Massive $2m Super XL Series Begins This Weekend at 888poker

Tournament players take note: Starting this weekend 888poker is hosting the fourth edition of its Super XL series with a massive $2m guaranteed over 8 days.

The super popular series will run from Jan. 24-31 with 38 events across all buy-in levels culminating in a $1,000,000 guaranteed main event.

There will be up to eight tournaments per day in both NLHE and Omaha. Full ring, 8-max and 6-max formats can all be found with buy-ins ranging from $5 to $1,500.

Most events are offered as regular tournaments and as Mini, Micro, Turbo and Super Turbo versions. Oh ... and mind the team pros.

Most Popular Event in 888poker History

super xl series

Last year more than 1.5 million entries were registered across the series with 1,559 entrants in the opening event.

The Main Event hit 1,800 entries and over 5,000 players hit up the Micro Main Event to make the Super XL Series the most popular event in the history of 888poker.

Some of the highlights of this year's Super XL series IV (see complete schedule below):

  • Main Event; Jan 31, $1 million guaranteed, buy-in $1,050
  • The Whale; Jan 24, $200k guaranteed, buy-in $600
  • High Roller Event; Jan 26, $300k guaranteed, buy-in $1,500
  • Mini Main Event; Jan 31, $150k guaranteed, buy-in $160
  • Micro Main Event; Jan 31, $15k guaranteed, buy-in $5

Satellites from 1 Cent

888poker is running two types of satellites for the XL series – the steps and the Mega satellites.

There are six different levels for the steps satellites, each one qualifying you to play in the next higher level.

Overview of Steps Satellites:

LevelBuy-inTicket Prize
11 cent10 cent
210 cent$1

These satellites run 24/7 so you can join the race for your main event ticket anytime. The mega satellites are new in the XL series and they’ve been added by 888poker due to popular demand.

There will be two mega satellites for the $1 million guaranteed main event.

  • Jan 24; buy-in $215, 25 seats guaranteed
  • Jan 31; buy-in $215, 50 seats guaranteed

Dom's ready.

"Cant-Miss" Online Event

As this is the most important online series of the year for 888poker all the ambassadors will be at the tables competing.

"I'm very excited about this year's Super XL Series which in all likelihood will set records on 888poker," says German ace Dominik Nitsche.

"Very few online events are 'can't-miss' but the Super XL Series is definitely one of them. I'll most likely be playing in all the big events and I'm expecting big things in the Main Event, which is going to be one of the best tourneys ever."

Nitsche won't be the only 888 pro trying to snatch victory away from you.

Look out also for Swedish poker phenom Sofia LövgrenJackie Glazier from Down Under, the Brazilian trio Bruno KawautiNicolau Villa-Lobos and Bruno Politano and Japanese player and coach Akira Ohyama.

38 Events Over 8 Days

There will be 38 tournaments over eight days. Most tournaments will begin in the afternoon and evening hours in Europe but 888poker also accommodates players on other continents.

The tournaments on Thursday called the “Americas Events” start at a time suited for South and Latin American players, while the tournaments on Sunday are directed – albeit not exclusively – at Australian players.

Note that all given times are GMT.

888poker Super XL Series IV

DateTimeEvent NameGuaranteeBuy-in
Jan 2418:00Super XL 1 - Opening Event Multi Chance$250,000$160
Jan 2418:00Super XL 2 - Mini Opening Event Multi Chance$50,000$12
Jan 2419:00Super XL 3 - The Whale$200,000$600
Jan 2419:35Mega Satellite to Main Event25 seats$215
Jan 2421:00Super XL 4 - Turbo Opening Event Multi Chance$15,000$55
Jan 2422:00Super XL 5 – Super Turbo Opening Event Multi Chance$5000$75
Jan 2519:00Super XL 6 – Omaha Event$15,000$109
Jan 2519:00Super XL 7 – Mini Omaha Event$3000$12
Jan 2520:00Super XL 8 – Turbo Snap Event Multi Chance$15,000$55
Jan 2520:00Super XL 9 – Mini Turbo Snap Event Multi Chance$15,000$5
Jan 2521:00Super XL 10 – Turbo Snap Omaha$2000$30
Jan 2619:00Super XL 11 – High Roller Event$300,000$1500
Jan 2619:00Super XL 12 – Mini High Roller Event$60,000$215
Jan 2621:00Super XL 13 – Turbo High Roller Event$25,000$160
Jan 2719:00Super XL 14 – 8-Max Event$25,000$109
Jan 2719:00Super XL 15 – Mini 8-Max Event$3000$12
Jan 2721:00Super XL 16 – Turbo 8-Max Event$5000$30
Jan 280:00Super XL 17 – Americas Event$10,000$160
Jan 280:00Super XL 18 – Mini Americas Event$2000$12
Jan 282:00Super XL 19 – Turbo Americas Event$5000$55
Jan 2818:00Super XL 20 – R&A Event$20,000$55
Jan 2818:00Super XL 21 – Mini R&A Event$5000$5
Jan 2819:00Super XL 22 – Quarterback Event$50,000$215
Jan 2819:00Super XL 23 – Mini Quarterback Event$10,000$30
Jan 2821:00Super XL 24 – Turbo Quarterdeck Event$15,000$109
Jan 2919:00Super XL 25 – Knockout Event$25,000$150
Jan 2919:00Super XL 26 – Mini Knockout Event$7500$35
Jan 2921:00Super XL 27 – Turbo Knockout Event$10,000$75
Jan 3011:00Super XL 28 – Outback Event$10,000$109
Jan 3011:00Super XL 29 – Mini Outback Event$2000$12
Jan 3013:00Super XL 30 – Turbo Outback Event$5000$55
Jan 3019:00Super XL 31 – 6-Max Event$40,000$160
Jan 3019:00Super XL 32 – Mini 6-Max Event$10,000$30
Jan 3021:00Super XL 33 – Turbo 6-Max Event$10,000$55
Jan 3116:05Mega Satellite to Main Event50 seats$215
Jan 3119:00Super XL 34 – MAIN EVENT$1,000,000$1050
Jan 3119:00Super XL 35 – Mini MAIN EVENT$150,000$160
Jan 3119:30Super XL 36 – Micro MAIN EVENT$15,000$5
Jan 3121:00Super XL 37 – Turbo MAIN EVENT$15,000$109
Jan 3122:00Super XL 38 – Super Turbo MAIN EVENT$10,000$75

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