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Ask a millennial if they’d like to pay for something “by check” and they’ll look at you as if you’ve just sprouted a third head. But if you’re an “old school” online poker player who’s been around the block over the past decade or so the term “eChecks” – or “Instant eChecks” – is likely pretty familiar to you.

What is an eCheck?

During the heady days of the online poker boom instant eChecks were a very common way for poker players to get their money online in the US and Canada.That still holds true today as US and Canadian poker players take advantage of the no fee, easy access eCheck to make poker deposits and withdrawals.

What is an "eCheck?" Simply a digital version of the paper checks you get from the bank, usually as part of a book of 50 or 100, that are connected to your bank account. Remember those? You take one out of the book, write out the payee, how much you're paying and then sign at the bottom to authorize. You get the product instantly and once the check is "cleared" by the bank the money is actually taken out of your account.

An eCheck is pretty much exactly what it sounds like - a digitized version of the checks you use from your checking account at the bank. eChecks work the same way those paper checks do. When you deposit using an eCheck the amount is immediately credited to your account but the poker site then must the payment from your bank. Once the check clears the actual money is transferred to the poker site but you can access the funds beforehand.

Advantages of eChecks Poker Deposits & Withdrawals

  • eChecks can be used for both deposits and withdrawals
  • No fees involved for any part of the transaction, either from the poker site or bank
  • Money is available immediately in your poker account even though funds aren't yet transferred from bank
  • Directly taken from your bank account so no third-party account involved.
  • Secure and widely used method of payment transfer in Canada and US

Depositing with eCheck at a poker site

The Instant eCheck deposit option is fully integrated into the Cashier screen of your poker site.  To make an Instant eCheck deposit:

  • Log in to your poker account (If you don't have one yet, check our poker bonus offers here)
  • Click through to the cashier page
  • Choose "make a deposit"
  • Click the 'Instant eChecks' button
  • Follow the information on screen to register your eCheck information (have a personal check with you to type in the numbers along the bottom of your check) 
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit
  • Click "submit"

Withdrawing money using eCheck

Unfortunately when the eCheck transaction is the other way around - meaning you are the one receiving the cash - the "instant" part of the process no longer applies. Also, until your eCheck deposit actually clears, you can't withdraw an amount equal or greater to your deposit unless you actually have that amount of fund overage in your poker account. Instant eCheck deposits take 7 days to clear so know you won't be able to withdraw your deposit amount during that time period.

Otherwise, though, eCheck withdrawals are pretty quick and simple. As the site has your bank transaction details the site can process a bank transfer or wire transfer pretty quickly. Most US poker sites can transfer funds back to bank accounts within 2-5 business days, although all withdrawals also have to pass an internal review first.

eCheck Poker FAQs

  • Are eChecks Actually Instant?

    Believe it or not, yes! While it still seems crazy you can go shopping, sign a piece of paper and walk out to your car with hundreds of dollars worth of goods or merchandise WITHOUT ACTUALLY GIVING THEM ANY MONEY YET, the "check" (and now the digitized version of it the "eCheck") is still going strong as a payment method. That same extension of trust is given with Instant eChecks. You get the money available in your account immediately while the poker site still has to request and wait for the actual money to come to them from the bank. That means you could, technically, lose all of the money you deposited before the poker site even receives it. But you're still on the hook for the deposit either way. By clicking on 'Submit' you agree to the Terms and Conditions for Instant eChecks, which absolutely include agreeing to not commit fraud by depositing funds you don't have in your bank account. Your Instant eCheck deposit will arrive in your account, err, instantly. If it doesn't, double check with the poker site's customer support.
  • Which Poker Rooms Accept eChecks?

    Unfortunately for players in Europe and Asia instant eChecks are only available to players in Canada in the US. Narrowing the field even further US players only include those in the three currently licensed states for online poker - New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware. The good news for those players is that all the big wigs of online poker - PokerStars, 888poker, partypoker - all accept eChecks for deposits and withdrawals. Read the reviews from the list above to see which site is best for you.
  • Can I Deposit with an eCheck Mobile App?

    There isn't a mobile app for eChecks per se but paying by eCheck is integrated into the poker site's mobile cashier. You'll still be able to enter your check details via your mobile phone and have your deposit processed.
  • Are There Any Fees for Using Instant eChecks?

    This is one of the best parts of using eChecks. There are no fees for using an eCheck either from the poker site or the bank. If you pay any extra bank fees for writing checks from your checking account that's still your responsibility as are any fees for non-sufficient funds.
  • How Safe are eCheck Poker Room Deposits?

    eCheck payments are very safe and secure as all of the same security features of paper checks - digital signatures, encryption and authentication - still apply. The poker site is, in essence, the one taking the risk as it doesn't receive payment until your check has cleared. Meanwhile you're free to play with your funds in any games you wish.
  • Are there Deposit and Withdrawal Limits for eChecks?

    The minimum deposit for each poker site varies but is usually around $25. With an eCheck you obviously are limited to both what your bank account holds and any deposit limit imposed by the poker site. Note: If this is your first-ever eCheck deposit you can expect your maximum deposit will be set at a lower limit that usual. This is obviously to minimize cases of fraud. Once you've had eChecks clear your deposit limit should increase. Withdrawal limits are also set by the individual poker site but as it's a direct bank transfer in return the limit should be fairly high.
  • Can I Get an eCheck Online Poker Bonus?

    Yes. Your online poker bonus isn't tied to your deposit method. As long as you put in the correct poker bonus code (or signed up via one of our links where no code is required) you'll be able to access the entire bonus. All playthrough conditions and bonus payout schedules still apply for bonus distribution.
  • Can I Use eChecks for US Poker Sites?

    As long as you are playing in a licensed jurisdiction (New Jersey, Nevada or Delaware) you will be able to use eChecks for your deposits and withdrawals. You can also expect US and Canadian poker sites to ask for a social insurance number or social security number when making an eCheck deposit. This protects both you and the poker site. Note: As of May 1, 2018, the three US states with licensed poker have agreed to a player sharing agreement that allows for combined play for anyone living in or visiting one of those three states. Players who already have an account at one of the licensed poker sites may need to download the new shared software platform and create a new account.
  • Can I Use eChecks for PokerStars Deposits and Withdrawals?

    Yes, if you live in Canada and the United States eChecks are an acceptable deposit and withdrawal method. You can also set up fast deposits so you can deposit via eCheck directly from the PokerStars table and not have to click out to the cashier. Any PokerStars eCheck cashouts are automatically credited back to the Instant eCheck account you used to make deposits in the last 12 months.
  • Can I Use eChecks for 888poker and party poker?

    Yes, same deal as PokerStars. Check with each poker site for its specific terms and conditions for using Instant eChecks.

Poker Sites that take eCheck

The following list of poker sites offer eCheck deposits and withdrawals

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