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Everest Poker Bonus Code & Download | Everest Poker Review

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Everest Poker is a truly multilingual poker room with a solid player base and plenty of growth potential. The software comes in all major languages, among them French, Japanese, German, Italian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish and Spanish. In total, 15 languages are supported.

The software itself is high quality, runs smoothly and is very popular among players. Currently the only games available are Texas Hold'em and Omaha, but plans are in the works to add Seven-Card Stud - something that would cement Everest Poker’s reputation and standing in the online poker market.

Everest is actually one of the few sites that has profited from U.S. online gaming restrictions given its international focus and attracts new players from all corners of the globe. The recent addition of high-stakes play has also attracted a new audience playing the $25/$50 blind Hold’em games.

Being the sponsor of Antoine Saout, a member of the 2009 WSOP Novemeber Nine, also hasn't hurt Everest's reach into the poker world.

Overall, Everest Poker offers good software and great action for Hold’em players in particular. The mix of players is unique in that many of the loosest and craziest are at the medium and high limits, making Everest Poker extremely profitable for skilled players.

Real-money player statistics show 7000 ring-game players at peak hours and 16000 tournament players at peak hours.


Everest Poker Bonus Code

Players who sign up at Everest Poker through a PokerListings can choose between two exclusive bonuses:

1) $600 incremental bonus (Exclusive Everest Poker bonus code: 600PL)

2) $500 lump-sum bonus (Exclusive Everest Poker bonus code: 500PL)

Everest Poker Bonus Payout

For the incremental bonus, Everest Poker will move 6¢ to your real-money balance for every one Summit Point you earn. This amounts to a clearing rate of $1/16.67 Summit Points. For the lump-sum bonus, Everest Poker will release the full $500 as soon as you reach 6,000 Summit Points, giving it a clearing rate of $1/12 Summit Points.

Everest Poker Promotions

Everest Poker has a generous frequent player point program, with every player at an Everest table earning one Summit Point for every $1 collected in rake, including fractional points. That means you can earn up to three Summit Points per hand, which is quite high.

Tournament players earn eight Summit Points for every $1 in tournament entry fees with no limit on how many points you can earn per tournament.

You can then redeem Summit Points for entry into real-money tournaments or to play at the "Points for Points" tables and tournaments. Everest Poker has also now launched the VIP Summit Club, one of the most comprehensive and rewarding loyalty programs in the industry.

Some key components: Bonus Summit Points up to 750%, Summit Point to cash conversion up to $5,000 per month, priority customer service and live tournament registrations.

Everest Poker is also home to a ton of live tournament satellites and big online events, including the Winner's Choice event, which lets winners choose between cash or live tournament buy-ins. Decent-sized freerolls and points tourneys are frequent, and plenty of innovative new events are always being offered. Overall, very solid room for imaginative, player-friendly promos.

The site is currently offering VIP Status Match, which lets players switch from other online poker sites and retain their VIP levels.


Max Bonus$800
Regular Bonus$600
Match Bonus0%
Refer a Friend Bonus$50


Everest Poker hosts a decent amount of tournaments with buy-ins starting at $1 and moving up to a few hundred. Tournaments are well populated and loose and play at any level tends to be loose and aggressive but not very good. Even the bigger buy-in tournaments offer relatively loose play.

Everest Poker runs a decent amount of guaranteed tournaments and satellites to live events. The monthly $250,000 guaranteed and the smaller guaranteed tournaments draw the biggest crowds, as do qualifiers to big live poker events like the European Poker Tour.

Among the biggest recurring tournaments it hosts are the weekly $30,000 guaranteed and the daily $5,000 guarantee. 

Everest Poker Freerolls

Everest Poker runs very few open freerolls, but when they do the prize pools tend to be larger than most other sites. The bulk of the free tournaments are either the $500 bonus freerolls for new players or tournaments that require loyalty points to buy in. Most free tournaments offered have small prize pools of $100 of less.


The software at is simple by comparison to other large poker sites but it is easy to operate, works very well and has proven secure and stable. has listened well to feedback from its players and added on a lot more features to go with the new Omaha games and its redesigned lobby.

The interface still takes some getting used to but it does the trick. For beginners, offers a nice "training room" mode where players can learn the ropes before throwing themselves at the mercy of more experienced opponents

The latest version of Everest Poker 's software supports play at eight tables simultaneously. Multi-table play usually runs well, but some disconnect problems have been reported. Overall is decently suited for multi-table play, with big and easily visible cards and straightforward software. Tables are also resizable and they scale very, very well.

Everest Poker's graphics are decent with several different skins to choose from. Each player has the choice of several good-looking avatars that change position depending on where the player is seated.

Hand histories are also user-friendly although the data does expire after 30 days, which is a drawback. Players can get a snapshot of their statistics for a session at a table by selecting "your statistics" in the top right corner of the active table.

For a direct Everest Poker download, click the download button above.


Overall, the action at is relatively loose with viewed-flop percentages often reaching the 50s and 60s. What makes special is that the loose and potentially profitable games can be found all the way up to the highest stakes, making it (at times) a veritable heaven for skilled Hold’em players.

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