Mastercard Poker: Easy online poker transactions, world-class security

Not only is Mastercard accepted at most poker sites worldwide (in either credit, debit or pre-paid form), it even has its own transaction code specifically for gambling transactions which makes it one of the most reliable and trusted methods.


The basics of all credit card gambling transactions still apply - you first need to confirm your age and ID and you're restricted to your own credit limits - but otherwise it's a breeze to get your deposit through to your poker account.

Withdrawals are also a possibility with Mastercard, although it's best to check with your preferred poker site on any fees or restrictions that apply.

Mastercard-Friendly Poker Rooms

More Poker Rooms Accepting Mastercard

Advantages of Mastercard Poker Sites

  • Quick and easy transactions with world-class security and safety
  • Most (if not all) poker sites waive fees for Mastercard poker deposits
  • With proper ID and age verification deposits are available in your online poker account instantly
  • Withdrawals can be available (although withdrawals typically take longer - 3+ business days – and come with a small fee)
  • Also great method for depositing via poker site mobile app
  • Bank information is never shared with the online poker site
  • Occasional bonuses offered for Mastercard deposits
  • Currency exchanges are automatically calculated

Mastercard Poker FAQs

  • How Do I Get a Mastercard Credit Card?

    Just like acquiring any other credit card. You can either go directly through your bank or through the Mastercard website. You'll need to go through the standard application and approval process and your credit limit will affect how much you can deposit to any poker site. Once you have your card accepted and approved by a poker site you can then use your Mastercard for all of your deposits if you so choose.
  • How Long Does It Take to Get a Mastercard?

    As long as you're of age (18+) and have a clean credit history you should be able to get a basic Mastercard within a fairly short time. proper ID and bank details are of course required but a Masterard with a minimal credit limit (eg. $500) is attainable by virtually everyone. Should you not be able to get a Mastercard credit card you can also start out with a Mastercard debit card with pre-authorized balances or buy a pre-paid Mastercard card.
  • How Do I Make a Mastercard Poker Deposit?

    Making a deposit to a poker site using Mastercard is quick and simple. You can do it via your desktop computer (laptop) or via the mobile app and, as one of the most stable and famous credit providers in the world, it's safe and secure either way. If you have an online poker account already you’ll need to log in and click through to the “cashier” page. Look for the Mastercard label and click through to the deposit forms. Fill in the required details from your card (name of cardholder, card number, expiry date and 3-digit CVV2 number) and the amount you’d like to deposit. Click “deposit" and (as long as your ID and age verification has been approved) your deposit will be processed virtually instantly. If the transaction isn't approved right away the poker site’s customer support team will likely contact in real time to help get it sorted.
  • Which Poker Sites Accept Mastercard?

    As luck would have it, virtually all of them. Mastercard is almost universally accepted across almost all global online poker sites (except, of course, in the United States. See more below). It might depend to some degree on the country you live in (Mastercard deposits in the US, for example, are off-limits for now except in licensed jurisdictions like New Jersey) but Mastercard is one of the most accepted payment methods and you'll likely have no obstacles. If your Mastercard is deposit is denied the poker site's customer support can help find another way for you to deposit.
  • Can I Use Mastercard for Mobile Deposits to My Online Poker Account?

    Yep, absolutely. If your online poker site accepts Mastercard deposits it more than likely accepts mobile Mastercard deposits as well. As with any online transaction using your mobile phone, be very cautious as to when and where you do it and be sure to keep your card details private.
  • Are There Any Downsides to Using Mastercard?

    The biggest downside to making a Mastercard poker deposit is if the poker site itself considers it equivalent to a "cash advance." Not all of them do but if so the charges you'll incur on your card are a little higher and might have a slightly different interest rate. Making withdrawals can also be a bit unpredictable and may have a fee involved. At the very least expect to wait a bit longer for your withdrawal to appear on your Mastercard statement. You're also responsible for any interest payments accrued for any Mastercard poker deposits.
  • Is My Mastercard Poker Deposit Secure?

    Very. As with any online Mastercard transaction the highest-level encryption and security safeguards are in place so your Mastercard poker deposits are very safe and secure. As mentioned above Mastercard also has its own gambling transaction code so deposits are traceable and verifiable in all regards.
  • Are There Deposit and Withdrawal Limits with Mastercard?

    Deposit minimums for Mastercard can be startlingly low so you may even be able to deposit as little as $10. Most poker sites have deposit minimums of $25-$50 so it depends on the individual poker site. The maximum daily deposit and withdrawal limits also vary depending on the individual poker site but can be up to $50,000 if you roll that high. If you're a high-volume or high-stakes player, though, Mastercard probably isn't the most cost-effective poker payment method but you can obviously use it to fund a higher-limit third-party payment processor if needed.
  • Can I Get a Mastercard Online Poker Bonus?

    An online poker bonus isn't usually tied to one deposit method or another although at times poker sites can offer a little extra to push one method. It's pretty rare to find a Mastercard poker bonus.
  • Can I Use Mastercard for a US Poker Deposit?

    If you're living in or visiting on of the 4 US states with legal online poker(New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware & Pennsylvania) the answer is yes. If not the answer is ... maybe. Some unlicensed poker sites that offer services to US clients (like Bovada Poker) do allow for Mastercard deposits but it's not recommended. A variety of poker payment methods are available to US players in those 3 states like third-party eWallets like Neteller and Skrill and casino player cards where that casino also offers online poker. See each individual casino/poker site for more detail.
  • Can I Use Mastercard on PokerStars?

    Yes, but only if you live in a state or country where online poker is licensed and regulated. Check PokerStars' real-money information page and/or its cashier page to see if Mastercard is an option for you. If a standard Mastercard isn't an option a Mastercard debit or pre-paid card usually is, as is Visa.
  • Can I Use Mastercard on 888poker or partypoker?

    Yes; same conditions apply as for PokerStars. It might depend on the country you live in but both major sites currently accept Mastercard deposits.
  • How Many People Use Mastercard as a Payment Method?

    Millions. Mastercard is one of the most tried and true credit cards in the world and with it comes all the support you'd accept for its clients. It may not always be possible to make an online poker deposit via Mastercard but they will definitely do their best to make one work if at all possible. it also provides the highest level of security and fraud protection.

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