Lennaárd vs. Bergman in Chess, Boxing, Poker at Battle of Malta

BOM Deluxe
Watch the video of the first-ever BOM Deluxe coming soon to PokerListings.

This November at the 2014 Battle of Malta Ken Lennaárd and Andreas Bergman will settle their rivalry once and for all.

In the first-ever BOM Deluxe Sweden these two experienced poker players will go head-to-head in four events: chess, heads-up poker, boxing and a last-longer bet in the Battle of Malta Main Event.

The rivalry started from Lennaárd's blog on PokerListings.se and developed into bullying and nasty comments and blog posts back and forth.

Both Lennaárd and Bergman are looking forward to the chance to settle things like gentlemen both on the felt and in the ring.

“Ken has the only poker blog that is somehow interesting to read,” said Bergman. “He’s entertaining but at the same time, he is very hard headed.

"If the blog post is about goat breeding in Japan or the bush people in Alaska – Ken knows it all!

"It’s just ridiculous, so I see a chance here to shut his mouth.”

Lennaárd says this match is about defending himself and his wife and kid.

“Bergman is not going to fight with me,” said Lennaárd. “He’s fighting with himself and his own demons.”

The contests will play out during the 2014 PokerListings Battle of Malta at the Portomaso Casino in St. Julian's.

Four Events, Video on PokerListings.com

Lennaárd and Bergman will compete in four different contests to decide who comes out of this feud on top.

The first is a simple last-longer in the Battle of Malta Main Event. Whoever goes deeper in the tournament takes it.

Second, the two players will meet in a chess match at the Hilton Malta and third, a heads-up poker match in the Battle of Malta tournament room.

Lastly they'll put on the gloves and go one-on-one in the ring for three, three-minute rounds to be scored by a panel of judges.

The fight will happen at Lords Gym, just a short walk from the casino, at 8pm on November 7th. If either player backs out of the fight they'll have to pay a €2,000 fine.

The PokerListings video team will be documenting all the action and posting a video in the days after the event.

Keep an eye on the Battle of Malta Video Section for teasers as well as tons of video content from BOM 2014.


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