Daily 3-Bet: Ole Breeze, ElkY Breathes, Fedor Primed Mind

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Ole Schemion up to his old tricks, Bertrand Grospellier breathes easy and Fedor Holz unlocks his - and your - mind power.

1) Ole Ole Ole

Remember Ole Schemion?

Ole Schemion

The German whiz kid was the talk of poker for most of 2012-2014 when he ran roughshod over European poker to the tune of 14 final tables.

It's not like he'd 'fallen off' since then or anything but he hasn't been the talk of the poker circuit in quite the same way. Not when there were, err, other German whiz kids to talk about.

Make no mistake though - Ole Schemion is still a poker End Boss. And he's proving it yet again at the PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo.

Not only did Schemion get things off on the right foot this week with a €274k win in the €10k opening event, he's parlayed it into the chip lead of the €100k Super High Roller with just 13 players left.

Players are on the dinner break right now but with 2m chips he's a heavy favorite to be there at the end and pile another signature win on to his resume. Follow the live updates on the PokerStars blog.

2) Bertrand Grospellier's Nose, Before and After

One of those 13 players right in the mix alongside Schemion in the €100k Super High Roller?

One Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier who, much like Schemion, literally crushed poker when he came on the scene in 2007-2009 but has since fallen back to more 'normalized' results.

While still a prominent PokerStars pro, the former Starcraft icon has spent a lot of time building his Heartshtone skills lately but clearly still has lots of poker chops left - especially on 'home turf' like Monaco.

With over 800k in chips ElkY sits right on the money line in 8th and if he can hold on he'll score his biggest live cash since 2012 - coincidentally, also in Monaco.

One thing ElkY can bank on these days, though, is a newfound lease on breathing. He recently underwent plastic surgery to fix a deviated sceptum and, while Daniel Negreanu might poke some fun at his protective mask, it's clearly made a world of difference for his overall well-being:

Before/After ☺

Main goal was to fix my deviated septum because I couldn't breath properly, and swelling will be reduced again in the end pic.twitter.com/aEPfTpfSz6— ElkY @ PSCMonteCarlo (@elkypoker) April 27, 2017

3) "I Think They Take Me Serious Now"

Remember that mysterious new project Fedor Holz hinted at a couple of months ago? Holz dropped an intriguing new teaser on Twitter that revealed it's a new 'winning mindset' app called Primed Mind:

Ever wonder what @CrownUpGuy Fedor Holz' secret to success is? It's all about having a winning mindset w/ https://t.co/OWCZzQD7FKpic.twitter.com/GG1BwkJtwO— Primed Mind (@primedmind) April 27, 2017

Among the possibilities you can harness via "visualization and goal-setting techniques used to train some of the world's most notable phenoms":

  • Be better
  • Be stronger
  • Build your confidence
  • Be a better athlete
  • Unlock your true mental, physical and emotional strengths

While you may be a bit skeptical of all the talk of mental game in poker these days, Fedor's tag line at the end of the teaser says it all:

"People didn't take me too serious in the beginning. I think they take me serious now."

We're signing up. Are you?

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