Mateusz Moolhuizen Wins the FPS Paris Main Event

Mateusz Moolhuizen Wins the FPS Paris Main Event

The European Poker Tour (EPT) 2024 season is off to a promising start in Paris! Day 1A of the EPT Paris Main Event was played February 19th. However, there was plenty of action at the Le Palais des Congrés even before that. In conjunction with EPT Paris, the France Poker Series (FPS) is running at the same location. The €1.100 FPS Main Event kicked off on the 14th and we now have a winner to present. Let’s take a look at how the action unfolded in what was the biggest FPS Event ever!

Mollhuizen Wins It All

We wonder if anyone could have predicted how enormously huge this year’s edition of the FPS Main Event would become. A total of 1.930 unique players and 4.149 entries completely shattered the previously FPS record that had 2.138 entries (this record was set in the FPS Monte Carlo 2023). This created a €3.983.040 prize pool meaning there was a lot to compete for.

On Day 4 of the tournament, the final day, six players returned to fight for not only the FPS Main Event trophy, but also the first place payout of €470.830. Dutchman Mateusz Moolhuizen was one of these six players and he was at this point third in chips. Presumably, he felt at this time he had a chance at winning.

It didn’t take long before Moolhuizen (who’s been a pro for about a decade now) got some air under his wings. He picked up pocket nines – his favorite hand – early in the 6-handed play and managed to eliminate Scott Margereson in sixth place. After a while, Kacper Pyzara joined Margereson on the rail after leaving in fifth.

The next casualty was Enis Rouissi. The Frenchman had entered the table as the chip leader, but luck wasn’t on his side this Monday. He ran into kings while holding queens and bid farewell in fourth place.

Three players remained: Yassine Bagal, Blaz Zerjav and the aforementioned Moolhuizen. At this point it was Zerjav who had momentum and he held a huge chip lead. Moolhuizen however put his poker skills on display and he won a few hands here and there against Zerjav, and soon they were more or less tied in chips. That wasn’t the case for Bagal however, who eventually got eliminated in third place.

A Fair Heads Up Battle

When Heads Up play started, there was less than one big blind seperating Moolhuizen’s and Zerjav’s stacks. Moolhuizen appeared to know exactly how to play against Zerjav and hand by hand, he got his opponent down to about 10 big blinds. It was at this time the players clashed all in pre-flop; Moolhuizen held A 7 and Zerjay had K Q . Board ran out 10 5 5 6 2 . Such, Moolhuizen’s mission had been completed: he had won the FPS Paris 2024!

The win couldn’t have come at a better time; Moolhuizen is getting married in June and the money will surely help him and his partner Dehlia de Jong (who also enjoys a bit of poker herself) arrange the wedding of their dreams.

FPS Paris 2024 – Final Six Results

1. Mateusz Moolhuizen€470.830
2. Blaz Zerjav€294.530
3. Yassine Bagal€210.220
4. Enis Rouissi€161.710
5. Kacper Pyraza€124.390
6. Scott Margereson€95.680

With the FPS Paris 2024 concluded, all eyes are now on the EPT Main Event! Players are currently battling it out in Day 2 and the excitement is uncanny, as always in EPT.

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