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Full Tilt iOS
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Full Tilt IOS

Full Tilt Rush Poker on iPhone and iPad is a seamless port of the popular fast-fold Rush Poker for iOS devices.

Players who have grown to love Rush Poker on the Full Tilt Poker desktop client will be happy to know the company has successfully brought the popular variant to smartphones and tablets.

Full Tilt currently offers No-Limit Hold’em and PLO games for mobile users. It’s all 6-Max and it’s all Rush Poker.

Fortunately fast-fold poker and smartphones are a perfect match as you can easily fit a quick session in while on the bus or train. You won’t be spending any time waiting for someone to make a decision while you have a crappy hand as you can immediately fold to get a new hand at a new table.

Only Rush Poker

The downside of the Full Tilt app is that it doesn’t offer the full FTP experience meaning you won’t be playing any Omaha-8 or Seven-Card Stud. You’re not going to be playing anything other than Rush Poker, in fact.

Thankfully the lobby has been optimized for quickly getting in games and it only takes a few swipes to get right into a Rush Poker game. The Full Tilt Rush Poker app offers one of the fastest start-up times of any online poker site on mobile.

While Full Tilt Rush Poker may seem like a bit of a disappointment with sites like PokerStars offering a near-desktop like experience, it’s still a very solid product and a great way to play poker from any location.

100% Up To $600

Bonus Code and Promotions

Full Tilt Poker iOS Bonus Code:

No code required! Just sign up via the download link in review.

Bonus Details

Bonus Bonus Requirements
Max Bonus $600
Regular Bonus $600
Match Bonus 100%

Tournaments and Freerolls

At launch the Full Tilt Rush Poker app only had support for Rush cash games.

Software and Graphics

The Full Tilt Rush Poker app is pretty slick. While the app very bare bones compared to competitors’ offerings, it works very, very well.

One of the positive aspects of getting rid of a lot of features is that it literally takes seconds to get into a game and once you’re in the game you’ll find a lag-free lightning fast experience.

It’s impressive considering that many mobile poker apps suffer from severe stuttering when it comes to fast-fold variants like Rush Poker.

Instead every fold takes you smoothly to a new table with new cards with hardly any downtime. It’s perfect for whenever you have a few minutes to spare and want to get a few hands in.

On the downside we found the cards just a tad bit too small on an iPhone but it wasn’t unbearable. Fortunately it is possible to customize the table to a degree.

You can select four-color decks as well as pick between slide and fade for Rush animations. You can also change the slider although we like the default linear one quite a bit.

Soft Competition

You’ll be flung right into the standard Full Tilt Rush Poker tables so the competition should be familiar. There are some serious grinders on the site that you’ll have to watch out for but the micro-stakes games aren’t bad. There are a few nice spots to be had in the mid-stakes games as well.

Not open to US players

  • A great mobile version of Full Tilt Rush Poker
  • Carry over your FTP account to mobile
  • Fast and simple layout

Isle of Man

Hits and Misses Hits
  • Full Tilt on iPhone and iPad
  • Fast-paced action
  • Easy to pick up and play

  • 6-Max Rush Poker only
  • Limited to Hold’em and PLO
  • Only one table at a time

Software & Graphics
Ring Game Traffic
Game Variety
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Support Quality
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Quite Slow
NETeller Payout Time:
48 Hours
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Full Tilt Poker offers excellent customer support with email and a helpful FAQ.


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