Golf Betting

For Beginner

Golf betting games is often one of the most overlooked sports available from good betting providers. Perhaps, for many, golf is perceived as not as exciting as soccer betting or betting on American Football. However, if you take the time and really look into the sport of golf, you’ll find plenty of interesting, exciting and lucrative markets worth betting on.

Golf is also played throughout the year and there are plenty of high-profile tournaments that you can bet on, finding great value along the way. In this guide to betting on golf, we take you through some of the most popular bets on golf, explaining how each works plus their relevant pros and cons. We also highlight some of the most popular golf tournaments that are worth betting on at one of our recommended golf betting providers.

Golf Quick-Facts

  • Golf is played throughout the year all over the world.
  • Golf provides plenty of interesting betting opportunities over many markets.
  • Most golf bets are based on 2 Way bets.
  • Outright winner, Double Chance, First Round Winner and Playoffs are all popular golf bets.

Golf – Betting Options, Tips & Strategies

You may be somewhat surprised to learn that golf features quite a wide range of betting odds. This factor, coupled with a diverse range of international golf tournaments throughout the year, makes golf one of the best sports to bet. This applies to all levels of betting experience, as there is enough markets and betting types to suit new, inexperienced bettors, and experienced or pro-level bettors alike.

Golf Betting Strategy #1 – Betting on the Winners

Golf is all about winners and there are no shared places. This makes it an excellent option for fans of two way bets and single bets. One of the most popular of these examples is the outright winner bet, where you pick you think will win the tournament out of the entire field of players. Depending on the sportsbook you choose, you may also find good markets for Double Chance bets. Other good 2-way market can include over/under as well as favourite/underdog bets.

Golf player Jordan Spieth swing

A variation or more refined version of the outright winner bet is the first round winner bet. Here, instead of having to focus on the entire tournament at once, you can first select who you think will end up at the top of the leaderboard after the first round. Picking two favourites for a head to head battle is another great 2 way market that is not necessarily dependent on either player to be the tournament winner.

Golf Betting Strategy #2 – Exploring Other Betting Options

Aside from the popular 2-way bets mentioned previously, you’ll be able to explore other interesting golf betting lines too, some quite new to golf betting. This includes fun betting options such as the so-called Six Shooter bet. This betting type will depend on which betting site offers it as it requires them to set up six top competing golfers, all with similar strengths and weaknesses. You bet to see who of the six will end up at the top of the group, sort of like its own mini tournament.

Other interesting golf bets include:

  • Ryder Cup betting (team betting)
  • Golf Playoff betting
  • Hole in One Betting
  • Double Chance tournament bet
  • Exact finish betting

Golf Betting Tips & Tricks

Golf betting is slightly different to other forms of betting because of several reasons. For one, unlike soccer, rugby, basketball or tennis, golf tournaments will stretch out over several days and feature a number of rounds. In this way, golf betting is more like betting on the Tour de France or test cricket for example.

Tiger Woods

The field of participants can also be quite substantial and you will need to pay attention to the initial stages very carefully. Doing as much research as possible will stand you in good stead for picking out early bets.

Check your sports betting provider site for useful data including player stats, performance history and so forth.

Joining golf betting forums is another great way to gain additional insight into players as well as betting trends. Forums and sports news sites may also provide additional data regarding certain players fitness levels and game-readiness. This sort of information can be invaluable in creating favourite/underdog bets that can actually stick.

Popular Golf Tournaments to Bet On

Golf tournaments occur throughout the year, giving golf bettors plenty of consistent betting action across a wide variety of markets. While you will find some value in amateur markets in Europe and North America, professional golf is where the real meat is. There are two main tours, consisting of a serious of smaller tournaments in each.

The Professional Golfers Association or PGA, which is played mainly in North American but with several supporting events in South American and in Asia, is the first. The second is the European Tour, which is played mainly in Europe but with supporting events held in Southern Africa and in Asia.

Tournaments worth betting on include:

  • The Masters
  • The US Open
  • The British Open
  • USPGA Championship
  • PGA Tour Championship
  • World Golf Championship
  • The Ryder Cup
  • Race to Dubai
  • Fed-Ex Cup

Golf FAQ

  • How can I start betting on golf?

    If you are looking to start betting on golf, the first step is to review as any betting providers as possible. Not all betting providers will focus on golf, so you’ll need to shop around a bit. Once you’ve found an ideal betting site, sign-up and add funds to your account so you can start betting on golf.
  • Can I bet on golf live?

    Yes, you can but it will depend on the betting provider as well. Not all betting providers will feature live betting markets for golf. However, those that do will feature several interesting live markets and may even feature live streaming of major golf tournaments.
  • Are there any bonuses for betting on golf?

    Yes, there are. The best way to find out if your sports betting site offers bonuses or promotions for golf betting, is to get in touch with their support team. Promotions for golf betting can include free bet offers, cash backs, accas and more.

Final Thoughts on Golf Betting

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world and, if you are looking for a rewarding way to enhance your usual betting, a golf betting system is an excellent addition. With so much scope in betting markets and events, there is enough room in golf betting to accommodate all levels of betting experience.