Georgia Man Has Full Tilt Poker Win on his Mind

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All the time South Georgia resident Mike Vickers spends at Full Tilt Poker paid off last weekend with a win in the weekly $3,000 freeroll for players.

Vickers, who owns and operates a pawnshop and jewelry store in Douglas, Ga., spends a big portion of his days playing online poker and honing his poker skills.

"I am on Full Tilt seven days a week all day long," he said.

"I think it is the best online site to play poker that there is out there - bar none. I have my Full Tilt custom jersey with my nickname on back, and I am waiting for the day that I will wear it in a WSOP or WPT event. Until then it will hang in my closet new and never worn."

Vickers Wins PokerListings Freeroll

He plans to use his freeroll winnings to continue to improve his poker game and work his way toward a major event.

"I told my fiancée about a year ago that I was going to be good enough to compete in the WSOP and WPT one day, and she laughed," Vicker said. "Now after seeing the rapid progression my game is making she is starting to be a believer and is behind me 110%."

Vickers got his start in poker playing Five-Card Draw and luck games such as Three and Five-Card Knock when he was a teenager. Now 35, he started playing Texas Hold'em about two years ago.

"When I started to realize that real poker was more luck than skill and a game that could be mastered is when I got really interested," he said.

He gives some credit for his interest in Hold'em to it being shown on television, but it's also his competitive nature and mainly the lure of the quest to be the best that propels him to continue to improve his game.

In that quest, Vickers, who plays as mikey11773, plays online poker seven to nine hours each day.

"If I miss a day, I feel like I've lost ground and play more the next day to catch up," he said.

Vickers has seen quite a bit of improvement since he began to focus on Hold'em. He gives some of the credit for his most recent improvement to Justin Rollo and his coaching videos.

"I started watching them about a month ago, regularly, and since then have started to go deeper and deeper in the tournaments I play, winning several 90-handed sit-and-gos and numerous final tables in the last month," Vickers said.

Those final tables include a previous stint in the weekly $3k freeroll at Full Tilt Poker as well. Two weeks ago he came in second, and his previous play made him a little familiar with the playing field of the weekly event going into the April 5 tournament.

"There are some good players that play that tourney every week, but there are a lot of the guys that play in it that are pretty inexperienced and don't have the patience to get deep in a tournament," Vickers said, "and they rush their play and play bad hands and don't know when to lay them down."

His strategy this time around involved playing tight and just waiting for premium hands after he saw most of the players he went deep with the time before get knocked out early.

"I can remember one hand a little over halfway through where I got lucky and the momentum I got from that hand pretty much rolled me into the final table," Vickers said.

"A lot of the guys also didn't seem to know how to play deep-stacked with the blinds and antes so high, and I just took advantage of that and kept getting chips."

At the final table he maintained that same strategy and said he was never in danger of busting out.

"I know it sounds vain, but after the last one, I told my fiancée I was going to win this one," Vickers said. "I was way ahead in the last one and feel like I should have won it, so I had my mind made up to take it down, and I did."

The final-table results of the tournament were:

Place Name Prize
1st mikey117733 $810
2nd chockaz $510
3rd nutstrut $382.50
4th soarsoar $300
5th No Outs 1 $225
6th mike24778 $165
7th stormin618 $112.50
8th AAnKK $90
9th ror666 $67.50

Vickers qualified for the Full Tilt Poker weekly $3,000 freeroll by first signing up at the poker site through

"I visit [] a couple times a month to look through the blogs and see what's happening in the poker world," Vickers said. "I think it is a very good site, and I enjoy reading the articles and info on it."

After signing up at Full Tilt Poker through, all Vickers had to do was earn 150 playing points during the seven-day qualification period for the freeroll and he was in.

Get your shot at the Full Tilt Poker freeroll exclusive to players by clicking on any link from our site to get to Full Tilt Poker and sign up today.

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