Martin Mauthner wins the Festival in Bratislava

In the end it was an almost all Austrian Battle in Bratislava when the Main Event was won by Martin Mauthner against Adi Rajkovic, both from the neighboring country, Austria.

The Poker Main event attracted 621 runners over 4 starting flights. After the bubble burst on day 2, 31 players returned for day 3.

Initially the event was scheduled to run for 2 more days. But after only 4 hours 22 players busted and the final table was found. It was quickly decided to have the final table on the same day and battle the first Festival in Bratislava out this very night.

Those are the 9 players that made the final table:

Full Final Table
Full Final Table

The entire final was a very Austrian happening as 4 of the 9 players came from the country only a few kilometers away from the Slovakian capital.

The final table lasted until 11 p.m. when Mauthner beat Rajkokic after a short but intense heads-up.

With only 3 players remaining the remaining players - all from Austria - struck a deal:

  • Adi Rajkovic – €45,130
  • David Vedral – €38,270
  • Martin Mauthner – €34,600

€13,000 were left on the table for the winner.

Rajkovic began the heads-up battle a the massive chip leader with 15m vs 4m chips. But with a good portion of good luck Martin Mauthner managed to overcome this disadvantage.

It was mainly one vital coinflip that decided the battle between Mauthner and Rajkovic. Mauthner found J J on the button and Rajkovic found A Q in the big blind. It was an easy all-in for both. The board ran down K K 5 2 10 - no help for Rajkovic. With that Mauthner was up to 14m chips and Adi Rajkovic down to 5m chips. The tides had turned against Rajkovic and Mauthner was in a commanding lead.

The final hand saw Mauthner limp on the Button with K-3. Rajkovic in the Big Blind checked with J-T and the flop fell K-9-5. Mauthner bet small and Rajkovic called with his gutshot. The turn brought another K and again Mauthner bet and Rajkokic called once more. The river brought a T and Mauthner now went all-in. Rajkovic felt compelled to call the all-in with his pair but, of course, lost the showdown against Mauthners trips.

Mauthner, who used to be a dealer at EPT events and is a recreational player nicknamd "The German Sammy Farha", was more than happy to take down the title and the prize money.

Martin Mauthner
Martin Mauthner, the Austrian Sammy Farha

Short Video Summary of the Final

Those are the final results of the Main Event of The Festival in Bratislava:

#PlayerCountryPrize MoneyDeal
1Martin MauthnerAustria€59,000€56,870
2Adi RajkovicAustria€43,000€45,130
3Vedral DavidAustria€38,270€38,270
4Henry ManiaGermany€20,500
5Fotios KonstantinosGreece€14,000
6Peter HankeAustria€10,000
7Bogoevski DushkoMacedonia€7,500
8Viktor ErikssonSweden€5,975
9Erik SefferSlovaika€4,600
10Panák IgorSlovaika€4,600
11Bernhard HaiderAustria€3,500
12Welo Tor Anton Myrvold-€3,500
13Lizanets OlexandrHungary€3,500
14Aare HaapsalEstonia€2,700
15Uguccioni MichaelItaly€2,700
16Marjan MitrovskiMacedonia€2,700
17Reichel Frank RonaldGermany€2,200
18Carl HanssonSweden€2,200
19Thomas De RooijNetherlands€2,200
20Lelek MiroslavSlovaika€2,200
21Eder MarioAustria€2,200
22Andras MataiHungary€2,200
23Janczarski MichalPoland€2,200
24Melichar PavolSlovaika€2,200
25Tomovic AleksandarSerbia€1,800
26Ekdahl MichaelSweden€1,800
27Filip ŠrámkaSlovaika€1,800
28Tomche SpaseskiMacedonia€1,800
29Jozef KrajanSlovaika€1,800
30Mihaly Jancso-€1,800
31Panagiotis ChantzarasGreece€1,800
32Andras HalasiHungary€1,800
33Juraj ValaskýSlovaika€1,500
34Tomáš VojtekSlovaika€1,500
35Vladimír BednárSlovaika€1,500
36Devid BerlinLithuania€1,500
37Daniel Koloczar-€1,500
38Peter BergmanSweden€1,500
39Didier PirardBelgium€1,500
40Daniele GrassiItaly€1,500
41Pavel ChalupkaSlovaika€1,200
42Patrik CiklamíniSlovaika€1,200
43Quoc Ly-€1,200
44Leo Worthington-LeeseUK€1,200
45Robert SlobodaCzech Republic€1,200
46Martin IlavskýSlovaika€1,200
47Peter VargaSlovaika€1,200
48Carina WaldSweden€1,200
49Robin HegeleGermany€1,200
50Kristoffer WintersteinSweden€1,200
51Alexandros Erotorritou-€1,200
52Marcin StachyraPoland€1,200
53Lars EklundSweden€1,200
54Ninni MalmiSweden€1,200
55Richard Vladár-€1,200
56Luka BojovicSerbia€1,200
57Sami PullianenFinland€1,000
58Sandor DudasHungary€1,000
59Stefan ReiserGermany€1,000
60Robert MannerGermany€1,000
61Kaider Viikman-€1,000
62Jonas KovacsSweden€1,000
63Tiikka TiensuuFinland€1,000
64Jiří KocábCzech Republic€1,000
65Ondrej JakubčíkCzech Republic€1,000
66Peter MuhlbekCzech Republic€1,000
67Davide SaittaItaly€1,000
68Peter ČekanSlovaika€1,000
69Daniel HolmedahlNorway€1,000
70Patrick JowaBelgium€1,000
71Fabian GumzGermany€1,000

Read up on the Final Table here: The Festival Live Blog

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