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When it comes to sports betting online, or any betting for that matter, licenses are a strict requirement throughout the world. They are there for many reasons, to govern who can provide these services and make sure that those that do provide this favourite past time, do so in a safe, secure, and trusted manor. This is to ensure that all practices are above board and are providing an experience that is free and fair. The online casino industry has seen a rapid rise in popularity over recent years, and as such, the need for them to be governed has become a necessity that cannot be overlooked. There has been an alarming amount of illegally operating institutions that have managed to swindle thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting players out of their hard-earned money and that is why it needs to stop. The authorities from around the globe have convened and instituted regulations that must be abided by to create a safer online environment for everyone.

Sports Betting License Hard and Fast Facts

  • There are different licenses that can be obtained
  • All sports betting operators need to obtain a license
  • It's important to only use a legally operating online gaming or betting entity

Licenses that must be obtained prior to being permitted to operate

  • An operating license
  • A personal functional license
  • A personal management license
  • A premises license

Operators that intend to provide remote gambling facilities, these can either be an online or any other facility and plan to advertise in other countries will need to get authority from their specific Gambling Commission.

There are many different licenses that entities will need to acquire prior to actually being permitted to provide the service. This will depend on a few factors such as, where the company is located in the world, which will determine from which authority they must procure the license from and also what operation they plan on running. 

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Over the past couple of years, the online casino and betting industry has gone some incredible changes. All these changes have been put in place to protect the player from unscrupulous operators who prey on your naivety. The number of new licenses being granted has increased 10-fold since the inception of the online industry. With the impressive advancements in technology and security we are safer than ever before, but with that comes the advancement of hacker’s technology too, hence why it has never been more important to be sure you're with a regulated entity.

Here are just a few of the major operating licenses that are available which you can familiarise yourself with in order to make sure of the casino or bookies facilities you are making use of.

Arcades require either an Adult Gaming Centre (AGC) or a Family Entertainment Centre (FEC)

Betting is a very general term so there are multiple operating licenses that fall under it

  • Non-remote general betting (standard) for bookmakers trading from a premise
  • Non-remote general betting (limited) for on-course bookmakers
  • Non-remote betting intermediary- Non-remote general betting (real events)
  • Non-remote pool betting- Non-remote general betting (Virtual events)
  • Remote betting host (real events)- Remote betting host (virtual events)
  • Remote betting general (limited) for telephonic and email bets only
  • Remote betting intermediary- Remote betting intermediary (trading rooms)
  • Remote pool betting

Casinos will require the following operating licenses

  • Non remote 1968 Act casino- Non remote 2005 Act casino
  • Remote casino- Remote casino (game host)

Gambling software also requires their own licenses

  • Non remote gambling software- Remote gambling Software
  • Linked gambling software

Gaming machines require the following operating licenses

  • Non remote gaming machine technical (full)
  • Non remote gaming machine technical (supplier)
  • Non remote gaming machine technical (software)
  • Remote gaming machine technical (full)
  • Remote gaming machine technical (supplier)
  • Remote gaming machine technical (software)
  • Linked gaming machine technical software- Single machine permit

These are just a few licenses that entities are required to have in their possession before being a legally betting provider, whether they are an online or land-based establishment.

Before being able to procure the licenses mentioned above, they will first need to acquire a main license. There are only a few main licenses, but more countries are jumping on the bandwagon and creating their own, among some of the more ones you'll find; Malta, UK, Denmark, and Curacao which the main ones, while the lesser known ones are provided by Alderney and Costa Rica. 

Conclusion: Playing at a recognised casino is essential to a secure & fair environment

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The reason that players should only use the facilities of a fully registered and recognized casino is due to the fairness and security they are legally bound to uphold. By playing with one of these legitimate casinos you are ensuring that your personal information such as identity documents and banking details are always kept under the safest protocols. Should you be utilizing an institution that does not have the relevant licenses, nothing can be done should be defrauded by a falsified casino and you will be at risk of theft and identity theft. Make sure that when you are using a site, that they provide the stamps from the relevant licensing entities as explained. Failure to display these badges or markings declaring they are licensed and regulated by the proper authorities, it is more than likely that you are using a dubious site that may just have been designed and created to defraud you. The last thing you want is to open a betting account at an unregulated site. Should these markings not be visible on the site, players are urged to make contact with the casinos customer support department who required by law to send you the relevant documentation upon request. If they do not adhere to this, they are liable to face criminal charges of various degrees, but it would be a better idea to not complete any registration forms or bank details forms prior to becoming 100% certain they are operating legally and according to regulation and responsible gaming protocols.