Daily 3-Bet: Ivey v. durrrr, Kogan’s Zeroes, Idle Hands

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey signing on for a new Super High Roller event, Australian multi-millionaire Ruslan Kogan claiming an outlandish poker title and a BBC reporter still stumped by US online poker laws.

1) durrrr, Ivey Confirmed for Manila Millions

Tom “durrrr” Dwan and Phil Ivey have been officially confirmed, according to the Asian Poker Tour, as two of the participants in the upcoming Manila Millions - a new super high roller tournament to be held on April 20 during the APT Philippines series.

Phil Ivey

With a HKD $1 million (USD $129,000) buy-in, it’s officially the largest buy-in tournament ever held in Asia.

Early expectations the APT says are for around 25-30 players with “a number of top professionals” already confirmed.

Only Ivey and durrrr have been named so far, however, meaning it could end up being an impromptu heads-up match if none of the Macau businessmen show up. Or David Steicke is busy.

Hakan Dagtas, the VP of Casino Operations for Resorts World Manila, says it’s a sign of things to come for poker in the Philippines:

“We have the perfect combination for growth – particularly in the Philippines – a fast developing poker scene that can also offer players some of the very best internationally recognised beaches, resorts and recreational activities all within easy commute.”

Also on the APT Philippines schedule is a $2,700 USD main event.

2) Ruslan Kogan Says He’s the Best Poker Player in the World

If there’s one guy Dwan and Ivey hope finds out about the Manila Millions and makes a stopover for some cash games, it could be Ruslan Kogan.

ruslan kogan

Kogan is the richest Australian under the age of 30, according to TheAge.com, with an estimated net worth of $62 million earned from selling cheap TVs and computers online.

But that’s not where his talents stop, apparently, as Kogan claims he also makes the best Bolognese, is comparable to an iconic Ayn Rand character and happens to be the best poker player in the world:

''Your aim in the poker game," Ruslan says, "is for others to think one of two things: either that you're stupid and a bad player, or that you're erratic.

"So I want the good players to think, 'Yeah, I've got a full house but is he holding four of a kind?' My aim is to make myself as unreadable as possible."

The reality? He has about $360 in online earnings and likes to splash around in a few late-night cash games in Melbourne, says his operations manager Dan Beahan:

''He normally didn't come in until 10 or 11 at night, played a few hands madly just to get his little fix and then out the door. He thinks he was great, I think he was terrible. He would sometimes move all in and not even look at his cards, you know, say, 'Come on, boys, take me on'.''

3) BBC Reporter Revisits Black Friday, Still Can't Find Sense

Almost a full year on from the shut downs and indictments of Black Friday, most US-based online poker pros are still looking for answers.

Why they don’t have all of their money back. Why their means of income has been taken away. When the US government will get its head straight, etc.

While some have moved overseas to continue playing, others like Robert Fellner (aka grimhogun, a former online PLO ruler) are still in limbo and waiting to see how it all plays out.

BBC reporter Franz Strasser has done a short piece on the lead up to Black Friday's one-year anniversary, speaking to a few experts in the field and focusing in on the clean-cut Fellner. Check the clip below:

2012-04-11 07:46:31

Still doesn’t really make much sense, does it?

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