Liv Boeree: ‘Women in Poker Still Underrepresented’

Liv Boeree is an icon in the poker industry.

Young, good-looking and female, Boeree’s rise in the poker industry has been meteoric.

Since winning EPT San Remo for $1.6 million in 2010, Boeree has been a fixture on the international poker circuit and one of the most well-known PokerStars’ pros.

PokerListings' own Esther Diaz Amores caught up with Boeree at EPT Barcelona and asked what advice she would give to other women getting started in the game.

Leo Margets
Leo Margets isn't a fan of ladies' events.

What do you think about the participation of woman in poker in general?

Liv Boeree: I think it is increasing. We see more girls in poker, typically young, educated women. I think we are gonna see more in the future. That said, it is still very underrepresented.

I think it has been mostly the social environment that plays into women's psych to play. Women are less encouraged to compete, less encouraged to play games. Fortunately I was always encouraged by my parents and that is what makes me who I am.

What do you think about ladies' tournaments? Leo Margets is quite offended by ladies' events because she thinks it’s discrimination. Do you support that opinion?

LB: No. I can see her point but if there’s a market, you know it is positive so we need them.

Women should be equal players but they are not and if a woman’s event gives them a setting to sit down and play that’s what we want. Otherwise they are never going to play. We should be encouraging women to play.

So you see this as very positive?

LB: It is positive I think. There are pro's and con's but I think there are more pro's than con's.

What unique skills can a woman use at the table?

Liv Boeree
Liv Boeree

LB: Women are very intuitive. You know as a gender we have just a little more emotional intuition than men. But otherwise there's not really much difference. If a woman studies the same material and works harder on the theory and the backend of the game, there's no reason they’ll be any different than a man.

Someone will have natural skills that works better than others. The game is kind of gender irrelevant in my opinion. General speaking the good players are the ones who are putting in the most work.

And do you think it is an advantage to be pretty at the table because you can intimidate men.

LB: I mean people can be affected by image, yes. If the girl is getting a lot of male attention because the way she looks and expecting her to play a certain way, good for her.

Are you using it?

LB: Sometimes, not that much. People tend to know who I am now. I don't really know what to say

How do you convince a woman to play in open tournaments?

LB: I mean, I don't want to convince a woman or anybody. They have to have a real passion for the game

You have to have a passion for the game. If you really love the game then work hard and study hard. If you don’t like competition then poker’s not for you but I know a lot of women who are very competitive.

Are you coming to EPT London to play foosball against PokerListings?

LB: I want to go. I really want to go. I need to practice

We saw you playing in Galway.

LB: Yes, I little bit but I haven't really played for 7 years.

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