Daily 3-Bet: King Marchese, Lost Micros, durrrr Attack

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet is like three minutes of never-seen-before "drunk Bill Chen" footage unearthed accidentally in the afternoon poker news archives.

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Tom Marchese crushing yet another event in the Bellagio Five Diamond series, a lost episode of the Micros animated series re-surfacing and Tom “durrrr” Dwan under attack from an unexpected poker rival.

1) Tom “KingsofCards” Marchese Best Tourney Pro?

Thomas Marchese Event 4 winner
Kings landing.

No question Dan “KingDan” Smith has had an amazing year on the tourney circuit but there’s definitely a case for Tom Marchese as the top tournament pro in the world right now.

No qualifiers - just hands down best tournament pro, bar none.

Following up a win in a $2,500 prelim event at the Bellagio last week, Marchese knocked off yet another elite field to win the $25k High Roller event this weekend.

Technically he chopped the event heads-up with Huck Seed, but at the time he had 85% of the chips so he took home $204,000 of the $220k first-place prize.

That’s two wins in the space of about a week against the toughest tournament lineups you can possibly put together.

Let’s not forget Marchese also won $1.3 million in the $100k High Roller at the WPT Championship earlier this year.

If there’s anyone (save Antonio Esfandiari, maybe) that crushes the Bellagio more than Marchese, we haven’t seen it.

Follow Marchese on Twitter @BigCheese_Poker for what seems like daily win reports.

2) Lost Micros Episode Airs, Boeree Chest-Rubs Cash

Fans of the ingenious animated series The Micros have been desperate for any sign of new material since it went on hiatus shortly after Black Friday.

The Micros The Lost Episode YouTube Mozilla Firefox 12102012 112900 AM
And one more time for posterity.

They were rewarded at long last yesterday when an all-new episode miraculously arrived just in time for the holidays. The story behind the long delay is fairly simple according to co-creators John Wray and Jay Rosenkrantz:

“This Episode (originally titled "Chase Berger and the Temple of Zoom") was commissioned last year by PokerStars.

"It was a one-off, not the start of a full sponsorship. We spent a lot of time on it, wanting to deliver something special to our long-suffering fans, but once Stars moved to acquire Full Tilt they asked us to wait while everything was sorted out.

“Sponsoring a new show (even if it was for only one episode) could send mixed signals if it was announced right in the middle of the PS/FTP chaos… And now that the dust is starting to settle, they've given us the greenlight.” Watch the lost episode here.

3) Mo Drops “Truth Bombs,” Calls durrrr “Massively Losing Player”

Jason Mo
Mo: Not a durrrr fan.

Well, technically he called him a “massively losing player vs. anyone competent at NLHE,” but that’s a bit wordy for a header.

Less-than-famous poker pro Jason Mo – a decent player in his own right who finished second to Brian Hastings in this year’s WSOP $10k Heads-Up event – went on a Twitter tirade ripping durrrr this weekend.

Set off by durrrr’s new $200k challenge against Isildur1, Mo accused durrrr of several things including being a losing player with “absolutely no grasp of even basic mathematics.”

Principally his beef seemed to be with durrrr not finishing/paying out in his uncompleted durrrr challenge against Jungleman, in which Mo says he has a financial stake, but overall he just seemed to have a serious hate on for durrrr.

Needless to say, when someone talks ill of one of its golden boys, the 2+2 forums went haywire. The gist of Mo's rant below; discussion thread here.

here are some truth bombs: @tomdwan won almost all his money online from @guylaiberte playing on a ton of accounts— Jason Mo (@klink10k) December 8, 2012

in fact out of the top 5 accounts @tomdwan won money off of at NLHE on @fulltiltpoker , 4 of them were @guylaiberte— Jason Mo (@klink10k) December 8, 2012

he is a massively losing player vs. anyone competent at NLHE and his results showed.— Jason Mo (@klink10k) December 8, 2012

he somehow decided to lay 3-1 on $500k vs. anyone to play him hu, got destroyed by jungleman, then dodged jungleman until ftp went down— Jason Mo (@klink10k) December 8, 2012

now full tilt is running more challenges promoting durrr, completely ignoring the money and action owed to jungleman and moving on— Jason Mo (@klink10k) December 8, 2012

so i guess today hes putting up 200k to battle isildur who he is probably a huge dog against...— Jason Mo (@klink10k) December 8, 2012

but @fulltiltpoker is paying him tons of money again to sponsor him, so in the end it doesn't really matter i guess— Jason Mo (@klink10k) December 8, 2012

but the truth is, durrr would probably lose at quite a high bb/100 rate vs. almost any good reg at 5/10 or higher.— Jason Mo (@klink10k) December 8, 2012

if he ever wanted to waste his time on another nonsense challenge, i would offer him a list of at least 30 players he could choose to play— Jason Mo (@klink10k) December 8, 2012

and also lay him 1bb/100 vs. any one of those over a large sample size.— Jason Mo (@klink10k) December 8, 2012

the way i see it @tomdwan owes @junglemandan $1.5 million.Unless he wants to lose more money playing jungle, then give him the $1.5 mil— Jason Mo (@klink10k) December 8, 2012

please point out how i am wrong at any point.— Jason Mo (@klink10k) December 8, 2012

oh and, yes i have a medium sized financial interest in all of this so i might be biased.But i'm pretty sure i'm 100% correct— Jason Mo (@klink10k) December 8, 2012

2012-12-10 19:27:54

Losing player? So when he was on high stakes poker with Ivey, Dan Neg, hansen, hellmuth ETC he was usually up a minimum of $100K because why? Some people just love getting the limelight by calling out top high stakes pros.

2012-12-10 15:48:10

Who on earth is Jason Mo? Must everyone try and bring someone else down to raise themselves up?

2012-12-10 15:46:46

tits or gtfo

2012-12-10 15:42:32

He’s got a point but this Mo guy seems like a complete tool

2012-12-10 15:42:29

how did you possibly avoid using the expression mo problems

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