Best Real Money iPhone Poker Apps 2019

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If you're looking for the best apps to play poker on your iPhone for real money you're in the right place. Online poker is one of the best, most compelling games you can play on an iPhone or iPad.

It’s never been easier as almost all major online poker sites have now developed software and apps specifically for the iPhone and the iOS mobile platform.

While some of the early clients were a little clunky the streamlined, cutting-edge software now available for iPhone or iPad poker gives players an experience that rivals the desktop versions.

These days you’ll be able to play a wide variety of real-money iPhone poker games including Texas Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha. Cash games, Sit & Go’s and even Multi-Table Tournaments are all available on your iOS smart phone or tablet.

Even better there are formats like “fast-fold” poker that were pretty much designed to be played on an iPhone. Our editors have played countless hours of iPhone poker and we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best iOS poker apps available.

Best iPhone Poker Apps for Real Money 2019

Rank Poker Site Rating Best Sign-Up Bonus Why? Play Now
1. Free Money Poker 7.7 Regular: Flat $500
  • Fun play money app
  • Available in most jurisdictions
  • Incredibly easy to get in the game
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iPhone Poker Apps FAQ
iPad AirPlay Poker

Can I Play Real Money iPhone Poker?

Yes. In fact it’s one of the best ways to do it on mobile.

The iPhone is one of the most popular smart phones in the world and the biggest online poker sites have been perfecting their iOS software for years.

Current versions of iPhone poker software are among the best, most advanced, polished clients that have been released for any platform.

The Apple iTunes store is also highly regulated so you can trust the offerings there a little more than some of the other competing smart phone platforms.

If you want to play online poker using a Mac desktop or laptop computer, check our full report here:

Can I Play Poker on My Old iPhone?

This is always changing but if your current iPhone can run the latest version of iOS 10 fine then you’ll probably be in good shape.

In general poker software is relatively lightweight so it should run with very little trouble on most iOS devices. You’ll most likely run into problems if you are all the way back on the original iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPhone 3Gs.

As soon as you get into iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and beyond you should be fine, thanks in large part to the retina screen. Most iPads should also run poker clients just fine although you might have a bit of lag with the original iPad.

What about iPad Poker?

Most poker software that runs on an iPhone also works on an iPad as both devices run Apple iOS. In fact most iOS poker sites work even better in its iPad poker format thanks to more screen real estate and superior specs on some models.

There are a few exceptions where certain online poker sites only work on iPad or vice versa but the majority of iOS poker sites work on both devices. For our money, poker apps designed for iPad are some of the best and most fun versions of poker ever made.

What’s the Best Poker App for iPhone?

This is always changing as poker operators improve their software. We’ll keep updating the toplist above to give you an idea about the best iPhone poker games.

We rank each iPhone Poker game based on a number of factors including software, game volume, ease of play, game variety, promotions and even the general skill level on the site. You may find that certain factors are more important than others so there will be sites that work better for you.

Generally speaking the best iPhone poker or iPad poker experience will be at one of the Top 3 iOS poker sites listed above.

What Will I Miss By Playing Mobile Poker?


Not very much these days.

Most mobile poker clients, including the ones for iPhone and iPad, streamline the process for finding a game using a quick-seat functionality.

Some iOS clients don’t give players access to their full lobbies in an effort to simplify the process. Other clients restrict players to cash games and don’t actually allow tournaments.

These days most iOS poker sites give you full access to tournaments, Sit & Go’s and cash games.

What’s Fast Fold Poker on iPhone?

You may have heard about “Fast Fold” poker such as patented variants like Rush Poker, Zoom Poker or Turbo Poker.

All the variants allow players to fold their hand and instantly get transported to another table where they’ll have a fresh hand waiting for them.

It’s particularly good for the iPhone and iPad poker environment because it’s difficult to play more than one table at a time.

Fast fold gives players a chance to play an action-packed game with very little downtime. Fortunately almost every poker site for iPhone or iPad offers some sort of fast fold variant.

Can I Win Real Money Playing iPhone Poker?

Depending on whether real-money poker is legal in your jurisdiction, you absolutely can. Of course poker is a skill game so that’s going to come down to a bit of skill and luck. If you want to win money we suggest brushing up on poker strategy.

It also helps to play on iPhone poker sites with weaker players if you’re still learning. It’s worth noting that some sites offer mobile-only player pools, which are usually significantly less skilled than full desktop poker and offer a more casual experience.

What About Real Money Poker on iPhone in the USA?

If you live in New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware or Pennsylvania, many in-state casinos now offer licensed online poker and mobile poker apps.

The Borgata, Caesars, MGM etc have all partnered with online poker sites like PokerStars, 888poker and partypoker to provide cash games and tournaments to players of legal age within state borders. The PokerStars NJ mobile app is particularly good, as are 888poker's and partypoker's

If you absolutely must play online from an unregulated state in the USA, BetOnline Poker does currently accept US players and has a very good real-money poker app. 

Do I Have to Spend Money to Play iPhone Poker?

Nope. Most poker sites offer free online poker with a play-money lobby showing all the games you can play to get acquainted with poker hand rankings and basic strategy before wading into real-money poker.

Poker sites also offer micro-stakes sections where you’ll only be risking pennies. These games are usually the best way to learn how to play poker as people will take the games just serious enough to play hard.

Of course if you’re on an iPhone travelling where Internet might not be very good then you don’t want to risk huge amounts of money either. Basically you want to just pick whatever stakes you’re comfortable with and stick to those games.

You can also play free no download poker (or Instant Play poker) on all major sites without even downloading an app or software. Read more here:

real money on iphone

Are There Promotions on iPhone Poker?

There are tons of great promotions available for iOS poker sites on iPhone and iPad.

At PokerListings we work with all the major sites to provide exclusive sign-up bonuses and perks if you sign up using one of our links or download codes.

How Do I Play Poker on My iPhone?

Signing up to play poker on your iPhone is incredibly easy and you can usually do it right from your device. Sometimes online poker clients will deflect you to your browser to sign up but that’s really not a big deal.

There are also some poker sites that let you get involved with the play-money games without even signing up. If you already have an online poker account from your Mac or PC you can use the same log-in credentials to get into the mobile client.

Regardless, it’s a relatively painless process to sign up for an iOS poker site and you’ll be playing poker on your iPhone usually within minutes.

How Do I Deposit to My Mobile Poker Account?

This will vary a lot depending on where you are based. For most countries it’s as easy as pulling our your credit card or using an online wallet like uKash or Instadebit.

Again you can also usually do it via your phone so you never have to pull out your laptop or take a seat at your desktop. Read more:

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