Sickest Runout in Poker History? | Must-Watch Poker Videos

Bluffs gone horribly wrong, different winners on every street, an online bankroll challenge eventually going the right way ...

We've got stories from Barcelona, Monaco, Montreal and Doug Polk’s place this time around.

It's PokerListings’ collection of the best poker videos of the month!

1. There Can’t Be More Drama Than This

About six years ago there was a hand at the EPT Barcelona Main Event that certainly belongs to the Top 10 of the most dramatic run-outs in the history of poker.

Three players find themselves all-in on the flop with one of them way ahead of the other two. He’s already eyeing the stacks of the other two players, but then something incredible happens.

EPT Barcelona 2011

There were 811 players that year and the eventual winner was German player Martin Schleich, who’s in the big blind in this clip. But before Schleich lifted the trophy and received a check for €850,000, he witnessed a highly memorable hand.

It starts with five players to the flop, among them stars like Theo Jörgensen and Vladimir Troyanovskiy. The flop hits three of them hard. Troyanovskiy and the Norwegian player Nikolaisen find top trips while Latvian player Alexandrs Poplavski even makes a full house.

Poplavski comes out betting, Troyanovskiy puts his small stack in and Nikolaisen pushes, too (which he probably shouldn’t have, given his kicker).

Poplavski does some unnecessary Hollywooding before calling it off. But then the turn and river both change who has the best hand, and it wouldn’t be half as much fun to watch if Nikolaisen had decided to fold.

2. Give Doug Polk His Due

Doug Polk is one of the best cash-game players of our time. He’s also someone who likes to share his knowledge with the poker community.

Within just a few months Polk became one of the most popular YouTubers in the poker world. He also runs a coaching site with his buddy Ryan Fee.

Polk is on a challenge that reminds us of the heyday of poker – it’s a bankroll challenge where Polk is trying to turn $100 into $10,000.

He’s not the first professional to go down the limits to use his edge and make some quick profit. But he’s also not the only one to find out that variance doesn’t care much about edges.

Early on in the challenge he ran so bad he thought about aborting the whole challenge. But then he went where every poker player wants to go – on an upswing!

Independent of the challenge Polk is an asset to poker and YouTube as not only does he permanently come up with new stuff, his videos are highly interesting and entertaining. This clip shows part of his session on Day 29 of the challenge. It turned out to be a very successful one.

3. Insane in the Hossein

Being the chipleader in a tournament is great. You can put so much pressure on everyone else and you threaten everyone with their immediate bust-out at all times. It’s particularly fun on the bubble.

But watch out! If you make a careless move at the wrong time, you might have to pay more than you win. In the video above you’ll see how ElkY profits from an aggressive blunder by Hossein Ensan.

It’s the PokerStars Championship in Monte Carlo and there are 55 players left, all of whom have made the money. Ensan is the leader of the pack and no doubt has his eyes on the €500,000 winner’s check.

Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier – who’s just had a nose job – comes in for a raise from the button. Romanian player Pertea calls from the small blind and now Ensan decides to 3-bet from the big blind.

It makes sense to 3-bet here as he’s the chipleader and a button-raise doesn’t mean very much. But ElkY doesn’t like to get pushed around and 4-bets. Then, all of a sudden, things go crazy.

Ensan quickly announces all-in, Elky snap-calls and Ensan snap-cringes. He does so for a good reason. Ensan lost half his stack in this hand and finished in 32nd place while Elky almost made it to the final table and finished in 12th place.

4. The Canadian Job

We’re at the Playground Poker Club in Montreal where the final nine players are fighting for the PartyPoker Million North America title. These nine are the last of 1,168 players so they had all gone through some tough spots and surely got lucky a couple of times.

But there are more to come. Ari Engelwinner of the Aussie Millions Main Event in 2016, is the current chip leader but he’s not going to win this one.

That will be Jean-Pascal Savard, and he’ll forever remember this particular hand just like Patrick Blye on the other side of the table.

It’s the good old battle between a pair and two high cards. With two aces on the flop, Blye should know his pair is either way ahead or way behind, so his flop-bet looks a little random.

But even if the flop action had been different it wouldn’t have changed the outcome of this hand. Lady luck pays a visit on the following streets and even Alfred Hitchcock wouldn’t have been able to script the hand any better.

For Savard, this turned out to be the hand that paved the way to victory.

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