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Inter Poker
Up To
Regular Bonus: 100% / $100
Bonus Code: Use BOTH bonus codes "PL200" and "SUPJUPR" before depositing to receive this fantastic offer!

Inter Poker

Inter Poker uses CryptoLogic's platform, with a shared player base. The network and player base was growing at a very high rate in 2004 and 2005 but took a dive with the U.S. online gambling legislation. However, it is still among the top 10 in the business.

Inter Poker is managed by the world's second largest online casino, Inter Casino, so the poker tables boast wild and loose games. The poker room also has the world's largest monthly loyalty bonus at $100. In addition, many special promotions such as money-added tournaments and freerolls are offered regularly by the site. On top of that, Pokerlistings.com players are eligible for a great extra sign-up bonus at Inter Poker.

InterPoker.com's software has good functionality, and the lobby underwent a well-deserved makeover in 2006 which gave it a cleaner and more user-friendly look.

The monthly reload bonus of $100 is awarded after a new deposit of $100. For release, the bonus requires 500 raked hands to be played, which typically takes about 25 hours at one single table. There is also an open proposition player program where players are paid to start up new games or play in short-handed games.

The games offered at Inter Poker include Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Seven-Card Stud and Seven-Card Stud Hi-Lo. The games vary between No-Limit, Pot-Limit, and Fixed-Limit, and full-table games, short-handed play, and heads-up tables are all available.

Real-money player statistics as of November 2016 show 1500 ring-game players at peak hours, and 8000 tournament players at peak hours.

Overall Inter Poker offers some of the loosest games online and software that plays well. The software is updated frequently to ensure safety and stability, with almost no downtime as a result.

200% Up To $200 Regular Bonus:
100% / $100

Bonus Code Use BOTH bonus codes "PL200" and "SUPJUPR" before depositing to receive this fantastic offer!

Bonus Code and Promotions

Monster sign-up bonus of up to $200 at 200% deposit match exclusive to players.

New to is The Headhunter Challenge - a new type of multi-table tournament where a player wins cash for every player they eliminate. A portion of every buy-in is assigned to players' "Heads". The more players someone eliminates, the more cash they win, and the bigger a target they become as the value of their own head increases with every head they take!

Also, there is the open proposition player program for all real-money players, where the player gets $10-$30 pro rata (i.e. $1-$3 per six minutes) for any amount of time playing at a specified table. Each specified table only pays the player for a maximum of two hours ($20-$60).

Reload Bonus


extends reload bonuses roughly every other month, and the bonuses are usually very good with a 50% deposit match up to $300-$500.

also offers a superb bonus to all players called the "Reload Revolution." Before making a deposit each month at the site, you can now go to the cashier and enter the bonus code(s) that suits you in order to earn free bonus dollars. Depending on the size of your deposit and how many player points (MPPs) you think you'll accumulate over the month, you choose the best bonus code for you and earn as much as $1,000 monthly!

If you don't plan to make a deposit this month, simply enter another bonus code that allows you to earn bonus dollars when you accumulate MPPs without making a deposit.

Loyalty Bonus


offers the above-mentioned "Reload Revolution" where a player can earn reload bonuses as high as $1,000 a month, depending on their VIP level. There are also other bonuses and promotions available as a part of the player points program, where players earn points (MPPs) for real-money play.

Sign-Up Bonus


features a monster sign-up bonus of up to $200 at 200% deposit match exclusive to players. The bonus is automatic via the download links.

Bonus Payout


The bonus will be credited to your account as soon as you make your deposit, however you will not be able to use the funds in the poker room until the requirements are met.

The first $100 will be released after 750 raked hands. An EXTRA $100 exclusive to PokerListings.com players will be collected after the next 1,000 raked hands.. A raked hand at is defined as any hand where at least $1 (or £/€, depending on the table) is taken as rake. This is equivalent to a $20 pot.

then takes 5% rake up to a maximum of $3 (or £/€, depending on the table). In every hand that you are dealt cards where the total pot is $20 or more, a raked hand will be counted towards your bonus, even if you haven't contributed to the pot. Furthermore, every hand you play where between 25¢ and 99¢ (or £/€, depending on the table) rake is taken will count as 1/4 (one quarter) of a raked hand.

Bonus Details

Bonus Bonus Requirements
Max Bonus $200
Regular Bonus $100
Match Bonus 100%

Tournaments and Freerolls

Tournament Traffic

Real-money player statistics at Inter Poker show 8000 real-money tournament players at peak hours, as of November 2016.


Inter Poker hosts many tournaments with buy-ins as small as $3, and some with buy-ins in the hundreds of dollars. The tournaments are fairly well-populated, relatively slow and quite loose. Play at most levels is on par with the industry standard, although some of the smaller buy-in tournaments can be very loose.

Inter Poker also offer guaranteed tournaments with prize pools between $5,000 and $25,000 which draw a large number of players. And besides the guaranteed tournaments, Inter Poker also offer plenty of qualifiers at all levels for big live and online poker events such as the European Poker Tour.

Software and Graphics

runs on software developed by CryptoLogic and shares players with other poker sites on the CryptoLogic network, such as William Hill Poker. The software is full-featured and more or less includes all the functionality that players have gotten used to in online poker software. It runs fast and smooth with good playability.

The software allows for taking notes of the opposition during play and the lobby supplies vital table statistics like the view-flop percentage, average pot, and hands played per hour. The software also offers graphic display of the latest hands played and hand histories are available on request.

In addition, is one of the few major online poker rooms to offer multi-currency deposit and play. Players are able to compete at six tables simultaneously and multi-table play runs smoothly. The software is updated somewhat regularly with some downtime as a result.



The data and statistics functions in 's software allow you to take notes on your opposition during play, and the lobby supplies vital table statistics like viewed-flop percentage, average pot size, seated-player's stack size and hands played per hour. Players can see the most recent hand in a graphic interface right at the table, while complete hand histories are also available by request. The hand histories are relatively easy to work with, even though the ones received by request tend to be a little harder to analyze.



The latest version of 's software supports play at six tables simultaneously. Multi-table play usually runs smoothly but some disconnect problems have been reported when playing several tables as a result of the slow-running software. This unfortunate fact, combined with the relatively short time limits imposed on players to act, makes a poorly-suited site for multi-table play. The tables are also a fixed size and there is no mini view or other multi-table special function.



The graphics of the software are clean and crisp, and recently the lobby has undergone a well-deserved facelift making it easier to navigate. does not support avatars or special color schemes, something that keeps the software very clear and accessible. The table functions are easy to learn and well oriented on the table's classic green felt.

Special Features


The software offers the basic features and boasts some innovative ones, including a proposition play program where players can earn money when competing at tables appointed by the software. There is also the option of not showing the player location, something that some players really appreciate. is also one of the few sites in the business to offer play in different currencies to accommodate customers from all over the world. This is in addition to allowing players to deposit and withdraw in different currencies.

Soft Competition

With the sports book and casino clientele from other CryptoLogic partners such as William Hill, there are quite a few players with little poker experience at . The decline in new-user sign-ups since the U.S. online gambling ban has tightened up the games somewhat, but there are still loose and juicy games to be found, and new users are signing up daily. The viewed-flop percentage at the loosest full tables at the middle stakes can often be up in the 40s and 50s, which signals high profitability for skilled players.

Not open to US players

  • $200 exclusive sign-up bonus
  • Monthly $100 reload bonus
  • Multi-currency play



Hits and Misses


  • Very good interface for finding satellites for bigger buy-in tournaments
  • Uses a pin code for high-security money transactions
  • Host of Caribbean Poker Classic and CPC Extreme


  • Quite high rake at GBP tables


Software & Graphics
Ring Game Traffic
Tournament Traffic
Soft Competition
Game Variety
Sign-Up Bonus
Loyalty Bonus
Financial Security
Deposit & Withdrawal

Game Selection / Volume

Cash Game
Player Volume Peak
Tournament Volume

Support Quality

24/7 Support:
Web site FAQ:
Support Features:
Phone and e-mail
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Quite Slow


Support at is quite slow but is of decent quality. offers telephone and e-mail support. The support staff is knowledgeable and friendly.

Deposit & Withdrawal

Deposit Options: ECash Direct, Visa, MasterCard, debit card, EPC, check, certified check, wire transfer, money order, Citadel, NETeller, FirePay, TeleBuy, Basic 900pay. Withdrawal Options: Credit card, debit card, EPC, check, Citadel, NETeller (InterPoker.com charges a $1 fee for NETeller withdrawals), FirePay, wire transfer. (A PIN code is required to cash out and is sent out by standard mail immediately after the first deposit - it may take a week or two for the code to arrive.)


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