EPT Paris – The EPT 2024 Season Has Officially Started!

EPT Paris – The EPT 2024 Season Has Officially Started!

You can’t find better timing than this. Valentine’s Day was just a couple of days ago, and now the European Poker Tour (EPT) is having its first stop of the year in Paris – the city of love! We’re super excited for one of the biggest live poker tours of all time to kick off its 2024 season, and there’s no doubt we will see a lot of action.

Let’s go over everything we need to know about EPT Paris 2024!

From Paris With Love

14th-25th of February, the EPT makes its second stop ever in Paris. Le Palais des Congrés is the chosen venue and there are no less than 46 tournaments in the schedule during the event.

Some of the tournaments deserves to be highlighted a little extra. Let’s start with the one that’s on everyone’s mind: the Main Event. The €5 300 EPT Paris Main Event will be played 19th-25th and we can assure you many poker players wants to snag the first EPT title of 2024. There will be many familiar names playing the Main Event, such as reigning EPT Prague champ Padraig O’Neill, Norwegian poker pro Jon Kyte, PokerStars ambassador Maria Konnikova and many, many more.

It’s no news that PokerStars are the force behind EPT, and once again they have managed to create an intriguing live poker event. Additionally to the Main Event, there’s also the €3 000 EPT Paris Mystery Bounty. The increased popularity in Mystery Bounty tournaments during the last couple of years is just insane, and it’s surely an appreciated addition to the EPT schedule.

High stakes action is always entertaining to follow and the winner of the €50 000 EPT Super High Roller will surely collect a decent paycheck. There’s also the €10 300 EPT High Roller with a smaller – yet hefty – Buy-In.

EPT Paris 2024 – Tournament Schedule Highlights

February 18th-20thEPT Super High Roller€50 000
February 19th-25thEPT Main Event€5 300
February 21st-23rdEPT Mystery Bounty€3 000
February 23th-25thEPT High Roller€10 300

FPS Joins the Party

In parallel with EPT Paris, the French Poker Series (FPS) is also running at the Le Palais des Congrés. The FPS tournaments have somewhat lower Buy-Ins, but they are without a doubt big enough to generate a mouth-watering prize pool. The star of the show is the €1 100 FPS Main Event and considering France has one of the biggest live poker player pools in Europe, we’re predicting huge numbers of participants in both the FPS- and EPT Main Events.

FPS Paris 2024 – Tournament Schedule Highlights

February 14th-19thFPS Main Event€1 100
February 17th-18thFPS Cup€550
February 19th-19thFPS High Roller€2 200

Follow EPT Paris Online

If you won’t be in Paris during the EPT but still want to follow all the action, we’re happy to tell you PokerStars will live broadcast the event. Six days total will be streamed from February 19th and forward: first the livestream will follow the conclusion of the FPS Main Event, and then it will move over to the last five days of the EPT Main Event.

Spectators will be able to watch the broadcast with players hole cards revealed, and enjoy sharp analyses from well-experienced poker commentators James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton. This duo will also be joined by other poker profiles in the commentators booth such as Maria Ho, Griffin Benger and Nick Walsh. The stream will be broadcasted on PokerStars YouTube- and Twitch channels.

There are few things more exciting than the EPT, and we can’t wait to see the action unfold in Paris. Good luck to all participants!

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