Debbie from PokerListings
2020-07-06 08:38:12

Hey Daniel,
If you’re playing online, both players’ hole cards are shown regardless.
If you’re playing live, you may be able to get away with mucking the losing hand in a cash game – depending on the card room
But if you’re playing a tournament, you’ll have to show – this is to avoid potential chip dumping from players at the same table.

2020-04-28 01:51:37

I have a question it’s pretty simple, player A called a pair, but actually has 2 pair, does the dealer correct it and say two pair or does player B with just 1 pair but it’s higher wins or does the dealer correct it for player A?

2020-05-13 11:33:13

Hey Ramon,

At least one of two players heads up must reveal their hand at the river. The second player may choose to muck their cards without showing – and if you incorrectly interpret your hand as the losing hand, you won’t be able to reverse this, unfortunately. But if you show your hand and say ‘one pair’ when in fact you have two pair, the dealer can correct you and you can take the pot. Inversely, you can’t just say you have a winning hand and take down the pot without showing.

2019-12-06 10:05:58

If a turn card is dealt before the player has acted, shouldn’t you deal the river as the new turn and then reshuffle the card into the stub?

2020-05-13 10:31:17

Hey Darren,

House rules may vary here – however, you’re correct.
If the dealer reveals the turn before all actions are complete – that card shouldn’t play (even if players choose to fold after that)
So just remove that card from play and use the next card (river in this case becomes the new turn)
After the betting round on the turn, the dealer should reshuffle, including the card taken out of play – but not previous burn or discards.
Cut the deck and turn the river without burning a card and carry on the rest of the hand as normal.

2019-11-20 14:38:21

Official tournament rules (that can also apply here) say you have to reshuffle the deck and then continue the hand normally.

2019-11-18 23:44:41

When dealing Omaha in a cash game, the remaining cards in the deck were mucked before the river was turned. What’s the proper way to handle this.

Ski Daddy
2017-10-06 08:54:01

In a cash game it’s perfectly fine. However, in tourneys, you have to show before river is dealt

Bruce Piggott
2017-10-05 09:59:05

On the turn player goes all in. Gets 1 caller and turns up his cards. Caller refuses to show cards and requests the river. Dealer over player objection deals the river and the caller shows a winning hand. Does he win the pot or is he considered to have mucked his cards and forfeits the pot.

Ski Daddy
2017-09-09 10:58:19

Any player who hasn’t acted yet has all options available. It doesn’t matter what previous players did

Jeanette Lomando
2017-09-08 16:20:16

In a tournament this situation arose; SB posts, BB posts, player 3 calls the BB, player 4 raises all-in for less than double the BB (dead raise?) and player 5 raises the all-in by double. Can player 5 raise at all ? since player’s 4 raise was not double the BB and should it be considered a “dead raise” for the pre-flop for all players after player 4?

Ski Daddy
2017-06-02 15:28:21

Get the pot right first of all… Main pot is Player 1,2 and 3 with a side pot with 1 and 3. 3 gets the side pot and 2,3 split main

Ski Daddy
2017-06-02 15:26:22

Doesn’t matter. If blinds are for example 100/200 and the player goes all in post flop with 75, it’s 75 to call

2017-06-01 02:41:50

nope sorry, its a call/fold he simply showed you his cards, plain and simple.

2017-05-25 23:02:10

Need clarification of an unusual situation, playing Texas Holdem in a tournament. Player 1 shoves all in on flop, player 2 calls with less than player 1 chips. Player 3 then calls the original all in, no problem so far. on all cards being laid out in the community it is a chop between player 2 and player 3. How do you share the winnings out?

andrew unnasch
2017-05-19 01:04:02

After the flop a player goes all in with less than the blind what is the proper call with multiple players still in play. the player that went all in was second to act after a check

2017-04-22 11:12:26

In Texas Hold’em rules it does state that the best 5 cards win. There is no mention of “pure pair”. If the community cards are 5-4-9-Q-K & you hold a 4-J,then you have a pair of 4s with a K-Q-J to round off your best 5 cards. I’m holding a pair of 10s in my hand, then my best 5 cards are a pair of 10s with a K-Q-9. My pair beats your pair, my hand wins. A community card does not need to be used to win a hand.

2017-04-22 10:42:09

Absolutely not, placing chips in front is considered a call, but if the cards tossed on to the table hit cards that are considered mucked then those cards are considered mucked. That player still has to pay off the all in.

2017-04-22 10:14:22

I agree, second player still has option. First player, however, should be warned of facing a penalty if they continue to play that way.

2017-04-22 10:07:37

I disagree. Dealers hand is dead & deck reshuffled. Play resumes for the players that called.

Steven Martin
2017-04-05 13:32:57

Quit simple, if the hand is mucked by mistake of the raiser. The raiser loses all his chips if the BB has him covered.

Steven Martin
2017-04-05 12:27:05

BB is always minimum bet. If a player is all in and the player after him is last to act then they can match the all in bet.

Ski Daddy
2017-03-27 02:25:12

This is incorrect. In order for player one to raise, player 3 has to raise to 50-53 (depending on who you ask).

There is no 50% rule in no limit poker concerning this topic.

Ski Daddy
2017-03-27 02:18:30

At showdown, the hands are shown starting with the last aggressive action and going left. If check around on the river, it starts with first person left of the button.

If a player decides to fold, so be it. Last live hand wins

Ski Daddy
2017-03-27 02:14:02

Wow.. sorry bout that. It happens.

Dealers are humans and make mistakes. As a player, you should do what you can to minimize them. If a mistake is made, you should call for a floor immediately.

Ski Daddy
2017-03-27 02:05:47

His hand is live. I assume that’s what the floor ruled

Edit: Let me clarify..

If he called the all-in bet, action is complete and hands are tabled. If his hand was clearly identified, it is a live hand. He will get a few words for throwing cards sloppily. Sorry…

Ski Daddy
2017-03-27 02:03:08

It happens.. rarely. You must have a pretty good reason for it though. The rule exists to prevent collusion.

Ski Daddy
2017-03-27 02:01:37

How is that possible?

Ski Daddy
2017-03-27 02:00:37

the raise has to at least DOUBLE the original bet to open it up for player one to raise

Ski Daddy
2017-03-27 01:58:26

Cash game – legal, if someone wants to play face up, let em

Tourney – play continues, then you get to ride the rail

Ski Daddy
2017-03-27 01:54:03

There are ‘grace periods’ which are about 1-2 hands.. after that, the floor will say ‘sorry, too late’

Ski Daddy
2017-03-27 01:51:56

There’s a difference in just showing your hand and throwing them forward face up. If you throw them forward face up facing a bet, that would interpreted as a fold

Ski Daddy
2017-03-27 01:49:41

Did the dealer kill the hand?

If so, i’ve seen it ruled that BB be awarded the amount of the big blind. (100)

Ski Daddy
2017-03-27 01:43:38

1st player’s hand is still live as you cannot kill an all-in hand. He just plays it face up so to speak. Hand continues on til a winner is determined. He will get a penalty for exposing his hand with action pending.

2017-03-02 16:19:53

Yep I agree

2017-01-23 14:56:46

player has 75 dollar in chips binds are 100.00 does next player just put in 75 or has to put in the big blind 100.00?

Matthew Carey
2016-12-02 03:57:19

3 way pot. 1st player goes all in. 2nd player calls. 1st player exposes his hand (as not concentrating & thinks they are heads up) 3rd player is yet to act. What’s the ruling?
I’m guessing the 1St player is a muck for exposing his hand but how do player 2 and 3 play it out? Player 3 wanted to re raise (he’d flopped a set) but amicably called and checked it down. Is this right?

2016-11-27 11:26:34

At the end of the show down all players show there hole cards but can one player just say, “you won”, and throw the cards in the muck without showing them or must those be shown also?

Laura Blackburn
2016-11-18 16:41:45

Need help! No limit hold’em tournament with blinds at 50/100. In pre-flop action, the first player to act goes all in with 1,000. All players fold EXCEPT the player in the BB. The original raiser didn’t notice that the BB had not acted yet and mucked his cards by throwing them in the middle with 1 card face up (an Ace). What happens at this point if the BB decides NOT to call?? Does the player forfeit all his chips to the BB if the BB has him covered since he technically mucked, or does the player only owe the BB 100 since that was the amount of the BB??

Andi Sobran
2016-11-16 11:20:11

We have a no show rule. However if a player shows another player who is not in the hand (even if they are out of the tournament) their hand before mucking, a player can ask to see the cards. The dealer will hold them to the side until hand is over, then expose cards. Once they are in the muck pile, this can’t be done. On the River the better must show cards if they have a caller

Andi Sobran
2016-11-16 11:16:10

Should not happen! Play is over with, especially once all cards are picked up.

Andi Sobran
2016-11-16 11:08:54

It is a dead raise. Dead Raise – If you have already acted (call or raise) and a player behind you goes all in for less than double, it is a dead raise. If you haven’t had the opportunity to act you may bet double or more. After the flop, if you check you can’t raise on a dead raise.

Andi Sobran
2016-11-16 10:47:39

Two ways, either a dead hand, hand was not protected. If cards were all mixed up, they should be shuffled again before turning any more cards. Or,(House rule) the dealer tells a non playing player the cards he had. The player picks them out and game resumes, a reshuffle maybe needed.

Andi Sobran
2016-11-16 10:42:52

Needs to be caught at that time. It is just a deal mistake, they are human too. Unless the player agrees to give the money back?

Andi Sobran
2016-11-16 10:41:49

Showing cards first could be considered a muck especially if you have people following you. If you are the last to act, you can push your chips in and then flip your cards.

Andi Sobran
2016-11-16 10:40:35

A lot of times it is up to house rules. This is what I use

Dead Raise – If you have already acted (call or raise) and a player behind you goes all in for less than double, it is a dead raise. If you haven’t had the opportunity to act you may bet double or more. After the flop, if you check you can’t raise on a dead raise.

Ceferino Rod Avila Guillermo
2016-11-08 13:14:44

Need help. If I show my card and put chips on the middle of the table, it is consider call? No need to ask if call or fold?

Olivia Oleifera
2016-07-01 02:42:51

Convenient that they forgot the rules…

Bob Moynes
2016-07-01 01:49:46

no player two still has the option.

Bob Moynes
2016-07-01 01:48:53

the second player has the advantage, but is still legal play.

Bob Moynes
2016-07-01 01:46:09

exactly my judgement but as 9 players at the table and only 1 knew the rules they voted 8 to 1 to start over and I was out almost 7 grand. odd that all the players that stood to lose could not remember how it should go.

Bob Moynes
2016-07-01 01:45:56

no one knew of the 51 cards, so all is fine, when it is discovered get a full deck and continue on.

Olivia Oleifera
2016-06-30 23:46:20

Player #1 was dealt 3 cards, rather than 2 and that hand should be declared dead. If the error of dealing 3 cards was noticed before any betting took place, then it should have been considered a misdeal.

Robert’s Rules of Poker, Section #3.”Misdeals”.#2 states: “[…] action is considered to occur when two players after the blinds have acted on their hands. Once action occurs, a misdeal can no longer be declared. The hand will be played to conclusion and no money will be returned to any player whose hand is fouled.”

Tom Trautman
2016-05-31 20:41:09

Need help!!
At any time, if there is a raise and the next player goes all in but can’t complete a legal raise, can there be any more raises on that betting round?? Literature rather than opinions is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Bob Moynes
2016-05-05 17:45:41

it should have been a dead hand, the dealers, leaving just the blinds to finish out the hand. As for the limper he folded before the dealer screwed up so he gets or says nothing, he folded remember.

Bob Moynes
2016-05-05 17:33:01

Texas-hold-em nine players, all is well until we get to the river. After a large river bet, two players remain. table is AD, QS, JH, 7D, 4C Player 1 has JS, KD and 9D while
player 2 Has KS, and 8C Why is #2 the winner.

Kevin Cooper
2016-04-25 22:29:56

What happens when a dealer split a pot incorrectly and it wasn’t caught till several hours later by the player who was shorted. It was a $7500 pot. The players ran it three times. It was in an Omaha game. Both players had flopped the same straight. One player drew a better straight on two of the three runs. The dealer split the pot 3 ways. Giving one player 2/3 and the other 1/3. The correct split was suppose to be 5/6 and 1/6. It was not caught at the time. Several hours later the winning player realized that he was shorted around $1300 because of the mistake. Who takes responsibility and should any action be taken to make restitution?

Heath Milton
2016-03-24 12:25:09

It would depend. If the order of the deck could still be determined the dealer would lose the chips he put in the pot and the play would resume as normal with his hand being mucked. If the order of the deck can’t be determined then I believe the remaining players split up the pot minus the dealer. I think.

Don Macfie
2016-03-24 04:56:13

That’s what the determination wound up being. Money was divided and given back to the players. I don’t think that was the fair call. I think the dealer should have at least lost his money.

Heath Milton
2016-03-24 00:25:55

In tournament as soon as all action is done all players that are still in have to expose their cards immediately. Different places use different rules for cash games so you’ll have to ask the dealer.

Heath Milton
2016-03-24 00:23:47

You mean he flipped his cards over? As long as he didn’t muck they are still considered live and play continues as if he didn’t. This is a bad idea because it gives the other player an advantage by knowing what his opponent’s cards are.

Heath Milton
2016-03-24 00:22:38

Everyone still in the hand wins. The pot is divided evenly among any remaining players because you all have a straight. You all play the board.

Heath Milton
2016-03-24 00:21:03

You can never put in fewer chips than the big blind amount unless you have fewer chips than the big blind. For example if the blinds are 10 and 20 but the big blind only has 15 the other players still have to put in at least 20 to play.

Heath Milton
2016-03-24 00:19:57

If I understand correctly player 2 has 3 hole cards. This means the hand is dead and it is a misdeal.

Heath Milton
2016-03-24 00:18:38

Unless there is some sort of limit on the raising the next raise has to be equal to or more than the previous. In your case the third player would have to raise to a minimum of $1.50 because the previous raise was $0.50 above the one before it. A lot of places just use doubling to keep it simple, meaning that if someone wants to raise they have to do double what the last one was. In your case the third player would have to raise to $2 since that is double $1.

Heath Milton
2016-03-24 00:16:17

Yes, the rules are the same. Even if the flop is exposed before every player has had a chance to act the 3 flop cards get shuffled back into the deck. Burn cards are never reshuffled unless multiple streets (flop, turn, river) are revealed without players getting to act at all. In this case only the burn cards that weren’t burned before the current street get shuffled back in along with any cards that were revealed too early.

Heath Milton
2016-03-24 00:14:13

In a casino cards cannot be removed from the table at all. If a player removes their cards from the table their hand is now dead and needs to be folded. The player that mucked would have already won the hand. This rule is often overlooked in home and non-casino free roll games.

Heath Milton
2016-03-24 00:11:31


Heath Milton
2016-03-24 00:10:57

It depends on the suit. The suits have ranking of highest to lowest in reverse alphabetical order. Meaning Spades is highest followed by Hearts, Diamonds, and last Clubs.

Heath Milton
2016-03-24 00:09:33

The little blind automatically lost once his cards touched the muck pile. If he doesn’t reveal his hand he can’t win, period. In addition, you have to reveal both cards to win. It doesn’t matter if the one card they show is good enough to win. If only one is shown and the other player revealed both then the win goes to the player that showed both regardless of what the one card the other player showed was.

Heath Milton
2016-03-24 00:07:14

I agree with Derek. The A4 player uses his A and not the board’s to win the low.

Heath Milton
2016-03-24 00:04:31

I replied to your other post and explained it there. Let me know if you have further questions.

Heath Milton
2016-03-24 00:03:20

The dealer makes sure that all players saw the burn card and then flips it face down. Play is resumed as normal and after this round of betting the river card is revealed without burning another card. See the Card Exposed While Dealing rule here http://www.pokerlistings.com/odd-poker-rules-and-exceptions

Heath Milton
2016-03-24 00:01:39

If I understand you correctly you had Q2 and the other player had KK. You paired your 2 on the board and the other player didn’t match up with any of the community cards. This means that you had a pair of 2s and he had a pair of Kings giving him the best hand. You don’t have to use the community cards to win and pairing with the community cards does not necessarily make your hand better.

Heath Milton
2016-03-23 23:57:21

You always play 5 cards. If a 4 of a kind hits the board and you have an Ace bet the crap out of it because you can’t be beat. You can tie with another Ace though and if there is 4 of a kind plus an Ace on the board then the board plays and anyone still in gets an equal share of the pot. Also, players get an equal share if none of their hole cards can beat the odd card on the board so if there’s 4 of a kind plus a Jack and no one at showdown has a Queen, King or Ace then the pot is split evenly among players still in.

Heath Milton
2016-03-23 23:54:24

Basically you take an equal amount of his anti out of everyone’s anti and put it in one pile with his anti, this is the main pot and all he can win. The rest goes into a side pot that the rest of the players can win in addition to the main pot.

Heath Milton
2016-03-23 23:52:15

What Larry said. His hand was dead once it hit the muck pile and he has to put in more chips to equal what you had.

Heath Milton
2016-03-23 23:50:37

It is always a good idea to announce your bet. Verbal trumps anything else. If there is no verbal, whatever chips you put in have to be put in in one motion. You cannot put in some and reach back for more, this is called string betting and you are then forced to only put in that initial stack. If you’re holding a stack and you never put it on the table you don’t have to put any of it in.

Heath Milton
2016-03-23 23:45:27

Player 1 cannot re-raise. The all in has to be half again as much as the previous bet. In your example the all in of $28 doesn’t count as an actual raise since it didn’t meet the minimum of $37.50 to be considered a raise. Player 3 would still have the option to raise though and if he does player 1 can then raise again otherwise player 1 can only call or fold.

Heath Milton
2016-03-23 23:42:10

Just to make sure I understand. In this scenario the turn is showing and one player made a bet. Before the other player had a chance to do anything the river was exposed. If I understand correctly then the last card does get reshuffled into the deck and the player that was skipped gets his turn. See the Card Exposed While Dealing rule above.

Heath Milton
2016-03-23 23:39:22

Unless the flipped over cards touch the muck I believe they are still considered live and he can still do whatever he wants. In your example he checked giving the other player his option of check, bet or muck. It is very bad etiquette to show your cards before showdown.

Heath Milton
2016-03-23 23:36:23

He can only win 2,000 x the number of players. For example: if there are 5 players total he can only win 10,000 chips. See the All-in Bets rule here http://www.pokerlistings.com/poker-rules-tournaments

Heath Milton
2016-03-23 23:33:50

Don’t quote me but I’m pretty sure it’s a dead hand.

Heath Milton
2016-03-23 23:33:03

This happened at a free-roll tournament. Preflop a player goes all in, one player calls and the rest fold. Before the first burn card is burned the player that called mucks his hand giving the win to the player that went all in. Neither player showed their cards. Wouldn’t this be considered collusion? Isn’t it the same as me just walking up to a friend and handing him my tournament chips?

Don Macfie
2016-03-23 19:41:27

I have a situation that needs sorting out.
An in play Dealer has dealt out the cards without and problems. Betting begins. first to act limps in. Everyone else folds up to the dealer. Dealer makes a sizable raise. both blinds call. the limper folds and tosses his cards into the muck but in the confusion the dealer knocks over the deck on to his cards and scoops at all up as one pile. No cards are exposed. Now the dealer has no cards. What is the proper ruling here?

Mitja Medvešček
2016-03-10 03:27:27


Mitja Medvešček
2016-03-10 03:27:17

You either raise, or you call, I do not understand what raise to call means…

Mitja Medvešček
2016-03-10 03:26:17

no, hell no

Mitja Medvešček
2016-03-10 03:24:39


Sam Silverman
2016-01-20 02:20:18

I play in a regular tourney where there is only a button ante when we get to the point for antes. The other night, the button only had enough for the ante (2k) and the blinds were 3k/6k. I was BB and the SB folded. How much could the button win? It was the first time this scenario had ever happened and there was much disagreement about it. I won the hand, so there wasn’t a problem. Just curious.

Mohammed Khan
2016-01-02 19:28:39

Hi guys just want to ask a quick question me my friends were playing holdem poker tournament at the end of the game we realised we have been playing with 51 cards what should we do should that game be void can anyone help please

Ken Ford
2015-12-08 17:10:12

Can l get the right info, 6 players- button-sb 300 chips, bb 600 chips, next player to act all-in 900 chips, can player 4 call the all-in bet for 900 or would you need to double the big blind as players stil behind needl to act ?

Srinivasa Lahiri
2015-10-31 10:59:11

There are 3 players (player1, player2, player3). In a particular round of betting, player1 raises by 50, player2 and player3 calls the bet. Now, at player1’s chance, will he have an option raise again? If yes, by how much?

Larry J. Kosch
2015-10-28 18:52:18

Technically he lost on two counts. He thew his cards into the dead card pile, which is the same as folding. He will lose the chips he put in front of him, plus he has to make up the shortage of chips. It is like he called your all-in then he folded.

Larry J. Kosch
2015-10-28 18:48:24

NOPE. The player with the hand, winner or not, has the option to hide or show his cards. Also once a hand is “mucked”, the player cannot pull his cards back out to check or show the hand. Or look at other players’ mucked hands either.

Larry J. Kosch
2015-10-28 18:45:09

I would think if the hole card(s) are accidentally exposed, the player have the option of staying in the hand or fold at that point. But in this situation, I would think the betting is done. No need to check or call. DONE. It almost as if both players had called CHECK. Make sense?

Joan Mary Deutsch
2015-09-29 09:42:04

There r 2 players left, the river is played and the first person who is supposed to bet or fold, lays her cards face ups and says,” what have u got? I’ve got 2 aces!” The other player says, ” u can’t do that, u must bet or fold.” So, she says, I check. Other player says, u showed your cards, so u loose!!” I can’t get an agreement from anyone on this. Some say, u can show your cards anytime you want, but, u give the other player an advantage. But, it is still a legal play. Anyone know what the rule is? Tks. Joan

Fione Kaevy Fong
2015-09-27 12:39:34

If on the table it’s shown 4 cards, one player jraised money within 1 minutes, another one player did not fold but the dealer assume that the second player has fold. On the fifth cards has open. Can the dealer reshuffle only for the fifth card?

Monty Lingo
2015-09-12 22:44:45

In cash game, if player one bets $25 player 2 has $28 and goes all in, player 3 calls the $28 player 1 , can he raise over $3 to call?

2015-09-02 23:16:31

The second player who had ace 4 should have been awarded the whole pot..His low was better than the 7 5 low. Pretty clear. I don’t know where your playing but the dealer was not present because it is not up to the players to declare or announce there hand or what they are entitled to. That is the dealers job and if he pushed the pot to the player with 7 5..well let’s just say I’m looking for a job and he doesn’t deserve his/hers.

2015-09-02 23:11:14

Most definitely.

2015-09-02 23:10:54

You just answered your question. If he starts the hand with less than the ante the main pot becomes everyones amount of his smaller ante..The remaining of the ante will be the working pot and he is only entitled to the lesser ante pot as all-in

2015-09-01 19:08:08

If a hand is turned over on top of another players hand, is it considered a mucked and

2015-07-31 18:01:09

Yeah you can check a flush if there is a pair on the board as you could be behind to either a full house or quads.

Just a note as you keep referring to a flush: you can’t check the nuts regardless of what the nuts is. So if the board is 269JA with no flush possibility, the nuts would be Three Aces and if you held three aces you’d have to bet if last to act.

2015-07-31 17:19:24

So, if there is a pair on the board this would negate the “checking the nuts” requirement because the other player could have the other pair to make quads, which would beat the A high flush. True?!

2015-07-31 10:29:47

The rule you’re referring to is ‘checking the nuts’.

If you are last to act, you must take aggressive action after the river if you have an unbeatable hand. So if you’re heads up and your opponent checks to you and you hold the nuts, it is illegal to check behind. This is to prevent collusion.

Obviously if you’re first to act, you can check to induce a bet.

2015-07-30 17:34:59

Is there a rule that dictates a player hitting a flush draw on the river, must bet the flush and can not call the action?

Paul G
2015-06-21 23:47:28

@Nick – yes. Assuming the Flop was 3 Kings, K K K , the Turn, an eight 8, and the River a King. . . the Community Board would read as follows: K K K K 8. Whomever is still in the hand that possessed an ACE, perhaps more than one player, would have the best hand. That would be since they would have the following hand: K K K K A. However, if the board had a run out of four Kings and an Ace, it would automatically be a chop pot of whoever is left in the hand. Same goes for a run out of K K K K J, assuming no one had a Queen or Ace in their hand, for example.

2015-06-15 17:09:52

What happens if the dealer declares a misdeal after the hand is played and someone is declared the winner

Tom O'Hare
2015-06-09 15:04:30

What would be the scenario if any where one player would request to see the cards of another player after the hand ended. I was told that this rule existed is that true?

2015-06-03 01:32:32

Where can I find the rule about betting? As far as a bet line goes? Last I knew it was the bridge of your cards, meaning the last edge of ur cards. If you move over it and you have a stack in your hand and did not verbally say call you have to put the entire stack in……

2015-03-22 03:12:52

Here’s an unusual circumstance that I would request some help on. I move all in apx 5x big blind pre flop everyone folds except bb. bb asks for a count of my chips in which he is granted, bb peels off chips places chips in front of him and without saying anything throws his 2 cards towards the middle of the pot hitting dead cards facing up. bb clearly had me covered but the amount of chips he placed in front of him was short of the original bet. further no comments were made by the player when he voluntarily threw his cards towards me. to show me what he had. a truly bizarre play on his part. Would anyone have a rule on this?

2015-03-20 23:43:53

Player has less than the anti and is all in what is he untitled to

2015-03-13 17:31:52

If four of a kind are dealt in the community cards does the kicker come into play

Carlton oneal
2015-02-05 14:09:03

I had pure pair of twos, but texas hold em app awarded the win to another player with double kings.the texas holdem staff told me that the app awards the win to the best hand combination and the double kings hand player without a matching king in community cards, is considered the best hand, even though I had a pure matching pair of twos.app staff referred me to rules site , but the rules site never supported the staff agreement with the app decision of double kings with no matching community cards kings beating my queen with two card that matched a community card two card.the staff is wrong and the app is wrong.

2015-02-01 18:16:58

Question: in texas holdem the dealer flipped two cards. One was the fourth card and the other was the burn card to the next round. How do we continue to play? and what happened to the pot?

2015-01-09 02:00:55

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2015-01-09 02:00:02

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carlton oneal
2014-12-25 09:57:46

i had a pure pair in online Texas hold em game but the app awards the win to the double cards with no same cards in the community cards !example:i have a four card which matches a four in the community cards but the Texas hold em app awards the win to a player with a double ten cards with no ten card in community cards.this is wrong!but,Texas hold em told me that the app was correct in awarding the win for the over higher card of ten card,because the app awards to overall card hand ,but then told me to look at poker rules on link .i found no text in the link that proved the Texas hold em app staff right .so Texas hold em app staff is wrong!

2014-12-02 13:35:46

Hi Marty,

We’re not official rules arbitrators (and not Omaha Hi-Lo experts per se) but here’s our take on it:

The question can only be answered 100% if you tell us all the players’ cards to make absolutely sure if the player can use A-4 as described.

From what the comment says there seems to be no reason why the player can’t play his ace. There is definitely no rule that says a community card can “cancel out” a card in the player’s hand. (He can also use it to make a pair of aces in the high hand.)

Thinking about it we can’t figure out a scenario where he can’t play A-4 for lo. He uses two of his cards and three from the board to make a hand. Seems totally by the rules.

We do recommend you find a more official source to verify your claim however.

2014-12-02 12:38:31

Played game last night…Hi/Lo Omaha…Community cards Q A 3 6 2 Player One Plays 7 5 for low hand of 7 5 3 2 A
Player Two plays A 4 for low hand of 6 4 3 2 1 only two players. Player one says the A in the community hand cancels out Player Two’s A in hand. Says he won. Have Thousand $$$$$ side bet he did not….Help

2014-11-24 14:44:35

HI Sean if a the end of a hand, with two players left and an all in called by both players; the big blind throws down two pair aces and 5s then the little blind mucks his hand and calls me a few suppurlatives and I took some of the money at that time put it in my stack and then someone watching says its little blinds hand the little blind had missed a club flush

2014-11-23 04:42:10

if 2 players (in a home Game) both draw an ace for dealer….is one ace higher than the other or do the 2 players need to draw another card from the remaining cards?

2014-11-05 11:48:35

In tournament play can a player request how much other players are holding in chips?

2014-10-31 12:47:47

If a player at the table ( 2 players remaining) has his cards cupped in his hand and calls a bet in silence with the only other player mucking his cards because he doesn’t see the cards on the table or see the call what should happen with the pot? Does the mucked cards loose?

2014-10-27 11:08:20

2 questions…..The rule concerning turning a card before everyone has acted only mentions the turn, does the same rule apply to the river? Same question concerning turn-dealing mistakes.

Brian Bacik
2014-10-24 10:56:32

Question for “dealer’s choice” poker game: Let’s say a player may raise up to and including $1. Scenario: 1st player bets $.50, next player raises $1. Can the next player re-raise LESS than $1 ($.25, $.50 Or $.75)? Or must the re-raise be the same amount as the raise?

2014-09-25 15:37:21

2 plays left in hand 3 up cards are check, after the flop player (1) goes all in player (2) calls players (2) is dealing they show the cards an player (2 ) wins hand but has three Cards what the rule is it a misdeal or does player (2) loses hand?

2014-07-06 09:50:00

I’m having a disagreement with another player over blinds , he claims when a player goes all in with less than the big blind the next player does not have to bet at least the big blind nor does the 3nd player

2014-05-28 09:41:48

Here is the situation, a player in a recent hold-em game bet blind throughout the flop, turn and river without looking at his cards. After the river card was dealt, he flipped his cards and discovered he had 3 cards. In this case, his hand should be declared dead and I am under the assumption that he forfeits the chips he had bet as it was his responsibility to know his hand. Is this correct?

2014-05-26 07:17:44

Hi Melissa,

As you can see on our hand ranking page, a flush does not beat a full house:


melissa curran
2014-05-25 19:40:30

does a flush beat a full house plz let me knw

2014-02-02 01:27:15

What if the you have a 4 and 3 as your hand and the 5 cards on the table are a straight from 5 to 9. The other players have Ace and Jack, Ace and 7. Who wins?

2013-12-28 06:14:57

I have a question.Two players in a big pot. One player opened his cards after the turn came.Who wins a pot?

Tony Dinsdale
2013-10-24 20:25:02

I have a question that just came up…. 2 players heads up. Pre-flop, player 1 goes all in, players 2 calls…. The question is, do both the players have to immediately show their cards, or can they wait to show their cards until all cards have been dealt out… ie…. the flop, the turn and the river. I know that player 2 has the right to see player 1’s cards because he paid to see them, but can he insist on seeing them before any communal cards have been dealt out?

2013-10-24 07:25:07

Need an answer to an odd situation. Player “A” goes all in with $4,000 in his stack. Player “B” calls with $10,000 in his stack. Player “C” also calls with $2,000. Cards are dealt with no further betting. Player “A”

2013-09-09 16:18:35

I have a question,if there is an all in

Jessie Shepherd
2013-08-29 07:34:31

I have been learning texas holdem on line. On the site I have been learning on when a player goes all in and everyone else folds the player is out of the game. Why?

2013-08-22 09:54:56

I have a question, if this is not the right place please let me know. I was playing Texas Hold Em, Limit, and the board had a flush with the 3 of spades as low card. I had no spades but my opponent had the 2 of spades. The hand split and 2 other players went off about how since I didn’t have a spade I shouldn’t have gotten any. I disagreed, saying that the board had the highest hand and we both used he board, or rather Pogo used the board for both hands, so it was a legit split. The other two insisted that since I didn’t have a spade I shouldn’t have profited. I can find nothing about that type of hand.

2013-08-02 21:26:49

I was in a hand recently where the dealer flashed a card during the deal(not first or second) then proceeded to burn twice on the flop( including the flash card) a round of betting insued before I noticed. After noticing the dealer tried to replaced the 3rd flop card with the accidental extra burn card after the round of betting. Surely that is a bum deal? As the card totally would have changed the acts of the players previous? Any help in regards would be nice

2013-08-02 01:40:17

At a friendly home game, I was going against one other person in a hand. After the river card came, he bet 600 (wasn’t all-in)….After deliberating a little bit, I said I called as I showed my ace (top pair) while he went on to show his KQ hand which just was King high plus whatever was on the board, so my hand had clearly won. Then accidentally I dropped my cards in the muck on top forgetting to show the second card (even though it was irrelevant to winning the hand). He then said that I mucked my hand and to forfeit the chips to him that I was already pulling in from showing my top Ace pair. I then said it was an accident and flipped over the second card which was clearly visible which was mine, but he said it was too late. Thoughts on this issue? Any reference to official rules would greatly be appreciated! Thanks! I realize there are slight rules that may be gray that could have been broken, but please evaluate the over all scenario considering I called the river bet with my cards still in my hand and was showing the winning Ace. I feel that if anything, this is a special scenario in my favor…

2013-07-27 15:10:56

what is the rules on being moved from dealer button to big blind in online poker?

2013-07-26 20:32:17

Scenario: Tournament play, Blinds 600/ 1200, !st to bet calls 1200, next player puts in 2-1,000 chips, no verbal comment, because this was more than 1/2 of the Big Blind, Is this a call or a raise to $2400?

2013-07-02 22:34:52

Roy: After the pair we’ll go down the line up to 5 cards. If we both have a “Pair of Jacks”, we’ll compare “Kickers” (the next highest card after the pair) and so on up to the 5th card.

2013-07-02 22:27:00

No matter how many cards are used in a poker game, only the best 5 cards are used to evaluate the value of a players hand, as in 7-Card Stud. Split Pots are always devided equally. Any “odd chip” or extra chip will go to the player closest clockwise to the Dealer Button in a button game such as Texas Hold ‘Em. In a non-button game like 7-Card Stud it may vary between clockwise order of the active dealer in the game or the highest ranking card in a players hand of the 7 cards held regardless of the 5 card rule.

2013-07-02 22:02:07

Lots if questions, no answers????

2013-06-28 19:02:50

after a tie w a pair between 2 players if the top kicker is the same do go to next kick card or split the pot

2013-06-25 13:22:53

in texas hold hold can you call and rase

2013-06-17 21:08:44

Where are the answers

2013-06-08 06:37:49

Two players left…one goes all in.the other one turns is hand over before he calls is that hand dead..

2013-05-27 14:20:12

where are the answers????

2013-04-17 21:06:24

If you lose in finale bet do you have to show you cards if you called to see there cards

Damien Ninness
2013-04-05 05:48:24

If both players have same combination and the 5 best cards are 4 on the table and the fifth card in both players hand is identicle, who takes the pot. Are the remaining cards in both players hands used to decide the pot. Is the pot split or does the highest remaining card (sixth card) decide who wins the pot.

Neil Hohmann
2013-03-07 20:35:58

I was involved in a five card stud, low card in my hand wild (deuce). I had a deuce down, and an eight showing. The dealer errantly turned over my card, rather than face down, revealing a deuce. Someone at the table said a professional gambler in Vegas had told him that the card MUST be burned. If dealt the deuce, I would have had three eights and won the hand. I always thought the option to receive the card rested with the one to whom the card would be dealt. Could you please clarify.

2013-03-01 23:30:28

can you please send me the rulls on split pots like if i have a k and 10 he has k and 6 and after the river on the bord is k Q 9 7 A. the 10 plays over his 6. right. we have players that they play ther 2 chld cards then the 3 on the bord. please send when it is and is not a ssplit. that its the best 5 cards useing hold cards and whats on the bord. thank you

2013-02-26 20:38:11

If someone goes all in after the flop and doesnt have the blind covered (ex. Player has 6,000 in chips and goes all in and the blinds are 4,000 and 8,000) do the remaining players that call have to only put in 6,000 or 8,000?

Raema Tallio
2013-02-17 11:06:01

If a players tells what their winning hand is before the remaining players call a bet , what should happen ?? Is that players hand then called a dead hand ?

Charles Zemaitis
2013-02-09 10:26:31

In the 3 card game of Monte poker some players claim that a
straight beat a flush?

2013-01-30 16:08:13

Playing five card draw there are two players left player 1 bets and player 2 folds then player 1 puts his cards down and we noticed he has 6 cards Who wins ?

Alan s
2013-01-16 18:51:03

Is there a rule in a wpt sponsored event that states if a players answers their phone in a hand then the hand is considered dead?mif so, where can I find it in writing?

Ted Lister
2013-01-09 18:50:34

A betting sequence problem. After the flop, the small blind checks. As the player in the big blind contemplates, the player on his left places a bet (out of turn). What happens now if the big blind checks. (e.g. must the next player withdraw his bet and be required to check)??

2013-01-07 06:02:47

What is the reason why we don’t see the players hands before the flop during tournaments.

2012-10-09 05:55:18

if the player who has been offer to cut the pack just “taps” the deck, can another player demand that the pack be cyt?

Tony L
2012-06-27 20:41:45

Playing a tournament, 7 players left. The big blind is 2,000. Player next to big blind (3rd to be dealt) goes all in with 3,000. Not doubling the big blind, but raising it. Players 4 & 5 match the 3,000. Player 6 wants to raise to 7,500. Can player 6 raise or are they forced to only match the 3,000 because it was not a true raise of 2X the big blind?

anthony walsh
2012-05-28 08:00:01

While playing a game over the weekend, the game went down to three players. The person who was dealing was also small blind because people have been knocked out . One player said this can’t happen so dealer should skip the small blind spot. I disagree. why is ruling

2012-05-19 14:21:37

where are your answers?

2012-03-29 12:29:20

5 players left in no limit game. Blinds are $500 & $1000. Next two players to act muck their hands. Last player (the dealer) to act calls the $1000 big blind as does the small blind. The big blind goes all in with an additional $300 to a total of $1300. Does the deales and small blind ONLY call to the $1300 or do they have to “double” the raise to $2000 creating a side pot?
HELP – big concern on which way is proper.

2012-03-17 15:24:53

Can you bluff a call just to see the reaction Lets say i bet 200 but i dont put it over the line but notice the guy next to me picks up 200 to put in, can i
then change my mind a say check?

2012-02-28 19:21:11

this is crazy, why arn’t the answers next to the questions?

2012-02-28 00:47:08

The scenario: player 1 bets 100, player 2 calls, player 3 goes all in for less, say 50. Is player 1 permitted to go all-in even though the original bet has not been exceeded?

2012-02-26 20:00:51

What was the answer to Andy’s question as for P1’s options after P3 went all in for 4250, which was less then a full raise. Can he go all in for all his chips at this point?

Karon Cardone
2012-02-26 07:16:21

If there is a straight on the table (A2345) and 1 player has pair of queens and the other player has an Ace and a 3, who wins the pot? I say split the pot, my husband says Im wrong. I tell him make the best hand (5 cards out of 7) and the best 5 cards win and in this case the best 5 cards were on the table, both players win right?

2012-02-26 03:23:29

In a tournament with 3 players left Player one goes all in for $1000 player two goes all in for $5000 and Player 3 who has them both covered calls them both. Player 3 wins. player 1 Had a better hand then player two but less chips. How do you determine who gets second place?

2012-02-24 09:05:50

Question: Two players have a King High Flush, with the King showing. Since both players have a flush, but neither has a card higher than the King, is the pot split; or does the player with the higher diamond take the pot?

2012-02-24 00:54:58

This question is regarding tournament play.
Blinds 300-600
Pre-flop P1: Raises to 4000
P3: Goes all in 4250
What are P1’s options at this point? Can P1 raise?

2012-02-22 19:45:50

Can you talk about your own hand ,,,,, say you have something when you don’t, or tell everyone exactly what you need.
Is this legal?

Tracy Thurdin
2012-02-12 05:42:09

If thr dealer shuffles the cards after dealing out 2 cards to each player is that a misdeal?

Paul K
2012-02-11 14:11:12

2 people in a hand I check the river she goes all in with my cards in front of me while thinking I tap the table and ask her how high her flush is hoping to get info. The table says that I folded because I tapped the table while asking her hand. My intent was info not a decision. She showed her cards. Was my hand folded?

Alan Danelson
2012-02-09 19:53:52

On the flop the dealer burns a card and flops four cards up (two players, one all in, and a caller pre-flop)

Ed Erickson
2012-02-07 12:07:54

Do cards read themselves?? In other words…..if you say “I have 2 pair”, When you really have a full house. The full house counts, correct?? Just wondering…..thanks.

2012-02-04 03:22:39

If a player shows his two cards to either a player who is not in the hand or to a spectator what is the rule, regards James

ken imy
2012-02-03 09:31:13

If a player sits down at a table, and he would be the blind immediateky, must he play, or may he sit out ubtil the deal passes him? Please answer by email.

Robert Mandel
2012-01-25 11:43:29

There were two players left in the game, the dealer dealt the cards, the players both went all in, the cards were turned over, the one player had two jacks and won the hand, but the other player had muchked her cards already and later decided she had a straight, how do you play that out?

Robert Man
2012-01-25 11:35:24

There were two players left in the game, the dealer dealt the cards, the players both went all in, the cards were turned over, the one player had two jacks and won the hand, but the other player had muchked her cards already and later decided she had a straight, how do you play that out?

2012-01-24 17:36:39

Four players left in a Tourney, P4 busts out leaving this:

P1: Dealer Button and little blind
P2: little blind
P3: big blind

Question is where is the action? Is it on the dealer as it would be in heads up play when the dealer is also the little blind? Is it on P2 since they are left of the dealer? or is it on P3?


2012-01-21 07:06:51

the rule is the bettor must show first and yes the dealer should enforce this

brian carey
2012-01-20 14:20:33

a player is heads up on the river.. he bets and is called..he always holds his cards and waits for the caller to show…if he loses …he always mucks his hand so nobody can see his hand… is it not the dealers job to make him show his called hand? everybodys sick of his slow roll muck.. what are the rules??

2012-01-20 05:17:04

please e-mail me an answer

2012-01-19 12:06:32

In what situation will there be two big blinds in a tournament???

2012-01-18 12:14:35

If player 1 has A of spades and 5 of diamonds player 2 has J of spades and 10 of spades and a flush come to the board who wins the hand?

2012-01-17 13:59:55

When you call a player’s bet after the river. Can he muck his cards? If he mucks his cards do you have to show your hand?

2012-01-15 15:25:20

if there are two pairs on the table from the five cards open on the table and player one has one pair in hand and the player two has no pair but his cards are higher, who wins? please send the response to my email address.

2012-01-15 15:22:52

if there are two pairs on the table from the five cards open on the table and player one has one pair in hand and the player two has no pair but his cards are higher, who wins?

harvey garcia
2012-01-15 10:22:56

iwas in a home game of texas holdem and i whent all in all fold but the dealer he called . when he whent to flip his hand he grabed two burn cards. now is the burn cards his hand or is his hand dead

Tom Hershberger
2012-01-08 08:28:29

We had three players in the action at the turn, after the bets are called player # 1 is all in and #2 and # 3 have more chips that can be played (there is no side pot at this time).
Before the dealer can proceed the player # 1 shows his hand -he has a King high straight.
Player #3 want’s a ruling (is player # 1’s hand dead – he exposed to the other players his hand – which is against our house rules)
Or is his hand live but exposed (this affects player # 2 and #3 in trying to get a side pot payoff)
Normally a hand exposed is alive in our house rules but subject to the others players action (such as a raise needs to then be called). This is different since he is all in.


Rocky McCormick
2012-01-07 17:57:10

If a person is sitting out and makes the money do they win that prize? For example: Payouts go to first, second and third. If the person sitting out gets third place and isn’t at the table when the fourth place finisher goes out who gets the third place winnings? Does it go to the person who finishes fourth, split between first and second or does that person have the oppertunity to collect third place winnings at a later time?

francis jusayan
2011-12-24 03:25:07

after the flop, the 1st player raised $50, the 2nd player goes all in with $60.. the 3rd player and all the other players called the $60 bet. but the 1st player raised again? can he still raise or he can only call the remaining $10?

2011-12-22 07:31:23

can a player intice another player to act in one way or the other

2011-12-19 18:04:58

once a player calls a bet can he for any reason take the call out of the pot. ie: he shorted the call even though he had enought chips and when notified of the shortage he decides to pull his chips out of the pot.

2011-12-17 17:46:34

Is it allowed to tell another player you have lets say pocket aces to get him to fold but you dont

2011-12-17 05:54:28

3 players left in tournament and everyone is all in. Chip leader is dealer and wins hand. Other 2 players started hand with exactly the same number of chips. Who gets 2nd and who gets 3rd?

Mil D
2011-12-10 20:45:21

Question. I am curious to know what the rules are when playing double omaha. Player number one is dealt three jacks and a king. The first flop shows a jack, a nine, and a two. Second flop shows a queen, an ace, and a five. The third turn shows an eight. the river shows a three. Can player number one call four of a kind?

2011-12-04 16:19:28

Is there a rule about betting concerning the best possible hand? I have been told that in tournament play, if you are the last person to act and you have the absolute nuts, then you can be penalized if you check that hand. You must bet it. I have also been told that if someone bets into you, and you are the last to act, and you have the nuts, then you must raise the bet or you will be penalized. Are these two situations in the official rules, or is this a rule made up by the poker room?

Kevin Carpenter
2011-12-03 17:23:24

Are you allowed to flip your cards during game play after a bet has been made showing your opponent your cards before you decide what you are going to do? I think it should be an automatic fold. Can you please get back to me as soon as possible because this has happened more than once at our games. Thanks.

2011-12-01 22:41:10

There are three players left in the game. We have a pay out for only first and second player.
Here is the senerio: One player (chip leader) has 40 chips and calls “all in” player two has 30 chips and makes the call, and then player three has 24 chips and too calls all in. Chip leader has a straight, player two has a pair of jacks and player three has a pair of nines. We know the chip leader won both of them for first place, but who gets second? The one with more chips or the one who had the better hand. Please advise or is it split for 2nd.

Pat Bunch
2011-11-30 10:44:00

There are three players left in the game. We have a pay out for only first and second player.
Here is the senerio: One player (chip leader) has 40 chips and calls “all in” player two has 30 chips and makes the call, and then player three has 24 chips and too calls all in. Chip leader has a full boat, player two has a pair and player three has three of a kind. We know the chip leader won both of them for first place, but who gets second? The one with more chips or the one who had the better hand. Please advise.

2011-11-27 22:26:45

How do you determine Who gets third and fourth place when you and the other person who has also gone all in has the same chip count and the same hand, and a third person takes you both out. We are in a league and this was a arguement for the night, do you just split the third place winnings and points or do you go by who went all in first would get the 4th place and who went all in second would get third place? Remember same hand and same chip count and neither won. Please help!!

yvon emond
2011-11-26 10:16:43

no-limit TEXAS hold-em home tournament. Players deal in turn. Cards are dealt. I am the small blind. 3 limpers ahead of me. I complete the big blind and the big blind checks. I pick up an open-ended straight draw. I check the flop;
all players check. The burn card is placed next to the first burn card, below the flop cards, and the turn card is put on the table. I make a pot-sized bet. Everyone folds to the button. He decides to look as his hole cards before making his decision but he picks-up the two burn cards instead of his hole cards and says “those are not my cards” and shows them to me. He then picks his hole cards and then calls my bet. An argument starts. I say his hand is dead. I should win the pot. Other players have divided opinions. The tournament host is puzzled, never saw that situation. Suggest that maybe we could stop the hand, I take back my met and we divide the rest of the pot. We do that but I feel that I have been wronged,

2011-11-24 22:48:47

if i were in a cash game and at the turn (3 players left) i bet say at a 1$-2$ small blind big blind 4$ and the guy after me calls and the guy after that has 7$ left and goes all in, can i reraise,the reason i am asking is cause the amount reraiased after my raise didnt double my raise so i can only call not raise

@ Jules Forrest
2011-11-21 03:44:47

If a hand is declared dead, it cannot continue. If a hand continues, it cannot be declared dead from the previous point. your dealer screwed up big time.

Any time revealing your cards can affect the action, regardless of the player’s position or action, it must be addressed. If a player folds and declares what he had, or shows, with other players yet to act, it can affect betting for the remaining players. I did see the scenario you described at the WSOP. In this case, the floor manager allowed the hand to continue normally, but as a disciplinary measure forced the played to sit out the next round, effectively folding his blinds and antes.

Jules Forrest
2011-11-20 20:30:38

I would like to know the most appropriate rule for the following situation. I would also appreciate an email letting me know when you have put up an answer to this.

If a player accidentally exposes his hole cards, are they considered dead or live?

Here is the actual detail of why I am asking the question, in case it explains the reason for the question more clearly.

Pre-flop, there is one small raise, and three callers, meaning four players are involved at the flop. Flop comes down 10s 2h 4h. First to act checks, seat 2 goes all-in, seat 3 calls all-in (for less) seat 4 folds, and action moves back to seat 1. Before seat 1 acts, seat 3 accidentally tables his hand in anticipation of the show-down with seat 2, not realizing seat one hadn’t folded. The exposed cards are still in front of the player, and he turns them back over realizing it was an accidental early exposure, he then checks that both remaining players saw the cards (10h 7h) and seat one decides to fold. The first player all-in then reveals his cards as does the errant player, as they are the last two remaining players at showdown. The turn and river ARE dealt, one of which is Ah and therefore the flush beat the two-pair (seat two had 10 2). The dealer then says the player that accidentally exposed his cards has a dead hand, and awards the pot to seat 2.

The question is; is this ruling correct? I have always been of the belief that exposed cards are NOT dead, whether deliberately or accidental, but especially in this situation where it almost certainly was accidental. Also if the hand was dead, then why did the dealer deal out the turn and river without declaring the hand dead before. I appreciate that every house can have differences in rules, but would would be the case in the most widely used rules for No-limit Texas Holdem?

Many thanks in anticipation.

2011-11-20 03:15:27

My question is about this hand. We checked down to the last card which I hit and bet. My opponent said “Fold” and did not cover my bet. She said,” good bet because I didn’t have anything”, and showed her hand. I I said “I hit the 8” and showed her my hand and tossed my cards to the dealer face down. The dealer said I lost because I mucked my cards. I pointed out that she didn’t cover the bet and had said fold and I didn’t have to show my cards. He gave her the pot..
What are the correct rules in this situation.

2011-11-14 07:24:04

what happens when a player accidentally shows there cards too early. Is it just a show down and winner takes the pot or is it a split pot no matter the out come?

2011-11-13 07:23:35

In a home game of poker, among five players playing no-peek, two players have dropped out. Of three remaining players, one has expose all their cards and then notices they are short a card (This player even with another card would not win). Each of the other players have one unturned card……..when their card is exposed one player has four Queens the other three Jacks. My questions are should/could a mis-deal be called at this point in the game? If yes, what happens to the money in the pot? If no, would the four Queens be the winning hand?

Dick Jones
2011-11-13 01:45:12

blinds 1000,2000. Small blind posts 1000, big blind 1700 all in. What are subsequent betting requirements

2011-11-11 01:07:04

If a player mucks his cards and they are accidentally exposed, how long must they reamin exposed?

2011-11-04 21:52:04

The other night i was playing a 5-10 game down in south florida.I was on the button with AK of hearts it was a fairly aggresive game with alot of straddles of 25 and opening raises to 100 or more. so in this particular hand first bet opens to $140 next player to my right who is very lose makes it $450 I move all in with $1175 long story short we all get it in pre flop. origanal raiser has $1050 other player has us both coverd. so we all decided to run out 2 full boards. the big stack had AQ and the short stack had AK. first board guy hits queen second board we hit the king. floor made ruling that we all get our money back and chop up the other dead money. so we move on to the next hand after about 20 mins of them trying to figure out the correct ruling. then in the middle of the next hand the guy stops gmae and floor comes back over and decides that the big stack should of got 1/3 of each of our stacks. ive never seen anything like this the floor makes a ruling and then changes it in the middle of the next hand. just want to know what the correct ruling. because at this point i have thought myself into a circle.

2011-11-02 02:21:08

Can people that are sitting at the final table, but not playing, allowed to call hands?

Dee Pastor
2011-11-02 02:15:35

There were two players left in the game, the dealer dealt the cards, the players both went all in, the cards were turned over, the one player had two jacks and won the hand, but the other player had muchked her cards already and later decided she had a straight, how do you play that out?

2011-10-28 16:58:02


Yeah, generally if the cards even touch the muck pile they are considered dead. However, it always comes down to the TD’s ruling. If, for example it was 100% obvious which cards belonged to your opponent (they were only just touching the muck, or not at all) then the TD may decide to pull them out.

I’d say you got screwed a little bit in this spot because once a player mucks, his hand is usually just called dead right there.

2011-10-27 00:16:24

Question. I was reciently knocked out of a tournament.
first round of a home game.blinds 50/100.
Dealers raises to 450 gets two callers. Neither callers are in the blinds.Flop is 4h6d7h first to act raises to 3100 gets on caller me. I flop a set of 66 dealer folds.Turn is a Qh first to act shover all in. I insta call. he flips his cards into the muck and says you win. The TD pulls the cards out and claimes the cards have to be shown and they are still live. the river is the 10s. He has me covered I am out. I understand his cards have to be shown. But once he folds them and they enter the muck shouldn’t they be dead?

Joe Rechtien
2011-10-20 05:54:11

In a heads up showdown, which player is the big blind?

2011-10-09 14:48:53

If im small blind and the player to the left of me goes all in and loses and he is out of the game,who becomes small blind,as it would of been his turn to be small blind.

Jason Kopp
2011-10-06 02:49:20

A raise of less than half the previous bet can be completed but not raised in limit games. How is that raise handled in no limt? Example: player 1 bets 10, player two raises all in with 13, player 3 raises all in 40. player 4 complains that player 3 can only complete player 2 bet to 20 total. player 3 argues you can not stiffle his betting ability and has the right to push all in. i would appreciate an email very much

2011-10-03 04:48:56

To Kathy: If player B can’t/don’t want to count or didn’t hear your request, the Dealer is responsible. You have the right to know about any amount that is in play.

2011-10-03 04:40:20

To Angela: It’s a splitpot. Draw, no one wins. If the board (flop,turn and river) would have shown: 773 4 9, player A would win with a higher Full House 77744.

2011-10-03 04:33:22

To Dale Fischer: If the Dealer didn’t act (call,raise…) before the cutoff’s all-in, he has all options (call,raise…). In some house rules the minimum raise in that case would be 14’000 (8000bb to 11’000all-in=3000. 11’000+3000=14’000). By some it’s 22’000.

2011-10-02 16:52:03

When you are playing a game at home and one of the players says he has one pair and you think you have him beat but then he says he really has 2 pair, who wins.

2011-09-14 22:42:54

Each one player A and player B have full-houses of 7 7 7 9 9. Player’s A cards are 7 and 4, player’s B – 7 and 3. Which one looses?

2011-09-12 08:32:19

Player A goes all in. Player B asks for a chip count. The deal is rotated, so ther is not a permanent dealer. Player A ignores the request from Player B. Player B asks again for a chip count. Player A again ignores the request. Who is responsible to give Player B the chip count?

2011-09-01 15:21:51


A beginner Texas holdem poker player violates unwritten league rules during a nightly tournament. No penalty was imposed on the player by the tournament director even though according to the poker rules, he was aware that a penalty should have been promptly enforced during that tournament.

After several months, the league had a final first season playoff for a $3500 prize. I was declared the winner, given a plaque and was to be awarded at the end of August a $3500 seat to be played at Borgata in sept. In that final tournament, I did not violate any of his unwritten rules.


Nine months after the final first season tournament, does the Tournament Director have the right to declare the winning player DQ’d?

I fairly won in a playoff among 40 invited league players a $3500 seat at borgata in Sept. But now nine months later, on the night that I was to be given the prize, the TD wrote an email to me telling me he won’t give me the promised money to register because of unwritten league rule violations in the 2010 early-on league nightly tournaments during which he never penalized me. Strange also, the TD offered to pay me $2000 for my prized Borgata poker seat and that he was keeping $1500 for himself to pay for league expenses. The TD concluded his email by stating that he would follow procedures to have my husband and myself banned from poker venues.

2011-09-01 14:42:52

A player is betting all in after the river card and is being checked by another player.
Since he was bluffing he does want to show his cards and announces that he lost.
Does he has to show his cards?

2011-08-27 07:53:59

High hand jackpot quad 10s or better…both hole cards must play. Would the following hand win jackpot? Hole cards As 9c….board. Ah Ad Ac 8h 9c

dale fisher
2011-08-27 01:37:57

4 players in the hand: SB,BB,Cutoff,D… blinds are 4000-8000
cutoff moves all-in with 11,000…. what can the dealer do? we know what he should do since he has action behind him but since its not a actual raise can he reraise or just call?

2011-08-23 14:41:54

During betting a player shows hand thinking everyone else has dropped out but there is still a player in. What happens now?

Tom Welch
2011-08-22 22:28:06

when playing in a local tournament they insist on maintaining the big blind above all else so if a player who was due to be the small blind on the next hand goes out the player who was the dealer is the dealer again and there’s no small blind. I’ve seen this happen twice and leave the same person as the dealer three times. It also resulted in a short stack being the big blind with no small blind so where there should have been two compulsory bets of 300 and 600 there was only one bet of 200. Is this right? I’d really appreciate an email on this.

2011-08-15 20:20:32

In a house game someone… there was two people left in the hand. Player A pushed all in and player B had him more than covered. Player B was deciding what to do and turned his cards over directly next to his cards debating whether or not to call the all in bet. Player A took his cards and all cards dealt and shoved them into a big pile so that the hand could not be finished out. Was this proper etiquate and are Player B’s cards considered dead as a result of them being showed. There was absolutely no sign of folding by Player B

Glen Pierce
2011-08-15 18:51:12

I was involved in an all in at a home game tournament, I was all in and several others were too…one of the players asked me what I had and I jokingly said “I have aces”. When we all showed down, my hand was declared ‘dead’ because I told the truth… and was told that in this game you are only allowed to lie-and telling the truth is illegal. I have never heard of this before, thoughts?

Barbara Bridges
2011-08-15 07:24:06

After the flop, player A raises $100.00 big blind , then can I raise big blind plus $50.00?

2011-08-13 10:55:10

I hold pocket pair 3’s, opponent has jack queen. The table turns up 467a7a. Do I win because I held a pair in my hand before the board or does opponent win with two pair and higher card with his queen?

2011-08-11 03:20:27

There are three players left in the game. We have a pay out for only first and second player.
Here is the senerio: One player (chip leader) has 40 chips and calls “all in” player two has 30 chips and makes the call, and then player three has 24 chips and too calls all in. Chip leader has a full boat, player two has a pair and player three has three of a kind. We know the chip leader won both of them for first place, but who gets second? The one with more chips or the one who had the better hand. Please advise.

Shayne Desilets
2011-08-10 14:17:44

Player A is utg with 4500 chips. The blinds are 2000-4000. Player A calls preflop. Player B calls in the cut off. Player C calls on the button. Player D calls in the small blind, and Player E checks as the big blind. There is 20 000 in the pot. The flop comes out. SB (Player D) checks as does the BB (Player E). Player A goes all in for 500. Player B calls the 500. Player C calls the 500. Player D then goes all in for 80 000 chips. Everybody folds. Player D then declares that the pot is short because everybody who called owes the big blind instead of just the 500. It is my understanding that you must call the big blind pre flop, however, post flop you only need to call the all in. Do all the callers of Player A need to call 4000 or just 500?

2011-08-06 05:39:39

Is it illegal in a live game to have your cards hidden behind your hands?

2011-08-05 16:04:29

some told me a natural pair which is in your hand (the cards that was dealt to you) always win if your opponent catches a higher pair on the flop, turn , or river… so say i have a pair of jacks at the beginning and they have a queen and 10…the flop comes queen, 7, 2…turn card 5, river card 8….now there telling me that since the had a “natural pair” in their hand, the jacks that that beats the queen….is that true or not?

2011-08-01 19:54:43

in a game with the blinds 3000 and 6000, after the flop the first player to act goes all-in for 2000 .Can the next player just call the 2000 or must he bet at least the big blind of 6000

Don Sharp
2011-07-30 01:39:02

Three players left in tournament. Dealer, small blind, big blind. Dealer is all in and loses. Now heads up between small blind and big blind. Question. who is the dealer for the FIRST hand of heads up? My understanding is that no one can be big blind twice in a row.

matthew callaghan
2011-07-29 16:52:55

when playing in a local tournament they insist on maintaining the big blind above all else so if a player who was due to be the small blind on the next hand goes out the player who was the dealer is the dealer again and there’s no small blind. I’ve seen this happen twice and leave the same person as the dealer three times. It also resulted in a short stack being the big blind with no small blind so where there should have been two compulsory bets of 300 and 600 there was only one bet of 200. Is this right? I’d really appreciate an email on this.

2011-07-29 06:53:07

Say you have $1 and your opponent has $5 and he bets $3. What do you do? You don’t have enough money. Thanks a lot!

2011-07-13 20:59:34

I am dealing, small blind to my left goes all in and loses, do I not deal again and the small & big blind move forward from the left of the player who went out and would have been the dealer?

Martin L
2011-07-10 14:59:16

I am a novice. Recently, I declared what I thought I had in my hand but understated it. The cards were then checked and my ‘winning’ hand was recognised. However, because I had declared a weaker (losing) hand, I was told that I lost. What is the correct rule — you win or lose according to the hand you declare, or the hand you have? Thank you.

2011-07-05 15:58:29

if at a showdown i go all in can the other player left show his cards to everyone at the table even if no comments by others are made while he is deciding to call or not

Christopher Glenn Nanton
2011-06-29 07:34:12

I recently was playing torney game in the final table. player A makes bet, player B (me ) calls an all-in, player C also calls an all-in, player A calls all-in. I player B had the least amount of chips, player C had more chips, player A had most chips. Player A won the hand, BUT my hand player B , was better than player C hand , my question is in terms of final place ranking who is ranked higher player B or player C ? as we both lost hand ?

2011-06-28 22:41:12

4 players left, I go all in, 1 player drops out and the other 2 call. Both players check on the flop and 4th street. When the river card is turned 1st player checks, I turn my hand over and the 2nd player says he wants to bet at the 1st player, the 1st player says he can’t call. 2nd player then says that because my cards were exposed before he had chance to bet that I am disqualified even though I have the best hand. Is this right.

2011-06-26 19:38:06

There are five players who check all the way to the river. The second player to act exposes his hand before all the other players bet. The fourth player bets. Is the players hand still in play that was exposed cause he had the winning hand.

Dave Francis
2011-06-25 19:02:48

Four Player are left in a tourney. Player 1 is SB and antes $300. Player 2 ib BB and is all in for $500. Player 3 bets out $2,000. Player 4 reraiises to $10,000. Player 1 SB folds. Player 3 folds.
The Pot adjusts to $1,800 and Player 4 rakes $1,500 from Player 3’s bet. Player 2 won the showdown for $,1800 while Player 4 won $1,000 with his losing hand. Is this all correct?
bet. Is this correct.

Michael Moore
2011-06-21 13:00:32

Could you tell me what the rule is in the following scenario; Three players are left and the river has been turned, the first player places his bet and the second player calls they then both show their hands without allowing the third person to act. What should the adjudicators decision be?

2011-06-21 10:57:05

I went all in with about 500 in chips againest a player that had 100 in chips when I bet. He then reached down to the chair next to him and brought onto the table enough chips to cover me. The mgr said since he had those chips on the table when the hand started, he is allowed to bring them back onto the table.

I only saw the hundred and would not have gone all in had I known he had chips off the table he could return.

Who is right?

2011-06-18 02:00:30

What is the rule for a player that is always talking about the hand or saying he is going to raise before his turn

2011-06-13 01:17:16

Blinds are $2000 and $4000 in a hold em tourney. Five players left. Player a is first to act and declares all in for $3800 $200 less than big blind player b folds , player c folds, small blind folds, and big blind throws his cards in a poker action that appears he is folding, the dealer declares he can not fold since the all in is for less the big blind and pushes his crds which clearly went over the card and cash line. Big blind states he is folding but is told he cannot just fold and the hand is run. Question should the big blinds cards have been folded and the all in bettor awarded the small blind $2000 and the big blind $3800 of it???? If obvious fold action and cards go over cash/card line is this a poker action and cards should be folded no matter what stakes are on table??

2011-06-11 20:25:29

when a player SAYS all in and puts in half the stack…what is he obligated to do?

Cledwyn Llewellyn
2011-06-05 08:53:03

after the 1st game of a tourny completed,1 player was KO`d,1 player amost tripled his chips,,someone asked if the cards had been counted,,it was found that the deck only contained 50 cards..what would be the solution

2011-06-02 16:34:50

in a no-limit tournament, if a player goes all-in pre-flop, can other players (with more chips) go all in as well or can they just call?

2011-06-01 17:14:14

whar is rule against betting out of turn

2011-05-27 20:06:32

When playing a live cash game, can a player show both of there cards to another player while there still in the hand?

Ned Beharic
2011-05-18 03:33:05

On the river I bet, the player didn’t say call & didn’t place chips on pot. He just opened his cards because he has bigger straight than me, then dealer gave him pot. I think player misread his hand, didn’t know that he have best possible hand otherwise he would go all in. Supervisor ruled in his case even he didn’t say call or didn’t put chips in pot because he have better hands than me. Question: How can he win the pot without saying call or betting chips in the pot, he just open his cards & dealer push chips towards him. Supervisor eventually ruled on his favor because he has better hand. Million thanks for your time!

2011-05-13 21:54:13

In any poker game where theres community cards to be shown
(open) in sequence…if dealer accidently opens 2nd comm. card
instead of first, is this considered misdeal OR play continues with 2nd card exposed, than next card to open would be 1st card?

David Dobbs
2011-05-12 07:18:39

in a cash game, is it alright for a player to speak something other then english at the table, weather in or out of the hand. we are playing at an english only table

2011-05-08 07:21:39


2011-05-03 09:45:01


Well, since this is a home game it may be acceptable for another player to step in and play someone else’s stack. This would obviously never be allowed in a casino and it’s against the rules for online as well. The best way to deal with this would be to just chop the first and second place money accoriding to how many chips each player has. So for example, if there’s £150 in total up for grabs, and the chip leader has 75% of the chips in play, he should take £112 and the rest can go to second place.


In this case, since the cards were face-up and seen by the dealer and everyone else, it shouldn’t matter that they went in the muck. Like all decisions though, it’s up to the tournament director to make a ruling.


It is our understanding that in an all-in situation the raise must be a full raise in order to open the betting for other raises. In this case the all-in is not a full raise and so the remaining players may only call.


Since this is a made-up game we’re really not sure about the rules. If we had to call it we’d say the last guy in the pot wins by default.

2011-05-02 17:03:10

Heads up, home game. £100 1st place, £50 2nd.
Player announces he has to leave & asks someone else to play his chips. Remaining player is chip leader. Regardless weather more hands are played or not does remaining player automatically claim 1stb place?

shirley willis
2011-04-30 16:44:34

texas holdem tourney.play down to 2 players. flop 8 3 7 hearts player 1 goes all in player 2 calls both players put their cards face up on table player 1 has A J hearts for a flush player 2 has pocket 3’s for trips .turn is 9S river is 7D player 2 thinks he loses and picks his cards up and throws them face down in the muck throwing away his full house. who wins the hand?

2011-04-29 23:38:55

I have a question about a scenario i’m not sure about. Say the blinds are 2000-4000 in NL Hold’em and a player in BB has 20,000. Its a limp pot and post flop someone raises 15,000 the player in BB now goes all in raising only 5,000 more on top of the original raise. Are the rest of the players available to raise on top of this 5,000 raise even though it does not complete a full raise?

Donald Bagnall
2011-04-29 22:29:24

We play a game called 73. it is a high low split game. To win low no card can be hifger than 7. You need 3 of a kind or better to win high. If all the players drop out and the only remaining player does not have a qualifying high hand (3 of a kind or better) does he win? If not do we then start over?

2011-04-27 19:35:08

@ Tim

A player must have cards to claim any portion of the pot. Since Player 1 has mucked he is not entitled to half the pot.

@ Allie

When you are playing heads-up the small blind is on the button and they act first before the flop.

Tim Norris
2011-04-27 02:50:49

Playing in a club texas hold em tourney. Play on this hand is down to two players. Flop comes 6-5-5, player one goes all in. Player two calls and has player one more than covered. Turn comes up 6 and the river comes up 9. Player two turns his cards over 3-3. Player one mucks his cards gets up and leaves the table to take himself out the computor. It is then discovered that the 3’s do not play on this hand. What is the ruling since player one mucked his cards.

2011-04-23 06:50:27

When there are only two people playing poker, would the dealer be small blind or big blind

2011-04-22 11:00:23

What if the 1st player to act checks the river (face down) and the second player is throwing the winning hand face up in the muck, (without declaration) what is the rule. Are the second players card still good? Tis happened duricg a cash game.

Thank you for your help.

2011-04-20 18:55:24

@ Chris Blamey

Yeah the cards are fine as long as they’re face-up. Even if they touched the muck pile, as long as they’re turned face-up and visible, they will play. The problem is when the cards are face-down and touch the muck, because then you can’t be sure which cards belong to the player.

chris blamey
2011-04-20 08:50:22

on decleration a player turns his cards face up an puts them on the table. They hit the shown cards in the middle ( not the muck pile) are these cards still in play or are they classed as being mucked

2011-04-19 23:42:08

@ Frankie

If the player to your right has cards it’s still his turn. He gets to make a decision even though he’s seen your cards. It’s up to each player to be aware of who is in the hand and whose action it is.

2011-04-19 20:31:01

I was playing in a home game. I think im heads up with another guy. I bet, he folds, I show my cards. However, the player too my right announces that he is still in play. What is the outcome?

2011-04-15 21:43:54

QUESTION: is there a rule that if after the play ends andyou show your cards to one player do you have to show the whole table? as in show one show all

Gavin Doodson
2011-04-13 01:43:35

In 7 man s’n’g game, 3 players left,

pre flop all three are all in

big stack wins the hand

who takes second, 2nd biggest stack or 2nd best hand (low stack)

ron west
2011-04-12 21:14:44

two players call, the third goes all-in for $1,000 everyone folds back to the first caller he calls the all-in for a $1,000, second caller then says all-in for his remaining $2,000. What is the rule governing this action and why?

2011-04-11 18:03:04

KKAQ8 beats KKA98
assuming no flushes, your queen plays and beats his 9

2011-04-11 14:30:57

I have KQ and other guy has K9
the 5 cards are KA385

he went all in, I called. and he claimed split pot.
Is it true?

Jerry Parrish
2011-04-11 01:34:52

Question, I turn up my hole cards prematurely, May I continue to bet or am I only allowed to call and or raise only after another player chooses to do so?
Thanks so much

2011-04-02 00:13:47


Assuming no flushes are possible, the player with Q-J would win. The winning hand is K-K-A-Q-J (beats K-K-A-Q-7)

2011-04-01 23:38:09

If K K A 3 6 were on the board, I had Q7 P2 had QJ who would win the pot?

Dick Scott
2011-04-01 18:04:15

where are the answers to the questions/comments

2011-03-21 16:38:17

@ Tosca

The important thing is to make sure no one pays double blinds. If the big blind is eliminated, for example, the next hand will have no small blind, just a big blind, and the hand after that will have a “dead button” meaning the button is on the empty seat and the two players to the left of that are the blinds.

Remember, something’s wrong if a player has to pay the same blind twice in one orbit!

2011-03-20 06:20:50

What happens when someone is out that would have been small or big blind or dealer? For example, when someone who was small blind goes out, the one after him is small blind then, like he would have been if the person not would have gone out, right?

2011-03-16 00:27:37

@Linda Shelton

Not 100% sure on this one.

You are all-in as a result of seeing the flop and not the prematurely exposed turn card.

A player has folded maybe as a result of your all-in bet – or possibly on having seen the turn card – i think regardless of this if his cards have hit the muck – thats where they stay (unless its a friendly homegame and you can definately establish which were his cards)

The reshuffle of the cards was correct as was the continued dealing of the cards.

I think that because your bet was made before the dealing error was made the bet should stand.

The question is – Did all the players see the exposed turn card?? – if not i think they should of before it was shuffled back into the deck. Then no player has any more information than any other – remember that exposed card has as much chance of being dealt back out as any of the others in the remaining pack.

anyone else out there help with this one??

2011-03-16 00:09:24

@Andy Toms 2011-03-12

I found these rules

12.A verbal statement denotes a player’s action, and is binding. If in turn a player verbally declares a fold, check, bet, call or raise, he is forced to take that action.

13.Rapping the table with one’s hand (or waving it) is considered a check.

14.Deliberately acting out of turn is not tolerated. Details on how to deal with an action out of turn vary depending on the house rules in play.

15.A player who bets or calls by releasing chips into the pot is bound by that action, unless the dealer failed to announce a raise of a bet preceding the play. If the player is unaware of the previous bet, and the dealer has NOT announced it, the player may take his bet back if he wishes.

16.Some poker rooms rule that any forward motion with chips is a binding bet, or call.

17.String bets are not allowed. A player must place her total bet (call + raise) in the pot in one motion. She cannot return to her stack to grab more chips while betting.

18.The only exception to the above rule is if the player has verbally declared her bet before she begins the physical action.

19.If a player puts a single chip in the pot that is larger than the bet, but does not announce a raise, her bet is always considered a call.

20.All wagers and calls of an improperly low amount must be brought up to proper size if the error is discovered before the betting round has been completed.

so in your situation it really does depend whether you actually declared a raise or not and if the dealer then confirmed your action.

2011-03-16 00:01:51

@Sue 2011-03-12

I’m not sure of this one – there are lots of rules about the right dealer making a mistake – but none that i can find about the wrong person dealing with the wrong deck of cards

I suppose common sense says either kill that hand and deal from the correct place with the correct cards or play the hand to its completion – but then it depends on the position of the blinds etc.

– but i’m not sure!!! – sorry

can anyone else help with this one??

2011-03-15 23:53:13

@David 2011-03-11

You can play or fold as many hands as you like – its upto you which cards you play – as long as you can continue to pay the blinds and antes – there is no rules on this one.

2011-03-15 23:49:40

@blkjkmnc 2011-03-07

in this scenario the 2nd place goes to the player who had the most chips going into the hand.

2011-03-15 23:45:58

@George 2011-02-26

Yes this is the normal rule. It is upto each player to protect thier cards until the end of the hand if they are involved.

Checkout youtube – there is a clip on there of a French lady player who is sat next to the dealer – she declares all-in and pushes her chips in, she gets a few callers. You can then see the dealer sweep up her cards into the muck.

The floor declared the hand dead – the woman is distraught – its in the WSOP and she was holding AA!!


2011-03-15 23:38:03

@Robert Goodrich 2011-02-17

Take a look at these rules

1.A player must show all cards in the hand faceup on the table to win any part of the pot.

2.Cards speak, meaning regardless of what a player declares he has in his hand, he only has the hand denoted by his cards.

3.The dealer reads all hands, and declares the winning hand.

4.Players are responsible for holding onto their cards until the winner is declared.

5.Although verbal declarations as to the contents of a hand are not binding, deliberately miscalling a hand with the intent of causing another player to discard a winning hand is unethical, and may result in forfeiture of the pot.

Also regarding points 2 and 3 above – other players not involved in the hand really should not get involved with the calling of the hands – strictly speaking it should always be the dealer that makes the declaration.

2011-03-15 23:31:10

@John Doucette 2011-02-17

Sean answered a similar question to this some time ago. As i recall, his answer was somewhere along the lines that although to may appear to be poor etiqette to show expose your cards before showdown, if you are in a heads-up situation (just 2 people left in the hand) you can expose your cards when you like.

If you are playing against this player – like any info you can get in poker – use it to your advantage.

2011-03-15 23:14:16

@Everyone who looks here.

I’m not sure whats happened to Sean Lind who used to answer our queries on here?? but i for one love looking at other peoples questions and reading Seans answers.

I’m gonna take a crack at answering some of the most recent questions – or at least offer my opinion if i don’t know the exact answer – so don’t try to sue me if i’m not 100% correct 😉

2011-03-15 23:05:49

@Gerald 2011-02-17

In short – no.

A straight can be

A K Q J 10 – the Ace is ‘high’
A 2 3 4 5 – the Ace is ‘low’

linda Shelton
2011-03-12 12:36:41

4 players. I am sitting right of the dealer. i go all in. dealer mistakenly burns then exposes the turn card BEFORE other three players take any action. player to the left of dealer saw the exposed card and mucked. what is the solution? as it turned out, they had the dealer put the prematurely exposed card back in the deck, reshuffle, and let the other two players call or fold. then dealer continues with the turn, burn, river. Since other players saw a card that was supposed to be the turn card not go into play, it was to their advantage to make the call. Should I have been given the opportunity to withdraw my all-in bet since the deck was reshuffled in the middle of a hand?

Andy Toms
2011-03-12 09:46:01

Pre flop first go round if a player says raise but only puts in big blind is it classed as a call or do they have to then put in another value of at least big blind again. The reason for this is it was my turn I put in big blind but player to my left folded and then said he thought I said raise so he folded two more players thought I had said raise (which I hadn’t) and I was made to put in another big blind is this correct? Thanks Andy

2011-03-12 06:25:15

The person shuffling a deck gets confused, thinks he’s the dealer and lays out the flop. After the flop, a bet is made, the other person folds and then realizes that the flop came from the wrong deck of the non-dealer. How do you resolve it?

2011-03-11 06:04:10

I was playing and one of the players would fold for 10, 15, or more hands until he got the hole cards he wanted. Is this legal or okay? Please let me know. Thanks!

2011-03-07 21:04:49

question, if 3 people are all in. the player with the most chips wins all the chips and is first place winner. who is the second place.

the one with the next best hand, or the one who had the most chips going in?

2011-02-26 05:48:41

I was playing tournament and at final table. i was short stack and all in as small blind. Let table know i wasnt looking at cards til end of hand just to leave element of suspense. after the round of betting before flop, only big blind stayed in with me. while rounding up cards the dealer grabbed mine and were gpne before anyone really realized what happened. the floor came and informed me that i lose the hand and chips because im expected to protect my cards and thus i was out of tournament. is this a normal rule

robert goodrich
2011-02-17 17:38:45

i dont know how often this happens but it happened to me last night….
all comunity cards were showing, all bets were done, we all showed our cards, i didnt realize i had a flush until someone
around the table said, hey, you have a flush ! i won the pot
taking it away from another player who had thought he won.
he wasnt happy,comenting that he would have won the pot if
the other player had not said anything. is there a rule covering
this situation….it was texas holdem no limit…
thanks, rob

john doucette
2011-02-17 15:16:16

2 players in the hand. After the turn card is dealt one player turns his cards up…..is his hand mucked or can he finish play with his cards exposed?

Thanks so much

2011-02-17 04:06:14

Can a straight be jack,queen,king,ace, then back to two????

2011-02-15 16:28:05

I was playing heads (Live, not on the internet) when my opponent started going all in every hand (blind) without looking at his cards and turning my edge over him into a pick a hand and gamble with it.

Is this breaking any rule or is it ok?

2011-02-12 05:06:27

At start of hand ten or more cards are missing from the deck. This is a tournament. Two hands later the missing cards are discovered. The losing player wants their chips back because he played the hand heads up and the table knows what the betting was for the hand. What should be done?

2011-02-05 06:05:55

If a player throws in his hand face up and says “I have nothing” but then another points out that he indeed has a winning straight. Does he win or has he folded?

2011-02-04 22:14:02

hi i have a question maybe you pro’s can help me out
me and my friends were playing poker last weekend and the following thing happend.

player 1:
player 2:
player 3:

table cards:

my question is who won the pot?
i thought the 1 whit 2 pairs in the hand but maybe i am wrong maybe you guys can help me out


Hank Vanderhooft
2011-02-01 17:04:52

After the first round of betting and betting begins on the flop, the first person to bet goes all in but only has half of the big blind. Can following players just call the all in or are they obligated to raise the bet to at least the big blind value? Thank you.

2011-01-31 02:53:15

If there is a straight on the board how do you determine the winner if only five cards play? and you still have two pocket cards and they don’t run with the straight on the board what do you do?

2011-01-30 10:33:33

Player 1 all in short stack. player 2 3 4 call. Flop comes p2 raises p3 4 fold. Are p3 4 eligible for first pot thanks

dale wyatt
2011-01-22 18:56:49

i am a seasoned poker player of over 40 yrs so this ? may sound crazy. we often play a game called 444 which is 4 cards face down to all players and 4 cards face down in the middle. bets are placed on the original 4 first and succeded by turning 1 card face up at a time and betting. we play this game because 12 players can play. i know you can use only your best 5 cards for a win but i would like to know some other facts about the game ie the # of possible hands from 8 aces down to the lowest “high” hand of (off suit). is it possible that there are 4,444? my math is horrible. lol thanks

jamie mcdermott
2011-01-20 01:28:14

whats the rule if the dealers forgets to burn a card then puts the flop out,

bob leslie
2011-01-18 16:41:48

what hapens when last card to be dealt to the button is exposed dose he get next off top or dose he get third from bottom off deck regarde bob. also dose a call or raise out of turn have to stand or can it be taken back this has been done thinking they where next to act regards bob…………

2011-01-17 03:50:42

when a player goes all-in but is short the blind, do the remaining players have to put in the full amount of the blind in a separate pot?

2011-01-13 03:59:06

Player continusly places cards on top of dealers cards, flop, turn and river when showing hand, does this make players hand “dead”?

2011-01-11 14:25:03

Kelly split the pot equally and if their is an odd amount chip left over no one gets that chip it stays for the next hand ante.

2011-01-11 14:17:54

useing wild cards and the ace is wild. person has J-Q-K-A-A and calls a straight saying his hand beats the next hand which is 10-J-Q-K-A because his two wild cards read A-A but to me that reads like a four card straight. their is no # higher than A so how can you say J-Q-K-A-A for a five card straight. Is their such a rule? I don’t like wild card playing

2011-01-11 01:15:39


Delmar Beals
2011-01-10 18:57:31

See “Don” 8-30-2010, this situation comes up all the time with use, please advise by email. Thasnks

2011-01-10 06:20:54

if a player goes all in and the next player turns his cards face up and said he is thinking of calling.then the next player folds,then the one with his cards face up said call.was it ok to turn the cards face up before calling.

2011-01-09 22:04:40


2011-01-09 21:51:46


2011-01-09 21:44:13

Game of High Low, how is the wild cards played, can you use them as any suit not to make a pair, or they have the same rules as regular poker. help

2011-01-09 10:04:00

Is there any limits to going all in ….incase
1) player 1 $ 100 bet player 2 goes all in $200…any limit to re raise the pot for player 1 or player 3

2) plyr 1 $ 100 bet plyr 2 goes all in $150…what can be re raised by the other players.

Ciaran McCann
2011-01-08 01:34:43

Must players verbally declare their hand when all betting is complete?

Must their first declaration be accepeted and cannot be changed?

2011-01-04 03:45:08

$1/$2 no limit cash game question ….player A bets 25 after the flop, player B raises to 65, player C goes all in for 85 …. can player A raise or is the betting capped at 85 because player B is all in?

Carl Floyd
2010-12-30 21:24:34

My question is about mulking your cards. Is there a mulk zone. Case scenario: Three players, one player all in, second player folds. Player all in encases cards in hand preventing the third player from seeing his cards, she now assume since there are no cards on the table that she has won the hand out right mulks her card, however, the cards are not tossed to the dealer, the cards are place face down near ther front edge of the flop. What’s the verdict. Thank you.

2010-12-24 00:23:04

after all betting is completed two players are left. Plsayer a reveals his cards and declares 2 pair. Player B smiles & declares a higher 2 pair. Suddenly player a realises he has a straight and claims the pot> player b says once a hand is declared you have to stick to it.

what ius ruling?

rick miller
2010-12-23 00:39:55

after the hand has been played in omaha, can one of the loosing players ask to see the non-played 2 cards in the winner’s hand?

jim koperski
2010-12-21 13:30:55

a player, in this situation he was the dealer made a bet but could not locate his two down cards(TEXAS HOLDEM). He threw his bet in and announced I am not sure what happened to my two down cards. We were the last two betters in the game. He said I am not sure if I threw them in the discards or I placed them on top of the deck or the bottom of the deck. He proceeded to look at the bottom of the deck and declared these are my two cards. With these cards he won the hand. I stated that when he did not know for sure where his cards where, his hand is dead at that time and he is not allowed to look in the deck or the discards. Who is correct? Thank You!

2010-12-16 16:06:45

if 2 players have full house,1 has three 2s and two As 2nd has three 4s and two fives,who wins?whose fullhouse is better?

2010-12-16 07:18:56

Poker Etiquette Question:

I was in a hand the other day. Chased a straight caught it on the river, so did the player acting after me. Player after him caught flush. He bets, I raise, 3rd player calls. Player with flush says “I can’t believe I am going to fold this” and flips cards. Both players with straights assume fold and show their cards. Player with flush states he was not folding and was going to call.

Are players with straight in the wrong?

2010-12-09 08:37:39

The cards are dealt with 100/200 blinds AJs is first to act and just calls. The next 2 players fold AK then just calls. Small blind folds and big blind got to see a free flop with 23 off suite. The flop comes out A23rainbow small blind checks to slow play. AJ bets AK pushes all in 23 immediately calls. When the cards are being shown an A stuck to the three then becomes unstuck leaving the small blind with 3 cards and a misdeal. I know that if there is action you’re suppose to play it through, but how with 3 cards?

2010-12-02 18:51:51

blinds were 200/400 8 people left,first person raised to 800,2nd person went all in for 900,it folded to the person before the small blind and he tried to reraise to 2400,but was told he could only go all-in or fold and the same applied to the small blind and big blind,is this correct,i didnt agree because these three players who havent had the chance to bet couldnt,all this happened preflop too

2010-12-01 02:02:20

Qusetion, whats the ruleing on….when dealer shows river card before all betting is done?

Kim Dexheimer
2010-11-25 08:14:50

In tournment play if a player, not the button, is dealt a single card by mistake and action past the blinds has taken place what is done with the players single card. Same question again except that a player was dealt three cards and doesn’t realize it until it’s their turn to act. How are these situations handled? Thank you.

Kim Hatsel
2010-11-18 14:49:53

After the river card is dealt, player one bets and player 2 goes all in. Player 1 didn’t hear the all in and only thought player 2 called the bet and shows his cards. Player 1 shows a Q high straight but player 2 still hasn’t shown his cards. Player 1 was given the option to call his all in and he did and won the hand. Should player 1’s hand have been dead or should player 2 have the option to pull back his all in and just call the raise?

2010-11-18 05:33:47

If there are 7 players in a texas holdem hand everyone has acted except the big blind. He raises and at the same time I flipped the first card of the flop( flip one card at a time I don’t roll them). The players complained because they seen the card and said they wouldn’t have called. They said it should have been put back into the deck and reshuffled. What was I supposed to do in this situation? Was I to leave it or give everyone their money back or take the card and put it back into the deck and reshuffle? Please help me with this question. I would really like to know the answer. Thank you!

Junior Boutin
2010-11-17 20:16:33

Just last night there were 3 of us in a pot. 2 short stacks, 1 big stack. All in going for third place. Big stack won the hand. One short stacks cards were better than the other’s. Who wins third place. Better cards or more chips going in to the hand?

2010-11-15 05:24:32

with two players or more going all in in cash game is it mandatory to expose your hand?

2010-11-09 05:26:51

In a tournament where the players deal themselves, what is the rule about placing the cards. I have seen it when the dealer will burn a card and place the flop face down then burn a card and place the turn face down and burn another card and place the river face down. This is all done before any betting happens. Is this allowed?

2010-10-26 18:30:14

A player goes all in out of turn, so the player before him only calls the bet. Can that player still go all in, or can they only call the bet since he went out of turn.

Shelly M Tollett
2010-10-19 03:56:30

In Texas Holdem tournament when only 3 players are left in the game, who gets the dealer button, small blind and big blind when each different person gets knocked out and it’s now heads up?

2010-10-14 01:05:55

Must the mucker on the river show his mucked cards if asked?
Three scenerios.
1. I bet, you call, you see that you lose, and muck. A player wants to see your cards.
2. I check the river, you check, see you are beat and muck your cards, and a player wants to see your mucked cards.
3. I raise the river after you bet, you call and see you are beat, You muck and a player wants to see your cards.

My understanding is that the player must show in all scenerios. Is that true is tournament and cash games, or am I wrong on all counts?

Please send the responce to my email.

matthew mccullock
2010-10-11 06:46:24

if there is three players and i am dealer if i get knocked out the player to my left gets a dead blind and the other player is big blind is that correct

2010-10-08 14:49:40

post flop, $800 blinds. First player to act goes all in with only $200. Next player to act, can he call the $200 or have to go the min bet of $800? (or raise/fold obviously)

Andy Stobbs
2010-10-07 09:45:15

Moving ones chips in without declaring it as a bet is it classed as bet. ?How far in front of him must a player place his chips when betting. ?

2010-09-28 19:07:55

are you allowed to say that a ace is high in texas holdem or are you not allowed to

2010-09-28 07:02:54

The dealer put the river down before all players acted and then mixed the rest of the cards with the dead wood… what do u do in that situation?

2010-09-25 02:39:36

just a simple question, lets say if is not your turn yet but you accidentally raised the bet, what happens? do you surrender your cards or play goes on as usual? and also what if it is not ur turn but u are just calling the bet, do you surrender ur cards too?

2010-09-24 15:33:12

Small local tourney…no prof dealer, floor, etc. Blinds 1K/2K. I’m in BB. Pre flop UTG+1 goes all in for 2600. UTG+2 calls the 2600. I argue if he wants to play he’ll have to make a min raise to 4K (with 2600 from all hands to main pot and rest to side pot). He argues all betting is now shut down because UTG+1 did not raise more than 50%. Of course, everyone to act after calls the 2600 knowing it can’t be raised and they are getting 6:1. I argue it is not right and that I (in the BB) have to have an option to raise. I get outnumberd at the table and only allowed to call the 2600. What is the correct ruling on this rare situation? Tks.

2010-09-23 19:27:02

This may sound like a dumb questions but last night I had a poker tournament with my friends. There was a dispute about what was fair and what wasn’t. Ok, let’s say that someone actually won the hand with a full house, but they did not realize it. (They thought they only had 3 of a kind and announced it.) Another player has a flush, and they thought they won, as they begin to take the pot. I said no the other person has a full house and they win. They player with the flush argued that once you call out what you have (in this case they called out 3 of a kind). That that is what you “have,” and you lose to the flush (even though they really had a full house). It was a big stink at my house. I wanna know what we really should have done….Thanks!

2010-09-21 01:25:11

two players were all in after the river.1st player shows his hand and has 2 pair.2nd player shows his hand and thinks all he has is one pair and tells 1st player he got(won) it.2nd player actually has a straight but didn’t realize it.all players pointed out that he actually had a straight and not just a pair.even though player 2 showed his cards does he still forfeit the hand because he didn’t see he had the straight and told player one he got it or does the dealer or possibly a judge make the final call?

2010-09-08 04:05:14


2010-09-05 02:40:50

in no limit holdem how or when does a side pot come about?

2010-09-02 13:45:26

Nope dan, id say the cards do not get flipped face up unless someone is there to claime the pot. I dont know Though.

I have a question, if your in a situation where your last to act and still have remaining chips. and the river is out only your say left to end the hand, and you check the nuts, do you get penilized? including heads up or multi players left. i seen it done before,

Mike The Mole
2010-08-30 20:07:51

During a Texas Hold Em’ hand only two players remain after the river card is dealt, player 1 then reveals/shows his cards to the other players who have already folded making sure the remaining player 2 does not see his cards. Player 1 then calls/bets his hand. Player 2 objects to this “revealing cards action” by Player 1 before betting and declares a dead hand, claiming player 1 “got a reaction” and then called/bet his hand. Is this situation considered a “Dead Hand”?

2010-08-30 17:21:12

Please explain the ruling when in a tournament the SB gets knocked out during the hand. Does the button stay with the previous dealer so that the previous BB is now the SB in the next hand, or does the button get passed to the previous BB and he gets to skip his SB?

2010-08-28 14:55:15

Hello,i`d like you explain me these doubts:
In tables of cash or in tables of tournament, when a player bets and other one moves all-in and does not manage to double his bet, the players that there are continuation, how can they act?
Only calling this all-in?????
Can they raise this all-in????
Or it depends of if they are on the blinds ??

Or in any case referred to this…
Thank you very much
sorry for my english…..lol

2010-08-28 14:51:56

Hello,i`d like you explain me these doubts:
In tables of cash or in tables of tournament, when a player bets and other one moves all-in and does not manage to double his bet, the players that there are continuation, how they can act?
Only calling this all-in?????
Can they raise this all-in????
Or it depends of if they are on the blinds ??

Or in any case referred to this…
Thank you very much
sorry for my english……….lol

jesserey zulita
2010-08-27 05:46:08

hi! What if the game is not yet done! he meant to show his cards any penalty?

john j
2010-08-22 12:22:40

In no limit hold em cash game as I understand it with the blinds at 100/200, then preflop any one betting must bet min of 200, and if a player has 300 and goes all in then the rest of the players must go 400 which creates a side pot.Does that also apply after the flop or can the other players only call the extra 100[ 300] not 400

2010-08-22 11:51:30

ATTN: Shawn & Goddess

The event where a player was penalized for checking the stone-cold nuts (an absolutely unbeatable hand) on the river was do to a strict poker rule to prevent collusion. (Col-lu-sion: secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful intent.) This rule is to prevent someone from being soft on a friend at the table for the purposes of either player being able to extort more money from the table and to eliminate cheating.

ATTN: Straydawg (that’s right, me)

To answer my question above, “who gets the extra chip in a split pot?” The extra chip is awarded as follows:

(a) In a button game, the first hand clockwise from the button gets the odd chip.
(b) In a stud game, the odd chip will be given to the highest card by suit in all high games, and to the lowest card by suit in all low games. Suits are ranked in alphabetical order from lowest to highest-clubs being the lowest, then diamonds, then hearts and spades are the highest. (When making this determination, all cards are used, not just the five cards that constitute the player’s hand.)
(c) In high-low split games, the high hand receives the odd chip in a split between the high and the low hands. The odd chip between tied high hands is awarded as in a high game of that poker form, and the odd chip between tied low hands is awarded as in a low game of that poker form.

2010-08-21 18:50:34

I’m watching the WSOP. At one table, Players A and B are the last two players in the hand. On the river, Player A checks. Player B checks. Player B has the winning hand with a flush. Another player at the table tells Player B that he had to make a bet on the river with a flush. Player B is penalized by not playing the next hand. Is this rule just for the WSOP?

2010-08-21 15:29:30

player B gets the extra 100 from player A blind, because each player can play only for money equal ti his own bet.

2010-08-20 13:46:47

Player A: SB 500
Player B: BB 1000
Player C: all-in 400
Player A: fold

Player C can only win 400 from each player. What happens to the “extra” money from the blinds? Does Player B, by virtue of being BB, take his 600 back as well as the 100 from from Player A?

Thank you in advance.

2010-08-18 23:28:01

Who gets the extra chip in a split pot?

2010-08-18 18:10:02

A pot is 2 handed on the river. 1st better checks. Next better has a nut flush and also checks. Why is the nut flush guy penalized for not betting? This happened last night on the WSOP on ESPN.

2010-08-13 22:54:21

Hey Wayne,
I think this is dealer’s mistake. All decisions about the winning hand should be made after all players act (show their cards or fold them). The dealer should have asked the player to either show both cards or fold them. In the casino where I work we have some really problematic clients that pull stunts like this from time to time and this is the way we deal with the situation. (hope I helped with that)

Any player is allowed to fold at any time his hand. They can get additional information about last action before their turn from the casino dealer or pay attention to the game. When he throws his card dealer announce “fold” and put the cards in the muck. Then the hand is dead. (any cards that touch the muck are dead). In the rules is written – when a player throws his card forward faced down this means fold. The dealer is the guy that announces everything on the table – so he should listen at least to him and act then.
I speak from my experience but I don’t pretend to know every sticky situation in this game. I am dealing texas for one year so far almost every day and on any big table or tournament in the casino.

2010-08-13 20:52:26

I play live turned here in my small town last night we had a problem here it is at the show down 3 players 1st player shows a full house 8s over 2nd playeradmits defet folds her hand 3rd player rolls only 1 card over showing 2 pair 1st player was named the winner cards where being picked up for new hand 3rd player then shows his other card showing a higher fullhouse he was told to late his hand was declared non winning then he got up set. To me if you show only 1 card at showdown then you admits the best five cards and folds the other hold card is this correct. Thank you

2010-08-13 04:44:08

Hey guys I have one technical question. Last night I had this situation – Players A, B and C.(tournament – blinds 400/800). None of them is on blind.
So player A calls 800, player B calls, player C rises to 2500 (then both blinds are fold). Player A calls and player B is all in 3200. In this case does the player C can go all in also or he doesn’t have this option?

Dan H
2010-08-12 03:38:22

Why do they burn cards in some Poker game (Texas Hold-em & Omaha) and not other poker games.

2010-08-11 18:12:54

if player throws cards face down into midlle of table after river has been dealt and betting complete because he thought he lost hand are these cards dead if it turns out he misheard other player and he has best hand

2010-08-11 17:42:16

the blinds are $400 and $800—5 players at the end of no limit tourney–2 all in—flop–3 active players check—-4th street–check check then last active player pushes the remaining $300 all in—so do the remaining 2 active players have to put in $300 or the minimum $800 to call that last all in?

2010-08-07 17:58:01

in a tournament, is it mandatory to showndown, when 2 players go all onthe 5th street?
queston is… someone has a “partner” in a tournament w/o our knowledge, if 2 persons go to an all in on the river, one of the parners can just want to give chips to the other partner… so, a showndown it’s mandatory, or can someone ofthe 2 just muck?

many thanks

2010-08-05 17:06:18

Hi there,

I had a sticky one at a very low stakes tournament I was running earlier tonight.

I had a player turn up before the game, register and pay for his seat/stack, earning him a little extra chips for being on time and then mention he would be back soon as he had some pressing engagement.

Game commenced and he still wasn’t back from wherever he’d taken off too. An hour passes and his stack remains active as he is a valid player, just not at the table.

Players have been raising around this stack and stealing blinds in the usual way without any issue. Quite some time in to this small low buy in game (12 players) the blinds go up to 1000/2000 and when the blind comes around to the missing player, he posts his remaining 1300 chips in the big blind position. Under the gun folds along with the next 3 players but then a player goes all in for about 5000. Action continues around the table with all players folding, including the small blind leaving the only two players in the game to be the 1300 all-in big blind and the player that shoved. Obviously the player that shoved his stack took everything except the 1300 that could be matched by the missing player’s all in move.

I flipped the big blinds cards over to reveal AT while the player that shoved showed KJ. No one hit the board and the AT holds. I have the player that had KJ go ballistic at me for 20 mins for awarding a pot to a player that was not present at the table with him continuously referring to him as a dead stack and not as I see it, a player missing from the table.

Did I do the right thing in awarding the pot to the stack that had the better hand based on the fact that he was all in for that hand and thus could not be folded or was it a mistake to award the pot to the player who was not at the table.

I understand it is a very rare situation and very circumstantial as it would not be too often that a player registers and then doesn’t play a single hand. I see it as a valid player’s stack based on the fact that he bought into the game and just chose not to play/didn’t make it back. Is this the way all pot for players that are not at the table should be played?

Thanks a bunch for your help.


buddy hillhouse
2010-08-03 02:32:52

I’m at the belief that when the bet is called on the river, casino poker, any player at the table, whether in the hand or not, has a right to see both sets of cards, if asked. Is that right or wrong? Thank you

Tony Proctor
2010-07-29 01:55:57

What happens when there is several people in the hand and the first person to act makes a bet and 2 people fold and 2 stay. then there is a bet on the turn and 1 more folds. Then is is noticed that the person making the bets or even raising has 3 cards in his hand. What happens? Do the people that folded get there chips back? Or if your the big blind and 3 people call and then you notice you got 3 cards. Do you get disqualified from play?

C. A. Loebe
2010-07-29 00:51:40

If, before the flop, an all-in player has between 1 and 2 big blinds, do callers only put in the amount of the all-in, or must they put in 2 times the big blind amount and create a side pot?

2010-07-24 19:39:25

If a player calls the wrong hand at the showdown and loses, but has the winning hand who wins?

ex. player 1 QT
player 2 88

Flop 8Q9(rainbow flop)
Turn Q
River J

Player 2 throws cards over and says “Trip 8’s”
Player 3 throws card over and says “Trip Q’s”

Player 3 takes chips and dealers washes the board.

Obviously 8’s full of Q’s wins but the wrong hand was called. What is the official ruling?

2010-07-11 14:36:52

I have a question i am holding 99s
and it opens kks and 1010s with and 8
My two opponents are holding single Ace will i win something as we all are all in

2010-07-10 23:57:41

I have a question about something that recently happened in a live, no limit tournament. My friend looked at her 2 hole cards, placed them in front of her stack & reached for her card protector, leaving cards unprotected for a moment. The player to their right mucked their hand and reached over and swept my friends card into the center of the table. They were sitting at the end of the table, so it was a long toss. Her hand was called dead & she was warned to always protect her cards. The other player was not penalized. Was this right? What is your take on this? This was in a casino that regularly hosts tournaments. Thank you!!

ivan mc carthy
2010-07-09 21:55:30

if i’m in a hand with one other player and he shows his hand to a person at the table who is not in the game, is his hand considered dead?

2010-07-09 01:30:29

what about this scenario?

im big blind but i havn’t placed my chips in yet, but small blind has & the timer for the blinds to go up goes off right before i can place my chips in. does the blinds remain the same as the previous round, or do they still go up regardless? even though small blind has their chips in, in time.

john g
2010-07-05 18:26:43

In a cash game, is there any rule prohibiting two players chopping a pot before the showdown?
Example: after preflop raise and re-raise (3) players see the flop and one makes a bet that is called by one player and the other folds. Then the betting player asks the caller if they want to chop the pot.

2010-07-05 12:00:45

what happens if two players each have a straight – but one ends in a higher card than the other

p1 : 3 4 5 6 7
p2 : 4 5 6 7 8

2010-07-04 18:17:18

Al Gonzaless

I think i can answer this one…..

best 5 carded hands for both players

p1 : AAQQK

p2 : AAQQ9

p1 wins with the better kicker

2010-07-04 18:13:29

where’s Sean???

2010-07-02 01:43:50

At a recent poker game, a set of Pinochle cards was dealt to the players. The cards were brand new and the house did not check the cards prior to play. Was the winner of that hand suppose to return the players their money?

al gonzales
2010-06-28 21:26:33


Pls. help..

Cards on Table: Q-A-A-6-9

P1: Q-K

P2: Q-6

Who wins? Pls. pls. explain…

Thank you so much.


2010-06-27 18:44:46

Okay last night playing in no limit tourney I go all in player next to me shows a guy at the table her hand is her hand dead?
They guy then says go for it and she calls and sucks out on flush draw should I have gotten my chips back?
Brought attention to floor after hand was won what do you do?

Elroy Esguerra
2010-06-23 14:01:40

What happens when you’re in a hand and the dealer grabs your cards and puts them in the muck, do you get the hand back or is it officially in the muck?

I’ve seen that happen a couple times and both times there was nothing the player could do about it. They didn’t give his cards back and he lost out on a lot of money.

Now I always cover my cards!!

daniel haberman
2010-06-23 07:40:21

i know when u deal the cards in a live game and discover the button was in wrong place after substancial action u finish the hand and then fix the button. my question is if its in a tournament and the same situation happend i thought it was dead hand and you are required to return the chips and fix the button not finish the hand…Is this correct?

2010-06-23 04:29:52

if a player has his cards off the table [ next to chest] and a play is made [call] and a raise buy another player and a all in bet and the payer with the cards off the table calles and wins is this a good play or should the first caller hand be folded because it was not on the table and not noticed by the other players

2010-06-23 03:56:04


2010-06-22 21:41:36

We recently had the following scenario in the later stages of the tournament, with 3 players left (home game).

Player 1 and 2 go all in, A-K vs A-Q. The dealer deals the hand, K comes out and Player 1 wins. Dealer then notices in the excitement of the all ins that he dealt the wrong deck (we play with 2 decks so one is ready for the next deal). Should he redeal from the correct deck or is the hand replayed from scratch ? All action took place pre-flop.

2010-06-21 23:57:05

In a home game, where the dealing is done by the players.
What happens if.
Player #1 (Dealer) and player #2 are in a showdown and player #1 turns over 3 cards. Is this a dead hand and player 2 wins, or is it a muck???

2010-06-21 05:43:23

I play in a tournament that is a fundraiser. To move things along, the blinds go up every 15 minutes after the first 2 hours. They do not stop the clock when combining tables. When each blind is only 15 minutes , this table shuffling can use up almost a third of the blind time. Is this an acceptable practice or should the clock stop when combining tables and drawing for new dealer?

2010-06-20 07:48:14

OK, here’s my question. Player A raises for $20, player B then goes all in for $35, player C calls the all in for $35, can player A now go all in or re-raise his original bet of $20 since his original bet was not doubled?

2010-06-19 11:14:40

two players all in. a third and final player making the descion to call or fold. Can he open cards behind the line while deciding?

2010-06-18 03:40:22

if three players are left and all three are all-in and the player with the most chips wins and takes out both players who finishes second the player with the best hand or the player with the most chips in the pot?

Dean Broadbent
2010-06-15 18:04:46

Question 1: player 1 is big blind, player 2 is small blind, player 3 is dealer. at the end of this hand player 1 is eliminated from the tournement. On the next hand player 2 becomes dealer(small blind in last hand) player left of the eliminated player 1 posts the big blind and the hand has no small blind. IS THIS CORRECT?

Question 2: same example as above except player 2 (small blind) is eliminated. Player 1 becomes small blind, player to the left becomes big blind and player 3 remains the dealer IS THIS CORRECT?

2010-06-10 04:27:50

Hi Sean, I Have a question , blind are 500, 1000, UTG Moves All in for 1200 player B calls 1200 can the big blind move all in. Our Floorperson makes a case that no, BB cant move all in because his option was to raise his own bet. He says his option has been taken away by this 200 illegal raise, is this correct. Please go into detail about this, I would apprieciate it. Thank you.

2010-06-08 13:21:37

Hi Sean

This is a really weird one that happened to me last week. Still don’t know if we resolved it correctly.

I was dealer, and the hand played out as normal with a showdown after river between me and player to my right. I declared 2 pair which would have won the hand however, when I went to show my hand I actually had another card that had become stuck to the back of 1 of my hole cards. Even though this card did not improve my hand & I didn’t realise this [no-one did] until after the showdown I suggested that the hand be void and all chips returned to players.

[Incidentally the next hand I dealt myself KK’s and knocked a player out which didn’t go down too well]

Was this correct?

2010-06-07 11:59:04

What are the rules if a player turns accidently turns his hand over after the ‘turn’ but before the ‘river’ thinking all the cards are out and the betting is over?

Chief Raco
2010-06-06 01:19:20

P1: 33
P2: K3
Board = 23KAK
Who Wins?

2010-06-02 15:28:44

What’s the Holdem Rule:
Hand’s are delt, blinds are posted, and betting has started. It is determined that one player only has one hole card (not the button) What’s the rule and/or process for handling

Ben Levin
2010-05-28 10:17:25

Does a person need to show both hole cards to win a hand?
Assuming there a few people in the hand, and none of them are all-in.
lets say the hand is: 5 9 A A A
Is it enough for a person to show an ace to take the pot?
Or does he have to show both hole cards?

RITA Cassaro
2010-05-26 14:27:32

What is the general rule for someone moving from the big blind?
How many active seats before posting? Also as a rule in a pot limit game does the house assume the small blind is calling when the player under the gun is facing his bet? Thank you

david carroll
2010-05-22 09:37:48

during a tournament a player exposed his hand after the river before the final player acted (he presumed the final player was all in) what is the rule.

2010-05-19 23:17:23

Thanks Sean

I thought that this was the correct thing to do – but i wasn’t there to make comment – however i will make this known to the guys involved

I just REALLY hope there was nothing underhand going on – or it will severely undermine the integrity – of what is quite a good card school.

thanks again


Sean Lind
2010-05-19 20:31:52


n Hold’em you have to make the best possible 5-card hand. Since that is KKQ87 for both of you, your other card means nothing. It’s a split pot.

Sean Lind
2010-05-19 20:30:17


In the future, please only post your Q on one page.

As for your question, the min bet preflop and on the flop is always equal to the big blind. To call you would need to pay $200, regardless of the amount of player A’s all in.

Sean Lind
2010-05-19 20:29:06


That is definitely an odd situation.

Firstly, I’m hoping it’s just a typo, but you have the action backwards on the flop. The BB should act first, then the dealer. I’m assuming it went check:Bet:Call.

Regardless of what happened, the hand has to stand. Unless you can prove that one player was cheating, there was substantial action and the hand needs to stand as it played out.

The only time I have ever seen a pot taken back and chips returned was when two Ace of diamonds showed up. At that point, the error is too great to continue play. OTher than that, the hand will almost always have to stand as it played out.

2010-05-19 18:00:22

who wins?

P-1 K 4

P-2 K 5


hope for ur reply

2010-05-16 09:43:11

Player A has $150 after the blinds
Player B has $1000 after the blinds
Player C has $1000 after the blinds
Blinds are set at $100/200

Player A is the first to bet and goes all in for $150. This is not a multiple of the big blind, which he (if he had the chips) would have needed to bet $200.
Player B wants to call Player A’s all-in Is player B required to bet in multiples of the big blind here ($200) or can he merely call player A ($150). Does a call on a short stacked player negate the rule around betting in multiples of the big blind?

2010-05-15 12:21:37

Hi Sean

i was not playing in this game but was asked what my opinion was of this scenario

3 players left

dealer – raises
sb – folds
bb – calls

dealer – bets
bb – calls

turn – river – showdown

regardless of the hands – dealer has BB beaten.

Then BB announces – ‘oh look there are 2 cards on the floor beneath the table’

we must assume that no cheating has gone on – all players agree to ditch the hand, return all the chips and replay the round – but the dealer (winner) really is not happy with this resolution.

my thought is that – you must assume the 2 cards were missing from the deck pre-deal and that none of the players were aware of that at the time and no-one knew the cards identity.

As 2 (and more) substantive actions have occured the hand must stand and the dealer takes the chips??

the dealer – who i trust completely- says he did not drop the cards during the shuffle, cut or dealing process

any guidance on this one please??

thanks alot


Sean Lind
2010-05-13 19:17:09


The dealer can not assist a player, but does run the game. The dealer can’t tell you how much is in the pot (unless you’re playing pot limit), but he can tell you how much the current bet is.

He can’t tell you who raised preflop, but he can tell you who raised on the current betting round.

Unfortunately the only place this would be written down would be in a dealer’s handbook. You’re just going to have to trust me.

2010-05-13 08:54:11

is there somewhere that is written as my stubborn friend still does not believe (about the dealer being able to say who raised if asked)

Sean Lind
2010-05-11 20:03:08


As long as you’re still in that betting round, the dealer is allowed to answer. The key is, the dealer runs the betting round, but is not allowed to assist a player at making a choice.

Unless it’s pot limit, the dealer can’t tell you how much is in the pot, and they can’t tell you what happened on earlier streets, but they can tell you who raised on that street

2010-05-11 06:53:04

can the dealer tell another player if asked who raised pre flop as long as the flop has not been dealt

Sean Lind
2010-05-10 20:39:59


The first player can only call or fold. The only way player 1 could raise again would be if player 3 had re-opened betting.

As for your second question, this depends on the rules of the house.

Some places let you show your cards whenever you like, other places only let you show your cards when it’s heads up, while the rest of the places don’t let you show your cards at all.

So you’ll have to ask the floorman for the house rule. If there is no house rule, I would recommend they use the “heads-up only” rule. I’ve never heard of someone object to that ruleset, and it still helps the room keep control of angling.

Sean Lind
2010-05-10 20:35:11


In that situation the Minimum raise would be to complete the short-raise. So it would be +$400 for a total bet of $1,000.

Unless the house has their own rules, the minimum raise after a short-raise is always to complete the short-raise to full.

2010-05-09 03:42:26

In a tournament
One player has raised to all in
Only one player is left to decide whether or not to call and he shows both his cards to the table.
Is his had dead or can he still choose to call

2010-05-09 03:20:40

blinds are 1000 2000
player 1 raises to 10000
player 2 raises to 17000 all in
player 3 calls 17000
can player 1 reraise or can he only call or fold

2010-05-08 18:15:59

I was just wondering as a prime example lets say the blinds


$10/20 and the small blind on the flop decides to go all in for

$500 and the player next to him the big blind goes all in for

$600. This is an underraise and since the other players havent

acted they can raise, but what would be the minimum raise?

500 on top of the 600 all in which would make it $1100 or

$600 on top of the $600 which would make it £1200.

Sean Lind
2010-05-07 22:08:27


Split pot. You can only make a five card hand, since you’re both playing the same straight the remaining cards are irrelevant.

2010-05-06 23:51:03

so i was play poker last night and me and this other guy had the same hand. and 5 cards were used and i was wondering after 5 cards has been used does the high card still count? cuz we both had a straight and his high car was a 7 and my high card was a k. so would the pot be split or would the high card win?

Sean Lind
2010-05-06 18:57:19


This is a bad situation, but it does happen. The rule here is “Substantial Action”. Once two actions have been made, you can no longer reverse what has been done.

Basically you’re going to have to continue playing out the hand as if no mistake had been made.

If you catch the mistake before two actions have been made, only then can you halt the action and fix what has gone wrong.

stuart matthews
2010-05-06 02:24:27

if a burn mistake is made and not pointed out till the hand has ended how can the hand be resolved. all the discarded cards, including burn cards are in the middle of the table and nobody can correctly identify their own discarded hands. 2 people are heads up at the end of betting and 1 person is all-in. should the hand be declared void and the chips in play be returned to the 2 remaining players?

Sean Lind
2010-04-30 19:09:45


Firstly you have to specify if it’s a tournament or a cash game. In a tournament you can never make a deal.

In a cash game you can choose to chop a pot anytime you like, as long as all players in the hand agree. But this would be a stupid time to chop, since the player with suited Ace king is basically freerolling for a flush for the whole pot.

If they really want to though, they are allowed to chop it and save the dealer a few seconds.

Sean Lind
2010-04-30 19:07:49

John Fraser,

I’m not sure who wrote that, but they were huffing glue.

When a player is all in, all players who called the final bet (or raised on top of it) are in on the main pot, along with any previous bets, including blinds.

Blinds 50/100

P1 – calls 100
p2 – raises 300
p3 – all-in for 1000
both blinds fold
p1 – re-raises to 5000
p2 calls

In this scenario 1000 from each player, plus the blinds will go into the main pot – 3,150.

The remaining 8,000 goes into the side pot. Any more betting between players 1 and 2 will be into that side pot.

When you get to showdown, you always start with the smallest side pot. All players eligible for that pot compare their hands, winner takes the pot.

The winner then compares his hand to that of the players eligible for the next side pot.

As for your specific question, if the all-in player has the same hand as the player who won the side pot (let’s say player 1), then both players simply split the main pot, like you would do any other time.

p1 gets side pot + half of main
p2 loses it all
p3 (who was all in) gets half the main.

2010-04-30 17:41:16

Ok 2 players on the table preflop. Player A – Ace of hearts and a king of hearts; player B – Ace of clubs and king of clubs. Both players went all in before their hands were delt, can they then split the pot or do they have to wait for the flop?

John Fraser
2010-04-29 21:39:50

I host an annual Hold’em Tournament, when I first started I searched the internet for a list of basic Hold’em rules that we could adhere to. One of the rules, I thought was a bit odd when first read, but none the less we followed it was one that concerned a tie with an “All-In” player here’s how it read:

Once a player is “all in” the main pot will be frozen until the conclusion of the current game. The remaining players will form a side pot to be awarded to highest hand amongst the players in the side pot. The “All In” player(s) is only eligible to win the main pot; he cannot tie for high hand. If the All In player does not win the hand then the winner of the side pot wins both pots.

Does this sound right?? If he “ties” he’s out? Recently this has been called into question and I have no problem changing the ruling, I’m just trying to find out where I dug this rule up or what style of play it pertains to…. Thanks, hope you can save my sanity.

Sean Lind
2010-04-28 23:44:15


In that scenario there will be no small blind. Button, nothing, big blind. Everything back to normal in the hand to follow.

2010-04-28 21:18:37

In tournement play, a player who posts the big blind goes all in and looses, if the big blind go to the next player what happens to the little blind?

Sean Lind
2010-04-26 19:36:03

Randy Yaeger,

If the dealer does not announce a raise, then you will be allowed to take back the bet made on that action. Since the small blind was a forced bet, that’s forfeit. If the dealer didn’t announce the raise the player can take back the other moneys.

Remember, it only matters that the dealer clearly announces the raise, not that the player hears it.

Randy Yaeger
2010-04-26 02:38:49

In a club I was playing in they have a full time dealer that is also a player. In this particular hand a player made a raise. The player in the small blind did not notice the raise and put in the balance to equal the big blind but not enough to equall the raise. When the dealer told him he needed to put additional chips into the pot the small blind said it was not a legal raise because the dealer did not call raise.
My question is this, are his chips committerd to the pot? or can he take back the part of the bet that completes the big blind? Everyone agreed that the small blind portion of his bet was already in the pot, the second half of his bet was the question. I believe he should be allowed to back the second half of his bet.

2010-04-25 14:23:15

Thank you Sean for that very well explained answer.

Sean Lind
2010-04-21 19:50:50


No one is allowed to touch the deck other than the dealer. If a player does they will get a warning not to do it again, if they do it again they will be removed from the poker room.

Touching the deck will not kill your hand, unless you actually look at any of the cards in the stub. If you do that, your hand is dead, and you forfeit any bets in the pot.

2010-04-21 06:03:51

can anyone else, other than the dealer, touch the deck? What happens if, during a live hand, one of the players in the hand reaches over and touchesd the deck? Does he forfeit his hand?

Sean Lind
2010-04-20 20:12:34


A player should NEVER say such a thing. It’s up to the player to read their own hand, and show it. If they show it to one player, who sees they have the nuts and mucks it, that hand is lost.

But, it is up to the dealer to read the hands properly. The house rule is “Cards Speak”. This means that no matter what you think or say you have, if you show your hand to the dealer by placing it face up on the table, the dealer is required to call the hand as it actually stands.

If you’re at a game with no professional dealer, only the player dealing that hand should say anything. Every other player should keep their mouths shut.

2010-04-20 18:30:28

In Texas Hold”em no limit poker – 2 players left, one goes all in. Once a hand is called by the other player is it legal or even ethical that people at the table not playing can tell this guy …you have better than you called and thus result in him winning the hand? They claim house rules is this true? Playing for decent money too.

Sean Lind
2010-04-19 20:27:51


This depends on the house rule. Some places say you can never show your cards, other places say you can only show your cards if you’re heads up.

If you’re at a home-game with no set house rule, then the default is that you are allowed to show your cards if you so please.

If someone objects to that rule, since it can ruin the integrity of the hand, you’ll want to make it heads-up only. If it’s just you and one opponent, you should be able to do/show whatever you like.

2010-04-18 21:46:43

Question… when i am playing a game and there is just 2 or 3 of us left in a hand and I go ALL IN… can I show my cards anytime… I might have A Q and dont want callers but will want the chips on the table… I dont want the A J to call me and lose so i should be able to show my cards anytime??? correct??

Sean Lind
2010-04-12 20:43:06


You just need to figure out what card was the first river. The second card would be on top of the other one, even if just slightly. Only the true river will stand. If you truly can’t figure out what river it was supposed to be then you’re going to have to take hte two rivers, and shuffle them back into the stub. Cut, and turn over the top card for your final river.

2010-04-11 13:52:06

I have 7,2
opponet has A A
Flop is 7 2 K
turn is J
I go all in
Opponet calls
On the river the dealer deals two cards. An 4 and a K hits the board. What do you do in this situation?

Sean Lind
2010-04-08 19:38:35

Mark B,

Well now the question has gotten interesting. Here’s how it should happen:

SB’s push is returned to him, the flop is shuffled back into the deck (not the burn card).

Now, because two players have acted after player 4’s turn (or “Substantial Action” as it’s known in the rule books) player 4 loses his option, meaning he can fold or call, he’s not longer allowed to raise at this point.

Regardless of what he chooses, the blinds do not get to change their action as a result. Once player 4 chooses to call or fold, the new flop is dealt, action starting on the SB.

Obviously when this sort of mistake happens, at least one player is going to feel shafted, but the best you can do is keep the integrity of the hand as intact as possible.

Mark B
2010-04-08 11:53:00

Thanks for the reply Ssean,

Dealer deals to 6 players
Utg folds
P2 folds
P3 folds
P4 in dream land
SB raises
BB calls

Dealers burns/deals the flop
Sb pushes all-in pushes all in
P4 states he has not looked at his cards and finished his action pre the flop let alone post flop.

So if we go back to the point of problem (which I understand) but then what happens? If we re-deal the flop the SB may not wish to push.
I know it’s a mess but it happens and I would like to know the best way to deal with it.
Great thread by the way and top marks for the work you put in.

Sean Lind
2010-04-08 00:21:33

Mark B,

When you re-shuffle the deck, the action continues as if there was never a mistake made. Players yet to act have their action they would have had otherwise, once betting is complete the round goes on.

No players may take back or change their action, once made an action is binding.

Mark B
2010-04-07 21:27:28

Hi – You anwsered to to a prev-Q
“Jason, Absolutely. If the flop is flopped before a player has had a chance to act, the flop cards are returned to the deck, the deck shuffled; Preflop play resumes. Once preflop play has concluded the dealer brings down the “new flop”

WHICH I UNDERSTAND – but when you go back to missed player/s what are their option and that of the p[layer/s after them who may have already played?

Sean Lind
2010-04-07 20:36:21

Mike Skamperle,

As long as the cards didn’t touch the muck pile, the dealer can turn them back over to award the pot. This will only be done if the dealer rules that the hand was thrown away purely as a mistake, as it was in this situation.

If the cards do touch the muck, the hand is dead, and the player with king-high would have won the side pot by default.

Sean Lind
2010-04-07 20:34:11


In a home-game, or a well-run game in a card room, you can show your cards whenever you like. You hand is not folded until you say fold, or throw your cards face down into the muck.

Mike Skamperle
2010-04-07 06:13:33

What is the rule with mucked cards in a side pot situation.
After the river all players checked first player reveals trips to win the main pot the next player throws cards away face down into the centre of table forgetting they had access to side pot. Cards do not touch mucked pile and can be easily identified. Next player turns over their cards (also access to side pot) with K high only. Dealer then picks up previously mucked cards from player 2 to reveal a small pair and granting them the side pot even though they had originally mucked their cards. Is this correct?

jeff swain
2010-04-07 02:19:18

i was in a every week cash small buy in and chips equally given to all players i went all in on a hand before the turn or river the other player had raised before my all in and then pondered over his two cards he then showed his two cards before ever makin a bet i thought he folded but the after time he bet the raise i still had not shown the chips but i thought before you show you bet and then show but i guess i’m wrong according to the guys in the game needless to say i will be back in the game but was upset cause of the rule. Bet BEFORE YOU SHOW YOUR CARDS IF YOU BET THE ALL IN FINE IF YOU SHOW AND DO NOT PLACE A BET BEFORE THEN IT SHOULD BE A FOLD just me but what do i knowtopmost

Sean Lind
2010-04-06 19:58:29

Ross Dunstan,

Anytime a street is dealt before action is complete, the burn card must stay in place, then the board cards are re-shuffled back into the deck.

The action is finished, and the new flop is dealt, this time without burning.

Next time, be sure to yell at the dealer before they flip over the cards.

Ross Dunstan
2010-04-06 14:57:31

just wondering in texas hold em if the whole flop is dealt out before big blind has acted what should be the ruling. I had this live in a tournament and I had k k and the flop was a k 10 of diamonds but I had not acted what should be the ruling could u plz help?

Sean Lind
2010-04-05 20:06:22


There are a few rules here:

If it’s a tournament, all all-in players (assuming there is no possible betting left to happen) must show their hands immediately before any more cards are dealt.

If it’s a cash game you never have to show your hand if you don’t want to win the pot. If someone else shows a better hand, you can muck as you please.

But, if another player at the table asks to see your hand, you are required to show it to them.

NOTE: You should NEVER ask to see someone’s hand like this. You are only allowed to ask it to help eliminate collusion. If you ask to see someone’s hand, you’re basically accusing them of cheating.

Sean Lind
2010-04-05 20:03:42


When two players are all-in pre-flop, you need to deal out the full 5-card board (including burn cards). THen the best 5-card hand wins.

2010-04-05 05:52:53

It had been heads up all in after the flop between two of us left in the hand. Nobody had opened before the turn and the river. When it came to the reveal the other player had opened first willingly. He had one wht hand so I wanted to muck. It was brought up that in this situation mucking is not allowed. I am curious what situations is a person not givin the priviledge to muck.

2010-04-04 08:34:51

forgot to ask i did win that had i hope cus i took the money

2010-04-04 08:31:45

this is a 3 player game .in the pree flop ,player 1 gose all in ,player 2 calls ,the 3rd player folds .with only 2 players left and the player thats all in cant bet no more do we continue to see rest of cards or do we just see if his 2 cards beat mine or mine beats his player 1 has pair of 8s i had pair of 10s after i called his all in he showed his cards said its over thinking he won but i had bigger pair

Sean Lind
2010-03-31 20:22:49


Player 3 is allowed to raise, but if player 3 just calls or folds, player 1 is not allowed to raise.

Every player gets full action at least once in a betting round, player 1 already had his. For him to get another full action the betting would have to be re-opened, I.E player 3 would have to raise.

Sean Lind
2010-03-31 20:21:09


The players only have to call the 400.

2010-03-31 18:12:01

no limit – blinds are 1000 and 2000;
player 1 bets 2000
player 2 goes all in with 2500.

Since the raise is less than the minimum, can player 3 raise the 2500 or can he only call?

2010-03-31 17:35:22

Blinds are 500 and 1000; after the flop Player 1 goes all in with 400. Do other players call the 400 or 1000?

Sean Lind
2010-03-30 19:54:27


As long as you’re playing Hold’em, yes you would have a flush, 10 high.

Anyone else with no spade would have a flush, but play the board. The only person who could beat you would be someone holding the queen of spades.

If you’re playing Omaha, you need to have a second spade in your hand to have the flush.

2010-03-30 04:58:31

5 spades on the board
I had a 10 of spades, wouldn’t my 10 cancle out the 4 or 7, then i would have a flush?

Sean Lind
2010-03-29 22:59:06


No, the dealer can shuffle whenever they feel like it really. It’s only a misdeal if they deal to the wrong player first, or they deal from the wrong deck… or any other massive dealing error.

As for shuffling, that’s purely up to the dealer.

2010-03-29 21:04:28

if the dealer shuffels before players are ready is it a misdeal?

Sean Lind
2010-03-29 20:33:23

Mike Kirk,

If the dealer:

Burns, deals flop, burns, deals turn, burns, deals river

Then the turn and river card must be put back into the stub, shuffled and cut. Then the turn and river card will be dealt at the correct times (without burning).

Sean Lind
2010-03-29 20:27:54


I’m sorry, but I don’t really understand what you’re asking me. Are you saying player 1 bet, player two moved his chips forward, but did not say call, then took his chips back after he saw player 1’s hand?

If so: Moving your chips forward to the pot (on a table with no betting line) is considered an implied call. Meaning he loses the pot, and the chips. If there is a betting line, then the chips will have to of crossed the line for it to be a binding call. If the chips didn’t cross, the player can take them back… but is a jerk for doing it.

If this is not what you’re asking you can re-post your question like this:

Player 1 – 5,000 chips moves all in
Player 2 – 10,000 chips calls
Player 3 – Folds
Player 1 – wins hand

That way I’ll know exactly what you’re asking.

Sean Lind
2010-03-29 20:23:41


I assume you’re playing a cash game in your home game, not a tournament? If so, then it’s up to you.

Some casino’s never make a new player post, while the rest do. If a player leaves and misses a blind, then they must post to come back, but as a new player, it’s your call.

Sean Lind
2010-03-29 20:21:38


You guys need to stop skipping blinds, it’s silly.

When the person who should be big blind next hand gets knocked out, you pretend there was never a player there next hand. Button, Small, Big just like it’s supposed to.

If the person who was the big blind gets knocked out there will only be one big blind, no small, since there is no player between the button and the blind.

As for heads up, the main rule is this: No player should ever be forced to pay the big blind two hands in a row. Since the button is the small blind HU, the button needs to move to whatever player just payed the big blind, even if that means skipping one seat.

That all make sense?

mike kirk
2010-03-28 18:10:47

what happens in a tourny if the dealer runs the turn and the river out along with the flop

2010-03-28 08:46:46

in tournamrnt play 3 handed 1st man to play gos all in 2nd man to play pushes chips in pot but does not turn chips lost 1st man shows winning hand 2nd man shows losing hand pulls chips out of pot 3rd man still in game what are the rules

2010-03-27 22:22:16

In a home cash game, do new players to the table pay the big blind?
Thank you.

2010-03-27 20:39:18

Here is my question.

In our home games we play, tournament style, when someone is knocked out we ‘skip’ their blind. So that is to say that hte person that was to be big blind next just got knocked out we only have a small blind the next hand, and only a big blind the hand after.

If you still follow, my real question is when it comes down to heads up play the person that was just big blind knocked out the dealer, the dealer chip moves to the left, but that makes the person just in big blind, big blind for a second time in a row. Should this happen? or should the rules continue the same and there is only a small blind posted and no big blind, and the hand after there is no small blind, only a big blind, and then play resumes normally after that?

Thank you.

Sean Lind
2010-03-26 17:58:02


It sounds like exactly what should happened did. Unless there is a gross violation to the integrity of the hand (and I mean something as gross as having two Ace of spades in the deck), you can’t have a misdeal after there has been action from two players.

Since you have two players all in, the hand needs to play out. Since the dealer was able to fix the mistake he made with reasonable certainty, the hand should stand. As long as it can be argued that the deal was fair to both all in players (which it was), then it should stand.

Sean Lind
2010-03-26 17:54:55


The player who started the hand with the most chips will win the hand in that scenario. There is no second place in Poker. You win, or you lose. The fact that player A had a better hand than player B is irrelevant, they’re both losers.

The other way is to combine the second and third place prizes, and split them 50/50.

2010-03-26 16:22:58

OK..final table with 4 players left…dealer deals hand properly…2 players fold and 2 are all in..deal takes 2 of the muck cards and places back in deck….thinking he put them on top of deck he exposes cards to the two folded players and they both claim those to be their cards…what should’ve happened at this point?? The dealer took those cards from deck and the dealt the flop after burning the next card.

To me this is a misdeals…..thoughts?

2010-03-26 00:27:10

Who comes second if
Player A has a pair of 3’s and goes all in with 50 chips Player B has 7 and a Jack, calls Player A, but then Player C with a pair of Jacks, calls Player B all in. Player C wins the hand outright, but who comes second, Player A’s hand beats Player B but Player B hand more chips at start of the hand?


Sean Lind
2010-03-23 19:11:19

Peter J,

This depends on if you’re playing a cash game or a tournament.

In a tourney the button would move to the empty seat, as if the player was still there. Basically, the player who was the dealer in the hand that saw the elimination remains the dealer for the next hand.

In a cash game you are never supposed to have a dead button, instead the button will skip the empty seat creating this scenario:

Button – small blind
seat 1 – big blind
seat 2 big blind.

This is known as smal, big, big.

The hand that follows fixes it with small small big. The hand after that will see everything go back to normal.

Basically, no player is ever allowed to skip their blinds, regardless of which way you deal with it, every player must pay a small and a big blind every orbit.

Sean Lind
2010-03-23 19:07:35


Unless the dealer sees the two cards the entire time, and can vouch 100% that nothing funny happened, the hand is dead.

Even if the dealer did see the two cards the entire time, chances are the hand is still dead. You are never allowed to remove your cards from the table, simple as that.

Peter J
2010-03-23 01:43:38

Can you please explain procedure with the big blind when the person whon should have been big blind ‘goes out’. Last night in one of our games the small blind was eliminated leaving four players at the table. In the next hand that the player immediately to the left of the dealer then became big blind and the dealer small blind. Was this correct?

2010-03-23 01:37:10

In a casino, when the last bet has been put on the table at the river: If one player drops his card off the table before he shows, is it a dead hand?

Sean Lind
2010-03-22 19:22:51


Depends on the rules of the tournament, either way that hand should never be dead. If it’s against the rules, the guy should get a warning, and next time it will be dead.

He did you all a favor by showing, trying to get the hand killed is just trying to get chips that don’t belong to you in the first place.

Paul Geis
2010-03-22 14:55:06

In Tournament play- Player A bets, Player B raises and lays down
his hand 2Kings, Players C & D fold immediately. What’s the ruling ? I think Player B’s hand should be declared dead

Sean Lind
2010-03-17 18:10:07


If you’re playing a tournament, all players must immediately turn up their hands before the dealer can finish dealing the board.

In a cash game the players can choose to show, or remain dark until the showdown. At the showdown a player can choose to muck, or show their cards to contest the pot. Since there was no action on the river, the first player required to show their hand will be the player in earliest position.

Amy Caraway
2010-03-17 15:14:04

If 3 people are still in the hand & 2 of those players are all in do they all 3 players have turn there cards up before any furture action?

Sean Lind
2010-03-11 21:03:49


Most smaller casinos will start Hold’em tourneys with 11 players per table. Although this is not ideal, the game still functions. If they have the room to add another table, they should do that, but if they don’t have the space, 11 players is fine for the start.

2010-03-11 07:43:38

in the small casino I play tourneys in, they sometimes start with 11 at each table. I tried to argue with them that 10 should be the max. Who is correct???

Sean Lind
2010-03-10 17:55:15


I have never heard of that rule, in fact I’m pretty sure it’s made up.

The whole reason you can check is to prevent an opponent from raising, you check, he bets you call $2. If the opponent can choose to make the raise without you first betting, it defeats the whole purpose of a limit (this includes pot-limit, spread-limit and fixed limit) game.

This rule makes the game completely lopsided, and gives even more power to the person in position, which isn’t a horrible thing in a stud game. But since the first player can only bet $2, it doesn’t make sense that hte 4th player can bet $8, it’s a very un-fair advatage.

This is not a regular rule, I have never heard of it before, someone randomly made it up, and I think it’s a brutal rule which needs to be thrown out.

If you want to play a no-limit game, do so. If you have a betting limit of any sort, it needs to be adhered to at all times.

I play my game based on the bets my opponents can and can not make, this rule completely changes the game.

2010-03-10 17:13:33

Sean, here’s one for the ages. Playing in a 7 card game with $2.00 bet limit, 4th card. Players 1,2 and 3 check…player 4 bets $8.00. I ask how he can do that, he says he’s “picking up the checks” so he can bet up to what they might have put in. I’ve played for over 40 years…no one I know ever heard of this… have you?

Sean Lind
2010-03-08 21:01:54


They will always split the pot in that scenario. In all standard forms of poker suits never determine the strength of a winning hand.

Sean Lind
2010-03-08 21:01:00


Since the cards were exposed by accident, nothing should have happened. The both players B and C would bet, call, fold and raise just as they would have before, only now player B gets to know what Player C is holding.

It’s Player C’s fault for showing his hand, so he should be the only one who suffers from the action.

2010-03-07 19:35:33

If two players have equally ranked flushes (or straight flushes) of different suits do they split the pot or does the spade flush beat a heart flush, etc.

2010-03-07 11:01:14

Here’s a situation that caused a big argument at a tournament I was running. Player A goes all in pre-flop. Player B and Player C call, but this does not put them all-in. Player C appears to assume that the other two players are both all-in and exposes his hole cards.

I ruled at the time that the betting was over, but another player pointed out that this could give the player who exposed his hand an unfair advantage if he was on a drawing hand, since he would know that he would get to see all the board cards without getting bet out of the hand by Player B. In retrospect, the better ruling would seem to be that Player C was now barred from betting or raising, although he could call to protect his hand, but that Player B still had the option to bet.

Would it be different if the dealer or tournament director felt that Player C had intentionally revealed his cards to freeze Player B?

Sean Lind
2010-03-05 20:13:40


This is kind of a funny one:

It is against the rules to act out of turn, so he technically can’t do it.

but, once he does do it the action is binding, meaning he is forced to do it on his turn no matter what (unless the place you play at has other crazy acting out of turn rules).

This means that technically people could limp for the BB, and then fold after the BB’s all-in becomes official. But since he’s going all-in anyways, it makes sense just to treat it as if it’s live, and call (raise) to the amount of his stack rather than limping first.

Se he’s not allowed to do it, but there’s no way of stopping him from doing it, not that you would want to anyways.

2010-03-05 09:17:00

we had a little discussion yesterday about this hand.
A player had to set his big blind but in stead of just placing his big blind and wait his turn he imediatley went all in, now my question is, i know when it has happened there is nothing you can do about it but if you follow the rules is this allowed. We were convinced that normally he had to wait his turn to go all in, but he said that the rule book said that he could go all in whenerver he wanted eventough it wasn’t even his turn.

Sean Lind
2010-03-02 19:14:19


What I mean when I say that hands can’t leave the table is that they can not pass past the the edge of the rail. If you imagine the table having a force-field around the edge extending up to the ceiling, the cards can never pass through that. You can do anything you want inside the field, just not leave it.

This rule is to make cheating more difficult, that’s all.

2010-03-02 18:35:27

Hi Sean

to clarify the point above for me – does this mean a player is not allowed to lift the cards from the table at all??

We sometimes play with 8 around a relatively small table – so keeping hands ‘private’ is quite difficult. Picking them up and holding them close is sometimes the only way?!?!



Sean Lind
2010-03-01 20:41:08

Big Tex,

If there are only three players left, the button acts first preflop. After the flop, the small blind acts first.

Sean Lind
2010-03-01 20:40:09


The first time a player does it he gets a warning. After that his hand will be dead if he removes it from the table.

Big Tex
2010-03-01 04:01:47

If there is only three player left and P1 is the button P2 is the small blind and P3 is the big blind who acts first preflop and who acts first after the flop

Paul monks
2010-02-27 11:41:07

In a NLHE tourney,a player picks his cards up and holds them to his chest after looking at them.Is his hand ruled dead ??

Sean Lind
2010-02-22 20:52:32


A side pot is treated the same as a main pot, but only between the players “live on the side”. Once player 2 bets, and player 3 folds, player 2 is the only player “live on the side” meaning he wins the side pot outright.

The best is returned to him, and he is no heads-up against an all-in player 1.

Sean Lind
2010-02-22 20:50:35


Here’s what should have happened.

The burn cards are correct, so those stay burned, but the turn and the river (exposed before action had completed) need to be put back in the stub (the live dick in the dealers hand). This is then shuffled and cut.

Once action has completed, the turn-card is dealt face-up (without burning). Once action is complete again the new river is dealt face-up without burning.

The idea is to keep the hand as accurate as possible. Since the burn cards were correct and not-seen, they stay burned. The shown cards are put back into the deck giving them the exact same odds of showing up as any other card in the stub.

Sean Lind
2010-02-22 20:46:15


Since all players must make the best 5-card hand, and that hand is on the board 8-9-10-J-Q

All players win, it’s a split pot. Someone would have needed to hold a King (or Ace-King for the nuts) to win this pot.

2010-02-22 10:14:35

As we’ve only just begun playing, please excuse our ignorance of what may be obvious. Here are the circumstances:-

P1 all-in against P2 and P3. The blinds, short stack, plus the amount of the short stack from each larger stack is in the main pot. P2 makes a significant bet into the side pot and P3 immediately folds. P1 has the winning hand.

P1 takes the main pot, but what happens to the bet made by P2?

P3 suggested that (as P2 didn’t win the hand) the bet should remain in the main pot for the next game; P2 suggested he took back his bet as P3 had folded (this side bet being P2 against P3). Your advice will be much appreciated.

2010-02-21 16:11:41

I play a lot in a local amateur tournament where players take turns to deal cards themselves when they are in the button position. Last night we had a very odd situation.

The player acting as the dealer was “all in” with A-K of spades and 4 other players called. When he deals the flop three spades show giving him an Ace high flush. He gets so excited that he starts celebrating and all of the sudden, before any of the callers get a chance to act, he burns and deals the turn and immediatelly burns and deals the river!

We had an energetic discussion for about 15 minutes and at the end we decided to annul the hand.

Was it the right decision and if not what rule aplies?

2010-02-21 15:06:26

8 9 10 Q J ON TABLE

Sean Lind
2010-02-19 20:53:33


P1 – Bet 100
P2 – All in for 105
P3 – Call
P4 – Call

Player one can now only call or fold. Since he has already acted he can only raise if betting is re-opened. This means someone would have to complete the raise to a min of $200 before P1 can raise again.

Otherwise he’s basically raising himself

2010-02-19 15:40:16

Sorry , same scenario as above only betting was on the turn

2010-02-19 14:01:56

No limit poker . Player 1 bets 100 on the river , player 2 all in for 105 , player 3 and 4 call 105 , can player 1 now reraise any amount .

Sean Lind
2010-02-19 02:42:30


Hey that was a typo, as if you move the button to player 2, then player 3 WILL pay the BB twice in a row, just like I said you can’t. Make sure hte blinds are accurate first, the button will go where it should after that.

No one in a tourney can play the BB twice in a row.

2010-02-18 21:36:10

OK, I’m still a little confused about the transition from 3 players to heads up play. I found two different answers for when the Button goes out. I’m not sure if this is a difference from cash and tourn. play? I am looking for the tourn. play answer as this has come up many times.

Here is the scenario – Button, Player 2 (SB), Player 3 (BB)

On 2009-08-28, you said that “The button moves to player 2, as it should. Since it would be brutally unfair to make player three pay the big blind twice in a row we’re going to put the big blind on the button for just this one hand. After the hand plays out, we leave the button on player two, who then places the small blind on the button.”

Then on 2010-01-18, you said that “if the player on the button gets knocked out, the button will skip the player who was SB and move to the player who was BB.”

I am not trying to be a pain or confrontational, I have learned a great deal from your site, I am just looking for clarification so I can use this for the tourn. play that my friends and I play every month or so. Thank you in advance.

Sean Lind
2010-02-15 20:49:38


All casinos (as far as I know) declare it a misdeal if the first or second card dealt is exposed.

Some casinos will also declare it a misdeal if the last card dealt is exposed, such as in your scenario. This is not a universal rule, and changes depending on the rules of the specific cardroom or casino.

Personally I don’t use it, since I’d rather not eat up the extra time, but if someone makes a stink about it, it’s not a big deal to collect the cards and start over.

Sean Lind
2010-02-15 20:46:23


You rank a full house by the trips first, the pair second,
so 66633 is better than 333TT.

If the trips are the same, the player with the higher pair to go with them will win.

Sean Lind
2010-02-15 20:31:20


In some poker variations that move (known as a check-raise) is not allowed, but in the most common games, such as Hold’em or Omaha, it’s absolutely good-to-go.

In face, it’s one of the mainstay’s of the game.

2010-02-14 22:57:22

After busting out of a tourney at a friends hourse, I agreed to act as the dealer for the rest of the players. I misdealt a hand to the player that had the dealer button. I accidentily flipped up the final card, so I dealt her another card down and took the face up card for the burn. One of the player protested and said that you cannot deal two concetutive cards to the “dealer”. They declared a misdeal on the hand. I have never heard this rule before. Is this correct?

2010-02-14 06:36:47

player 1 has a ten and a two, and player 2 has pocket six’s.

the community cards come up as 3,3,3,6,10.

so both players have a full house. does player 1 win with having two 10’s and three 3’s, or player 2 for having three 6’s and two 3’s?

2010-02-13 18:27:52

If I check and someone bets can I raze

Sean Lind
2010-02-10 20:31:09


The main rule is: players are not allowed to talk about the board, or any hands in play while the hand is in progress.

Players are not allowed to get advice from another player on their hand, the board, or what they should do.

Technically once they do get coaching the hand is dead. More often than not they will just get a warning the first time. In your case it was brutal coaching and angling, and the hand should have been killed.

2010-02-09 23:28:34

refering to my first question what if they just tell her its a good hand when she shows even that is enough to make it a dead hand just to clarify when i show this to everyone. thank you

Sean Lind
2010-02-09 22:35:14


I have heard of this ruling before when playing cards in a really crappy poker league in Australia. It’s not a universal ruling, and as far as I’m concerned it’s the worst way to deal with acting out of turn.

The better way to rule this is simple:

Any bet made (physically or verbally) is binding, unless the action changes before their action.

Player 1 limps
Player 2 is about to act
Player 3 says “Raise”

If player 2 folds or limps, the raise stands. If they said an amount, or placed the bet it will be that. If they didn’t, they must raise any legal amount.

If player 2 raises first, the action has changed. Player 3’s out-of-turn bet is now forgotten, and they have regular action..

This ruling helps to limit the amount of angling one can do by purposely betting out of turn. This is the way it should work, and unless I’m mistaken this is the way it’s ruled in the WSOP.

Sean Lind
2010-02-09 22:30:27


The hand is dead.

Firstly, if you show your cards to anyone at the table during the hand, that kills your hand. I don’t agree with this rule, and it’s not enforced in all places, which is fine.

Second, by holding your cards over the muck, you’re angling the fold. Most rooms have a rule against angling (also, I don’t agree with this). If the room has one, the hand is dead.

Finally, as soon as someone else sees the hand and says “you should call” or anything like it, that 100% kills the hand. The rule in question here is “One player per hand” or “No Coaching”. As soon as she angles the fold, then gets told to call and reverses her previous action, the hand is dead.

We have no way of knowing what she intended to do, but we do know that someone else told her to call, then she did when she looked like she was folding, that’s clearly coaching, and it’s never allowed.

Sean Lind
2010-02-09 22:26:22


When there are still players in the hand you’re not allowed to show, or even talk about your hand. Doing so ruins the integrity of the hand in play.

2010-02-09 08:34:32

If someone raises out of turn, what would be the rule on that? I was at a table where this occurred and the player who raised out of turn had to take back his raise and could only call the bet. Is this a general rule, or can it vary?

kelly simpson
2010-02-09 03:13:31

one more thing to go with my question just so everyone agrees that was there. she says she wasnt going for the muck before she showed the cards but everything else was the same.

kelly simpson
2010-02-09 02:36:35

i was playing in a tourny last night i went all in everyone folded the girl to my right was last to act she looked like she was going to fold as she went for the muck her cards still in her hand she showed them to three or four people on the other side of the table but not to me. a couple of the people commented on her hand being a good hand , i then announced that her hand was dead , when i did this one guy started to tell her call him call him he doesnt want a call , i countinued to complain it was definetly a dead hand now she had help from the others , but they said no and eventually she called and i lost i need to now how you feel about this as this is a big tourny we have and im going to quit if they do not replay this game.

2010-02-09 02:22:33

I wanna know if you are allowed to show your card when you fold and there still are players left playing? Because i dont think you are allowed, but someone i played against stubberned claimed you could do this.

Sean Lind
2010-02-09 01:03:09


I will side with the tournament directors on this one. In some rooms showing your cards will kill your hand, but that’s a stupid rule when it’s heads up and should never be enforced.

Even if it is, it’s only enforced if the player is showing with the intent to angle. If they just though showing their hand was an implied call, the hand stands, and they’re told to say “call” first next time.

Either way, my rule of thumb is this:
Regardless of semantics and stupid rules, if playing honestly the best hand should take down the pot. If a player is angle shooting, that’s one thing, but if the player just doesn’t know any better, and has the best hand, they shouldn’t be punished for that.

Yes, this sides with the people who don’t know the rules, but those are the people we want in the game the most, so I’m fine with it.

2010-02-08 22:00:29

Question: I was in a tournamen last night and the people running it seemed to have their own rules in many situations. This one in particular went like this. I was big blind and the small blind stayed in. I had 6-7, and I flopped an open ended straight, the small blind bet out and I called, then she checked the turn and the river, then I went all in, now the small blind didn’t have many chips left however, she did not call the all in, nothing, she just flipped her cards over to expose a set of 8’s. As far as I know the hand then was dead even though it was just her and I, the people there said it was obvious she wanted to call, however they were’t her and obvious sometimes isn’t always obvious to some, she really had little idea of what she was doing. Now I had already agreed she could have the pot after the initial argument where I pointed out technically she would have lost due to that. They still wanted to argue the fact that I am wrong. SO I would like conifirmation on whether I was right or wrong. Is that a legal move, for her to flip her cards over before and especially without making the call, not under any assumptions? Thank anyone for your time and the info.

Sean Lind
2010-02-08 21:07:25


My french isn’t all that great, but I think you’re saying that you were all in on the flop, and bu the river the board had a full house.

Two other players, one bet, the other fold.

At this point I’m not exactly sure what the question is. But if neither player has a King or a pocket pair bigger than a 7, it’s a split pot.

The player who bet will get all bets above what you put in the pot returned, and you’ll get half of the main pot… unless he has a pocket pair or king.

2010-02-07 18:00:26

je suis all-in après le flop.après la river la table affiche full house kkk77 un des deux joueur restant raise et l’autre fold..a-t-il le droit a mon pot

Sean Lind
2010-02-01 20:26:49

Don Dagenais,

Here we go:

Now if the button is on seat 2, and seats 2,3 and 4 get filled, it’s easy.

2 – button
3 – SB
4 – BB

If the button was at seat 3:

In most rooms it’s dealt with like this:

2 – dealt in as cutoff
3- button
4 – Must wait until next hand to play on the button
5- single big blind

There will be no small blind on this hand.

Some rooms will allow you to sit in on the small blind, if so everything will be normal:

2 – dealt in as cutoff
3- button
4 – Small Blind
5- Big blind

Sean Lind
2010-02-01 20:21:47


Firstly, a player MUST call the amount of the big blind, creating a side pot. If no players call, the player in the big blind will have the additional money returned. In your example the big blind will play the all in for 900 with the other 1,100 returned to his stack.

This is a universal rule in poker, there are no exceptions.

Secondly, in heads up the dealer is always the small blind. They act first pre-flop, but act last on every other street.

Sean Lind
2010-02-01 20:19:32


Obviously the player with the Ace will take first, but the only “fair” way to deal out the other finishing places will be to pool all other finishing prizes, and that prize pool equally across the other five players.

Some tourneys always do it this way, while most use the starting stack as their default method. Since the starting stack was the same, the pool must be split.

Sean Lind
2010-02-01 20:17:00


Verbal is binding in poker. The player who said raise now must make any raise they desire (I’m assuming they’re going to raise the absolute min though). The player who said all in then has to go all in.

To deal with this scenario in any other way would open the door for brutal angling.

Sean Lind
2010-02-01 20:15:03

Phil EDEL,

Firstly, a player can actually just tap the top of the deck, refusing to cut it at all if they choose. The idea in a cut is to try and thwart anyone running a cold deck (a set stack of cards). So in a home game, the player cutting just has to touch the deck, how many cards they cut is entirely up to them. Just try to be unpredictable.

Secondly, in a tournament all players who are all in (with no live players left, meaning there’s no more possible betting on that hand) must show their hands immediately.

In a cash game players have the choice of not showing until after the river.

Don Dagenais
2010-02-01 18:50:34

Tournament–Breaking down tables
Seat 2,3,4 are open with dealer puck at seat 2. Players from another table are moved to these seats. Who can be dealt in next hand?————-
What if dealer puck was at seat 3?

2010-02-01 15:10:32

Hello There,
Please help with two queries that constantly arise and cause arguments at several leagues I play in.
Firstly, say the big blind is 2000. There are 4 players in, one of which goes all-in but only has 900 chips. Do the rest of the players after him match the 900, or do they still have to call minimum 2000 which was the big blind?

Secondly in heads up, who deals!!! in otherwords which blind gets the dealer button? Simple but no-one can agree.


2010-02-01 00:01:39

forgot to mention they go all in with exact same chip stack example: first hand

2010-01-31 23:54:27

Lets say there is a 6 man tourny and the community cards are 9 10 J Q K and 1 player has an A and all other players have the board as theyre best hand. How would you determine finishing places?

2010-01-31 21:56:38

? on ettiquette or rule……….end of the eve one player not happy cuz he is losing big, gets huffy, player in front of him says he’ll raise but before he announces how much player following him states he is all in…..does the all in count because verbally committed thusly giving player before him ez out to raise the minimum or is the all in nulled because called out of turn…..so if not clear enough, do I stop playing with the uncouth bum or just fill him in on the rule?

2010-01-30 02:27:06

2 questions please. Is there a minimum number of cards that must be cut when cutting the deck before the deal. One of of our players says it’s 10. Secondly if everybody who is still live in a hand are all in before the hand is finished is it compulsory for the players to turn there cards or can they be kept down until after the river.

Sean Lind
2010-01-28 22:59:50


In a tourney both players must immediately show their hands.

In a cash game, you need to show you hand to win the pot. If you don’t want to win the pot, or there is no way you can win, you can muck your hand and not show it.

If you do want to win the pot, you need to show you hand. Either way, the player who made the all in bet is required to show first (or muck first).

If you do muck, and someone requests to see your hand, then the dealer can show the hand to the table. But, you should NEVER make such a request.

Sean Lind
2010-01-28 22:57:39


Yes, regardless of what street it was won on, the guy should get the award. All that matters was he hit the hand, not that someone called him down with it.

2010-01-28 22:43:58

we have an all-in & a call . do both or either players have to show thier cards

2010-01-28 22:34:12

thanks Sean that is what i thought.Would it also happen if it was won on the turn card and not see the rvr?

Sean Lind
2010-01-28 20:05:43


In a situation where there is a jackpot for a high-hand (or a mystery hand, like this scenario), all you have to do is WIN the pot, it doesn’t matter if it gets to showdown or not.

As long as you win, and you can show the winning hand, it qualifies, regardless of any other players in the pot or not.

Sean Lind
2010-01-28 20:02:13


In Hold’em the cards in your hand are no more valuable than the cards on the table. Player 2 wins with a higher two pair.

2010-01-28 13:41:02

in local tourney we have a mystery hand that is chosen each night for money. Tonight the hand was 4 kings. 1 player got it on the rvr and bet all in. Every one else folded. he showed his hand. does he win the money or is the hand declared dead as no one paid to see his hand.

2010-01-28 06:12:17

This example is hold ’em, I’m wondering if having a pair in the pocket beats a pair on the table,
table : 9 9 5 K 3
p1 : 2 2
p2 : 5 7
I realize player 2 has a higher set of pairs with 9’s over 5’s, but player 1 has a true pair, is there any situation in which having the pair in your pocket would win?

2010-01-25 22:26:45


Thank you. Thats what I thought. In this tourny, you can’t sit in on the SB. The player in seat 5 was the BB on the next hand and I was then the SB. Basically seat 3 dealt again because they had a dead SB the hand I was BB all alone. Thank you for clarifying. I knew this was incorrect but there was nothing I could do about it. Thank you and you have a great site.


Sean Lind
2010-01-25 20:16:22

Big Mike,

Firstly, please don’t write in all caps. I’m going to notice and answer your question just fine without them.

As for your Q, all players have two pair – queens and jacks. So the player with the best kicker wins. This will be player three with AK: QQJJA.

Sean Lind
2010-01-25 20:14:57


This is one of those “depends on the room” rules. Either way, they did it wrong in your case (unless I’m reading your story wrong).

Here’s how I see it.

Seat 3 and seat 4 (sb and bb) both get eliminated.

Two new players get seated in those seats.

Button moves to seat 3.

Now, no matter what, seat 5 needs to be the big blind here. That is 100%.

Here’s where the “it depends” comes in. In some rooms, you will be allowed to sit in on the small blind. If that is true for this room, everything will be normal: Button on 3, you SB on 4, and BB on 5.

If the room doesn’t allow it, you will be forced to sit out that hand. So it will have button on 3, no cards for you on 4, single big blind on 5.

The next hand will be back to normal.

These are the only two “accepted” ways of doing it. The idea in a tourney is to give no player an unfair advantage. This means there can never be more than one small blind and one big blind, and no player can “skip” a blind. If you were forced to pay the big blind in your scenario, the next hand what happens? If it goes back to normal the person on your left skipped paying a big blind altogether. That’s not allowed (except for some extraordinary circumstances).

2010-01-23 14:41:09

PLAYER1 HAS9,10, PLAYER2 HAS 9,2, PLAYER3 HAS A,K the board has j,j,Q,Q,9 WHAT HAND WIN AND Y??

2010-01-23 08:07:50

I have a tough one for you. Tournament play. I was at a table that was breaking and being moved. Me and another player moved to the same new table. He sat in seat 3 I sat in seat 4. The hand before we got there, seat 3 was the SB and seat 4 was the BB and they were both eliminated on that hand. The had seat 3 be the dealer and I was the BB with a dead SB. I told them this was incorrect, but they said that is how it is suppossed to work. Please explain how it is suppossed to work in this situation. Also, if it is posted in some rulebook, could you please give me a reference.


Sean Lind
2010-01-23 00:44:16


One universal rule in poker is this:
You can NEVER, under any circumstance, remove your cards from the table. This is why you see player peeling back the corners of their cards on TV.

Technically, once you remove your hand from the table, your hand is supposed to be declared dead. But 100% of the time the player should get a warning the first time.

2010-01-22 21:01:33

I play in a weekly tournament and have a question about a situation that is on going. It may be etiquette or rules, I don’t know. Are you allowed to hold your cards in your hand away from the table, sometimes out of site. I never know if they are playing the hand if I don’t see their cards on the table or whether they could be cheating (although I don’t think so).
It just doesn’t seem right to me and would like to know if there is a rule or not for this.

Sean Lind
2010-01-18 20:17:47


In hold’em you make the best 5-card hand using ANY combination of your cards and the board cards.

If the best hand you can make is a flush, using the 5 cards on the board, that’s the hand you play.

If multiple players all play the board as the best hand, it’s a split pot.

Sean Lind
2010-01-18 20:16:13


You’re correct that the button is always small blind heads up, and the button acts first pre-flop.

The blinds will commonly get a little screwy when going from 3-2 players.

The only thing you need to remember is that no player can be forced to pay the big blind twice in a row.

This means if the player on the button gets knocked out, the button will skip the player who was SB and move to the player who was BB.

IF the SB had gotten knocked out, the button still goes to the BB.

If the BB gets knocked out, the button simply moves to the SB like it was supposed to.

Sean Lind
2010-01-18 20:07:31


You K,8
opp A,7
board 9,9,A,6,6

Make the best 5-card hand:

You 9966A (you’re playing the board)
Opp AA997 Your opponent wins with a better two pair.

2010-01-17 16:30:05

what if on the table there are five spades and the players havn’t got any spades?Who wins?

2010-01-17 14:24:41


I’m quite a newbie to poker – but play with a few mates once or twice a week.

Generally the games goes Ok – until it gets to the point when only 2 players are left in the game (we play tourament style).

Regarding the blind in heads up play – from reading various ‘rules’ it seems that the dealer (button) plays small blind and the other player big blind, button acts first pre-flop, other player acts first after the flop.

The confusion lies with the transition from 3 to 2 players where the non-button player was big blind when there were 3 players – then ends up being big blind on the first heads up hand.?!

Are we playing this wrong? should we just follow the blinds as they would naturally be – or is there some way that the transition is made?? or does that ruling only stand if you are playing a 2 player heads up game from the start??

Any clarification on this one would be grateful??

Thanks alot


2010-01-17 12:27:43

if i have K,8
my opp have A,7
on tabel 9,9,A,6,6
who wins?

Sean Lind
2010-01-15 19:19:57


This is one of those shitty situations which happen from time to time. If there has been 2 or more actions made (fold, bet or raise) then the hand can no longer be stopped, meaning you simply lose your hand, and don’t get to play in that pot.

If there has been less than 2 actions, you can halt the hand, take back the cards and re-deal.

Basically, you’re supposed to collect your two cards and protect them as soon as their dealt to you. If you linger,and your hand gets killed, that’s your own mistake (it’s a cruel game sometimes).

If someone is grabbing your cards before you have a chance to protect them (purposely mucking your hand), then kick them in the shins and kick them out.

2010-01-15 14:17:16

In a home game, a player accidentally grabbed my cards and mucked them before I even got a chance to look at them. What happens?

Sean Lind
2010-01-11 19:29:04


This is called angling, you took the bait and lost your chips. It’s up to you to watch your opponents to see if they looked at their cards or not.

Even in a place which has a rule against angling, once you commit to call the all-in, the hand will play out as normal.

You got duped.

2010-01-10 07:27:24

Quick question. Was playing in a cash game at a friends house. He announce all in in the blind. I have A 10 while he turns up AA wins the hand then announces he actually looked at his cards before placing the bet. Is there a ruling on this? Never had this happen before! Thanks

Sean Lind
2010-01-04 19:39:41


The all in player is confused.

If someone’s mucked cards touch your unprotected hand, meaning your hand is face down without a finger, hand, chip or anything on top of them, then your hand is dead.

If you put your hand face down anywhere on the table where it touches a mucked card, your hand is dead.

But once you put your hand face up on the table, the hand is 100% live until it’s killed by the dealer.

Once a hand has been opened, only a dealer can kill it, it doesn’t matter what cards touch it.

The reason a hand can be killed by touching cards is so you can cheat by swapping your cards with another card from the table. Once a face down hand touches another card, the argument is that you can no longer be sure what cards were your two.

If the hand is open, it’s obvious to everyone what cards are yours, since they can see them.

There was one card room in Canada that made it a rule where if your hand touches any of the cards on the board your hand is dead, but that was dubbed “the worst rule in poker” by some magazines, and it was quickly expelled.

You got robbed of the pot.

Sean Lind
2010-01-04 19:35:27


In most casinos/card rooms that is a rule. In some places in Vegas you’re allowed to do it while heads up, but in most others it’s against the rules. Which sucks since it should be allowed.

Anyways, typically you should get a warning before they kill your hand, but if they want to be a dick, they can kill the hand if they please.

Sean Lind
2010-01-04 19:33:44


You can only use 5 cards to make a hand, and since you both have the same best hand 10-j-q-k-a it’s a split pot.

2010-01-04 19:17:30

I have a question about a strange situation. Hand with three players (Player A, Player B and myself).

Player A is all-in during the preflop.

I have 10-9 and the board is something like “10 X X X X”. I bet and Player B folds.

I say “I have two tens” and I show my hand (face up) on the table. Unfortunately, one of my cards touches the border of the cards (face down) mucked by the other player (he had thrown them in the middle of the table).

Player A says that my hand is dead and claims the pot. Can you tell me where I can find this “rule”?

2010-01-04 04:29:59

is it a poker rule that when you show one card in your hand to the whole table it is condidered a “mucked hand/folded hand”. I was in a cash game and one other player had gone all in. I was the only player left to act and had not decided what I was going to do. It would have been a risky call but this guy pushes lots and I showed a small flush card as the reason why I was thinking about it.

Alejandra Geiling
2010-01-03 07:54:50

Hey I have a question: if on the bord is 10JQkA (no flush) and we played with an extra card 10 (Suthern Cross) my opponent has A(heart)K and I have A(Spade)7 And we are using both the straight on the table, who wins??? or is it pot splitting?

Sean Lind
2010-01-02 19:48:21


A hand made up of all wild cards = the stone cold nuts. No matter what, it wins (or possible chops the pot if another player also has the best possible hand.

2010-01-02 15:33:07

We play a lot of wild card games in poker. what if a hand consists of all wild cards, how would you call it?

Sean Lind
2010-01-01 22:28:26


There are two ways to deal with this situation. The most common is you give out finishing places based on the size of their stack before the hand started. So Player 2 would get second.

The other way is to call it a tie. Combine the prizes for 3rd and 2nd, then split it 50/50.

2009-12-31 21:20:06

Finishing positions are determined by stack size since both smaller stacks were eliminated.

2009-12-31 11:56:29

In tournament play player 1 with smallest stack goes all in. player 2 with next smallest stack goes all in player 3 with largest stack calls. player 3 wins knocking players 1 and 2 from tournament. what determines their order of finish? best losing hand or larger stack at beginning of hand.

2009-12-31 11:50:56

thanx for such an interesting and helpful site

Sean Lind
2009-12-28 18:55:08


If the poker room or casino has a rule against this, the hand is declared dead and that player loses the pot. In the real world of poker (where angling is allowed, like it should be) this is absolutely fine.

So if you’re at a home game, you should allow this. If you’re at a casino you should never do this unless you ask the dealer if it’s allowed first.

Sean Lind
2009-12-28 18:53:29


In Hold’em you can use any combination of your cards or the board cards to make the best possible hand. In this case you both have the same full house 77755. It’s a split pot.

Sean Lind
2009-12-28 18:52:05


You have to make the best five card hand.

Player 1: 10-10-A-Q-5
Player 2: 10-10-A-Q-4

As you can see, player 1 has a better kicker, so they win. This is known as “the five plays”.

2009-12-28 09:49:48

What happens if a player says they are not folding and then shows their two cards?

2009-12-28 06:32:49

Me and my daughter have close to the same hands

D1 has 7C QC
Dad has 7H AH

On the board was


Who wins this hand or is this a Split pot. Her position is we split with a boat. My position is we both share trips and I have the Ace kicker. Who is right?

She wants to know the rule when you have to use 1 or 2 cards as the best possible hand.

Texas Holdem

Thank You.

2009-12-27 05:14:04

i have a question…


the cards on board are A,10,Q,2,3


Sean Lind
2009-12-21 20:49:23


When this happens, the dealer needs to pick the river card back up (leave the burn card in place) and shuffle the stub (the remainder of the deck) with the river card in it. Once the dealer finishes shuffling, the player can complete his action. If he calls the dealer then deals the top card from the deck as the new river.

Sean Lind
2009-12-21 18:55:44


The rule invoked at your table is a rule that was created last year by the WSOP. This rule is not used in any other poker situations which I’m aware of. It is certainly not used in cash games.

If the first player to act actually turned his hand over, then I could see the dealer’s case of killing the hand (it would still be ridiculous to kill someone’s hand for angling at a home game), but verbally stating the hand should never be penalized.

My suggestion is to make sure you never invite back the player who called to have the initial bettors hand killed. When it comes down to it, the best hand at showdown should get the pot, regardless of what went on in the hand.

If you can’t deal with table talk and angling, go play online.

phil kiner
2009-12-21 16:54:28

last player to act is thinking about whether to call or fold and the dealer turns the river card-it makes the players hand — what do you do

Niall Quinn
2009-12-19 13:18:45

Hi Sean

A rather contentious issue. I was playing in a random house cash game last night, with a seemingly experienced dealer. There was quite a large pot at stake when it came to the river. The guy first to act made a big bet on the river, then the guy immediately to his left called. With another player still to act, the guy who made the initial bet revealed his true hand verbally to the guy who called, knowing there was still another player to act. The last guy to act heard this, and claimed that if he called and the guy who made the initial bet had what he announced he had, i.e. he was telling the truth, his hand is deemed to be dead. The board was A A K 8 and maybe a 2. The guy who made the initial bet said he had A 8, and indeed he had when he turned them over. The dealer then announced that that guy’s hand was dead having stated his true hand with another player still to act. I’m a little confused by this. Bothe the other guys had a K, the one acting second with a better kicker, and took down the whole pot. The guy who made the initial big bet, and had the best hand, was understandably infuriated by this, certainly considering the size of the pot. The dealer and the guy had a huge confrontation, but the dealer maintained that revealing your true hand with another player still to act, and then calling, makes your hand dead. Perhaps there are differing rules regarding this, but I have never heard of it. I imagine this is a rare instance, considering the guy was practically saying he had what was almost the nuts. Some clarification on such instances would be hugely appreciated, not least for my own future reference. Thank you.

Sean Lind
2009-12-18 18:40:41


In a situation like that, where both players started the hand with the same chip count, you would combine the prizes for second and third, and split the lump sum between coth players.

It also doesn’t matter what hands they had, just that they had the same amount of chips when starting that hand.

Colin Turnbull
2009-12-18 01:15:54

In a tournament how do I rank who went out first, 2 players all in against a bigger stack, big stack wins.
2 players had identical hand A 7 and they had same chip count, how can you determine who goes out first

Sean Lind
2009-12-14 20:26:37


Player 1: A10
Player 2: A7
Board: JJ2A10

I used a deuce instead of a random card there, really just because it looks better.

Either way, this is a split pot every time. You have to make the best 5-card hand for each player, both players hold:

It doesn’t matter that player 1 uses both his hole cards while player 2 only uses one. In Hold’em what cards you use doesn’t matter, just what your final 5-card hand is.

rick fitzpatrick
2009-12-13 16:59:00

? texas holdem split pot problem. 2 players, #1 player held A 10,#2 held A 7, flop showed jjx turn A, river 10. Split pot ? or does the 10 in #1 hand win ? a question that in my experience, 10 or so years has never happenned. HELP

Sean Lind
2009-12-11 18:41:40


In a situation like this the pot will always go to the guy holding Ace King. When someone turns over their hand before making the final call, it’s either angling or an implied call. In a situation like this, where the other player told him his hand, he knew he was the winner.

Technically he should have said “call” first, or moved in chips, but turning up the hand like that won’t lose him the hand.

When making rulings, typically the pot will always go to the guy with the best hand, and it’s almost always the loser of the pot who finds some reason to complain. 10J lost fair and square, only a real jerk would try to take the pot on a technicality.

Sean Lind
2009-12-11 18:36:29


Firstly the cut. In that situation things should have gone ice cold instantly. As soon as he got mad about you not offering him a cut, he’s accusing you of cheating.

Maybe I’m just a serious dick, but I would have calmly told him just that “So you’re telling me I’m cheating, that’s what you’re saying?”

He’ll start backpedaling and try to talk his way out of it, no matter what happens at this point, he’s going to be tilted/uncomfortable. This should make it easy to take his monies.

As for showing the card, that’s not a big deal. I believe angling should always be allowed in poker, as the game was created with angling as part of the game. If you want to show your cards, then by all means do just that.

But in a casino, most places don’t allow it. Some of the better card rooms will allow it, but only while heads up.

brian jones
2009-12-10 16:34:27

Two players in the showdown after heavy betting, commune cards favour a triple or runs Player A goes all in and at the same time says “have you got AK(giving A a high run) cause I’ve got ten jack (giving B a low run) player B responds that yes he has and throws them down player. A claims pot because B did not bet.B cliams pot because of A’s verbal comments. who is right. thanks brian

2009-12-10 05:28:51

As dealer the small and big blinds are to my left when in a house game… this kid i bent over on the turn 4 wks ago filling in my K9 boat leaving him no life jacket got pissed lastnight when i didnt offer him a cut . So i said there isn’t a rule in the world that says that you have to offer a cut. And i called out a kid that flipped over a card revealing a J while three hands were in play. Someone goes since you’ve only been playing a month i wouldn’t be calling him out. You can’t show cards like that can you?? ty again for your time

Sean Lind
2009-12-09 20:59:19


There are no published rules about this, but there are some commonly accepted practices. Although some people (including my fellow strategy writer Daniel Skolovy) have the player in the small blind shuffle the deck, for the next deal, I consider this to be incorrect.

The whole point of having someone else cut the deck is to help eliminate the possibility of someone cheating. For that reason, the best way to operate a home game is as follows:

After you finish dealing the hand, it is your job to shuffle the deck. Once it’s shuffled you pass it to the player on your left (the current dealer) who cuts it. The small blind then receives the deck shuffled and cut, ready to deal.

This way three people are involved with the shuffle and deal, and the actual dealer has nothing to do with the shuffle. It’s very difficult to cheat when you never get to shuffle or cut your own deck.

Plus, this method is just as fast as having the small blind shuffle and deal.

The problem with having one player shuffle, the guy on his right cut, then deal, is it’s very easy to manipulate a deck cut.

Even I (and I don’t pretend to have any skill manipulating cards) can have a player cut the deck exactly where I want it with a very high percentage of accuracy.

Not only that, almost no player squares the deck after cutting, even if you don’t rig the cut, it’s simple to see exactly where the deck was cut, and then secretly cut it back to its original order.

So yeah, deal, shuffle, and pass to your left to be cut, they pass it to their left to be dealt.

Simple and effective.

2009-12-09 19:47:52

Is there any published rule w regard to you being the dealer and having to allow the person to your right a cut of the deck suffice to say as dealer you cut the deck to prevent the thoughts of a “rounders” moment. please email if you have a moment ty in advance!

Sean Lind
2009-12-07 20:34:27


It’s a split pot. You have to play the best possible 5-card hand, since neither player had a heart, they both play the board.

Also, to win the pot neither player needed the Ace of hearts, they just needed any heart higher than the 5.

If one player held the 6 of hearts, they would have a higher 5-card flush:

KQ965 versus KQ954

stefan butler
2009-12-06 05:08:41

Right the biggest argument kicked off tonight there was 2 of my mates left in a pot and a K high flush consisting of K,4,9,Q,5 of hearts wason the table and one player had a K,4 both of clubs and one A,6 both of clubs … But there was a 4 also on the table obviosuly the one with a king and a 4 thought he had 2 pair and the one with the A,6 just had A High ….. who would of won the ace high player or the one with 2 pair …. i personally thought it was a split pot because the best possible hand was on the table and no 1 had the ace of hearts which would of made them had the higher flush and obviously take the win … theres a few hundered pounds on this decision so help would be veryyyyy appreciated thanks alot 🙂

Sean Lind
2009-12-04 01:46:21


This changes depending on if it’s a cash game or a tournament.

In a cash game the button can never be dead, so you make up for it with multiple big or small blinds.

If the person who was to be the big blind next hand busts, no big deal, you pretend he was never there.

If the person who was the big blind busts, then move the button, and have both the next players pay big blinds (big big). The next hand you’ll have three blinds Small(on the button) small, big. This way all players pay a big and a small blind.

If the small blind busts, you must move the button all the way to the player who should be the small blind, making it 3 blinds again small(on the button), small, big.

In a tournament it’s easy:

The button can be “dead”. Meaning no matter what happens in the hand, the button will always move to the spot it was going to move to next hand. If the player who should have been the small blind has busted, you’ll just have a single big blind. The next hand the button will be on an empty seat, with a small and big blind.

No one ever posts a blind on the button in a tourny, there are never 3 blinds, and no one ever gets to miss their big blind.

Sean Lind
2009-12-04 01:40:51


Yes, player 2 has to show his cards. But, it’s not quite that cut and dry.

All live poker rooms allow you to request to see any hand at showdown. The reason you are allowed to do this is to give you a way to prove that a player is cheating by colluding, by forcing them to reveal their hand.

So although it’s in the rules that you are allowed to request to see a players hand at showdown, it’s considered very poor etiquette to do so (since, the rule is to prevent cheating, invoking it implies that you assume the player is a cheat).

I understand that people use this rule simply to gain information on another player’s hand, but I can not stress how much of an etiquette mistake this is.

2009-12-03 23:30:56

In our friendly games we always run into this secarnio. If a player was to big blind or small blind in the next hand but gets knocked out in the current hand. Who and how much posts the blinds in the next hand? Please emial me the answer.

2009-12-03 04:33:10

In a tournament,Two players are left in a hand after the river, player 1 bets player 2 calls, player 1 shows his cards and player 2 says you win, player 1 then asks to see player 2s cards before they are mucked. Does he have to show them? If so where can the rule explaining this be found.

Thanks Colin

Jason L
2009-11-12 12:37:00

Player to left bet i said all in and he said call he never put his cards up to show neither did i. The river came i had him beat i showed him my cards but not the rest of the table and he looked at them for more than 10 seconds he then pushed his chips at me and threw his cards face up in the muck pile i took this as a defeat move and i threw my cards in face down who wins the pot casue he argued till he got it. I saw his cards and he saw mine

Sean Lind
2009-11-10 04:45:00


Angling and showing cards is 100% allowed heads up in poker. Some poker rooms have made this against the rules, but that is an incorrect ruling which is destroying the very nature of the game.

You are allowed to show your cards anytime you like, as long as it’s heads up.

Sean Lind
2009-11-10 04:44:00


Each player will only get one action, unless betting is re-opened by a complete raise or re-raise.

Player A bet, Player B call, Player C folds, betting is over.

2009-11-08 01:38:00

At a home game with two players in the hand after the river, 1st player goes all in. 2nd player exposes cards (turns cards face up on table), then decides to call the all in. Several other players thought his hand was dead when he exposed his hole cards without announcing a call first. Is a hand considered “folded” if it is exposed before announcing an action, even if there are only two players left in the hand and the first has gone all in?

This sounds similar to the question asked by Svekke on 11/5/09

Thanks, Nate

2009-11-07 21:15:00

If there three players left in the hand after the river, player A bets, player B calls, and player C folds can player A raise or is all betting complete.

Sean Lind
2009-11-06 08:57:00


The answer here is: It depends.

Some card rooms have a rule stating that you are not allowed to show your cards.

In the real world, you can do anything you want when it’s heads up. Especially since player A was all in. Player A has no more actions left, so really player C can do anything he wants, no harm no foul.

Even if the card room does have a “you can’t show your cards rule”, this still shouldn’t matter, the player should get a warning, then be allowed to call.

2009-11-06 08:45:00

I just had a very annoying situation.

On the flop, player A goes all-in. Player B folds and player C owns the second nuts.

Player C shows his cards to player A, to see his reaction. This is a tactic used by Doyle Brunson in his book “Super System”.

He then decides to call. Player A complains that player C (who was the last to act) wasn’t allowed to show his cards, unless he would fold.

My question is:

Is this kind of play allowed or not?

Sean Lind
2009-11-06 04:07:00


This is absolutely correct. You are only allowed to bet, or raise in one single forward motion. You are never allowed to go back to your chips and grab more, unless you previously stated the raise amount.

But, in most places you can say “Raise” put out the amount of the call, and then in one motion bring out the full amount of your raise..

Since Player 4 had bet a total of $30, and Player 1 Put out $35, he is committed to making a min raise. The final raise amount would be $55.

Also, the dealer should never take rake until all betting is complete, plus most poker rooms only rake post-flop. Pre-flop action should be, and usually is, exempt from any rake.

Sean Lind
2009-11-06 04:04:00


Firstly, UTG was wrong. The minimum raise is always double the amount of the Big Blind. His option was to call $100 or Raise to any amount above $200.

As for the bottom card of the deck being exposed, that card will never have played on the hand. Just show it to all the players at the table, explaining that it was shown, then throw it into the muck.

This card would never have affected the hands or the board, so it makes no sense to shuffle it back into the deck.

2009-11-05 16:52:00

Player in first position has straddled($5). Player in position 4 raises $25 putting $30 on the table. Dealer rakes in the $5 from these players. Player in first position calls re-raise and puts $35 out on the table and goes back and starts to count out more chips. Player in position 4 declares that since the player in position 1 placed the full raise out on the table along with a partial raise (and had not declared a raise amount) that he was committed to a minimum raise of another $25 and should be required to put the additional $15 on the table. Is this correct?

Sean Lind
2009-11-03 09:11:00


You have 5 aces in your question.

Anyways, you have to make the best 5 card hand. If there are 4 aces on the board, the player with the highest hole card will win. If the 5th card on the board is higher than both your hole cards, it’s a split pot.

2009-11-03 07:26:00

If there are 4 aces on the board with a 9,and two players are holding a k .8 and the other a.8.
Who wins the hand?

Sean Lind
2009-10-31 04:25:00


You’re forgetting the #1 rule of Hold’em Showdowns:

You have to make the best 5-card hand out of ANY combination of the board cards and your own.

Because their are two board cards higher than both of your kickers, you end up with the same hand:

You have: 56
He has : 57
The board: 5495A

Your best 5-card hand: 555A9
His best 5-card hand : 555A9

As you can see, you have the same hand.

If the river was a 2 instead of an ace, you would have lost:

Your hand would have been: 55596
His hand would have been : 55597

In that scenario, he would have won with his kicker.

Hopefully that clears it up for you.

Michael Vejs
2009-10-30 22:59:00

here you go 🙂

As you can see we both have 3 of a kind (5’s) his kicker is 6, mine is 7 but we split.

Sean Lind
2009-10-30 03:13:00


If no kickers play, it’s a split pot. If one player has a higher kicker, they win.

Next time you see a situation that you think is fishy, screen shot it and upload it to http://imageshack.us/

Just post the link it gives you here and I”ll take a look.

Michael Vejs
2009-10-29 07:36:00

Quote “If you have higher kicker, than you win the pot. Simple as that. ”

thats what i would say too… but its not allways how it turns out.. in Zynga poker that is..

I can have a bigger kicker, pl2 can have a higher kicker.. either I win, he wins og we share.

thats why I dont understand. im going to play some poker now. when i see this again i’ll make a prt scr for you. can I post images?

Sean Lind
2009-10-29 04:20:00


The rule is actually pretty straight forward, and Zynga does it all correctly.

You must always make the best 5-card hand. If your kickers don’t play, meaning you share the same hand (such as A-A-K-K-Q) it’s a split pot.

If you have higher kicker, than you win the pot. Simple as that.

Michael Vejs
2009-10-28 04:16:00

yeah but sometimes thats not the case.. eventhough pl1&pl2’s kicker is higher than the river or in some cases on both sides of the river the outcome can be different.

I totally understand your point but that isn’t the case with Zynga’s poker.

another scene could be:

pl1 has 2-2-3-5-8+Q-J
pl2 has 2-2-3-4-7+K-T

here we have 1 pair w/ Q n’ K as kicker. sometimes its pl1 that wins other times its pl2 that wins and sometimes its a split. I dont get it.

Sean Lind
2009-10-28 03:57:00


The rule is this: You need to make the best 5-card hand you can.

Player 1 has: 4-4-2-2-10
Player 2 has: 4-4-2-2-8

Since 10 > 8 Player 1 wins with the higher kicker.

Michael Vejs
2009-10-27 23:36:00

Hi Sean, first of ty for answering all these Q’s, has been helpfull..

I play Texas hold’em on Facebook using Zynga’s poker application. I dont know if its a error in their app., but please help here:

Scene: flop, turn & river= 2-2-4-4-8aka 2 pairs w/8 high.

pl1 has 3-10
pl2 has 3-6

Same scene:

pl1 has 3-10
pl2 has 3-11

Who wins? It’s so frustrating, cause sometimes pl1 wins, pl2 wins and last they split the pot.

Any idea?

Sean Lind
2009-10-20 06:41:00


Read my answer to Marc above, that will have the answer to your first question.

Your second question… unfortunately there is no 100% “official” rule book for poker. The rules found on our site here under the rules tab are the most commonly used rules around.

Our rules are in line with the WSOP, and as far as we’re concerned, the WSOP is the #1poker tournament, started by the guys who invented Hold’em, thus their rules should be official.

Sean Lind
2009-10-20 06:34:00


This depends on a few options actually:
Firstly, did the player with AQ show the dealer his hand first, before mucking.

Even at a self-dealt home game, the dealer runs the hand.

If the player mucks his hand without showing, the pot is lost, no questions. If the player shows his hand to the dealer, he will win the pot.

The rule here is “Cards speak”. It doesn’t matter what you say or do, if you show your hand to the dealer, that’s all that counts.

Since you say that he thought the table should have spoken up, it sounds like he did show his hand, so he should have won the pot.

2009-10-19 04:00:00

Final table of a NLHE tournament – 5 players left.
Three players go all in pre-flop. The big stack shows top pair. The small stack has second pair, the middle stack – high card. Who is fifth – the small or the middle stack?

Sean, a second question. Where can one read the “official” rules of poker? I think I have at least two of them somewhere on my old discs:-)

Marc Tanner
2009-10-18 01:39:00

If a tournament has 1st, 2nd & 3rd place, and the last three players are ALL IN, and one player remains, is there still a 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place or does the remaining player win it all?

2009-10-01 18:14:00

I already know the answers, but need this to post to a player @ my home game.

#1 The $ gets all in preflop, one player has AQos the 44. After the flop, 4th st & 5th st, the board reads:


Obviously the AQos has won this hand, he misreads the board & mucks. His hand is dead & he loses the pot, does he not? He gets upset because he feels it was up to everyone else at the table to tell him his hand.

Sean Lind
2009-09-30 18:18:00

Your friends made you chop the pot back to everyone… that doesn’t even make sense.

I can only think of one scenario I’ve ever seen where that has been the legitimate solution, and it involved there being two Ace of Hearts in play at the same time.

If you’re playing in a game where showing your cards is against the rules, what should have happened is your opponents hand is dead, and you get the whole pot.

Either they do that, or they go with the “real poker” rules, and your opponents hand stays live. Nothing else changes, you get to make any action you like on your turn, and he can choose to call, raise or fold.

Sean Lind
2009-09-30 02:35:00


What should happen? You should instantly move all in and hope he thinks you’re trying to bluff him. He calls and you drag in a huge pot.

When it’s heads up there is no harm in showing your cards. Some rooms have a rule against it, but I get mad when they enforce that rule even if they have it.

Angling/showing your cards (when there’s only 2 players left) is part of the game.

2009-09-29 23:44:00

NO WAY! thanks sean for the quick response. i can’t believe that. So even though i knew he had 8 and a 4 in his hand because he showed them way out of turn even before the last round of better. I still could have placed my bet for the last round, and then we play it out like normal?
Ive read some things where if a player acts out of turn he has to muck his cards, but since showing your cards isn’t actually an action we should’ve just played the hand like normal?
All my friends made me split the pot between everyone so they all go their money back and that turned out to be the downfall of my chip stack considering i was teetering on the edge of “broke” at that point anyway

2009-09-29 23:03:00

I played a game recently where I was in a showdown with one last player (everyone else had folded out after the flop) after the turn we did our betting as usual, and then after the river came down. For some reason he showed his cards, he had a two pair, i had trip 5’s. what should happen in this situation?

Sean Lind
2009-09-10 01:23:00


There are split pots and there are side pots.

If you’re playing a High-Low game, the low hand wins half the pot. This is a split pot game.

In a regular game, such as Texas Hold’em, if Player A goes all in for $100 Players B and C both call with more money behind, any money they bet on future streets is part of the side pot. Player A can only ever win the amount he put in from the other players.

2009-09-09 02:46:00

I’m a little confused with split pot situations. under what conditions would you split the pot? I know that the best 5 card hand is the winner, but what would merit a split pot?

2009-09-09 02:26:00

Suppose we have 3 players in a hand

on the flop:
p1 goes all in w/ $100
p2 calls
p3 raises to $300
p2 calls

on the turn:
p2 checks
p3 raises $100
p2 folds
Is p2 still elegible to participate in the 1st sidepot w/ p1 and p3 even folding on the turn? If so how does that happen – he/she keeps the cards w/o really folding them? Tks.

Sean Lind
2009-09-07 21:06:00


Position means you’re acting last in the hand post flop. If you have the button, you have the best position.

Position is probably the most important thing next to your cards in poker.

2009-09-05 05:08:00

Hi , what is position mean in a poker game ? and how important is it ? Thank you .

Sean Lind
2009-09-04 22:24:00


The second one. Because Player 1’s hand hit the muck face up, the hand can be ruled live, since it’s obvious which two cards belong to him.

Player 2 has to complete his option, he can call , raise or fold.

2009-09-04 16:55:00

There are 3 players in the hand.

Player1 bets.
Player2 -it is his turn to bet, but Player3 folds his cards out of turn before Player2 acts.
Player1 sees Player3 fold and thinks the hand is over, he turns his cards up and one of his cards hits the muck pile.

Is Player1’s cards dead because one hit the muck pile and Player2 takes the pot?
Or does Player2 have the option of betting, knowing what Player1’s card are?

Sean Lind
2009-08-28 18:19:00


This situation is a little tricky. The goal is to put the players at as little of a disadvantage as you can.

The button moves to player 2, as it should. Since it would be brutally unfair to make player three pay the big blind twice in a row we’re going to put the big blind on the button for just this one hand.

After the hand plays out, we leave the button on player two, who then places the small blind on the button.

After that the hands play out as they would.

With this solution there is only one hand which is abnormal. Player 2 gets a slight advantage of having the button twice in a row, but that’s better than the disadvantage of having to pay the big blind twice in a row if we did it any other way.

2009-08-28 03:41:00

In a three player game:
player 1 = button
player 2 = small blind
player 3 = big blind
When the button gets busted out.
Who gets to be the dealer next time?
Who gets to be small and big blind?


Sean Lind
2009-08-27 18:16:00


Because the big stack took them both out, it doesn’t matter what hands the other two players have. The way it works in most tourneys is the player who had the most chips of the two at the start of the hand, gets third.

In some tourneys, when two players bust in the same hand, both players tie for third place, splitting the combined prize of 3rd and 4th.

Sean Lind
2009-08-27 18:14:00


This depends on the rule of the room you’re playing in. The way it should be, is as long as you’re heads up you are allowed to do that. Remember, we’re playing poker. Your goal is to lie and steal as much money as possible, no need to be honorable here.

Many poker rooms rule that showing your hand is not allowed, and it’s supposed to be a dead hand in those rooms. But unless you’ve been warned about it earlier, you will never get your hand killed, just a floorman telling you you’re not allowed to do that.

2009-08-27 00:58:00

in a situation where 1-6 places…. 4 people left…3 people go all in …. out of the 3 of them the big stack wins taking the other 2 players out…. however the other to players have the exact same hand…. who gets 4th and who gets 3rd in this situation ?

2009-08-26 23:47:00

Thank you very much Sean. Learned lesson 😉

2009-08-26 18:44:00

hi sean, 2 players in the hand, player A bets big on the river,player B is thinking his move, when he looks at player A then shows him his cards ,as to gauge a reaction.is this legal are the cards dead, or can he continue in the hand ?

Sean Lind
2009-08-24 19:18:00


Once you throw your cards face down (without showing), your hand is dead.

If you show the hand to dealer, they can then open your hand for you if you’re the winner. But a mucked hand is dead.

You should have lost the pot, and you should learn a valuable lesson: Always show your hand, you will never win by mucking.

2009-08-23 10:59:00

HI Sean. This just happened a minutes ago.

To resume.

Heads up. Player 2 goes all in after the river. I called.

He shows his hand and I mistakenly though he beat me and I throw my cards, without showing.

Another person on the table says that I win and turn the cards up.

I had flush and P2 only a straight. Did I fold my hand by throwing the cards or can they be turned up by other person and claim the pot?

I know it depends of the room, but does the dealer has the obligation to show both hands, even when player 1 (me) called the bet and then throw the cards?

Sean Lind
2009-08-23 01:58:00


You are never allowed to talk about the hand in play, doesn’t matter if you folded, or if you still hold your hand. You can’t talk about the hand, no exceptions.

As for misdeals, unless it’s the first or second card dealt, just one card exposed is not a misdeal. Two cards exposed is always a misdeal, just like the first or second card exposed.

2009-08-22 11:39:00

If a player throws away his hand at some point during play (usually well before showdown) & then comments “Oh, I would’ve made a straight/full house/etc”, that is illegal, right? I always thought it was wrong, mainly because people get so mad about it, but I wanted to find a basis for my reasoning. I also thought so because it seems that when one card is misdealt or accidentally shown it’s fine but generally 2 cards is a redeal. Thank you!

Sean Lind
2009-08-21 01:07:00


This depends. In a tournament you’re required to show your cards immediately, that’s pretty much a universal rule.

In a cash game, unless there is a specific house rule that states otherwise, it’s your choice if or when to show your hand.

2009-08-21 00:50:00

we were playing texas hold’em, I went all in and the other player called me, and on the turn, Am i required to show my cards then or wait for the river. They say you are required to show your cards when called , Ithought it was an option..

Sean Lind
2009-08-01 21:15:00


In hold’em you don’t need to use any specific number of your hole cards. Since the best 5 cards are on the board for both of you, you both have the same hand:it’s a split pot.

2009-08-01 16:11:00

hi i need help me and my friends are heaveing problem to decide who heave beather hand


table 9,.J,k,9,A

who wins cuz all cards on table are bigger

Sean Lind
2009-07-30 18:26:00


If you make it to the showdown, technically you can request to see his other card, but it’s a serious breach of etiquette to do so.

If you didn’t make it to the showdown (which it sounds like you didn’t), you have no authority to see anything more than he’s willing to show.

jeff s
2009-07-30 11:28:00

A K 9 6 3 Are showing. I have two 9s and fold, the other player shows me a 6 that i would have beat. If i ask does he have to show me his other card so I no if he had me beat or just wants me to think he bet a weak hand?

Sean Lind
2009-07-23 17:21:00


You can only win the amount from every player equal to what you have in your stack.

If three players go all in:

Player 1 – $100
Player 2 – $200
Player 3 – $300

Player one is only eligible for winning the main pot, worth $300. To win the main pot, his hand has to be better than every other hand at showdown.

Player 2 still has $100 left that player 1 couldn’t win in the main pot, so this makes a side pot. The best hand between Player 2 and Player 3 will win the side pot, worth a total of $200.

Player 3’s final $100 stays in his stack, it’s not part of the hand.

2009-07-23 17:06:00

I’ve been playing holdem online and I am noticing that there are 1-3 ‘pots’ at any given time. The main pot; the main + 1 side pot; or the main + 2 side pots. What makes the ‘side pots’ and how are the side pots won? I know there are a lot variables on how the side pots are won. So, if there is a general answer to that I’ll figure it out by apply it to different situations.

Sean Lind
2009-07-18 21:20:00

Hey Will,

In every poker room I’ve ever played in you must show both your cards to win a hand (since a legal winning hand must have exactly two cards).

If your one card is good enough to win, and you muck the second, you might have your hand ruled dead and lose the pot. This will just depend on the floorman (or even their mood at the time).

Always show both cards to win a pot.

2009-07-18 15:35:00

hi Sean
I have a question, is there a rule player have to show both cards at the end of play?

player 1 is all-in on the flop and player 2 and player 3 are still betting, then player 2 fold on the river, so the player 3 win the side pot, then player 3 show one card and muck the other hold card. dose that mean player 3 hand is a dead hand because he muck one of the hold card? or is the hand still live? if it is a dead hand dose player 1 win the hand with out having to show his hand?

2009-07-15 21:20:00

1 player is all in and 1 player has called the all in. Flop is normal turn is normal, but when the river is to be dealt there is a problem.

The cut card had been shuffled into the deck and it comes in place of the river card..

Misdeal or treat as boxed card?

Sean Lind
2009-07-14 21:36:00


When the dealer (or floorman) rules that the shown cards were shown by mistake (thinking all betting was over), the hand is still live.

If the button re-raises, player 1 will have the option to play their hand face up.

The rule that says “Exposing your cards will result in a dead hand” is in place to stop angling at the tables. It would be very rare, and incorrect, to enforce this rule on a player making a mistake.

Sean Lind
2009-07-14 21:33:00


You can only play the best possible 5-card hand. So all players split the pot.

2009-07-12 23:58:00

TY Sean,

Just a clarrification then.

If the button re-raises for a side pot, is player 1 automaticly folded since his cards are revealed? Can a side pot be played until the river w the cards of player 1 revealed?


2009-07-12 04:37:00

5 players are left in round. The board shows Q high straight. No player had a K to make a better straight. One player had a pair of 8’s in hand. Does the pot get split between all players as the straight is the best hand from the seven cards or does the player with three 8’s take the lot.

Sean Lind
2009-07-12 00:06:00


In this situation nothing happens really. The button still has option to act, and now he gets to do it having seen Player 1’s cards.

Obviously this is not a good thing, but it was an honest mistake. Play goes on as normal.

Sean Lind
2009-06-26 03:55:00

Hey help,

Player two wins with the nut flush, he has the ace high flush, while player one has a jack high flush.

Sean Lind
2009-06-26 03:54:00


One of two things happen:

A) they move someone from another table into that seat

or more commonly, they just skip the seat, and the player who was supposed to be under the gun is the big blind that hand, small blind where it should be.

h3lp n3w pok3rplay3r
2009-06-25 22:20:00

player one: Jack spade and 8 of club
player two : Ace space a10 hearts
TABLE 8- 8- 6- Q- 10


2009-06-25 05:20:00

In tournament play what happens when the person who is to be the big blind next hand goes out?

Sean Lind
2009-06-24 23:05:00


In your question both players split the pot. In Hold’em, you make the best five card hand using any of the 7 cards available to you. That’s the only rule for making your hand.

In your scenario both players use the board cards (known as “playing the board”), since that’s the best possible 5-card hand, it doesn’t matter what the players hold in the hole.

2009-06-24 20:39:00

Really sorry if my question has been asked, there are just so many I couldn’t read them all =].


Player 1 has : 10, 2

Player 2 has : 8, 6

the table looks like : 10, J, Q, K, A

The highest hand is on the table, the straight, there is not a flush draw.

Now my question is does player one take the pot because he has a straight with his hand (the 10), or do both players split?

Thanks a ton, this has come up multiple times in games and me and friends are never sure how to work it out (we mostly just split).

2009-06-21 11:16:00

thanks for the clarification sean


Sean Lind
2009-06-16 18:27:00

Hey ChrisKitty,

This depends on the house rule for exposing cards. In most poker rooms these days, turning over your hand kills your hand, forfeiting the pot. If that’s the rule here, Player 1 should win the pot, no content.

In the world of real poker, where every player is allowed to do what they like with their own two cards, you can show your cards heads-up whenever you like. If this is the rule in the house, showing his cards has not committed him to any action. He can then make the call once he sees the bluff turned over and take the pot.

2009-06-14 14:27:00

player1 goes all in after the river
player 2 umms and ahhs for 5 minutes then turns his cards over not declaring any bet or fold or placing any chips.
player 1 throws his cards onto table revealing all in bluff and thinks he has won as player 2 has not bet therefore folding.? a fight ensues mayhem follows.any help on who was right please sean

Sean Lind
2009-06-10 20:54:00

You’re welcome Speedy. Any more questions you come up with, just post them in the comments.


2009-06-09 19:53:00


Awesome, exactly what I needed. Interesting to know about the 50% rule only being in Limit play, but it makes sense. It makes the no-limit scenario much more cut and dry.

Thanks Again!!!

Sean Lind
2009-06-09 18:13:00


Ok, your second post.

Q1: If a player has enough chips to do so, all of their actions must be in complete bets. Player’s 1 and two must call $2000, leaving a $2400 side pot.

Q2: In this situation, players 1 and 2 can only call.

The first thing to clear up is the 50% rule. There is no such thing in No-Limit. the 50% rule is a limit rule only, anyone using it in a No-Limit game is incorrect.

Once a player checks or calls, they are no longer allowed to raise any bet less than that of a complete bet.

If you took the same example, but you switched the stacks of player 2 and player 3, when player 2 goes all in, player 3 can raise any amount he wants.

If player 3 just calls, player 1 can only call, they checked before the only bet, and even though they must call $2000 (and the original bet was only $800) they are still not allowed to raise.

Sean Lind
2009-06-09 17:58:00

Hey Speedy,

let’s work on your first question first:

On the river, the last person to bet or raise is the first person required to open their hand on showdown (regardless of the number of callers).

After that first person opens, each player must open in sequence Clockwise around the table.

The only exception here is if someone shows out of turn, anyone can muck their hand at any time.

In a situation where everyone mucks their hands on showdown leaving only one player with live cards, technically that player wins the pot without having to show. But, most poker rooms have a rule that “You need to show to cards to win at showdown”. They don’t make an exception to this rule in this situation, forcing you to show both your cards.

2009-06-08 00:27:00

Two questions/scenarios, same State…


Post Flop (betting on flop) Player 3 has dealer button

Blinds 1K and 2K

Player 1 – 8K in chips
Player 2 – 10K in chips
Player 3 – 800 in chips


P1 – Checks
P2 – Checks
P3 – All in with 800 chips (not meeting minimum big blind bet)

Q1 – As P1 and P2 checked prior to P3’s all in less than minimum bet, may P1 call the 800, then P2 call the 800 and then begin on 4th street with a potential side pot? Or must P1 and P2 meet the big blind minimum bet creating a 2400K side pot?

Q2 – Less than 50% rule on raises?… Same setup with P2 wanting to raise…


P1 Checks
P2 – Checks
P3 – All in with 800 Chips (less than 50% of minimum big blind)

P1 Calls 800
P2 – Now wants to go all in against P1 with the 10K.

Because P3 who was last to act brings action to the table with such a minimal all in bet after P1 and P2 checks, and then P1 calls P3’s small all in (or meets the BB depending on your answer to Q1), is not the information gained by P2 about P1 unfair due to a low bet commitment by P3’s short stack all in? Isn’t there a rule that if there are checks all around to an all in bet less than 50% of the minimum bet requires only the option of a call or fold and does not allow for a raise?


2009-06-08 00:10:00


Great service. Thanks!

You have hit on this question here and there but I would like to get clarification with a few questions.

Is the last person to make a bet/raise the first person that must reveal their cards in a showdown?

If so, is it then clockwise from the last bettor for anyone else who wishes to contend the pot? I realize that typically this is not an issue, but on many occasions those calling wish to see the bettor’s hand and if those calling have lost, they want the option to muck.

As described in an earlier Q&A, if out of three players and after the river the bettor and one of the two callers both muck their hands, why should the last caller being now the only one holding a live hand, reveal their cards after the showdown?


Sean Lind
2009-06-04 17:37:00

Joe, this topic is not universally agreed apon. Some people claim that any chips that cross the line, must stay across the line.

Most poker rooms in the state of Washington work this way. So once your handfull of chips are across the line, it doesn’t matter how you let them go, because all of them are “bet” anyways.

In the regular world, what you’re describing is fine. A string bet is called when a player puts chips across the line, then returns back to their stack making their betting two unique motions.

What you describe is one continuous, yet drawn out, motion. It’s not technically a string bet… but it is a little douschey to do.

2009-06-04 00:40:00

if u have a stack of chips in your hand and go to raise , and release those that chip indervidually without calling the raise. is that a string bet ? Also if u announce a raise3 but not the amount and release your chips that way is that a string bet ?

2009-05-30 06:14:00

Hi Sean,
great info for poker newbies, thanks! 🙂

2009-05-30 02:08:00

Thank you Sean

Sean Lind
2009-05-29 19:02:00


All blinds and folded money become part of the main pot, meaning you get to win that as well.

But, this is assuming your all in was worth more than these bets.

For example:
blinds 100-200
two players limp
you move all in for $1000
One player calls, everyone else folds.

Everything in that pot you can win, the whole $2700.

in this scenario:

blinds 500-1000

One player limps

you go all in for $500

Another player moves all in, everyone else folds.

You can only win $500 from every bet out there

Small blind, big blind, the limp, and the player who went all in.

$2500 pot including your own money. Everything else goes to the player who went all in against you.

Sean Lind
2009-05-29 18:59:00

Hey Matthew,

These situations are the ones with no cut and dry solution. No matter what, it’s messy.

Once the cards had all been mucked, it’s impossible to rebuild the hand accurately without being able to go to the cameras, since most places don’t have cameras at every table, and you can’t really shut down a tourney to review one pot, this is rarely an option.

If the dealer has no idea if A10 had a flush or not, and there is no way to accurately re-construct the board, I agree that (in a tournament) the two hands should be fished out, the cards shuffled, and the board run again.

I’d just explain before hand what the scenario is, and what was going to happen. Run the board and ship the chips.

no matter what you do, someone is going to be upset here.

I guess chopping the pot isn’t a bad option either, but I don’t like it.

2009-05-29 02:05:00

If I’m last to act and go all in. Then everyone folds apart from one player, can i only double up or do I have a claim to the blinds and any bets already placed before the players folded??

Matthew Ackley
2009-05-28 20:05:00

Two players All In preflop AcKh vs As10c
flop comes K62 turn 5 river 9 AK thinks he wins dealers scoops cards and another player at the table says A10 had a flush…As the tournament director I come over and 3 people say no flush 2 people say flush. The muck pile was off by 2 cards only 13 should have had 15 because 6 players in hand folded and 3 burns…I decided to shuffle all cards except AK A10 and deal new board is this correct the A10 guy said it should be a dead hand and chop. But since the action was allin preflop i figured it couldnt be a chop

Sean Lind
2009-05-28 17:54:00

Jole, in a 2 pair versus 2 pair, you always compare the high pair to the high pair, then if those are the same, the second pair to the second pair.

P1 – K K 10 10 5
P2- A A 2 2 K

Since AA is higher than KK, that’s all we need to know. Player 2 wins.

2009-05-28 00:59:00


p2 has A A
so table shows
K 5 10 2 2
p1 has 10 K
p2 has A A
who wins the pot?thnx

2009-05-28 00:41:00

hi,can some1 solve me this one…

on the table:
k 5 10 2 2

p1 has k 10
p2 has A 4
who wins?????


Sean Lind
2009-05-26 17:43:00


Ok, if player 2 wants to contest this pot, and thinks he has a chance at winning, technically it’s on him to show is hand first.

But, if he was making a stone cold bluff, and gets called. He’s more than able to simply throw his hand away and concede the pot to player 3.

Technically player 3 can request to see player 2’s hand, but it’s considered a serious breach of etiquette to do so.

Sean Lind
2009-05-26 17:39:00

You have to make the best five card hand. Since neither of your kickers beats anything on board, the best 5 card hand you can both make is:

J J 9 8 6

It’s a split pot.

Sean Lind
2009-05-26 17:38:00

Darshwood, the rules state that you’re not allowed to hide the total number of chips you have. This means you need to have your chips in stacks, and high-value chips must be in front of the rest (or on top).

It’s up to you how many chips are in a stack, and you’re allowed to mix up colors if you please.

Basically you just can’t hide chips, or play from a pile.

2009-05-26 09:43:00

afther the river player one checks player 2 raises and player 3 calls then p1 folds can p2 folds also without showing their cards to p3

is p2 allow to fold without a showdown when he was the one who raised and was pay to show ????

2009-05-26 03:59:00

player 1 has J 3
player 2 has j 2the cards are
j 4 6 8 9
who wins or do we split it

2009-05-25 23:36:00

are there any official rules of play that involve stacking your chips in colored order or can someone actually let a big pile of unorganized chips sit in front of them throughout the game?

Sean Lind
2009-05-23 18:13:00

Hey Vince, this has two possible resolutions, neither of which are giving players their chips back. That is almost never the correct thing to do… there has to be a gross flaw in the integrity of the game, such as there being two King of hearts on the board.

In your situation, the player “should” have taken the other players word on what the river was (in a card room the dealer would call the pit over, and if he could say with confidence what the river was, it would most likely stand).

If he didn’t want to accept their word for what the card was (totally ok to do), the proper solution is to put the first four cards back out (including burn cards if possible), then reshuffle the remaining deck, bringing a new river.

Actually, if the new dealer picked up mucked hands, and mixed them into the stub, there is no way to make a “fair” river. In this case the chips would have to go back to the players if both players can’t agree on the river card.

2009-05-23 01:11:00

Here’s an interesting situation that happened in a recent friendly poker game.

3 players we’re in the hand, river had just been turned. One player bet a BIG amount, the person next to him was counting his chips as the river turned. Accidentaly, the next dealer picked up all the cards thinking the hand was over(there was a lot of chit chat going on).

The player who bet big had a straight on the turn. The player who was counting his chips never saw the river(and didnt have anything). The third player was waiting his turn.

Although 2 out of 3 of the players(as well as the dealer who was no longer involved in the hand) agreed on what the river card was(and the rest of the community cards), the player who didnt see the river insisted it be a misdeal and that everyone take their chips back. Thats what ended up happening. My take on this is that he should of just took the other players word for what the river was and gone to showdown if he wanted to call.

What should of happened in your opinion?
Thanks in advance.

Sean Lind
2009-05-22 17:51:00

Joe, you have to evaluate all five cards of the flush. If both players share the Ace and King of diamonds, but one player has the Queen in their hand, while the other only has the jack, the Queen wins the entire pot.

Joe Cloutier
2009-05-22 16:38:00

If two players in ‘heads up play’ both make a flush in diamonds, and the highest card of the flush is on the board, do both players split the pot, or do you look to each player’s second highest valued card within their flush to decide the winner?

Sean Lind
2009-05-19 18:52:00


Player 2 wins in that scenario.

P1’s best 5 card hand: KK779
P2’s best 5 card hand: KK887

Since the top pair is the same between both players (They both have KK), you use the second pair to evaluate the winner. Since P2 has 88, better over P1’s 77, P2 wins.

Sean Lind
2009-05-19 18:49:00

Hey Tosh, this is sort of an interesting scenario:

Firstly, when there is a professional dealer at the table, a player has the right to choose not to answer the question “How much do you have left”.

Now, they MUST clearly show their stack, and all high valued chips must be clearly displayed in FRONT of the rest of their chips.

Also, with a professional dealer, if the player really wants a count, it’s the dealer’s job to make that count (if the Short stacked player refuses to answer).

That being said, it’s considered polite to answer this question when it’s asked of you. It’s not a breach of etiquette to not reply, but since the player will get the information either way, why not save everyone the time and answer.

Finally, if you have no dealer at the table, then it is up to another player at the table to count the chips (typically the player acting as the dealer for that hand, unless that’s either of the players in the scenario).

This can cause friction with “I don’t want you touching my chips”, but it is your right to get a count, so the short stack can either answer, or they have to let someone else cut their stack down and count.

2009-05-17 19:49:00

the scenario is like this

P1 have a 7 and 9

P2 have 4 and 8

the table shows


who wins?

2009-05-17 13:04:00


My question is, if i am chip leader and i want to go all-in against the short stack, can i ask him for a chip count before i go all-in? There is no dealer, therefore does the short stack have to answer or is he entitled not to give me a chip count or does some other player act as a dealer and count his chips for me?


Sean Lind
2009-05-08 18:19:00

The rule in almost all cardrooms, is that you need to show two cards to win a pot at showdown.

When one player mucks, only the other player can win the pot, but you still are required to show the hand in most all rooms.

It’s kind of a moot point, since whatever he shows will be the winner.

2009-05-08 12:56:00

Following situation:

Heads up, Player 1 raises, Player 2 calls,
Flop is dealt (what doesn´t matter),
Player 1 bets, Player 2 calls,
Turn is dealt, Player 1 bets, Player 2 calls,
River is dealt,
again Player 1 bets and 2 calls.
As the dealer announces showdown, Player one mucks his cards. Player 2 says that he plays the board.

Does Player 2 has to show his hand to claim the Pot or is it enough to play the board?

Sean Lind
2009-05-05 19:07:00

Hey Adam, Frank answered your question nicely.

This scenario is known as being counterfeit. Player one’s two pair is counterfeit by the higher pair on the board.

Sean Lind
2009-05-05 19:06:00

Hey Frank.

All in’s have no affect on whether or not you’re allowed to raise.

Player one bets $100
Player two raises to $10k. This re-opens the betting round for player one, meaning he now has option again.

Player three goes all in.

Player one still has option, regardless of what player three decided to do.

Player one can fold, call (has to call the $10k making a $4k side pot for player’s one and two), or re-raise. A minimum re-raise would be to $19,900 (so he might as well go all-in if he wants to raise).

Hope that helps.

Sean Lind
2009-05-05 19:02:00


Once a player folds, they are out of the hand completely. You can’t fold out of just a side pot.

2009-05-05 17:26:00

Player 2 wins.

Player 1 has two pairs: 10-10-9-9-8
Player 2 has two pairs: K-K-9-9-10

Both players have two pairs but player 2 has the higher one.

2009-05-05 06:20:00

p1 8-10 the flop is 8-10-9-9-6
p2 K-K
who wins?

2009-05-05 02:23:00


One correction in the situation:

player 2 raises to 10,000, he has 10,000 left in his stack
player 3 calls for 8,000 (for all of his chips)

So to sum up:

player 1 bets 100
player 2 raises to 10k
player 3 calls for 8k (all in)
player 1 has a stack of 20k

Can player 1 only call for 8k or raise to 20k?

2009-05-05 02:15:00

Hi Sean,

The following situation creates a lot of confusion in our home game:

player 1 bets 100
player 2 raises all in for 10,000
player 3 calls with 8,000
player 1 has a stack of 20,000

First of all: is there a rule that says that you cannot raise a player when he has raised or called all in?

If so, does it conflict here with the rule that you can go all in at any time? In the situation described above player 1 should not be able to raise player 2 anymore, because player 3 is already all in.

Yet he could shove all in with his 20k aiming for the 10k of player 2.

2009-05-04 00:21:00

I have 3 players in on the flop…player a is all in, player b & c still have chips…on the turn, player b bets (separate pot for player b & c) and player c folds. Does player c still have action on the first pot that player a was all in on or by folding does he forfeit the entire round?

Sean Lind
2009-04-25 20:03:00

Anthony, Show one show all is almost 100% universal now. I have never sat in a poker room that doesn’t enforce this rule. Even most private games I’ve played at use it.

There really is no official set of rules regarding etiquette, since all poker rooms have their own slight interpretations. But show one show all is universal enough to be assumed as a firm rule.

Sean Lind
2009-04-25 20:01:00

Hey Marcos, this is kind of a tricky situation because the blinds are “reversed” once you get into heads up.

Assuming player B left before this hand was dealt, Player C remains the button. Since Player C has the button Player C needs to post the Small blind, while Player A is the big blind.

The button is deemed more valuable than the blinds, thus it would give Player A more of an advantage to give him the button than to allow Player C to “skip” one Big Blind.

2009-04-21 00:00:00


This isnt a question i read Marcos post and the answer is no. Player A has the button and player C is big alone.

2009-04-20 19:51:00

I was just wondering if you show your hand to one player do you have to show all? (show one show all) I heard its more of a house rule but whats the official rule on that?

2009-04-16 07:51:00

3 players on the table – “A” is small, “B” is big blind and “C” is the button. B lefts the game. In the next round (heads-up), “C” becomes the big and “A” the small & button.
Question: “A” player post the small bet again?

Sean Lind
2009-04-14 17:07:00


The rule here is that player 1 can request to see player 2’s hand, since it is a “called hand”.


It is considered extremely poor etiquette to do so. I highly recommend you never request to see another player’s hand, as it’s really bad form.

2009-04-12 01:26:00

Hello , When playing poker when it comes down to the river for example player 1 makes a raise and player 2 calls and it turns out that player 1 wins and turns his cards over . Then player 2 says he cant beat player 1 hand but dont turn his cards over . Is player 1 untittled to see player 2 hand ???

thank you if can aswer

Sean Lind
2009-04-08 18:32:00

Hey lance, if the player NEXT to be the big blind busts it’s simple, you just continue on as if that player was never at the table, the player to their left taking the big blind next.

If the player plays the big blind and busts, the rules change depending on if you’re in a tournament or cash game:

The seat remains unfilled and for this hand there is no small blind. Button, nothing, big blind.
The next hand the button is “dead” meaning it sits in the empty seat where the player was, big and small blinds being as you’d expect.

Cash Game:
This is where it gets a little tricky. Every player in a cash game has to pay the small and big blind once an orbit. So, after the big blind busts it now goes:
Big blind
Big blind.

(yes, there are two big blinds).

When that hand plays out the button skips over the empty seat to the player who was the first big blind:

Button (with a small blind on top of the button)
Small blind
Big blind

After this everything is back to normal.

2009-04-08 02:49:00

In this situation the player next to be the big blind is knocked out in the previous hand . What happens to the big blind or for that matter the person is the big blind and is to be the small blind in the next hand, but is knocked out in the hand he is the big blind

Sean Lind
2009-03-31 20:36:00

J Lee, you’re getting yourself a little confused. A straight always beats three of a kind, always. BUT if the board pairs when someone has three of a kind, then they have a full house and they beat the straight. For example:

board = 5 j Q K A
p1 = 10,3
p2 = 5,5

Player one wins here with a straight (10 – A)

board = j j Q K A
p1 = 10,3
p2 = Q,Q

In this hand Player two wins having a full house Q-Q-Q-J-J

You where mistaken in your first example when you thought that player two would have won. Online poker moves so quickly that these little mistakes can be easy to make.

2009-03-31 20:06:00

Ok, i play a lot of no limit hold em on full tilt poker and i have a question about 2 hands
board = 5 j Q K A keep in mind i did review the hands to make sure they didn’t beat me with a flush or any other hand it was stated in the play log winner was strait or 3 of a kind i thought that 3 of a kind beats a strait anytime……

p1 = 10,3
p2 = 5,5
winner was p2
this hand however
example* board = 5 j Q K A

p1 = 10,3
p2 = Q,Q

in this senerio on full tilt p1 won with strait
this is not an exact replica of hand but i have had numerous hands like these and sometimes 3 of a kind wins and sometimes the strait wins can someone explain this to me!!!!! < for as far as i can see if one of the 3 pair was used in the strait the strait would win, where as the player had 3 of a kind and the other player had a strait that didn't share one of the three of a kinds cards the 3 of a kind would win.> is this true or am i getting cheated online by a bug in the game play

Sean Lind
2009-03-31 17:09:00

Lester, whomever had the highest heart in their hand will win the pot, unless their heart isn’t high enough to beat one of the hearts on the board.

Each player plays their best five card hand, each card of those five count. In your example, if a player holds the 3h (or any heart) they will win (assuming no one else has a higher heart).

If no one has a heart, everyone splits the pot.

2009-03-30 20:27:00

In the table:
Ah Jh 6h 2h 9h

I don’t know if:
There’s no winner because everybody have the same flush (A higher)


If someone has, for example, 3h is the winner

Sean Lind
2009-03-24 18:41:00


A betting round ends when two conditions are met:
1) All players have had the chance to act at least once
2) all players have the same amount of money wagered.

Once player 1 bets and player two raises, player 1 is now able to fold, call or raise.

If player one just calls, the betting round is over.

If player one had bet and player two just called, that would also end the betting round.

2009-03-21 16:17:00

if one player raises and the other matches and calls can the first player raise again or do they have to show there hand

Sean Lind
2009-03-04 23:06:00

Daniel, I’m not exactly sure what you mean? A fold is when a player says “fold” or throws their hand away.

If the player is still holding on to their cards, then they have not technically folded, unless they say the words “I fold” or “I pass”.

Sean Lind
2009-03-04 23:04:00

Jason, Absolutely. If the flop is flopped before a player has had a chance to act, the flop cards are returned to the deck, the deck shuffled; Preflop play resumes. Once preflop play has concluded the dealer brings down the “new flop”

daniel carter
2009-03-04 21:42:00

what is considered a fold ?

2009-03-04 18:13:00

We played a game last night and the flop was dealt with a raise on the draw before the last 2 people acted person acted (one of which was the dealer) and the betting already begun for the flop.
I said the fair way was to have the 2 people who did not bet muck the cards because the person who misdealt anyway was the dealer and just let the other two play the pot. The person skipped after the dealer said the hand altogethor should be mucked. We ended up just playing the hands as is but I told them I really believe that they should have mucked. I saw other rules on this and I saw if the turn is dealt prematurely then it is reshuffled into the deck a new burn is dealt, does this go the same for the flop?

Sean Lind
2009-03-04 17:41:00

Wow, that first rule is ridiculous Lorie. I have never heard of anything that strict for playing out of turn. Typically the rules for out of turn play are as follows:

The player playing out of turn is committed to betting a minimum of the amount of chips bet out of turn, for example if a player raises out of turn, and the player before him just calls, the out of turn player MUST make the same raise.

If the player before the out of turn player raises, then the out of turn player can call or re-raise (most places won’t let a player fold here, but some will).

I’ve even played in a place where playing out of turn meant you lost option, and could only check/call when action was on you. Even that is sort of dumb, but a forced muck is fundamentally wrong.

As for the second question, player 1 raises out of turn, and two players call, those bets are locked into play, meaning if the player to act folds or calls no players will get an option, play will resume to the left of the second call.

In your league the two players who called should not be deemed at fault, since they were following the player to their right. There is no way these two players should be penalized because another player messed up.

2009-03-04 02:03:00

I actually have 2 questions. In the poker league I play in, if you bet or call out of turn you must fold your hand and chips are lost. Is this a poker rule? If so, 1 player calls out of turn and 2 more follow him. Do they all have to muck? Thanks

Sean Lind
2009-02-19 17:40:00

You’re correct with the former. Any player holding an ace now has the nut straight, and would beat any player not holding an ace.

Remember, in Hold’em it’s always the BEST five card hand you can make, using any combination of board cards and your hand.

big papa pott
2009-02-18 22:04:00

Thanks for that sean, one last thing, if player 1 had A,8 would he then win due to having a higher straight, or because of the straight already out on table does it mean nowt?

Sean Lind
2009-02-18 18:01:00

Big Papa Pott:

It’s a split pot, both players have the same hand.


Sean Lind
2009-02-18 17:58:00

Tony, you’re correct. You have the option to raise, call or fold.

If you just call, the big blind only has option to call or fold. If you do choose to raise, the big blind has option to do whatever again.

Big papa pott
2009-02-17 22:56:00

Table has a straight


Player 1; J,8
Player 2; Q,7

Who wins? As straight on table already and no other cards can be used due to 5 cards?

2009-02-17 18:14:00

im in a no limit hold em game in the small blind. 5-10 blinds. lets say player A raises the big blind to 40. player B goes all in behind him for 50. rest of players fold to me. do i still have option to reraise for more over the 50 (which of course wasnt a legal sized raise) or am i stuck being able to only call the 50? i assume i still have the option to raise what i want to by being in the small blind and havent had the chance to act on my hand yet. is this legal to raise?

Sean Lind
2009-02-03 18:16:00

Hey Redd, when a player turns their hand over (face up) on the table, it’s a live hand, meaning no matter what they say they have, cards talk. If he thinks he only has a pair, but has a flush, he has a flush.

As for a player not in the hand bringing it up, that’s kind of an issue. Technically the dealer should call the hands, and should correct the player and ship the pot to the correct player.

If you’re at a game without a professional dealer, then it’s slightly poor form to speak up, but it’s not a huge etiquette infraction, since the player DID have the winning hand, the pot should be theirs.

Don’t speak up yourself, but don’t get mad when someone else does.Either way, once someone does speak up, the pot is always awarded to the player with the best hand, in this case the flush.

2009-02-02 23:03:00


This just happened a few days ago,

What if, there are 2 players left in a hand, it goes to the river. One player says he has a pair, the other player says he has a straight. beats the other guys pair and starts grabbing the chips.

but another player (who is not in the hand) tells the guy with the pair, that he actually has a flush, which he didn’t notice. then he takes the chips…

we all thought that was wrong to do… once you call a hand and someone calls a better hand, you lose.

Sean Lind
2009-01-20 17:37:00


The Board is: A,Q,5,5,3
P1 has Q,3
P2 has Q,9

Both players have Q-Q-5-5-A, making it a split pot. People will jokingly say that Player 1 has three pair, unfortunately for them, three pair is only as good as the best two pair of the three.

Since the ace is the best kicker on the two pair, it’s a split pot.

2009-01-19 02:55:00

OK ON THE BOARD IS A,Q,5,5,3 P1hasQ,3 P2hasQ,9 whowins? Both players have Q,Q,5,5 but player one also has a pair of 3 so does it count who has the high card or who has the higher hand after the Q’s and 5’s are out?

Sean Lind
2009-01-14 18:06:00

john dawson, you are correct. Regardless of how many chips the big blind has, any player wanting to call preflop, must put in the amount of the complete big blind.

The only exception is if the whole table folds to the small blind, obviously the small blind only has to match the bet, since any side pot money they would win anyways.

john dawson
2009-01-14 01:18:00

PLAYERS STACK LESS THAN BIG BLIND AGIANST 2 OTHER PLAYERS – I understand the pot sharing logic, but what is the commitment of the remaining players. Are they committed to create an additional pot with the balance of the big blind or can they opt to only contribute the same amount to the “side pot” as the small stacked player & bet no further. I argue that as they have sufficient chips they must honour the big blind rule and are committed to create a second pot with the balance of the big blinds even if they then check round. THANKS, JOHN

Sean Lind
2009-01-13 17:19:00

Hey Lisa, the hand with the highest club wins (since you have to make a hand out of the best 5 cards.) You use all five cards to evaluate the value of the hand.

The only way it would be a split pot on a flush, is if the board had five clubs, and neither player had a club HIGHER than any of the clubs on the board.

2009-01-11 14:48:00

Hi wat hand wins on the table A club 9 spade queen clubs 3 clubs and 4 clubs

player 1 q spades and 9 clubs
player 2 q hearts and 8 clubs

so both have a flush does the 9 beat the 8 with the ace on the table or is it a split pot cheers

Sean Lind
2009-01-03 19:39:00

Tom, you posted a question on another article. The cards were slightly different, but the answer to the question is the same, so I’ll just cut and paste:

Tom: You started by saying that you need to make the best five card hand, but in your assessment you only used three cards.

Board: A-3-3-4-7

Player 1: QJ

Player 2: Q9

Player one’s hand: A-3-3-Q-J
Player two’s hand: A-3-3-Q-9

Basically, you follow down the hand until there’s a difference, in this scenario all cards are the same until the fifth card, the third kicker. Jack is higher than a nine, so player one wins the entire pot.

Only if ALL 5 CARDS are the same will the pot be chopped.

2009-01-03 14:56:00

Ok i have Q,7
my opp has Q,J

The flop,turn,and river have


Who wins?

Sean Lind
2008-12-31 19:34:00

Alicia, all poker hands are always compiled using the best possible five card combination.

You have:

While your opponent has:

Since the 8 beats the 6, you are the sole winner of the hand. If the board was A-A-2-K-J, then the best five card hand for both of you would be A-A-A-K-J, meaning the pot would be split.

2008-12-30 22:13:00

What about this scenario:
I have A, 8
My opp has A,5

Table shows A A K 2 6

We both have trip Aces, but does the high card 8 take it, or is the pot split?

Sean Lind
2008-10-07 17:12:00

Haha, we really need a specific section for these questions.

John: You and your opponent both have the same hand. Unless one of you hit a flush, you get to chop up the pot (split it equally between the two of you) If there is an odd chip, it goes to the player in the earliest position.

2008-10-04 10:50:00

ok, i have A,K
My opp has A,K
the others are


Who wins?

Comment on that

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