Daily 3-Bet: Ivey Down $8.8m, 888 $ Boost, Bengaluru Poker Bug

Phil Ivey

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Today in the 3-Bet we find Phil Ivey's online poker losses mounting, 888poker seizes an opportunity and well-heeled women in India get the poker bug.

1) Ivey Down $8.8m Since 2012?

A year ago this would have been considered blasphemous to think or say. Six months ago, still crazy even.

Phil Ivey 1 2015 WSOP
High-stakes mark? Nah ...

But has Phil Ivey - THE Phil Ivey, widely considered the best poker player ever - lost his edge in the biggest poker games online?

True online gurus might have known already but with a mounting tally of losses variance is less and less viable to explain Ivey's continued downswing.

Just how big has that downswing become? Unofficially, based on trackable numbers from highstakesdb since 2012 when Full Tilt Poker relaunched:

2012 Polarizing 5,676 hands   -$252,340
2013 Polarizing 76,301 hands  -$2,441,773
2014 Polarizing 102,365 hands -$2,372,298
2015 RaiseOnce 126,026 hands-$2,481,266
2015 Polarizing  32,737 hands  -$1,250,806

Sum: 343,105 hands, -$8,798,483 loss

That's a pretty big deficit over a pretty big sample size. We're not going to come out and say it's official - and combining live cash results, etc. he may still very well be up - but it's hard not to conclude he's no longer a favorite in the games he's been picking online.

The mark? Nah, that's just crazy. Right? He's still nowhere near Gus Hansen's astronomical losses but it's a good thing his $12m case against Crockfords has been re-opened.

2) 888poker Boosts Guarantees, Cuts Rake During Sit-Out

888 toplist
888 opens the door.

The high-stakes sit-out on PokerStars is into Day 2 and while the results have so far been mixed (traffic on the whole is up while high-stakes traffic is down) it's still a hot topic of debate in the poker community at-large.

Another interesting topic of discussion? How much other online poker sites are doing to collect some of that traffic or encourage players to switch brand loyalties.

888poker responded by boosting its tourney guarantees and cut rake on high-stakes PLO games, as a rep posted on 2+2:

  • 1. We will add a couple of new daily tournaments and satellites
    2. We will increase guaranteed prizes of many scheduled tournaments
    3. We will reduce the rake on Omaha cash games (200PL and up) from 5% to 2.5%
  • The new tournaments:
  • 1. 13:00 GMT - $5,000 guaranteed 8-max – Special! ($55 buy-in)
    2. 15:00 GMT - $5,000 guaranteed Turbo – Special! ($30 buy-in)

Net effect of all this is still to be determined but its clear the ongoing dispute will certainly shift the climate for high-stakes online poker for 2016 and beyond.

3) Bengaluru High Society Gets Poker Bug

We've speculated on the possibility of an Indian poker boom before - and even have fairly reasonable hopes the game is on a major rise on the sub-continent.

Aditya Agarwal WSOP
Agarwal's influence continues to grow.

But a boom among the high-stakes ladies of Bengaluru province?

That's a surprise.

According to the Economic Times of India, though, poker is the "hot new favorite" among the well-heeled women of Bengaluru.

Fashion choreographers, restaurateurs, psychologists ... they've all caught the poker bug and are playing more and more frequently.

Both among their peers and in private games with men and women alike.

An even more intriguing development?

"Online poker is the next big thing. It is emerging popular especially amongst women who can pick up the game under convenient anonymity."

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