Kenneth Olaisen Loses Two Flips and His Tournament Life

Level 21: 10k / 20k (20k)

Entries: 29 / 648

Kenneth Olaisen
Bad at flips: Kenneth Olaisen

Kenneth Olaisen went into the last break with an average chip stack, but quickly lost all his chips due to some bad luck. First hand, right after the break, he was all-in with A-K against Eetu Sepponen with 6-6. Sepponen hit a 6 on the flop and doubled through Olaisen who was left with 150k chips (or 7.5 big blinds).

Two hands later Olaisen found 8-8 and was all-in again. This time his opponent was David Land who had A-Q. The board came down K-T-4-J-8 and despite hitting a set on the river, Olaison lost against Land's straight.

Eetu Sepponen - 900k

David Land - 800k

Kenneth Olaisen - 0k

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