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Host Your Very Own Private Poker Club at partypoker

Host Your Very Own Private Poker Club at partypoker

‘Winning tastes sweeter against your friends!’ - it is with this truism that partypoker greets us on introducing one of their great features, namely Private Games.

While poker should be, of course, a fun game for everyone who plays it - from the absolute beginner to the hardened pro - it nevertheless has ‘degrees’ of fun/seriousness (depending on how you look at it). Occasionally it’s nice to just relax with your friends, and it’s with this in mind that partypoker’s Private Games came about.

It’s often only tournament fans who can avail themselves of such a facility, but this feature specifically focuses on cash games. You can start your private club with players from around the globe and set up games that create a perfect environment for the ideal ‘virtual home’ game.

Private Games: How It Works

It couldn’t be simpler. The virtual poker world is your proverbial oyster! Your private club is your very own. And not only can you start up to five clubs, but you can join as many as you like!

Each club has its own lobby, and you’re able to create your own personally tailored cash games, with multiple options. You can even add to the home game party atmosphere thanks to partypoker’s fun-filled gamification features (so-called throw animations are a fan favourite) - it’s what online poker is all about.

Private Games can be enjoyed on both mobile and desktop versions, but the actual club must be set up via the latter.

How to Set Up Your Private Poker Club

  1. Click on the Club Games tab in the Lobby
  2. Click on ‘Create Club
  3. Fill in the details
  4. Invite friends

… And then you’re good to go! And, remember, you can host up to five clubs, with any combination of friends, and different types of cash games.

To top it all off, private games allow you and your friends to earn up to 40% Cashback while having fun at your own personal table, the rake being the same as with regular games.

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